Saturday, April 30, 2022

Becoming Her


Jessica’s boyfriend couldn’t have chosen a better body. When Allison got ready to go out with her friends, Bart used the transfer stone to transport his girlfriend’s mind into their Asian neighbor’s body.

Jessica was a transgender woman who wanted to know what it was like to have a vagina of her own. She unlocked the door into the girl’s upper class apartment and let her boyfriend inside. He was hesitant at first, despite knowing who it really was beneath the pretty girl’s face.

They shyly kissed each other before making it to the girl’s bedroom. Allison was single and living alone, so they didn’t have to worry about any boyfriends or roommates to stop them.

And when Bart finally ate her out in her in her new body, she knew that she wasn’t going to go back. The buzzing sound from Allison’s phone broke their embrace, and Jessica could see all sorts of text messages from her friends.

“Sorry,” she texted when she felt her boyfriend’s cock sliding between her legs. A surge of pleasure fluttered through her as he made himself at home. “I’m a little busy.”

Friday, April 29, 2022

Taboo Bundle 1: 4 Body Swap and Possession Stories


Available exclusively on: Smashwords

This is the first of many taboo bundles with dark and erotic short stories that involve family members and other forbidden content. Body swaps and body possessions are rampant in these four previously released stories that are not suitable for younger audiences. The featured stories are My Niece's Revenge, His Possessive Mother, Inside My Sister, and Taking His Sister's Body. 

Story 1: My Niece's Revenge

When a lifelong bully becomes her stepbrother's girlfriend, Vanya decides to take matters into her own hands. She's had horrible memories of the woman, and she doesn't want her family to fall apart. Her Auntie Rachel is more than happy to help ruin the new girlfriend's life. By using a body possession spell, Vanya decides to physically and mentally control her lifelong enemy in order to do embarrassing things to the people around her. Unfortunately, by seeking out vengeance and ruining another person's life, Vanya opens herself up to far darker consequences. As she plays with the girlfriend's horny body, Vanya's own body becomes at risk when her Auntie Rachel decides to take it for herself.

Story 2: His Possessive Mother

A wealthy mother isn't happy with her son's new girlfriend. Travis and Sonya have been together for months, but Veronica doesn't think the relationship is in her son's best interests. To break them up, the mother uses a potion and magical tiara to possess Sonya's young body. Veronica plans on embarrassing the young girl by using her fertile body to have recorded sex with their loyal family butler, Daniel. With these new abilities at her disposal, the wealthy mother plans on enjoying the bodies of others to satisfy her naughty cravings with her butler. But soon, things spiral out of control, and a mother's desires become her undoing as the woman who gifted her this opportunity has other plans in mind. Zaria is an extremely old witch, and she's looking for more opportunities to extend her life.

Story 3: Inside My Sister

Evan, a jealous homeless man hooked on drugs, is jealous of his little sister's success. Angel's an academic genius studying at a private school. A bully at heart, she loves pushing other people around. One day, an old witch helps Evan by helping cure his drug dependency. However, instead of using magic to cure him of his addiction directly, he finds himself stuck in his sister's body. Now trapped in his sister's fit body, he struggles to return to his old body. But his horny sister's hormones start to make him change his mind. He soon realizes that pleasuring himself unlocks her memories, and the more he sees, the more he wants to become Angel forever.

Story 4: Taking His Sister's Body

A brother and sister are madly in love. After their forbidden relationship is discovered by an aunt, they go on the run and live as criminals after buying an astral projection necklace from a salesman. Using the necklace helps them identify easy targets through dark magic, and they end up making a small fortune doing this while masquerading as a married couple. Life for Janice is bittersweet as she pretends to be her brother's wife. Hopping from hotel to hotel, they live luxuriously and make sweet love without judgement. Deep down, she wants this to last forever, but she knows that their relationship has its limits. Unfortunately, overusing magic has consequences, and soon their intimacy takes a turn for the worse when the salesman's dark magic begins to interfere with their lives forever. The brother and sister are fit and young, making them perfect targets for what the evil salesman wants. Abusing magic has darkened their souls, leaving them open to magical predators that seek to have a second chance at living happily ever after.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Taking My Job


Aron’s dress shirt felt unbelievably awkward as he buttoned it closed. The previous night had been wonderful, but he couldn’t get out the fact that he didn’t have a dick anymore. The faint aching between his legs felt wonderful somehow as he looked at Tim on the bed.

He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have sex as a woman. After drinking a gender swapping potion upon losing a sports bet with his coworker, his entire body shivered and transformed into a beautiful Mexican female.

But what Aron didn’t know was that Tim had set him up. After transforming his body and cumming inside of him, the potion’s transformation became permanent. He didn’t even realize that he had been screwed over until the 24-hour mark had passed.

Tim played stupid - he had wanted to take Aron out of the picture for so long. After wanting his supervisory position at the accounting firm they worked at, Tim transformed his friend to erase his identity. Aron couldn’t prove who he was, but he liked the new him so much that he decided to permanently be Tim’s housewife, not knowing what the ex-coworker had done to him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

His Best Friend's Girlfriend


Lucas stared into the mirror with a curious look. Holding up his silky hair, he stared at the firmness of his new breasts and the way Alicia’s underwear hugged his new body.

