Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Using my roommate

Only moments ago, I was covered in sweat and burning with pain. Every joint screamed with suffering, and as I passed out, I thought I was going to die. I drank from a vial with purple liquid that my lab partner, Alex, had made for me. We were testing the boundaries of mind projection - with the help of certain herbs and drugs, the theory was that I could have an out of body experience. But when I woke up in a completely different yet familiar room, I realized that I was literally outside of my body.

All I had to do was look down at my naked body. After passing out in my old body, I found myself in the body of my roommate, Janice. I was stunned, especially when I found my moist fingers fondling her entrance. I curiously flicked her damp inner folds, and when I felt a jolt of pleasure shooting through me, I realized that this was going to be a lot of fun.

I began to fondle myself, savoring every wonderful spark of pleasure and desire that forced my toes to curl. I moaned gently and felt the waves overwhelming my possessed body. When my hand became rougher, I watched my breasts jiggle beautifully. Janice never showed off her body - she frequently wore baggy hoodies. She hated showing off her body. But now that I was her,  nothing was stopping me from exploring every inch of her.

There were those perky round breasts with the hard nipples, the folds of my entrance and the warm, smooth heat inside my slit - which felt like blissful velvet. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be a girl. And finally, there was the bit nub covered with lips that were so sensitive when I circled it. I stopped fingering myself when I realized just how much better her clit was. Every little movement made me moan in desperate pleasure.

My lust began to boil inside me and before long, I felt my body crawling with ecstasy. The pressure inside of me finally brought me over the edge, and the building climax hit me hard. I let out an uncontrolled scream and shivered in her bed. The area between my legs drenched the sheets while I writhed in beautiful agony. "Fuck, I can't believe how good her body feels."

While lying on the bed, catching my breath, I realized that the nearby door was open. Peering inside was Alex. "Is it actually you in her body?" He asked curiously while stepping into the room. Biting my lower lip, I sat up from the bed and wiped the glistening sweat from my forehead. I gave him a coy smile. "It's really you - how does it feel? Does it feel weird?"

"It feels better," I said while crossing my legs. I noticed his boner. "Did you want to try her out?" My smirk was probably all that he needed to see - his excitement grew as I slowly spread my legs and spread her outer folds, showing him the beautiful, shimmering pink flesh on the inside. It didn't take long before we lost ourselves beneath the sheets. His body was warm and her scent filled his sheets. While I was ravaging my friend, I completely lost track of time. Of course, the possession was only temporary. It would only last as long as my body remained drugged. Since constant drugs were dangerous, we both decided that possessing my attractive roommate would be a weekly thing. Janice would go on to wonder why she always felt so sore every weekend, and nobody would ever find out the truth behind their wonderful possession potion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Trapped and changed into his slut

When I first tried out Chelsea's hot body, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. I was only expecting to be inside of her body for a few hours to let my best friend, Arnie, have sex with her. His dad had a prototype for a mind projection helmet that could send one's mind into any person's body. It worked with the assistance of computer software to help redirect minds through time and space, and when I tried it for the first time on my stepsister, I knew that Arnie's dad had something special. Every sensation felt real inside of Vanya's body.

After letting Arnie have sex with me in my stepsister's body, we ended up using the helmet to place me into the body of his actual crush. From playing with my moist honeypot to toying around with her boyfriend Jon, I didn't find any shortage of pleasure around me. Her friends weren't the best, but the ecstasy I felt whenever I played with my borrowed body made this all worth it.

But I didn't realize that being in her body for three days would have negative repercussions. With Chelsea trapped inside of me, I realized that there were changes to my intelligence. I was constantly playing with myself, and I found that my memory was becoming worse. Even now, as I scrolled through my laptop, I kept losing my train of thought.

It was the weirdest feeling. Ever since I had sex with Jon, I started thinking about his cock constantly. I was craving it. I hadn’t even brought Chelsea’s body over to Arnie’s place since I possessed her, and the fact that he hadn’t forced me back into my body was making me feel a little worried that he was caught. Rubbing the side of my head, I looked at the laptop’s screen and retyped the browser link Arnie had originally used, and when I saw the familiar photos and login information, I felt my mind starting to wander again.

In that moment, I was on the couch with Chelsea’s boyfriend only a few rooms away. A rush of heat forced my hips to gyrate against the fabric while I fantasized about all the things I'd be doing with Jon later that night. I felt so moist while my clit begged for some stimulation. But before I could bring it over to its peak, a single notification popped up on my screen. I returned to the present again. "Focus!"

That wasn't easy to do. My legs were begging to be squeezed and stretched. There was that constant feeling between my legs that never went away, and I found myself wanting to touch myself. It was like my cunt was always there, in the back of my mind, begging to be teased and pleasured. But even so, I tried to remain focused on my work. I needed to enter my password to properly disconnect my mind. I couldn't afford to lose myself again, to go down the rabbit hole of lust. I kept trying to figure out why I was losing my mind, and it wouldn't be long before I reached the point of no return. I'd grow too stupid to try pulling my mind out of my new body, and eventually, I would remain in Chelsea's body forever.

