Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fixing Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10

 Hey everyone,

Hope you've all been having a good summer. It just came to my attention that one of the stories was duplicated on Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10. Fixing Tara's Marriage wasn't properly placed in the story. I'm unsure how I didn't catch this since the bundle was released 2 months ago. I've fixed it so we should be good there.

Thank you to the person who caught this. I've since updated Smashwords and Amazon. You'll need to redownload the Amazon version to get the latest version. If you notice anything funky with my stories, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Also, a few of you have messaged me over the past few weeks on when my next short release will be. I used to do it weekly, but ever since I started up school again, I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things. It's mostly because I suck with my time management, though I'm sure I'll get better. The important thing for me is to make stories that mostly make sense (hence why my 200 page paperback hasn't been released). I want to avoid giving the community copy pasted stories. I'm also trying to chase after new types of storylines that I haven't done yet. I'll still be doing body swap, possession, and transformation stories, but I want to deliver stuff you're less likely to have seen before.

I'll still be uploading short 200-300 word captions to keep giving you guys a little something in the mean time. I'm trying to do those daily since those don't take me too long to make (you might see 1 week gaps here and there). I'll be posting them here and on my Deviant Art page.

Take care,

Jimmy Zappa

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