Monday, August 1, 2022

The science experiment

“It feels pretty shitty, huh?” Andy’s girlfriend asked with his body’s deep voice. Kate was having the time of her life as she leaned against the doorway in his towering body. Andy groaned and stepped out of the bathroom after spending nearly half an hour figuring out how pads worked. Kate had offered to help him out with her Asian body, but he was too embarrassed to look so vulnerable. “You know it’s my body, right? I don’t mind helping you out. We have 3 days left as each other, so it’s probably better if I make things easier for you.”

“Shut up,” he said. “I think I’m fine now. What did you say I need? Aspirin?” His girlfriend nodded and disappeared down the hallway. Andy waited at the doorway and groaned again. His cramps made him feel like shit. After having nonstop sex with his girlfriend, he felt like he was in heaven. They voluntarily swapped bodies for a government program in exchange for money. 10 days of constant record keeping was all they had to do. 

They tried everything as each other. Andy showed his girlfriend how to jack off, while she physically showed him all her sensitive spots. There was so much that he didn’t know about her, and he was really glad that he was experiencing this with her. Orgasms in a girl’s body felt amazing. But when the cramps finally came on the 7th day of their swap, he realized that last few days would be shitty. Still, he smiled when he saw his girlfriend with a bottle of pain killers. Her warm gaze made him feel at ease. “Thanks,” he whispered.

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  1. On the eighth day, Kate and Randy (each still in the other's body!) were unexpectedly invited to attend a close friend's party that evening. Both spontaneously said "yes", and that evening turned out to be a successful event. Pretty tipsy, Kate and Randy spontaneously decided after their return home to take off their clothes and have sex right away. the intoxication of their (slight) drunkenness enveloped them both like a warm blanket, and drowsy they fully enjoyed the surprisingly sensual intimacy. Almost immediately afterwards they both fell asleep.
    When they got up the next morning, they could remember almost nothing of their return home, let alone what else they had done. After they both recovered, the remaining hours flew by and at the end of the tenth day they report to the government agency for the return swap. However, this proved unsuccessful, and the relevant government official advised them to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. If this turned out positive, they would be "the other" for the rest of their lives ..... . - Tom -