Friday, August 12, 2022

My poor trainer

When Jake signed up for an accelerated weight loss problem, he wasn’t expecting to be placed in the body of his assigned trainer. The thought of being a girl scared the living hell out of him, especially since he was so awkward around women in general. But Eun-jee talked him through the entire process and explained how she’d be exercising in his body for a month straight. The program’s swap lasted until his trainer reached the guaranteed weight loss target. He’d be paying her for twenty four hours a day, but when he saw the before and after photos of other people who went through the same program, he decided to go ahead with the training plan.

It was his last day in her body, and he couldn’t believe how easy it was to stay in shape. He barely even exercised. Jake loved the fact that he could eat anything he wanted. He always had a problem when it came to maintaining his weight, but Eun-jee’s body didn’t have any problems. It genuinely made him feel jealous, especially when Eun-jee returned to his apartment in his body ... unchanged. “Sorry,” Eun-jee said. “I couldn’t do a whole lot. I think you might have a genetics issue that’s preventing you from losing weight. I recommend seeing a doctor.”

Jake shook his head, and a mischievous smile stretched across his lips. “I don’t think so. You’re not having this body back until you’ve lost the requested fifty pounds. I’ve paid you good money - I’m not going to do a refund like this.”

Eun-jee opened her mouth to argue, but she knew she had few options. “Fine...” She said as Jake giggled with glee.

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