He meant to possess Jordan when they both agreed to swap bodies for a day. By using a witch’s spell book, they chanted the incantation, but Lucas didn’t realize that his lack of magical skill would have caused the spell to misfire.

Rather than enter Jordan’s body, he entered his girlfriend’s body. Upon finding himself inside of Alicia, a naughty smirk spread across his face. He slowly unclasped the girl’s bra and let it fall to his feet. Swaying his hips playfully in front of the mirror, he fell backwards into her bed. The area between his legs was throbbing, and he was very interested in feeling what his new body felt like.

Unfortunately, as his fingers slipped into his underwear, his body began to act on its own. He felt the wetness seeping through his inner folds as he moaned in Alicia’s voice. A pressure grew and grew until he was practically shivering.

“What the fuck? What happened?” His lips abruptly whispered. What Lucas didn’t know was that an orgasm made him permanently stuck in Alicia’s body. That wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t mean Alicia would be in complete control forever. After experiencing his first female orgasm, his mind became locked within her own. The wonderful sensations he had experienced would be his last as he was forced to view the world helplessly without feeling anything.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Inside A Sex Worker


At first, Megan was horrified by the fact that she was now in some Asian girl’s body. She spent nearly half an hour flying through the world as an astral projection. By using magic to release her soul, she was able to fly through the air while listening to nearby conversations.

Upon accidentally bumping into a young woman undressing, she felt her soul getting sucked in. The Asian girl’s body trembled as she fell to the floor. By the time Megan could move around, she had completely taken control of her.

But she had no idea who this was. With her hands still trembling on her bed, she looked across the room at the mirror by the dresser. Slowly but surely, a faint smile curled over her lips.

This Asian girl was an unbelievably beautiful woman. A familiar warmth emanated from between her legs, and Megan began to bite her lower lip when the door opened.

Standing at the doorway was a man wearing nothing but a towel. His light blue eyes locked onto her while he ran his fingers through his wet blonde hair. “Sorry, I just finished up. You accept hundreds, right?”

“...Right,” Megan whispered. She couldn’t believe it. She was in the body of an escort. Before she could say another word, the man dropped the towel to his feet. The sight of his hardening cock made Megan think twice about returning to her own body for now.

Monday, April 25, 2022

My Caregiver Part 2


Joseph couldn’t believe how lucky he was when his caregiver, Alice, offered to swap bodies with him for a day. He had the magical necklace in his nursing home forever, but nobody had ever taken him seriously when he asked for a chance to be young again. But Alice was different. Out of all the employees at the nursing home, she was by far the warmest and kindest. She opened up about what her life was like outside of the nursing home, and how she was finishing school and buying a house with her husband soon.

Upon swapping bodies with her, he immediately took the necklace from her. He knew that Alice had a future, and he planned on making that his own. Alice had no idea that she needed the necklace to swap back until Joseph left with her body forever.

Now, Joseph was on a beach a thousand miles away from Alice was. She was probably furious at what had happened, but he knew that he was safe. Nobody took him seriously in his old body, and there was no way that he was going to go back to being an old man again.

Sure, being a woman was really difficult for his adjustment. Periods sucked. But when Alice’s husband, George, made sweet love to him, Joseph knew that he had made the right choice. Smiling, he looked over his shoulder as George came back with margaritas. “Sorry, that took forever.”

“No worries,” Joseph smirked. “I have all the time in the world.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Teacher's Pet: Body Theft (MtF Body Possession)

Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Two college girls, Alyssa and Hannah, have been learning magic together for a year, but when their magic teacher is unable to finish their final lesson together due to work, they take their learning into their own hands. Alone in their teacher's library, Alyssa leaves to use the bathroom when the other girl tries a spell. She accidentally grows a real, throbbing penis. Initially afraid at first, her crush and friend returns from her bathroom break and decides to test it. All of it seems like hot fun as they lose themselves in their lust. Just as it's about to end, Hannah finally confesses her real feelings, but Alyssa is conflicted by all of this. Lurking in the shadows, a dying Mr. Wolff waits for a chance to use his own dark magic. Alyssa is his secret assistant and girlfriend, and she's willing to do anything to physically and mentally prepare Hannah as his new body.

The Teacher's Pet is an erotic short story with a length of 14,000+ words. It has themes of body possession (male to female), age regression, cheating, genital transformation, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

My Caregiver Part 1


When Joseph had asked Alice if he would be willing to let him be young for a day, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. It was such an odd request that she didn’t take him seriously at first. “Nobody takes him seriously,” she whispered to herself before she walked into his room. She felt bad for the old man who everybody seemed to avoid.

But she decided to play along with his request. It probably wasn’t the real deal, and if she could make him a little happy, then she figured that a day in his body would’ve meant the world to him.

He held up a beautiful golden necklace and asked her to put it on. She had just arrived at the nursing home, so she didn’t have time to change into her usual scrubs.

“It’s okay,” he assured her. “I don’t mind what you’re wearing. I just want a chance to not be in pain anymore.”

She took the necklace and placed it around her neck. Smiling warmly, she nodded her head. “That’s fine. I’ll try it for a day.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me,” he said weakly.