The truth was that Arnie had no intentions of letting me return to my body. He was slowly changing me for his own personal desires. It turned out that he knew more about the software than I realized. He knew exactly how to reconfigure a projected person's mind, and after a few alterations and forcing me to break up with Jon, I'd eventually become his little bimbo slut forever. The worst thing about it was that he’d go on to rub it in my face whenever we were together, and I’d have no chance to break free. 

Monday, August 21, 2023

Body swapping and shrinking my crush

Matt smirked as he ran his hands along his new, soft legs. After watching his neighbor flaunt her young body, he decided that it was time to make a change after she rejected him. He would have accepted a “no” if she hadn’t made such a big scene. The entire apartment building labeled Matt as a freak after Ashley spread a bunch of lies about him.

Today, her body was adorned in a grey skirt and low cut white sweater. She had been going towards a job interview when Matt stopped her in the park. After chanting an incantation he had written down from his spell book, the two immediately swapped bodies. And now that he had her attractive, sexy body, the sensation of silky brown hair beneath his fingers was both novel and thrilling. His laughter rang out, high and feminine, when he snapped his fingers and chanted a curse he knew all too well.

Ashley was trapped in his male body, but that wasn’t the only punishment he was going to give to her. Matt's wicked spell had swapped their bodies, but with a snap of his fingers, something else began to happen. Ashley let out a horrified, deep shriek that became quieter and quieter as her body began to shrink. Her clothes shrank too, and soon enough, Matt was looking down at her with his tongue sticking out. He had also shrunk Ashley to the size of a mouse. Looking down, Matt's eyes sparkled with mischief as he saw the tiny, frantic figure of Ashley looking up at him, panic in her eyes. “What the fuck did you do to me?” Ashley squeaked. “You fucking loser! Fucking weirdo!”

“Calm down, little man.”

While Ashley was extremely small, Matt could see her face going red. “You did this because I turned you down, huh? Some man you are. No wonder you’re single. No wonder you’re pathetic!”

“Oh, I’m pathetic? You’re the tiny little man, MATT.”

“Don’t fucking call me that. Why did you even shrink me? Couldn’t you have left me at a normal size?

“Well, I can’t have you finding a way to switch us back,” Matt said while shaking his head. “Keeping you small gives me way more control. Sure, I have your sexy body now, but you were still in a much taller, bigger body. I didn’t want you overpowering dainty little me. Besides, I don’t really want to stick around in that pathetic body. Always being rejected and being made fun of, especially by girls like you. How does it feel down there, MATT?” He tilted his head and ran a finger through his brown hair. “Here, I’ll give you a head start. Start running – I’ll come after you. If I don’t manage to stomp you, I think I might feed you to my pet snake. He loves a good challenge.”

The thrill of power surged through Matt, his smile widening when Ashley began to sprint. She looked so sluggish in his miniature male body. The spell had worked perfectly, and the sight of Ashley's miniature form filled him with a perverse sense of satisfaction. His new high heels gleamed ominously as he raised them, relishing the fear in Ashley's eyes, preparing to bring them down and enjoying the game he had initiated.

Of course, while he did like seeing her suffer, he wasn’t about to get his shoes wet with her blood. Ashley would inevitably run out of breath, and Matt would give her some mercy. He’d pick her up effortlessly and take her home, only to drop her in his hungry snake’s tank while he explored his stolen flesh. Ashley was never going to get her body back.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 5


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Part 5

Weeks had passed since Daniel’s life changed forever. He remembered how he saw the sparkle of Ronaldo's once vibrant eyes fade into something distant and cold upon transforming into the new woman he had become. His eyes were green, his body was taller, and his thighs were thicker with Madison’s muscular physique. At first, Daniel was ecstatic – Ronaldo had all the good parts that Madison had to offer. But it didn’t take long before he realized that the spell had taken a completely different turn.

His best friend, entangled with the minds of Rachel and Madison, had become a complete stranger. It was like the combination of different minds had altered his friend’s way of thinking. Wearing the face of people who he once knew, developed tastes, preferences, and affections became entirely alien to the Ronaldo he'd grown up with.

Things didn’t turn out the way Daniel had wanted. He expected something similar to when Ronaldo merged with Rachel. He expected to have the wildest sex of his life. But he didn’t get any of that. Ronaldo never let Daniel have sex with his crush. Combining with Madison only revealed a secret that she hadn’t shared before. Madison was gay, and now that she was part of Ronaldo, her sexual desires never included Daniel. 

Daniel's once clear and logical mind was now a maze of chaotic desperation as he searched for a magical solution. The need to find a way to split Ronaldo, Rachel, and Madison consumed him, eating away at his soul like a relentless disease. The more he saw Ronaldo showing off his body on social media, the crazier Daniel became.

But every path led to a dead end, every spell crumbled under the weight of reality, and every incantation was nothing more than hollow words. Ronaldo, in the meantime, had moved on, enjoying the life that womanhood had to offer. He didn’t waste any time in exploring every thinkable pleasure. He loved showing off his soft skin at the gym, and he constantly flirted with cute girls at the park. Convincing people to do things for him was unbelievably easy, and with his new body, he was definitely maximizing every opportunity to get a little fun out of every thirsty woman he ran into.

