Friday, September 22, 2023

Finally taking her studies seriously


Nally sat with a coffee in her hands while the food court emptied out. Classes were starting, but she had a few hours before her next class. Across from her was Jasmine, her best friend, who was busy studying. This was a rare sight for Nally to see, especially since she wasn't supposed to still be here. She always left to go home after her morning classes - she didn't have any afternoon or evening classes to worry about. "She seems so focused," Nally thought while she observed her.

The other peculiar thing was that Jasmine wasn't trying to distract herself by talking to Nally. She was usually the life of the party, not the one to bury her nose in books. She was the popular and pretty rich girl - that was her entire personality. But now, she seemed like a completely different person. Jasmine was known for her beauty and her love for having fun. She would sometimes make choices that worried her friends, especially since she loved experimenting with hard drugs from time to time. And her breakup with Albert had left her feeling sad and lost a few weeks ago. After the breakup, people started to notice changes in Jasmine. She was quieter, she stopped going to parties, and she seemed to be avoiding the things that once gave her joy but also brought her pain.

Nally and the rest of Jasmine's friends were worried about her. They initially thought it was Albert's fault, but when he revealed that she was the one who broke up with him, they became even more concerned. Obviously, they had seen Jasmine make bad choices before, so they were actively trying to make sure that she was okay.

Seeing Jasmine so focused on her schoolwork made Nally feel hopeful, though. She didn't have anything to really worry about. She had been worried that Jasmine would not be able to pass her classes because of her love for fun and her lack of interest in studying, and now, she was on the right track. She could see the determination in Jasmine’s eyes, and it made her believe that Jasmine had finally decided to change her life for the better.

But Jasmine wasn't who her friends thought she was - she was actually Angela, a 55-year-old witch who wanted to start over. Albert had purposely stayed quiet about their breakup, but he knew the truth behind what had happened. He just couldn’t tell anybody – he was physically and mentally unable to.

The real Jasmine was absorbed into the body thief's mind. Of course, she couldn't have done it without Albert - he was the one who helped her, after all. Angela had been helping Albert get through some tough times as an unlicensed therapist, and when he revealed that he didn't have any money to pay for her services, she decided to ask for payment in a different way. 

He gave her his soul. It took several more sessions, but she ultimately managed to alter his mind. She took drops of his blood and burned herbs around his head to control him. He eventually became an obedient follower who was willing to do anything she wanted. After speaking to him more, she knew that his relationship with Jasmine was falling apart. She knew about all of Jasmine's issues and the trouble that was brewing inside her head. So, she convinced him to take Jasmine in for therapy. But instead of providing her with a therapy session, she instead prepared a body swap ritual by placing a circle of her own blood beneath her patient's chair. Once Jasmine took her seat, Angela activated the spell, and she found herself inside of Jasmine's gorgeous body.

And with her new body under her complete control, she was excited to make the most out of Jasmine’s life. She loved everything about herself. From her silky blonde hair to her firm breasts, being a young woman again made her excited to re-explore the things that she never experienced in her youth. Albert would never get a chance to please her, but a campus full of attractive men were throwing themselves at her. She had everything she needed to make things easier for her – money, beauty, and magic. All she had to do now was pick the best possible option, but that wasn’t going to be so hard with Jasmine’s beautiful body.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My new sister

Jared stood at the foot of the bed and crossed his arms beneath his new breasts. After nearly two weeks in Ari's gorgeous body, her younger sister, Aby, had just discovered that she wasn't the same person she'd grown up with. The hatred said it all. Jared had used a body possession remote prototype in order to place his mind into his new body. Ari had been asleep all those weeks ago when he snuck through a nearby window. The remote only worked on people who were deep in REM sleep, so when he saw her eyes twitching, he knew it was time to act.

Jared had always been jealous of Ari throughout college. They'd been competitive students who hated each other after Ari had convinced fellow group members to give Jared a low participation grade. They had been working on a business paper together up until they snaked him, and unfortunately for him, he had to retake the class because of it. Ever since then, he'd become obsessed with her every move. He did this out of hatred, and after stealing the body possession prototype from his technology company, he decided to take revenge into his own hands. The remote was supposed to place minds inside of realistic simulations, and he was about to do it for a completely different purpose.