Suddenly, a rush of warmth ran to her head. She began to shiver as she tried to move. The last thing she could see through her eyes was the faint smirk on the old man’s face.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Her Uncle Part 2


Wayne was an experienced body hopper using Tom’s body as a way to live a lavish party lifestyle indefinitely. But he didn’t realize how much debt his new body had. Tom didn’t own the mansion, and he didn’t have any assets. He just happened to have a lot of inheritance money left over that didn’t last. He realized that he needed to start fresh again, but there weren’t any worthwhile candidates until he met Zaye.

Zaye was a young woman with an incredibly rich family. He had Chelsea tell him all about her before they arrived. Once he did his own research, he knew that he was going to have way more opportunities with her body, so he took the chance. After the potion began to take hold over Zaye’s body, he knew he had to act quickly. He took her hand and drank the last of his mind transfer potion. After sneaking it into Zaye’s alcohol for the past week, parts of his personality slipped into her body. She slowly became him in a way, and that only prepared her body for the last step of his master plan. Once Zaye started to lose control of her body, he knew that it was time to ease his soul into her.

Wayne stared down at this old body and smirked to himself when Zaye woke up. He brought up a glowing vial of green liquid and forced it down her throat. Before long, she was saying nonsense, and he knew that she wouldn’t be able to reveal his secret. Her throat and mind were permanently damaged.

All Zaye could do was watch in horror as he left to go explore his female body. It was his first time as a girl, and he could already tell that it was going to be a lot of fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Her Uncle Part 1


Part 2

When her best friend’s uncle, Tom, invited them to stay at his summer mansion, Zaye decided to pack her bags and fly to Jamaica with Chelsea. They were students struggling through their first year of college, so they decided to take the summer semester off when they had the opportunity.

They spent their first week bathing in the summer sun and drinking with the locals. Zaye rarely had chances like this to really loosen up. She was usually the responsible one, but being a thousand miles away from home felt liberating. She kept in touch with her overprotective and religious boyfriend, Steve, but she never told him about the wild stuff she and Chelsea were up to. All of it felt so naughty, especially when Zaye wasn’t normally like this. She was never a party girl. It was almost like she was a completely different person now that she didn’t have to worry about rent or school. But she didn’t realize that this was a side effect of something far more horrifying.

When Chelsea was out shopping, Tom convinced Zaye to loosen up and have a beer with him. They were on the balcony relaxing when she felt a painful throb in her head. Before she knew it, she began to slouch in her seat. She fell and hit her head on the ground. “Geez, you have to be careful. You almost hurt it.”

“What did I almost hurt?”

“My new body,” Tom smirked. “Time to get out of here.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

His Coworker Part 3


Hannah couldn’t help but giggle at the destruction she had caused. After getting fired from the company, she still had her log in access. She severed the connection between all of the app users and permanently severed the two girls responsible for getting her fired.

Emily and Shannon stabbed her in the back earlier that week, and now, Hannah was getting her own sweet revenge by trapping them in a completely different girl. By deleting key portions of the source code, she rendered the project mostly obsolete.

She successfully transferred the original source code onto her tablet before she finally lost her access, but it was too late. The app was no longer usable. The only person in the world who could reverse all of this was Hannah. Emily’s body also remained empty, but Hannah could remotely control it thanks to its connection with the app. There were so many wonderful things she could do, and she planned on using her body as a fun toy she could share with her husband.

The power was intoxicating, and she knew that this type of power was better in her own hands. The power to swap bodies between others could cause so much destruction, and Hannah was more than willing to unleash her wrath on the rest of the company with time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

His Coworker Part 2


Sharon pulled down the straps of her pink clothing down and slowly exposed her breasts. Light pink nubs emerged that hardened from the cold air. She grasped them curiously and squeezed her breasts. Tingles of pleasure ran through her slender frame as she moved onto a chair. She felt so light and fit as the sound of a nearby door made her quickly hide her breasts. Standing at the door was an extremely tall, dark man with short black hair and piercing brown eyes. He was smiling at her while he leaned into the doorway. He was shirtless, and the guy was packing a body builder’s body. “Damn, Emily, I didn’t realize you wanted to start this soon.”

The sight of him made Sharon bite her lower lip. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but her body was so turned on at that point that she didn’t care. She didn’t care that she wasn’t in Shannon’s body - the only thing she cared about was the man approaching her. “Emily?” He stepped even closer, only to notice the girl’s phone on the ground. He frowned and tapped the screen curiously. “Huh, you got a text.” Smiling naughtily, Sharon spread her legs apart. Just before she could get a chance to feel what it was like to have a real man worship her, the man handed the phone to her. The phone started glowing when she brushed its surface by accident. Soon, she was back in her old body with her shitty boyfriend.

“How did it go? What happened?” Matt asked.

Frustrated by what had happened, she tried to open her mouth. “Matt, something’s wrong. I’m in here body still. I’m Shannon.” That was when Sharon realized that she was trapped as a passenger. “No, I’m Emily.” Confused, she screamed and screamed, but she was stuck with two other people controlling her Asian body. They tried everything, but their souls were stuck together forever.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Fixing Tara's Marriage (F2F Body Possession)


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

When she realized that her husband was seeing another woman, Tara didn't know what to do. She's afraid of confronting him about it. Thankfully, her coworker has an idea. According to her, a storeowner down the road helped fix her marriage. Donna gave the witch full permission to use dark magic to confront her own spoiled husband on her behalf. By temporarily possessing Donna, she gained the confidence to confront her own husband, ultimately fixing her marriage by allowing Alexa to do as she pleased. Her friend suggests seeing the woman, and Tara agrees when she realizes that she has no other options. Unfortunately, Donna and Alexa are tight on money, and Tara soon discovers that they're willing to do anything to get what they want.