Occasionally, Daniel would catch a glimpse of him in the town, laughing with new friends or holding hands with a woman who looked at him with love in her eyes. Over social media, he’d see Ronaldo kissing some new woman. And each time, Daniel's heart throbbed, a sharp reminder of his mistake costing the lives of two women. Ronaldo knew that Daniel was the reason he had the body he had now, yet their friendship continued to drift apart. 

The best part about it all for Ronaldo was that he had the upper hand. All he had to do was report Daniel’s misuse of magic to the right authorities. Even if he managed to find the right spell to split them up, magic was taboo, and using it was a punishable offense. So, the feminized man used it as leverage to keep Daniel out of his business as he made an OnlyFans business out of his new body.

In the end, the magic that had once promised adventure and excitement had become a cruel teacher. However, it was most cruel to Rachel and Madison. While Ronaldo and Daniel both believed that their souls had been absorbed, things couldn’t have been further from the truth. They were trapped as passengers in their shared body, unable to communicate with the world around them, and unable to enjoy life to the fullest like Ronaldo did as he made every decision for them.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 4


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When Daniel received a text message the next morning saying that he had been invited by his college friends over for a party, he realized that it was the perfect opportunity to try merging with his own crush. Ronaldo merged with his, so it seemed only fair for Daniel. 

Among those attending included the host, Madison – the girl who Ronaldo knew had taken Daniel’s heart from the moment they met. He was excited to help his friend get a taste of the girl he liked so much, and he was even more excited when he convinced Daniel not to merge with her. “Don’t you think it would be a lot more fun if I had control? I could have all the bits you like.” 

Ronaldo, intoxicated by the magic and the allure of further transformation, was on board with improving his appearance. Madison had an adorable face and a toned tummy – she had attributes that he craved. He was a little worried that Daniel would turn him down, but when he agreed to let Ronaldo merge with Madison, he was elated.

It was the weirdest feeling, but he didn’t tell Daniel how he felt deep down. He was afraid that it might make him hesitant in trying out a third person in the body combination spell. Deep down, Ronaldo loved the way he looked, and he loved sharing himself with Daniel. 

He couldn’t explain it, but his closeness to him and the merging of Rachel’s body was doing funny things to his head. He loved having all the best parts about Rachel, and he was excited to have more attributes that Daniel was going to love. Soon, he would have all the best parts that Madison had.

When evening came, the group gathered in the dimly lit basement. Candles flickered, casting eerie shadows on the walls. The spell book was open once again, its cryptic symbols promising another night of wonder while Daniel briefly hid in the bathroom. He had to sneak Ronaldo into the party, but as the night steadily came to a close, he knew it was going to be time to act. “It’s just her and Max,” Daniel told him. “Once he’s gone, I need you to stand right beside her, okay?”

Ronaldo, still bearing Rachel's features, took a seat next to Madison when Max finally left. She looked at him, her emerald eyes curious. “Rachel, when did you get here? I don’t remember inviting you.” He abruptly took her wrist, and she immediately frowned when she looked at a set of unfamiliar eyes. “What the fuck did you do to your eyes?”

Without saying another word, Daniel began chanting the spell. The room grew colder. Madison tried to break free, their fingers intertwining as they prepared for the unknown. A glow enveloped them, their bodies shimmering and beginning to merge. The sensation was overwhelming, like a tidal wave of emotions and sensations crashing over Ronaldo.

In a matter of moments, the glow subsided. Before the group stood a new being – a harmonious blend of Ronaldo, Rachel, and Madison. A vision of beauty with Madison's toned body and cute face, Rachel's slender figure, and with Ronaldo at the helm. But the longer Daniel stared, the more he realized that something seemed off about his sexy accomplice…

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 3


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They eventually made their way to Daniel’s bedroom. Ronaldo’s legs wrapping around him while he plunged his cock into his new inner folds. The wetness and pleasure overwhelming Ronaldo’s transformed body made him scream so loudly that Daniel was afraid the neighbors would hear. Yet the more they kissed, the less he cared what others thought. The only thing on Daniel’s mind was getting laid, and the possibility of Ronaldo doing this with another girl he had in mind. "You're so much smaller now," Daniel teased when they went to his bedroom.

That much was true. Compared to Daniel, Ronaldo constantly worked out, so he was the fittest out of the three. After combining with Rachel, all his gains were gone, yet his confidence hadn't vanished. His mind was still swirling, yet his body still craved for more. Their bodies had been completely naked for what felt like hours - with the house to themselves, the only thing they cared about was each other in that moment. "I'm so fucking wet," Ronaldo whimpered.

"How do you feel in there, though? Is your head still spinning?"

Ronaldo nodded. "But in a good way. I think I'm just really turned on." In reality, his mind was spinning because of Rachel trying to retake control. Because the spell had placed him as the dominant mind, Rachel was constantly trying to repossess herself. Thankfully, he couldn't hear her at all, so he assumed that it was just her subconscious trying to control him. Still, he decided to lie. "Don't worry, I don't think she's trying to fight my head. I'm just out of my comfort zone right now."

As Daniel carried Ronaldo in his smaller, slender body, the transformed man couldn't believe how good he felt. He looked exactly like Rachel, except he was the one in control. Just feeling his best friend swinging into him should have turned him off. Ronaldo wasn't into men, but being inside of Rachel made it easy to see his best friend in a different light. Daniel kissed the sides of his neck while his breasts bounced with every thrust.

