Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Skin Suit

 Martin was always curious about being the opposite sex. His wife, Lynda, made his curiosity become a necessity in the bedroom. Thankfully, his wife never judged him for how he felt in his body. She happily let him wear her clothes. A lot of the time, Martin would walk around the house in her high heels and tight dresses while Lynda watched from the couch. It was always an exciting feeling for him. He considered fully transitioning when his wife had a better idea.

On the morning of his birthday, she came home with a box. It was a present labeled for him. He opened it in front of her and didn’t know what to say when he saw the skin-like fabric. “I got you a skin suit,” she said. “It’s got breasts and curves and everything. Try it on.”

“It feels real,” he said while he caressed the skin. He completely unfolded the skin suit and saw that it was a bald female body suit. He slid it over him and immediately realized that this wasn’t some ordinary skin suit. The skin latched onto him and felt hot to the touch. He let out a loud moan as he collapsed to the ground. Every inch of his body pulsated with a strange, horny sensation that he’d never felt before. When he looked down, he could see his cock’s bump poking through the fabric before shrinking into his body. His blonde hair grew down beyond his shoulders as his deep moan became feminine. He was panting, but when he got back up, his wife brought a mirror over. His body had completely transformed into an unbelievably attractive woman. Lynda kissed his lips. “Happy birthday, honey. Your dress is in the kitchen too. It feels real, huh?”

His hands ran along the curves of his fully erect nipples. His breasts felt exactly like Lynda’s, and the area between his legs was actually leaking. He curiously reached down and poked himself, and he immediately shuddered with delight. He couldn’t wait to test his new body out.

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