Fixing Tara's Marriage is an erotic short story with a length of 13,000+ words. It has themes of body possession (female to female), age regression, race change, infidelity, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

His Coworker Part 1


“But I thought you said you loved me,” Sharon asked her boyfriend. Matt assured her that he did, but to spice things up, he really wanted to try his new app out. He was a software engineer working on the next VR breakthrough, but Sharon was hurt by what he was proposing.

Apparently, his coworker, Shannon, had the same exact phone app. They wanted to formally test it, and Matt was wanting to try it out between the two. “Nothing weird’s going to happen. It should swap you two back within a day.”

Sighing, Sharon agreed and opened the app. After confirming that she was willing to do this in a popup, the phone began glowing. Electricity surged up her body, and she let out a horrified scream as the world darkened around her. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a bedroom that she hardly recognized. When she looked at her body, her eyes widened with shock. Her large breasts and curvy body were gone. Now, she was a tanned Caucasian woman with smaller breasts and really skinny legs. Sharon got extremely dizzy as she looked at herself in a mirror. She was an unbelievably pretty girl with luscious blonde hair and dark green eyes. She couldn’t believe that the phone app had worked the way it was intended. “No fucking way,” she whispered in the woman’s voice. She forced a smile and leaned forward to observe the rest of her new body.

This wasn’t Shannon’s body. Somebody else had the phone app, and she had no idea who this was.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Drop Out


Priscilla wasn’t very happy with how things were turning out. She had been studying hard for the past three years, and she had nothing to show for it. She was in multiple programs until she settled with a communications major - it was the only thing that could finally interest her.

But Mrs. Sun was an absolute bitch. After going through at least eight of her classes, the older woman pointed every single flaw in every single assignment, project, and presentation. Mrs. Sun humiliated Priscilla to the point where she stopped showing up to her public speaking class. It was the last class she needed for a communications diploma, but Priscilla was done with everything.

She took the next semester or two off to regain her thoughts. After years of studying in multiple degree programs, her life was being weighed down by student loan debt. Soon, she’d have to get a minimum wage job. Her family was dirt broke, and there was no way that she was going to move in with her dead beat parents again. And when she punched the numbers in, she wanted to cry. Even if she worked over fifty hours a week, her disposable income would’ve been less than $50/month. Priscilla felt like her life was crumbling around her until a witch came to her doorstep.

Gretel had sensed her despair and offered her an opportunity. With a magical tiara, Priscilla could possess the body of any person she wanted. The magic would permanently infuse her soul with her new body, and she could start over again. She could take over the body of a young millionaire, or become a child to relive her youth. The only catch was that Gretel had to take the tiara back when she was done.

Priscilla smiled and thought long and hard. When the witch left her to return the next day, she made her decision.


As college instructors, Lauren and her husband rarely had time for each other, so this type of downtime was always a treat for them after exams were over. Suddenly, as she prepared breakfast, a strange warmth washed over her. She began falling to her hands and knees. Shivering violently, she felt something in her mouth fizzing when the world went black. By the time her eyes opened again, she found herself walking down the hallway. Her husband was still in bed, but she didn’t have any control of her body. Lauren’s body stepped into the nearby bathroom. “The astral tiara actually worked,” her voice whispered while running a finger through her cleavage. “Wow, these are way bigger than mine.” Her body abruptly jerked when she tried fighting for control. “Whoa, I knew you were a stubborn bitch, but I didn’t think you had the strength to fight me. You’re probably wondering why you don’t have control.” Her body smiled beautifully. “I haven’t seen you in a long time, you know. Not since you failed me.”

She realized that this had to have been one of her students. It was a public speaking class, and the only person she’d failed was a troubled girl who dropped out two semesters ago. “Marissa?” Lauren thought in her trapped mind. Nodding, the body thief laughed. Lauren fought for control again, but this time, the body thief managed to suppress her.

“Nice try - I know you’re awake in there. I’m not letting my guard down this time.” Marissa slowly walked back into the bedroom when her eyes gazed upon her husband. “Mr. Sun ... that’s a teacher I should have had.” Marissa giggled as she walked towards the edge of the bed and undid the string keeping her gown together. “I want to see how fun my new husband is. Don’t worry. I don’t care that you know it’s me. It’s not like I’m going back to my old body any time soon.” Her husband squinted at her as her face forced a smile. “Hi, honey. I wanted to try something with you first. Can you get up real quick?”

Sex with Mr. Sun felt wonderful. Priscilla could feel his tongue slithering between her legs, and when he made her cum for the first time in her new body, she screamed with ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was when she felt her new husband’s cock plunging into her stolen body. The thickness and primal lust surging through her body made her realize that her new life was going to be wonderful.

By the time they were done, they were both in bed together for the rest of the morning. But something went horribly wrong. Just as Priscilla sat up, a cold sensation rushed through her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she immediately found herself on the edge of an unfamiliar bed. She fell forward when she tried to stand up, and she realized that she was in a different body.