Ronaldo's face was flushed and the look on his face was that of pure bliss. He was amazed at how wet he was, and the longer they made love, the hornier he became. The two collapsed on the nearby bed, and with Ronaldo on his hands and knees, he looked over his shoulder and waited for Daniel to mount him.

Daniel slid himself back into Ronaldo's cunt, and Rachel's moans were forced out of him almost immediately. To Daniel, it felt tighter than earlier, and Ronaldo's fingers dug into the sheets while he raised his butt. He reached down to rub his clit as he was taken from behind. The sensations were unlike anything he'd ever experienced as Daniel stuffed Ronaldo's pussy. His ass cheeks jiggled with every thrust, and when Daniel slapped his best friend's firm ass, Ronaldo abruptly felt a shot of ecstasy flowing through him.

In that moment, he thought he could hear Rachel's voice. “What’s going on with me” was the only sentence he could hear before pure silence engulfed his mind. Ronaldo felt a sense of guilt when he realized that she still might know what was happening. Biting his lower lip, he shook his head, and a smile immediately spread across his face. The only thing he cared about was feeling a man inside of him.

He was so lost in the moment that he didn't realize that Daniel had finally erupted inside of him. He groaned and fell forward, forcing Ronaldo down into the bed while he emptied himself inside. Daniel's cum spilled out and trickled down the inner side of his thighs while their breathing filled the room. The pair were both panting. Sweat glistened across their chests, and as Daniel pulled away, Ronaldo immediately turned over and watched his ravaged inner folds drip with his best friend's cum. He felt Daniel's lips against his cheek while the two cuddled. The longer he stayed in his new body, the more excited Ronaldo felt at the thought of trying this spell out on their next victim. He just hoped Daniel would feel the same way…

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 2


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Sunlight streamed through the gaps in the curtains, casting a soft glow on the new being that was once Ronaldo and Rachel. A cloud of steam moved across the room, and the heat that engulfed the new body forced sweat down Daniel’s forehead. Ronaldo, having maintained control of the merged form. A delicate hand reached up to touch a face that was familiar yet foreign. Rachel's features, with Ronaldo's distinctive eyes, looked back from the small mirror by a bed. “Jesus…”

Ronaldo moved through the room and felt light and free. The reflection winked back at him with the weight of Rachel's long hair, the curve of her waist, the lightness in her step. There was a sense of excitement that made him want to explore the rest of his body. He always liked Rachel, and the fact that he looked like her now made this even better. But he couldn’t see enough with the tiny mirror by his friend’s bed – he needed something better. Daniel stared in disbelief before taking a big gulp. “Ronaldo?”

“It actually worked,” Ronaldo said with glee. “Come on, follow me. I need a bigger mirror.” He moved through Daniel's home until he reached the bathroom. A full-length mirror revealed the profound transformation. With Rachel's silhouette, Ronaldo marveled at the striking brunette locks cascading over slim shoulders and the hint of freckles that adorned a now-narrower nose. The eyes, however, remained unchanged – those were unmistakably Ronaldo’s, deep and reflective, now framed by Rachel's thick lashes.

After a few moments of stunned silence, he finally mustered the courage to start to undress, revealing the curves of his feminized body while he playfully swayed his hips from side to side. He knew that Daniel was staring, especially when he gave him a shocked look. But he didn’t tell him to stop. Smiling, Ronaldo savored the tactile sensation of his slender fingers against his new skin. “Like what you see?” Ronaldo teased. 

“I still can’t believe how real you look. Is it really just you in there now? Or do you hear her?”

Ronaldo shook his head. “No, it’s just us.” Sparks of heat and desire fluttered through him, and he inevitably began to approach his best friend with a naughty smile over his lips. He gave Daniel a light shove and forced him onto the bathroom counter “I’ve got to reward you for this.”

Daniel looked up, momentarily lost for words as Ronaldo straddled him. They were both on the bathroom counter now, and when Ronaldo began to grind against his friend’s boner, he rested his forehead against his own. “I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous,” Ronaldo laughed. “She likes you a lot.”


He nodded and gave him a wink. “You can call me that for now, if you’d like. But I’d really like it if you could help me with a little something.” Before Daniel could ask, Ronaldo reached down and grabbed both his hands. He guided them up to Rachel’s firm breasts while he rocked against his lap. It didn’t take long before their lips were locked together.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Merging with our crushes - Part 1


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Daniel, Ronaldo, and Rachel, gathered around an ancient wooden table in the dimly lit basement of Daniel's home. A dusty old spell book lay open, its aged pages brimming with cryptic symbols and forgotten wisdom while Daniel threw Ronaldo a quick glance. Rachel had no idea what they were going to do, and the guilt Daniel felt made him wonder what his best friend was thinking about all of this.

He had discovered the spell book just days before, tucked away in an obscure corner of his dead grandmother’s personal library. His eyes had sparkled with mischief as he read the words of the magical ritual that now lay before them—a spell to merge two beings into one. Of course, the spell was written in Latin, and Ronaldo was the only person in on Daniel’s little scheme. The idea had captured their imaginations, and they had soon found themselves on a path they couldn't turn away from. Ronaldo liked Rachel, and being her was the next best thing to him.