“Let’s do this,” he had whispered. He had pressed the remote against his future body's forehead. He clicked the side button, and he immediately felt a ticklish sensation moving through his hand. Before he knew it, he felt his mind being forced through the air and into Ari's body. With a violent shudder, he found himself in her gorgeous body while his old body fell to the ground. It had been like a dream, especially after he got to know every inch of himself. He couldn't believe how he was willing to try ruining Ari's life - he was going to embarrass her to ruin her reputation. But now that she had her flesh, he didn't plan on leaving after hiding the remote in a discreet location. And with a mischievous chuckle, Jared gave Aby a wink. "You got me," he said. "I'm not actually your sister. I'm a better version of her. But don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Ari," he said while he pulled a pack of cigarettes from a nearby drawer. Lighting the cigarette, he blew smoke over towards Aby. "Go ahead - I know that look. You want to do something. But guess what? I dumped my old body into the local river. I have nowhere else to go."


Jared ran a finger through his silky black hair. "Right here - she's right here. I won't tell you how I did it, but let's just say the original Ari is long gone." He leaned forward, his large breasts jiggling while he laughed. "And guess what? Nobody will ever believe you. You can try as hard as you want, but I'm never going to go away."

While the real Ari remained trapped in her dreams, Jared would never tell anybody how he stole Ari's body. And of course, nobody would ever believe Aby, especially after Jared familiarized himself with everything about Ari's life. The girl was never conservative with her personal life - everything was on the internet. Sure, Aby saw right through him, but after a few hours of studying, Ari was going to be easy enough to imitate for life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Why would I swap back?

Grace laughed at the shocked look on Serena's face. "Did you really think that I'd be wanting to switch back? You were the one who accepted it."

"I didn't think I'd miss how things used to be..."

Grace couldn't help but giggle at that. "Well, maybe you should have been more grateful for what you had. You literally had everything - the only thing you wanted was my money. But you decided to use your money to make yourself look worse." After voluntarily switching bodies with Grace, Serena had tried to make the most out of her new life. Grace had always been an eye sore to look at, so when her best friend offered to trade her beautiful body for a chance to not have to worry about money, Grace jumped at the opportunity.

But Serena wasn't expecting her confidence to drop so hard, so she ended up getting breast implants and work done. She paid for the best possible surgical procedures, and she ended up making her body worse. There was always a chance for plastic surgery to go wrong, and everything had gone wrong for Serena. In the process, she ruined her body, and now she was trying to convince Grace to switch back. 

"Look, stop crying. People are going to see us. Anyway, I don't want to go through the process again. The body swap clinic wasn't a comfortable experience - we literally had our brains electrocuted over and over again in those pods. I'm not doing that again just to go back into THAT thing."

"Please," Serena said. "You said that you'd be willing to do anything for me. We're best friends - we've known each other forever. Why are you being like this all of a sudden?"

Grace crossed her arms, pushing up her firm breasts while she smirked. "Because I don't want to give any of this up. Especially after you butchered my body. Sure, I wasn't the prettiest thing, but I didn't expect you to somehow make me worse." She immediately crossed her legs. "Anyhow, you have plenty of money. Pay a guy to be with you."

"I don't want to pay somebody to feel a connection, though. Please, Grace." Serena leaned forward. "Please don't be like this." Her eyes were welling up with tears as she started to get even more upset. "Don't you want your money back? Your inheritance?"

"There's at most maybe five hundred grand in a bank account," Grace scoffed. "Besides, with a body like this, I've probably made more money than I've ever made on investment income alone. Yeah, you never thought about leveraging your looks - but I did. Turns out that guys love a young girl like me." She gave her former best friend a wink. "Yeah, maybe I’ll link you my Only Fans. I don’t even post anything that bad … though I’ve definitely had some fun with your boyfriend. I didn’t realize how bad you were at satisfying him – I literally blew his mind, and I haven’t even been with that many guys.” That’s when it hit her. “I get it – you know that we’ve been intimate, and now you want him back. Well, tough luck, bitch. This is MY body now.” Grace gave the air a kiss. “Eventually, I'll have more money than you too. It's a shame you didn't know what you had until you lost it - guess you're going to have to learn to live with the mistakes you've made."

Defeated and unable to convince Grace to switch back, Serena stood up abruptly. Her plastic surgery had left her with some pain, so she had a bit of a limp as she stormed out of the park in defeat.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Love my doctor

Izzy softly moaned as she felt Dr. Morris pulling out of her. Rolling up his condom, he threw it into the trash bin beside her bed and panted loudly. After being together for the entire night, Izzy had been impressed with the stamina he had. He did things to her that she couldn't have ever dreamed of doing in her older body (even in its youth). 