She was in Gretel’s body. She screamed in horror as she looked down at her shriveled hands. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She winced painfully while she reached for the witch’s cane. She got up and made her way to a nearby desk. There was a sheet of paper that read:

Thank you. A permanent body possession isn’t possible without a third and willing victim. Thankfully, you were so willing. Thank you, Priscilla. Don’t worry. Your old body isn’t around after the spell took hold. You have nowhere else to escape to. Enjoy the retirement home. - Gretel Thornberry

The young woman had possessed her teacher’s body with dark magic, but Gretel had used even darker magic to take it from her. Horrified at what was happening, Priscilla tried to think as her racing heart forced her onto her hands and knees. Just as the world went dark, she could see caregivers rushing to her side.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

My Cheating Boss


Jamie was getting ready for a wonderful night with Albert. He was her cute personal assistant who she’d hired a year ago. She began flirting with him over the past few months after her husband gave her permission to have an open relationship. To convince him, she was offering him a chance to move up the ladder if he could “make her feel like a woman again.”

After watching a movie together at a movie theater, she felt the passion stirring in her chest. It’d be so long since she’d been with another man like Albert. She felt so young as he pampered her shoulders and made her giggle like a teenage girl.

“What is that thing?” Jamie asked when she saw Albert holding out a red crystal for her. “Is that a ruby?”

Before she could get her answer, the crystal started glowing. He pressed the item against her hand. Before she could pull away, a warmth washed over her. Weird tingles ran up her arms and up her slender neck. She stared at him confusedly before backing away. Jamie opened her mouth to say something when something slid out of her mouth.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her soul flew into the crystal. Surrounded by horrified screams, she tried to break away, only to realize that her mind was starting to go blank.

The last thing she could see was her body smiling at Albert.

“You did such a good job,” Annette said after planting a kiss against the young man’s lips. “You even managed to get her to love you. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have worked.”

“Will this work, though? Will it help?”

Annette nodded. “After we make love, the possession will be permanent. I’ll do everything to get you my job. She knows the right people” She was a freshly fired executive who used to work for Jamie for years. At age 57 with nobody who would hire her for a decent amount of money, she felt trapped. She didn’t have a pension. She didn’t have a husband. She didn’t have a family.

But she had her friend, Albert. The young man regularly helped her out whenever she needed help with computer problems. She even kept in contact with him after she got fired. But he was ambitious - he wanted more than just an assistant’s salary. He wanted Jamie’s job. After allowing her soul to enter the crystal, all Albert had to do was make a close loved one touch its surface. It was a hard job, but she had a feeling that Albert’s cunning tongue and hot physique could conquer any woman. After flirting with the young assistant for so long, Jamie ultimately fell in love with him.

The last requirement was sex. As Annette undid her string, she looked into his eyes before he felt his hard boner pressing up against her crotch. She moaned loudly while he planted a kiss against her cleavage and conquered her stolen body.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Erotica Mega Pack: 20 F2F Body Swap and Possession Short Stories

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Exclusively available on: Amazon

Enjoy this 20 story mega pack of previously released female to female body possession and body swap stories (F2F / FTF), as requested by many readers! Dark and twisted themes are in this strictly F2F-oriented mega bundle that are not suitable for younger audiences. Themes of age regression, age progression, and body theft are scattered throughout this bundle. Originally released on March 14.

Prepare Her Body (F2F Body Possession)

When Cassie stepped foot in a reputable rehabilitation facility, she wanted to become a better person. Under the constant supervision of facility staff, they trained her body and mind nonstop for three months. The place is a living hell, and she desperately wants to finish as she reaches her physical peak. Unfortunately, the facility does not care about her progress. The only person they care about is their client inside of her. The facility is a body transfer business aimed at preparing attractive bodies for their new owners, and she soon discovers that she is first on the waiting list for an old woman wanting a second life.

My Naughty Neighbor (F2F Body Swap & F2F Body Possession)

When Vanessa initially joined an open relationship with her neighbors, she wasn't expecting to become so attached to Evan. As she shares him with Noelle in their unbelievably naughty relationship, she slowly wants him for herself. The roughness and naughtiness really pushes her over the edge, and Vanessa eventually decides to back her aunt's plan in order to steal Evan from Noelle forever. Auntie Olivia has been teaching Vanessa magic for quite some time, and when an opportunity to take Evan for herself presents itself, the young transgender woman decides to help her aunt do the unthinkable. She convinces Noelle to take part in a temporary body swap ritual to try spicing their relationship up, but it ends up being the catalyst for something much more sinister. Noelle has more than just an attractive body - there's a huge amount of untapped potential hidden within her, and Auntie Olivia wants all of it for herself.

Inside My Head (F2F Body Swap)

Doctor Tran is an ex-surgeon that helps socially anxious people through his Life Simulator technology. By placing patients inside of a virtual world where nobody judges them, he sees record numbers of successful treatments throughout his career. So, when Kyra gets referred to him for treatment, she's more than excited once she actually explores the simulated tropical paradise. The longer she stays, the happier she becomes. But, not everything is as it seems. Slowly but surely, her ownership over her body withers away. To make things worse, a transgender wife is extremely interested in getting Kyra's young body for herself. She wants an upgrade, and Doctor Tran is more than happy to make the transfer permanent once certain conditions are met.