Ronaldo and Rachel sat across from each other, excitement and trepidation in their eyes. Their hands were joined, their fingers intertwined, their breaths coming in quick, synchronized gasps. Rachel joined in too out of sheer curiosity. All she knew was that they were going to try speaking to the dead, though that was just a ploy to get her to stay in the same building with them long enough. 

Daniel's voice was strong and steady as he began to chant the Latin words of the spell. The room seemed to respond, the walls closing in, the air thickening, the shadows deepening. Ronaldo and Rachel's bodies began to glow, a soft, ethereal luminescence that pulsed in time with Daniel's words. The two friends could feel a strange sensation, as if their very essence was being pulled, stretched, combined.

Their eyes met, and they saw in each other's gaze a reflection of their own wonder and fear. The glow around them intensified, and they felt themselves drawn together, their bodies intertwining, twisting, merging into a dance of flesh and soul. The room seemed to tremble, the very fabric of reality quaking under the pressure of the magic being unleashed. Daniel's voice rose while the words of the spell poured from him. Rachel’s eyes wide with exhilaration and awe before she let out a surprised scream. “What’s going on?”

Time seemed to stand still, the world holding its breath as Ronaldo and Rachel's bodies fused into one. The glow around them became blinding, a white-hot fire that consumed everything, and then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The room was plunged into darkness, the spell complete, the magic spent. Daniel's heart was pounding, his breath ragged, the echoes of the chant still ringing in his ears.

He reached for a candle, his hands trembling, and lit it, the flame flickering uncertainly as he held it aloft. The sight that met his eyes took his breath away. Sitting across from him, where once there had been two, was now one—a mixture of Ronaldo and Rachel, an entirely new being, their features blended in perfect harmony. Ronaldo's eyes were there, but everything else about the new form looked like Rachel. The glow had subsided, leaving behind a silence that was profound and unsettling. Daniel's mind reeled as he tried to comprehend what they had done, the enormity of the magic they had unleashed. Ronaldo, now in control of the new form, looked down at himself, his eyes wide with disbelief. He reached out, touching his face, his body, and his crotch as the reality of what he had become began to settle in.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Bullying two bullies

Matt (left) and Ali (right) had always been the subject of ridicule amongst their friends. The night before, they finally reached their boiling point. They tried to socialize at a party the night before, but Megan and Kate were popular girls who just loved to bully people. The two women found endless amusement in belittling the men for their appearance, often calling them "scrawny" and "tiny." They were geeks, after all, and they stuttered constantly. While Matt and Ali typically brushed off the jabs with good humor, they couldn't deny that the relentless teasing had begun to wear thin. Unbeknownst to Megan and Kate, Matt had a hidden talent for potion brewing, one he'd cultivated since childhood. With the torment escalating, Matt decided it was time to teach Megan and Kate a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.

The opportunity presented itself the next night when they followed Megan and Kate to a bar downtown. Everything seemed normal, but Matt and Ali exchanged knowing glances as Megan and Kate took sips from their glasses that they spiked without them knowing. The potion Matt had slipped into the women's wine was a complex one, designed to exchange the souls of the drinkers with those who had already consumed the potion. It was a fitting revenge, Matt thought, for them to experience life from his and Ali's perspectives.

As Megan and Kate sipped the wine, they felt a bubbling sensation in their tummies. They looked at each other in confusion before their lips opened up, and they coughed, throwing up a faint white gas. The gas swirled around them before enveloping their entire bodies. Panic set in as they felt themselves flying through the air and into the bodies of the men they had made fun of the night before. Their vision blurred, the world spun, and then everything went black.

When they opened their eyes, they realized they were boys now. Looking across the room, they saw Matt and Ali, but they were in their bodies, giggling on the couch, clearly enjoying the spectacle. "It's not very nice being scrawny and tiny, huh?" Matt laughed, crossing his legs and relishing his newfound femininity. He ran a finger along the curves of his breasts. "This is going to be a wonderful lesson for you. It’s not going to be fun being made fun of by somebody as sexy as me."

Megan and Kate were dumbfounded, their minds struggling to comprehend what was happening. They looked at each other, their faces etched with disbelief and horror. Ali shushed them before they could scream, his voice now soft and teasing. "Come, sit across from us," he said. “But don't make a ruckus, or we might not switch back." He gave his thigh a playful slap and rested his head against Matt’s shoulder. “God, you both look so pathetic. I can see how hard you GUYS are.”

Defeated and utterly bewildered, Megan and Kate sat down across from the men they had bullied so relentlessly the night before. They shifted uncomfortably in their seats while their male hormones further embarrassed them. It didn’t help that Ali and Matt were giving them sultry looks and unwarranted moans. They were clearly having more fun than they were, and their male bodies were embarrassingly having a difficult time hiding their arousal.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise for both women when Matt and Ali decided to keep their bodies for good. From the pleasure and excitement they felt with all the attention they were getting, life was just better when you were a popular and pretty girl. Men constantly did favors for them, and when they discovered that Megan and Kate were trust fund babies with unbelievably horny bodies that craved male worship, abandoning their geeky bodies wasn’t that difficult to do.