The way he pulled her hair and worshipped her glistening slit made her bed him for more. Of course, for a doctor in his thirties, she fully expected that he would be able to at least keep up with her own young body. She planted a kiss against his cheek and hugged him as they stared silently at the ceiling together.

The thought of being like this with another man after so many years left her feeling grateful. When Izzy first found herself in her new body, she was horrified at what had happened. She had gone in for a routine medical examination (possibly her last), and at some point after being sedated, her mind had been extracted. She didn't know that Dr. Morris had planted her mind into another patient's body.

Yvonne had gone in for brain surgery after experiencing a horrifying head injury. When Dr. Morris discovered that her brain was beyond saving. So, rather than let her body go to waste, the doctor made the transplant himself. He knew that their bodies were compatible and had the same blood type. 

The only downside was that it would require anti rejection medication to make sure Yvonne's body didn't reject Izzy. At first, Izzy wasn't sure how to feel - she was afraid of telling the people around her about how she wasn't Yvonne. She was terrified of being in trouble. So, she remained silent as Dr. Morris and his team helped her. And after several months of rehabilitation, Izzy was able to move freely without any assistance.

It didn't take long before Dr. Morris confessed what had happened in detail. Hearing his reasoning made her angry, but when she saw the care in his eyes, she realized that he had done the procedure out of the goodness of his heart. Despite being terrified by the whole experience, she couldn't blame him for what he had done. He didn't want the girl's parents to lose their daughter, and it wasn't like Izzy was going to be around for long. Without a nearby brain donor, Yvonne's body wouldn't have been suitable for a mind transplant, especially when Dr. Morris only had four minutes to make the decision.

It also didn't take long for Dr. Morris to start a relationship with her - their shared secret only brought them closer together. Today, it had been a year since they met. Izzy couldn't have imagined her being in this situation again - she couldn't have imagined a second chance at living. She loved being Yvonne - she enjoyed her athletic body as a soccer player, and she especially liked the fact that she was studying English. Izzy had been an English teacher, and now that she had her new body, she had a feeling that starting over wasn’t going to be too difficult.

She had been a 92-year-old elderly women with no family of her own. Now, with Yvonne's life, she had more than she could have ever asked for. With a body that didn't match her age, and her newly awakened desire to try something different, she found herself looking forward to being with him as the two partners drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Absorbing her precious attributes

Abigail had a sly smirk as she waltzed across her balcony. Every step was a picture of grace and confidence, the clinking sound of her high heels forcing Carl’s eyes to watch her every move. Adorned in a cute dress that accentuated her elegance, she couldn't resist the vanity that urged her to run a hand through her chestnut waves that cascaded down her back. She turned her head slightly, catching Carl in the act of capturing her likeness through the lens of his camera. “How do I look?”

“Absolutely perfect,” he said breathlessly. She smiled at that – she especially liked how he was still out of breath. The two had made love nearly half an hour ago, yet he was still exhausted from the session they’d shared. Abigail loved how he could barely keep up, and she especially liked how he struggled not to finish too early. When her body appeared much older, he was able to last a lot longer.

Now, he could barely control himself with her rejuvenated body. 

Ever since he helped place her attribute stone into Deborah’s possession, her physical appearance only improved. Abigail was a 108-year-old woman who struggled to find a new victim. She regularly maintained her health by sapping the energy and attributes of an unsuspecting victim. By using her attribute stone, she could transfer another person’s youth and appearance over time. The catch was that a willing third party had to provide the stone to somebody, and her partner in crime, Mike, had died suddenly nearly five years ago. 

Sharing her secret with a new third party was dangerous, because being caught and reported could lead to her stone being taken away. The third party had to know what the stone was capable of, and the stone only gave attributes to the second to last person who touched it. Disregarding this rule could have the unintended effect of reversing the attributes she’d stolen from people from years before. She would lose the shapely bum and seductive voice she had worked so hard to steal.

Thankfully, that was when her caretaker, Carl, proved his loyalty by doing as she pleased. He offered her love despite looking like she was in her sixties, and when he helped her rejuvenate her body, his love only grew. He convinced his coworker Deborah by pretending that her boyfriend wanted to give it to her. She would never find out the truth. Knowing all this, Abigail knew she’d found her new Mike, and all she had to do was satisfy his every desire. She was more than happy to worship his cock or let him caress every inch of her body now that the attribute stone had given her as much of Deborah’s youth as it could.