Living Inside Me (F2F Body Swap)

Two best friends use a body swap potion to temporarily switch bodies. Emily and Eun-jee transfer all willingness and consent to live as each other for several days with the help and guidance of Doctor Susan Richter. After a few days of getting used to their new bodies, Emily attempts to do the unthinkable. She tries to convince Susan to make the swap permanent. Eun-jee comes from a wealthy family of billionaires, while Emily works in retail and struggles to pay for her student loans. Doctor Richter agrees and decides to try helping her - but there's a catch. One of the two girls has a sexy body to die for, and this particular doctor has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

My Slut Wife (F2F Body Possession)

Kate's wealthy husband is cheating on her, and so her marriage is falling apart. To make things worse, she has started sleeping with a coworker to get back at him. Her best friend forces her to take on marriage counselling, and so she begins seeing an old woman named Audrey for advice. Unfortunately for Kate, her counselor wants to do more than save her marriage. Audrey is heavily in debt, and she is literally dying for another shot at life. Kate's beautiful body and wealthy lifestyle leave the old woman jealous and desperate as a witch offers her services to get what she wants.

Cheating With My Maid (F2F Body Swap)

Emilia has been working as a personal maid to a billionaire couple for two years. She'd been extremely loyal to Geo and Troy up until the day the husband begins to flirt with her. Upon giving her a mysterious necklace, he tempts her and teases her until she succumbs to her lust. After having sex with the wealthy husband, she spends the next day guilty and aroused by what she'd experienced. She's terrified at the thought of losing her high paying job. What Emilia doesn't realize is that the mysterious necklace is more than just a love memento. The gift is a doorway into her soul, and through dark magic, Troy's wife plans on giving her an adequate punishment. Geo wants to cut ties with her Filipino family and to start a family on her own. Thankfully for her, her maid's body is perfect for what she has in mind, and the billionaire wife is willing to do anything to get what she wants.

Inside Her Girlfriend (F2F Body Swap)

It's Becky's birthday, and her girlfriend, Haruka, hasn't figured out what to get her. When they come to school early to catch up on schoolwork, the wheelchair-bound girl asks Haruka for a very specific present. She asks her girlfriend if she would be willing to swap bodies for a week, and Haruka happily agrees. Becky has been in a wheelchair her entire life, and giving her a chance to walk for the first time is something Haruka would love to do. However, she is completely unaware that Becky is dying from cancer, and when the swap finally occurs, the once disabled woman wants more than just a temporary exchange. She's liking her beautiful body and mobility a little too much, and she's more than excited to make the transfer permanent with her aunt's help.

Let Her Inside Me Book 1 (F2F Body Swap)

Stephanie's best friend, Priya, is celebrating her birthday. Instead of an ordinary present, Priya asks if Stephanie would be willing to swap bodies with her for a day with the help of a witch. Priya is a transgender woman, and she wants to see what it's like to be a real girl. Intrigued by the thought of seeing real magic and having a cock, Stephanie eagerly agrees to switch bodies with her friend. But what dark path lies beneath an honest request?

Let Her Inside Me Book 2 (F2F Body Swap)

Amita Rai was an old woman who stole Stephanie's young and beautiful body through magic. Months have passed, and she has slipped into her new life and made herself better in every way. Everybody loves her, and her life seems absolutely perfect. Over the months, Priya has grown jealous and decides that she made a mistake in helping Amita secure her new vessel. Stephanie's life is literally ticking away as her memory slowly fails her in Amita's body. Priya desperately enlists the help of a friendly witch and Stephanie's boyfriend to help reverse the spell that gave Amita a second chance at life. Now that she has the means to banish Amita from her stolen body, can she save her friend in time before it's too late? Let Her Inside Me is an erotic short story with a length of 12,000+ words. This is the second book in the series. It contains themes of female to female body swap, age regression, memory absorption, and body theft throughout its dark pages. This story contains sexual couple scenes not suitable for younger audiences.

Make Her Naughty (F2F Body Possession)

Annie is a young witch learning magic from her neighbor, and she has become hell bent on revenge. She sets her sights on ruining her coworker's life with her newfound abilities. Urged by her loving boyfriend and magic teacher, she takes possession of the troublesome supervisor and irreparably ruins her life for good. But she realizes that the more she uses magic for evil, the more taxing it is on her body. Her soul slowly darkens with every spell, and that's exactly what her weakening teacher wants. Carlene is an aging witch whose body is falling apart, and a corrupted soul is the perfect gateway into her new body.

An Adulterous Student's Body (F2F Body Possession)

Dying of cancer, Evangeline Smith is a disabled wife whose financially successful yet unfaithful husband is sleeping with Alicia, one of his students. She watches them both through the cameras as they make love. She is unable to do anything about the affair. One day, one of her friends gives her a necklace that helps her possess Alicia's young body. After experiencing youth again, she doesn't want to go back. Can Alicia fight back against the dark magic that threatens her life?

A Bad Girl's Permanent Lesson (F2F Body Swap)

Katarina is an incredibly mean girl with a bad attitude. Now on vacation with her boyfriend, her old Aunt Velma decides to teach her a lesson after watching her make everybody's lives miserable. She decides to swap bodies with her with the help of a village witch and runs into a problem. She likes being young a little way too much.