Megan and Kate were forced to confront the reality of their unkind words and actions. They stumbled through the days that followed, awkward and uncomfortable in their new bodies, every glance in the mirror a stark reminder of their cruelty while Matt and Ali chased pleasures with their newfound bodies and wealth. The two girls realized that their taunts and jibes had been shallow and unwarranted, but they realized this far too late.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 5


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Part 5

Cassandra's fingers dug into the sand beneath her as she remained on her hands and knees. With her left hand, she circled her throbbing clit, and the wetness she felt was unbelievable. Waves of ecstasy fluttered through her while she felt Henry's cock tunneling through her ass. She moaned as the ocean waves crashed behind them. There were still people out and about, but neither of them cared. As she felt his kisses moving up her back, his powerful hands squeezed her waist. And by the time his lips began exploring the side of her neck, he began to fuck her harder.

"Oh, Henry," she purred with Abby's innocent voice. "You feel so fucking big in my ass."

"It's been years since I've been able to do anal with anyone," he whispered into her ear.

"If you don't tell anybody about what happened, you can do anything you want to my body. Anything Abby wouldn't try."

That made him even harder. As his thrusts became stronger, Cassandra moaned and thrust back against him. She began to fuck him with her hips and had no idea how close to orgasm she was. In her old bodies, she never had this much fun with her ass. This was the first body she could get that was actually built for anal. She loved everything about the new version of Abby. Her firm, bouncing breasts, her perfect ass, and her soft skin made her excited for the other types of men she’d be able to get.

"Oh my fucking god," she cried out in ecstasy. "I want every inch, Henry. Harder - faster!" She closed her eyes and felt the heat rushing through her. "She never let you do this to her. She never let you dominate her. But I'm a much better version of her, wouldn't you agree?"

"Better in every way," he whispered. His voice sent shivers through her body, and a strange excitement shot through her as their bodies glistened. Cassandra felt something familiar swelling within her body once her fingers circled her clit faster. She was amazed that she was this close to cumming already while she bounced against his cock. The walls of her ass began to squeeze Henry's cock. She could feel him getting close too. When he took a handful of her hair into his fist to tug her hard, she let out a long scream. It started as a subtle rumbling in her toned tummy, but once he gave her a playful slap with his other hand, she felt her entire body coming to life.

"Oh yes! Fuck!" she cried. Cassandra felt Henry's cum rushing through his cock, filling her tight little asshole while he leaned forward. He collapsed on top of her while her breasts brushed against the sand beneath them. He trapped her with his weight while she trembled. She didn't know how he was still filling her up, but she remembered seeing a memory of their sexless vacation together at the beach house and resort. He was filled to the brim, and Abby was constantly blue balling him. "She never deserved you, Henry. She never deserved a perfect man like you."

Henry slowly pulled out of her and brushed the tip of his moist cock around the entrance to her inner lips. She playfully bounced back at it, never letting it slip inside as she looked over her shoulder. She could tell that he wanted more. She decided to sticking around before moving on from him was the least she could do to help him keep her secret. Now that she had this perfect body, she fully planned on exploring every potential aspect of being a fit slut. And when she saw the horny look in his eyes as his cum dripped from her ravaged hole down to her honeypot, she just knew that her stolen body was going to bring her loads of fun with her brand-new boyfriend.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 4


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Henry watched Cassandra with a slightly worried look, his gaze fixed on the woman who was not the woman he knew. He had stepped out of the beach house to look for his girlfriend to finally set things straight. They were at the end of their relationship at this point. He wanted things that she wouldn’t give him, and none of his friends liked her. They were only together because they were the only African Americans in their hometown. It didn’t make sense to stay together since their ideals were so different, so telling her that they were breaking up was all that hung on his mind.

But when he heard a distant scream, his overprotectiveness kicked in. Despite the sun beginning to set, he could see his girlfriend being covered by something. His Abby had been taken over by this new entity, and his heart ached with a sense of loss. He would have been calling the police by now if he hadn’t been so entranced by the person that Abby had become. He didn’t understand things fully, but as Abby’s transformed body approached him, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. 

“Who the hell are you?” He asked. There was an unsettling smile on the woman’s face. She had everything that Abby had – perfectly toned abs, muscular legs, and an unbelievably beautiful set of tits. The difference was that she was Caucasian. “What the hell are you?”

There was a knowing look in the stranger’s eyes. She twirled around, shaking her firm ass before giving him a wink when she spotted his cock getting hard. “Let’s just say I know exactly why you and her fought,” she told him. “It’s not like anybody’s going to believe you when I tell you this, but basically … I’ve replaced Abby. I’m just a better version of Abby. She’s still inside of me, by the way. She’s not screaming or yelling, but I can see her memories now that my body’s fused with her own.” She stepped forward, and he could feel the heat of her breasts pushing up against his muscular arms. Her voice became a low, sultry whisper when she began to grind her crotch against his thickness poking through his shorts. “I know she’s never sucked you off. I know she’s never let you fuck her hard. I know she’s never taken every inch of you. She’s always been blue balling you. But I can help you with all of this.”