Carl further sealed his loyalty by returning the attribute stone to her precious jewelry box. Deborah, now wrinkled and weak, had no idea what had happened to her. Thankfully, as long as the pathetic man didn’t say anything, nobody would ever suspect that Abigail had absorbed her attributes. It had been years since she was able to attract others since Mike had died, and it was especially hard to convince anybody to help her with her attribute stone.

Now, the night called to her, and she was looking forward to Carl taking more pictures of her after a night of clubbing. With a body this attractive, she could get endless streams of income with Carl’s help. Money had always been an issue, and now she had some sort of stability with the body she had now. Her large breasts, toned legs, and gorgeous face were all thanks to Deborah. And with everything she had, Abigail was looking forward to manipulating some of the wealthier men looking to cheat on their wives. She excitedly picked up her purse and beckoned for Carl to follow her.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Stuck in a stripper

Cam sat heavily on the plush velvet chair of his dressing room, rubbing his sore feet after removing the tall, glittering high heels. He was finally alone in the room he rented above the strip club, and he finally felt a sense of relief. The shoes, which had once been a symbol of his newfound sexuality, now seemed to be just another source of discomfort in a life filled with unforeseen twists that got worse with every passing day. 

Just a month ago, life had been ordinary. Cam had never been the center of attention, and he secretly yearned for the thrill of popularity. Then, the improbable had occurred – something that wasn’t normal. In the dusty attic of his grandmother’s old house, Cam discovered an ornate lamp that seemingly glowed when he held it. It was more intricate and beautiful than anything he had ever seen. Without even thinking, he rubbed it to make it shinier, half expecting nothing to happen.

The ensuing cloud of blue smoke and the sudden appearance of the genie were more shocking than Cam could have imagined. With a promise of three wishes, Cam, in a moment of impulsiveness, asked to be more popular. He would get what he wanted, but at the cost of everything. He expected to maybe wake up as a popular kid with countless friends. He expected at least a girlfriend. But what he hadn’t anticipated was the genie's particular interpretation of his wish. It didn’t take long before he learned that the genie never granted accurate wishes.

He had awakened, not in his own bed, but in an unfamiliar room filled with frills and satin. Everything felt different. As he sat up, he realized that he was in a completely different body. He woke up in a woman’s body. He’d later learn that he was possessing a breathtakingly gorgeous stripper, celebrated and desired in her circles. He ended up finding all of her information through social media and her driver’s license. Her real name was definitely Kate, but her stripper name was Sugar. 

Obviously, he was ecstatic at first. He never had a real job or the amount of cash she had in her safe. Being a girl and doing as he pleased would have brought out even the most depraved of thoughts. He ended up pretending to be her, and he loved the attention that came with her body. Cam was showered with attention, compliments, and admirers. People clamored to talk to him at the strip club, and his coworkers were chill to hang around. The dancing, the lights, and the energy of the stage became a drug that kept him coming back for more. Day by day, his masculinity faded, and he enjoyed his newfound identity alongside others with depraved, lustful desires.

But as the days turned into weeks, the novelty began to fade. The constant gaze of strangers began to feel invasive rather than flattering. The pressure to maintain an impeccable appearance at all times was suffocating. The way people treated Kate, with either blatant objectification or concealed envy, made Cam long for the simple invisibility of his old life. 

He began to realize that the beauty and allure that made Kate popular came with its own set of challenges and burdens. Unfortunately, the genie's lamp had vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared. He later learned after reading books at his local library that some genies disappeared after a set period of time to find a new master to serve. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Easy path to riches - Part 3


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Aziz felt Amina's warm hand in his as they moved through the city streets of Seattle. There were a thousand jealous and curious eyes upon them, yet neither of them cared. Of course, Aziz couldn’t blame people. He was thirty years older than Amina’s new body, and she looked absolutely stunning in whatever she wore. Together, they moved closely through the streets while Amina gave his lips a light kiss so people knew they were together. 

They approached a bus stop where a bus waited. Climbing aboard, they dropped coins into the fare box, the metal clinks sounding like tiny bells. Aziz guided Amina to an empty seat, and they settled in. It was their first little weekend after permanently relocating to America, and they were going to make the most out of it. Getting Aziz to America was hard, but it was far easier than would have been the case if Amina wasn’t in a Caucasian woman’s body. Once seated, Amina snuggled up to Aziz, resting her head on his arm. Her eyes closed, and her breathing became steady. “Wake me up when we’re at my parents’ home, okay?” Amina said in fluent Arabic.