Fountain of Youth (F2F Body Swap)

The Northern Springs Resort has been a popular tourist attraction for years, and Polina has cleaned its halls and rooms for decades. Equipped with healing and invigorating hot springs, they've attracted all sorts of people. Caitlin and her boyfriend, two competitive college tennis players, get the chance of a lifetime when they're given restricted pass access to their own private section of the resort. Unfortunately for little old Polina, Caitlin bullies and threatens her throughout her visit. The cleaning lady glumly watches them enjoying the many amenities and a private hot spring together during their stay. Day by day, Caitlin's body loosens and relaxes, and so too does her soul. Eventually, a middle-aged chef sets her sights on the young woman's body as her new vessel, and the only person who can save Caitlin is the cleaning lady who she hates so much.

Making Him Mine (F2F Body Possession)

Sona and Ashley are office bullies that terrorize Klara, a transwoman trying to do her job. To help her deal with them, her roommate convinces her witch grandmother to use magic. By possessing Sona's body, Klara knows that she can ruin everything for the office bullies. But something with the spell goes wrong, and she accidentally finds herself in Ashley's sexy body with a secret that can ruin Sona's upcoming marriage. Before she can do anything, Klara's hormones begin to get the best of her as she struggles with a choice. She has to choose between temporarily enjoying her new body or permanently ruining her bullies' lives. If she waits too long, she risks getting trapped inside of Ashley, and the opportunity is just too tempting.

Sexily Young Again (F2F Body Possession)

Elinor is a caregiver that takes care of Michelle with her daily needs. When a salesman sells the elderly Michelle a soul relaxant potion and a ruby that can help her possess a new body to extend her life, Elinor gets asked to help execute the transfer. She accepts the deal for cash to be paid afterwards. Unfortunately, the old woman's sweet granddaughter, Angel, is the target, and the caregiver hesitates with the mind transfer after seeing how good of a person she is with her stud of a boyfriend. Elinor begins having second thoughts on the transfer and tries to sabotage the body theft. But when the salesman suddenly appears on the night before the soul transfer, she fearfully struggles against the dark magic consuming their lives.

My Husband's Secret Crush (F2F Body Swap)

Priscilla Marcus is a young assistant who wants a change in her career. Her boss, Katherine Bell, is a bookkeeper in a wheelchair who also wants a change. Unfortunately, she and her stud husband have their eyes set on Priscilla. Using a mixture of trust, meditation, and magic, Katherine tricks the young girl into switching bodies with her. Now equipped with her beauty and youth, Katherine excitedly sets out to make the swap permanent by any means possible. Upon gaining knowledge of the ritual used to steal her body, Priscilla does everything in her power to reverse the swap. But will the obstacles in her way make her lose her body forever?

Cheating With Her Husband (F2F Body Swap)

Lindsay is a housecleaner and a tenant to a wealthy British couple. She gets paid generously and has no issues with paying for university. But Lindsay has a secret behind her financial stability that she has been hiding from her family. Using a magical stone, she frequently switches bodies with Sammy, a transgender woman. She lets the couple satisfy their sexual desires while they let her have fun with Sammy's body on a temporary basis. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Terrance and Sammy Francis do not plan on a temporary body swap on the night of their anniversary. Sammy wants a permanent body swap, and the couple will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Inside Her Perfect Student (F2F Body Possession)

Amy Williams is an old college teacher who is dying. A past student and ex-lover visits her with a potential way to avoid death. Using mind transferring tiaras, she tricks her teaching assistant into giving up her young and athletic body. Amy takes over Samantha's body and struggles to maintain control. A problem during the transfer causes a wide range of issues. The young girl's strong mind begins to slowly overpower the old woman's mind. Will the young student manage to break free from the dying woman's control, or will she lose her body forever?

Tribal Masks (F2F Body Swap)

Rachel Lee is a young and attractive college student with a broken heart and crippling self-esteem issues. An old teacher with a dark past plans on permanently swapping bodies with her. With assistance from a young man lusting for them both, the old woman prepares the girl in secrecy as her next vessel. A combination of an ancient ritual, deceit, and demonic artifacts provide the parties with the tools and the means to conduct the swap. Can Rachel break free and stop the old woman from completely succeeding, or will the old woman successfully steal her body forever?

Inside My Seductive Mother (F2F Body Swap)

Josephine is a young college girl who hates Adriana, her new stepmother. Her stepmother is an incredibly seductive and manipulative woman. With the help of a witch who also does not like Adriana, she decides to magically possess her stepmother to ruin her life. Josephine does things to ruin Adriana's life forever, but there seems to be more lurking beneath the shadows as a secret affair is discovered. As she ruins her stepmother's life, she soon realizes that there's a lot more at stake than Adriana's marriage. Josephine's body is in the middle of a horrific body theft plot by multiple participants. Can she fight back and return to her body in time before it's too late?

His New Girlfriend


Chad rested his head against the pillow while he watched his girlfriend crawl along the bed. Selina couldn’t believe how perfect and elegant she was in their escort’s body. After hiring Elizabeth to borrow her body, they went through the brothel’s swap machine and immediately got to work in one of the private rooms. They made sweet and passionate love for hours, a feat that Selina hadn’t experienced in so long. Their relationship had been crumbling apart, but after they got a membership at the Swap Brothel, the possibilities were endless. He loved the way she looked and moaned with Elizabeth’s sexy body, and Selina could sense just how turned on he was by the way he violated her borrowed folds.