"Abby," he began, his voice laden with sadness.

However, Cassandra cut him off, a flirtatious smile playing on her lips upon planting a kiss against his own. "Henry, you can just call me Cassandra," she purred, running a muscular hand through her hair. "I must say, you're far more handsome up close. I know why she liked you, but she never deserved somebody like you.” Her eyes glanced down at his rod’s outline. “Such a big man – it’s a shame she never knew what you wanted. But since I have you here right now, I figured I’d try out my new body. I can see that she’s never tried anal – wanna be adventurous?”

With that, she closed the gap, her lips crashing against his in another kiss that was as fiery as it was unexpected. His resistance crumbled under the onslaught of her passion, and he found himself responding, his arms encircling her muscular frame, pulling her closer as a dim darkness began to engulf the beach. There was still plenty of light to see their bodies in action. Smiling and undressing, Cassandra led him to a secluded part of the beach where she hid her purse, and once she felt his hard cock pressing up against her ass, she just knew that she was going to have a splendid time.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 3


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“Oh, yes,” Cassandra moaned softly. She arose and took a long, deep breath when she felt the space along her spine completely fusing together. The pulsating blood moved through her refreshed body while she ran her fingers along the hard ripples of muscle around her stolen body. The young woman’s memories were flooding her own, and when she visualized her boyfriend, Cassandra felt her body becoming engulfed with fiery desire. The sudden arousal took her by surprise, and when she saw how the girl never used her body to its fullest potential, Cassandra realized that she had an opportunity to really impress people. 

“She never deserved this body,” she said. She looked down at her new body, muscles rippling beneath a skin that was once marred with wrinkles and sags. A smile tugged at her lips as she took in her healthy appearance, the skin glowing under the caressing touch of the setting sun. “I can’t believe how muscular she was. I feel even stronger with her inside of me. She was the pinnacle of the perfect woman, but she never used it to the fullest. Such a shame for such a conservative 25-year-old...”

She flexed her arms, feeling the surge of power flowing within her. It was a potent cocktail of strength and vitality that left her intoxicated. As she moved, her muscles responded with a grace and fluidity that took her breath away. It was as if she were rediscovering herself, her body singing a song of freedom that had been silent for too long.

Absorbing Abby had filled Cassandra with an excitement that thrummed beneath her skin, making her heart race. Her reflection in Abby's abandoned cell phone was startling. She looked like herself, but better. There was a gleam in her eyes, a spark that had been absent for years. She felt beautiful, sexy, and invincible.

"I look absolutely perfect," she giggled, her laughter filling the air with a contagious joy. She struck pose after pose, capturing her transformation in Abby's phone, each picture making her happier and happier. She playfully squeezed her round ass and watched how her strength left behind pink skin. She gave the spot a hard slap and purred. “So … she likes it rough. I’m surprised – she didn’t seem like a very big slut when I looked through her memories. Maybe she just wasn’t keen on exploring herself.” The body thief licked her lips before giving her firm breasts a squeeze. “Such a shame for her, really. She never knew what she had.”

Cassandra flinched suddenly. A rush of heat ran through her head as she heard a man’s deep voice. “I don’t understand why you’re not wanting to experiment,” Abby’s boyfriend said in her head. “Fine – go ahead and fucking go for a walk. I don’t care.” Cassandra’s head was spinning, and when she looked down at the phone, she realized that going back to the beach house by the resort was her first objective.

She knew it was time to face Abby's boyfriend. “Time to show him what Abby couldn’t.” Her heart pounded with a mixture of fear and anticipation, but she pushed it down, her newfound strength steeling her resolve. With one last glance at her reflection, she tucked the phone into the pocket of Abby's shorts she'd pulled on. The house, a silhouette against the fading twilight, was a beacon, and she walked towards it. But just as she approached it, a man’s familiar voice yelled out at her, and a naughty smile stretched over her lips.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 2

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“It’s finally beginning,” Cassandra laughed. “God, this is going to be wonderful.” Cassandra’s shriveled skin squeezed down on Abby’s dark skin. After deflating by using the last of her previous body’s nutrients, she effectively made her last body unusable. Thankfully, this new body’s assimilation was going quite nicely. “That feels so incredible – I can’t believe I’ve never taken a girl this muscular and fit before.” 

The young woman had lost consciousness seconds before, but the skinsuit’s tissue was starting to have a hard time latching onto her future host. Thankfully, once she felt the girl’s fingers slipping into the empty finger cavities of her deflated body, Cassandra began to feel a heart beat. It was a sign that there shouldn’t be any issues. A rush of warmth ran from her head down to her toes once she felt her body completely encasing Abby’s unconscious physique. The feeling of her deflated body permanently sealing her new vessel inside of her felt wonderful, especially when she felt every muscular curve of Abby’s body. “And now … it’s going to be all mine.”

Suddenly, she felt a moan depart from her gaping lips. Her arms and legs shivered to life, and she felt Abby's heart racing even faster. Cassandra's skin tissue squeezed down around Abby's toned body while she confusedly looked around. "What's happening to me?" Abby's lips whispered through Cassandra's mouth hole. She looked down to see the pale tissue squeezing around her. Her arms and legs were completely covered with Cassandra's skin, and she would have let out a horrible shriek if the skin hadn't started to spread around her lips. Before she could try to pull the skin off of her, she felt a wave of pleasure rushing through her while the skin merged with her own.