The other Caucasian people on the bus seemed surprised by that. Aziz smiled and nodded. She still hadn’t introduced him to Leila’s family, and he was worried what they might think. But Amina had given them photos of them together over social media, and the golden ring around her finger showed the seriousness of their relationship after their “second” engagement. He gazed out of the window, watching the city pass by while he wondered what to say to them. Yet, as the bus moved, a gentle hum seemed to wrap around them, he figured that things were going to be alright. After all, stealing Leila’s attractive body had worked out well for them … for the most part.

He sighed, a deep breath filled with contentment. Every now and then, his eyes would drift back to Amina. Her gorgeous face looked relaxed, the weight of their past sins momentarily lifted. He squeezed her hand. Their journey had been long, filled with challenges and moments of despair. But sitting there, on that bus, with the city of Seattle rolling by, everything felt right. Every moment and every second were filled with a gratitude that he couldn't fully express. Even as the city sounds continued and the bus jostled them gently from side to side, he felt an internal peace. The seat's blue fabric was worn but comfortable, and he gently stroked Amina's hair as she continued her nap against his shoulder.

Adjusting to American life wasn’t easy. With Amina losing her job as a receptionist and the challenges they faced in a new land, they both found themselves working at grocery stores. Amina didn’t have any of Leila’s memories, so she had to piece together everything through her social media accounts and conversations with her friends. It took forever for Leila’s family to contact her, but now that they were in America, life was much easier. She couldn’t adapt fast enough to keep up with Leila’s receptionist job, but the worker shortage made it easier to pivot. Sure, their minimum wage jobs were hard. Aziz recalled the long hours Amina spent stacking shelves and how he would help customers find items. The grocery store jobs weren't what they had in mind when they arrived in Seattle, but they were grateful of the fact that they were able to find some cheap housing. They had each other, and they had work. That meant everything.

Aziz turned to look at Amina, her face serene in her sleep. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. Her skin was warm, and he felt her stir slightly as a soft smile formed on her lips. Even with their busy schedules and the demands of daily life, moments like these reminded him of the good in their lives. Once they got enough work experience, they would be able to afford a bigger place before starting a family. Sure, Leila’s family wasn’t as rich as they thought they’d be, but they were in a much better position than they would have been in Sudan. The spice in their relationship was also a lot better, especially since Amina was twenty years younger than her old body. And as Aziz sat there, he knew that he was more blessed than he realized - especially when one considered the fact that Leila would be unable to break free. She’d spend the rest of her time as a passenger, experiencing everything while being unable to truly enjoy the life that had been stolen from her.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Easy path to riches - Part 2


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Amina's body felt so damp, but she couldn't break free from her husband. She didn't want to, especially as he plunged his massive cock into her possessed body. He had finished inside of her nearly three times that day - Leila's voice was long gone. They only needed to inseminate her once in order to make the body possession potion permanently seal her soul in her new body, yet the two continued to make love.

Amina's slender fingers clenched the sheets beneath them as Aziz pushed every inch into her. He was always strong and large, but her new body was smaller than her old one. It took some getting used to for both of them. She could feel her skin bump into his, his hairs rubbing along the surface of her pale skin while he stretched her insides. The first time they fucked had been painful, but after getting used to her new body, Amina was really loving her husband's cock. 

His dark skin was slick with their perspiration, but that didn't hinder his lust or performance. He became more aggressive, using every inch of her body to satisfy his urges. His lips kissed every inch of her naked body, and the longer they made love, the more Amina realized that stealing this American girl's body was totally worth it.

Her body felt incredible with all of the sensations overriding her mind, and her husband was clearly enjoying this. It felt like the very first few months of their marriage before the excitement died down, and Amina had a feeling that it was going to last a lot longer in her significantly younger body. Everything about her was incredible – her healthy physique, sexy figure, and perfectly smooth skin made her feel gorgeous. And each time she climaxed, her body shook harder than her old body, causing her to grip her sheets ever harder while the ecstasy made her beg Aziz for more of his cock.

