Saturday, August 13, 2022

Life as Emmie

“You don’t want to switch back either?” Caroline asked as she sipped from her straw. Her heart was racing. After agreeing to temporarily swap bodies with Emmie at the body swap clinic, she was loving the attention she was getting from all the boys at work. Emmie was stuck in a supervisory position at a retail store after dropping out of college, so she felt like a complete failure. Caroline was jealous of her freedom as an adult. 

And once Caroline had a chance to live alone, she didn’t want to go back. But she was afraid of what Emmie would think if she wanted to keep things the way they were. 

But Emmie seemed to be adjusting to her life as Caroline too - she loved the fact that she could start over. She went to school for philosophy, and now that she was finishing high school again, she could finally study something else. “Do you feel the same way?” Emmie asked.

“I do,” Caroline said. “I thought working would suck, but it isn’t that bad. Being a cashier and helping the others out hasn’t been too hard. I wasn’t planning on going to school anyway, so I feel like giving you a second chance with schooling might do society a lot more good.”

Emmie smiled warmly at that. “There are forms to make it all permanent. Did you want to go get some from the clinic?” When Caroline nodded, they both made their way back to the body swap clinic. Her life as Emmie was guaranteed now.

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