Cassandra could feel her legs and feet finally becoming one with Abby's legs. She lifted her left leg, and it bent back in an uncomfortable way while a spasm of ecstasy went through her. She groaned alongside Abby while her fingers dug into the sand. Little by little, Abby's mind forcefully faded away, and Cassandra could only laugh triumphantly. She moved her toe, and it extended forward. She could see the muscles rippling on the outside of her new leg, and she loved the way Abby's skin moved against her own. For the first time in ages, she felt healthy and free.

Cassandra was a living skinsuit. She had originally been a scientist who worked for the government to help spies blend in with their surroundings, but after a failed experiment, an accident forced her body to deflate into a living piece of tissue that could wrap around a host and assimilate its very existence. Of course, the government had no idea what had happened - they assumed she was dead. But after hopping from body to body for the past fifteen years, Cassandra was far from gone. She had lived on the bodies of her victims until the time came to latch on to a new host.

"No," Abby managed to whisper. Cassandra's toned tummy arched upwards when she felt another spasm of pleasure, but that was just her mind permanently taking over Abby's body. She remained on the ground, twisting and turning in the sand while the cool waves of water washed over her. Abby's muscles beneath the skinsuit ached to move and flex, but her mind was screaming to be released. She squirmed and grunted while Cassandra felt the last of Abby's mind dissolving from her body. Cassandra smiled while she felt the wrinkles around her body fading away and matching the girl’s smooth skin. Now, her pale skin radiated with the powerful physique that caressed Abby’s fit physique, and youth had finally returned to her body.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Cassandra the Skinsuit - Part 1

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Abby’s head was swirling with the argument she just had with Henry. She couldn’t believe how angry she was. “Fucking idiot,” she whispered while looking up at setting sun. The approaching night was gentle, as soft as the sigh of the summer breeze and a stark contrast to the fiery anger fuming from Henry. A full moon illuminated the gorgeous, empty beach. Abby walked along the shore, her thoughts struggling to stop thinking about the beach house where her boyfriend waited to keep fighting. For the first time in nearly an hour, she was actually alone, the whispers of the sea and the crunch of the sand under her feet her only companions.

Their relationship had always been rocky. After losing her virginity to him, he constantly wanted more. But she wasn’t promiscuous when it came to sex. She grew up sheltered and religious, but when she met Henry during a fitness class in college, she knew she wanted to be with him. At first, she was willing to try anything with him. But the longer they stayed together, the kinkier he became. Sadly, Abby wasn’t the same way, and that only annoyed him.

Suddenly, her focus on the argument was shattered by the sight of a woman sprawled on the beach. Abby’s heart started to race, and for the first time in what felt like forever, her mind was focused on something else. The older woman’s bikini-clad form looked slender and weak, appearing more bone than flesh. It was a disturbing sight, and Abby felt a knot of worry lodge itself in her stomach. She hurried over, her mind racing, thoughts of first aid courses and emergency numbers whirling around. “Hey, are you okay?” Abby asked. She noticed the woman stirring something. It sounded like something was ripping, and she thought that the woman’s swimsuit was somehow coming undone. Her old eyes opened and looked directly at her, and her lips mouthed something. “Hey, you’re awake! What’s your name?”

“C-Cassandra,” the woman said in a dry, croaky voice. “I was waiting for you.” Abby didn’t know what to say to that, but she simply smiled. She asked her if she knew her from the nearby resort, and the older woman nodded. “Ever since I spotted you, I knew I wanted you.”

A strange, creepy sensation ran through Abby’s body. “I’m sorry, what?” As Abby ear neared the stranger’s lips, the woman stirred, her eyes opening to reveal a depth of despair that sent a shudder through Abby. And then, something strange happened. Cassandra's skin began to deflate, like a balloon losing its air, each wrinkle disappearing one by one like the glowing green eyes in her now empty eye sockets.

"Goodbye wrinkles, hello muscles!" Cassandra wheezed, the words barely making it past her lips before her body gave one last shudder and became lifeless. Abby recoiled in shock, her mind failing to comprehend what she just witnessed. Then, Cassandra's form moved once again. With a suddenness that took Abby's breath away, Cassandra's face latched onto hers, smothering her, blocking her air passage. Abby fought, but the strength was leaching out of her. As the world darkened, Abby's last conscious thought was of the beach house, of her boyfriend, and of a walk that was supposed to get her mind off their argument.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

The risk was worth it: Femdemic Game Promo (P1-3)

I've been looking at ways to further support the TG community, and I managed to get into contact with a game developer. They make some neat games with interesting storylines, and I wanted to help out by promoting one of their most recent creations.

About the game:

Femdemic is a witty, trans-affirming idle clicker with two story paths that explore gender, happiness, and femininity. Compliance mode is a feminization-fetish story for mature players. Your alien bacterial race spreads to new hosts through sex, but there's a catch - All natural-born Earth women are immune. The solution: Transform infected males into new females! So you change each male host into a sexy female one - then encourage them to mate and spread the infection.