Things hadn't been great for their relationship together. Money problems and the political environment left Sudan in a weird place. But when the village witch gave Amina a potion that could help her start a new life, the Sudanese woman didn't hesitate to use it on one of the customers at her husband's hotel. They did an incredible amount of research on Leila prior to the possession, and after learning that she had a fairly well off family, they decided to use her body to start life anew in America. All they had to do was have her drink the potion at the same time as Amina, and after her husband managed to mix some of it into the girl's tea, the body possession immediately forced her mind into the beautiful American woman's body. All they had to do was have sex in order to make the possession permanent, and since Leila had come to Sudan alone, there was nobody who could stop them.

Amina had been afraid at first. But as Aziz's muscular body sank down into hers, and his lips met her mouth, she knew that things were going to improve. She had the body of an attractive model with a wonderful future. The taste of their saliva mixed, and Amina's arms tightened around her husband while the urge to take another load from him intensified. "Do it," Amina ordered her husband. "Do it now, my love. Cum inside of me. Cum inside of me and say MY name...."

He began to grunt. Her firm breasts pushed up against his chest, their skin tight against one another while she waited for his hot cum to fill her insides. When he began to groan, he kissed the side of her neck and whispered, "Leila..." Her petite body wrapped his lower waist, squeezing him tightly with her long legs while she felt his thrusts becoming stronger. And just as her husband sank down one final time, she could feel his seed erupting deep inside of her.

They were both panting by the time he was able to pull out of her. Their juices gushed out of her as they cuddled, and as they slowly drifted off to sleep, Amina couldn’t help but fantasize about their future in America together. The possibilities were endless with this woman’s body, and as Amina felt her husband's cum still dripping out of her, she just knew that they were going to be able to make the most out of it. 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Easy path to riches - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Leila glanced around the cozy room she had rented. The warm colors of the decor were inviting. Her Airbnb host, a kind-looking middle-aged Sudanese man, handed her a cup of tea. He was tall, handsome, and unbelievably nice. The aroma wafted up, and she inhaled the fragrant scent. "Thank you," she said with a warm smile. She began to fumble through her purse for some cash.

"No tip required," he replied, his accent strong but his English clear. "Please enjoy your stay. Call the customer service line should you require any assistance and ask for Aziz." With a wide smile, he stepped out of the room, leaving her alone in the room before she could even chase after him to give a tip. She felt horrible, but she was also grateful at the same time. The people here were so nice. After going on a well-deserved vacation after breaking up with her ex, Mike, she felt like things were finally starting to get better for her. She could finally relax, and the fact that Sudan was such a beautiful place made her feel like she could finally be less on edge.

With a satisfied sigh, she examined the tea. It was a beautiful orange color, not like any she had seen before. Thinking it might be a local specialty, she took a cautious sip. The flavor was rich and tasted a lot like oolong tea. She felt comforted by the warmth spreading through her body.

She planned to relax some more, maybe even watch some local television to get a feel for the culture. Her money could go a long way around here, and she managed to save up a lot from her corporate receptionist job. “I can probably stay here for about a year if I wanted to,” she realized. “Maybe I will?” Suddenly, an unexpected sensation made her grip the tea cup tighter. She frowned when she felt an awkward twist in her tummy. It felt like a jolt, a strange kind of energy racing through her veins. Before she could comprehend what was happening, her body began to twitch uncontrollably.

The cup of tea slipped from her fingers, crashing onto the floor and splattering its contents. She tried to call out, to scream, but her voice wouldn't cooperate. Darkness clouded her vision, and she felt herself collapsing. The last thing she was aware of was the cold floor against her cheek and a distant sound of laughter.

The room blurred in and out, and when clarity returned, she wasn't in control. It felt like she was trapped in her own body, a mere spectator to her actions. She watched, horrified, as her body stood up, walked gracefully to the room's full-length mirror, and began to admire the reflection staring back. Her hands touched her face, fingers tracing the curves of her lips and cheeks. She felt a smile stretching across her face, but it wasn't her doing. The reflection in the mirror showed her eyes shining with mischief and delight. The room was quiet, save for the echoing laughter that had no business coming from her. “Amina?” A familiar voice asked from the doorway.

Leila’s heart bulged with relief. It was the Sudanese man who gave her the tea. But her heart dropped the moment she realized that he wasn’t calling her name. And when her body leapt up and got on her tippy toes to plant a kiss against the man, Leila realized that the man was somehow part of this. “It actually worked,” Leila’s mouth giggled before kissing him again. She could feel his hard cock pushing up against her. “We’re going to be able to get so much out of her.” Leila couldn’t believe what was happening. She tried to pull away from him, but the body thief had full control of her body as Aziz locked the door.