When the time came to switch back, Selina was eager to sign up for another appointment. But, to her horror, something went horribly wrong as the lab technician initiated the swap. Rather than swap their bodies back, the machine began to beep loudly. Suddenly, a hissing sound came from Elizabeth’s pod as it opened up. The escort was still in Selina’s body. “It’s done,” the female technician said. “But you owe me, okay? It’s going to take forever to alter her mind to replace you. I could lose my job.”

“Thanks so much for this. I’ll repay you. Don’t worry.” Selina remained in Elizabeth’s busty body and tried to move. When she did, a warmth consumed her, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe that Chad was more interested in boning escorts. Selina had an unbelievably slim and flexible body. “She didn’t realize what she had.” While the couple used her own body to make love, Elizabeth became better acquainted to her new body. And everything about it purred with perfection. Her naturally round breasts looked better than her fake tits. She loved how tight she felt. And when she finally convinced her technician friend to help her escape her life of paid sex, Elizabeth knew that life was going to be much better.

It turned out that the only thing Selina and Chad needed was more variety. When Chad brought her back to their overly expensive condo, Elizabeth was also pleased to learn that Chad and Selina came from easy money. They lived off dividend income from their family fortune. Repaying her technician friend was going to be easy.

Chad had just had sex with her old body at the brothel, but when she came into the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, she easily got him turned on again. Some dirty words and foreplay could turn on any man. Selina hated sucking his cock, but when Elizabeth grasped his healthy thickness, she used her years of experience to blow his mind.

Unfortunately for Selina, the Swap Brothel always needed workers to service their clients. It wasn’t going to be easy, but once they reprogrammed Selina, the poor girl would be servicing people for years to come.

“Better her than me,” she smirked proudly.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

My Niece's Boyfriend


“What’s gotten into you, Shannon?” Darren asked.

“Did you not enjoy yourself?” Emilia asked. When the boyfriend shook his head, she laughed. “I picked up a few pointers from my aunt when I went north. It’s a shame I cut my visit to short.”

It was the morning after Emilia swallowed Darren’s cock. They spent the entire night together, lost in their bliss, and it was clear that Darren really enjoyed himself as he came inside of his girlfriend’s mouth. He was still lying in bed while Emilia walked around in her niece’s body.

After permanently possessing the young girl’s body with a possession potion, Shannon desperately tried to fight for control. She was a passenger in her own body, forced to watch her aunt’s every naughty move. Emilia didn’t waste any time returning to the boyfriend’s home nearly two days after Shannon had left to visit her.

The reason for her return? Emilia’s potion was only temporary. But after swallowing Darren’s seed, the magic permanently infused her soul with her niece. Shannon had screamed until the last drop entered her stolen mouth. Now, Emilia could only hear silence as she returned to her new boyfriend’s side. Life was going to be wonderful.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Her Personal Trainer's Body


Kyra leaned forward and blankly stared at Eva’s slim face. She turned her face and observed the curves of her cheekbones and the way her lips curled over the personal trainer’s pretty face.

After agreeing to temporarily trade bodies using Eva’s custom machinery, Kyra was given permission to lounge around the rented condo for the next month while Eva worked out daily in her slightly heavier body. Since Kyra was a software engineer, all of her work was remote, so she could keep working without losing out on any income.

It was extremely awkward at first for Kyra. But after three days, she finally gained the courage to undress herself and have a shower for the first time in days. Her trainer’s slender body felt flexible and elegant as she dried her temporary body and slathered it in shea butter.

Pulling on Eva’s underwear and bra, she looked at herself in the mirror and finally decided to test her new body out. She walked over to the couch and brushed her hand against her throbbing nub. She let out a surprised moan, the sensitivity overwhelming her as her hand made love to her body.

By the time she was done, she was panting. “I need these personalized training schedules more often,” she cooed happily to herself.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

My Husband's Girlfriend: Body Theft (F2F Body Swap)


Available on: AmazonSmashwords

Maggie is a college girl who has been sleeping with a married man for months, and his transgender wife, Tatiana, happily accepts it. On their potentially final night, Joshua introduces the young woman to an extremely kinky sex dungeon with shackles and a mask. She thinks it's all just part of his fantasies until the mask's magic becomes triggered. The couple has been planning on using the cursed mask's magic for years, and Maggie ends up being the only person willing enough to keep their sensual relationship going. Unfortunately, sex and love are the two things required for the mask to work, and those are two things that Maggie and Tatiana both have for Joshua as he triggers the mask's dark magic. Before Maggie knows it, she finds herself slowly losing everything from her thirsty lust and desire for Tatiana's perfect husband.

My Husband's Girlfriend is an erotic short story with a length of 14,000+ words. It has themes of body swap (female to female), age regression, sex change, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Leaving Her Husband


Ellen smirked when the girl’s husband chased after her. Her body felt fit and strong. “And then what? You’ll tell them that I stole her body? Think, Ashton.”

“I don’t understand. Why her? Why us?” He demanded to know. All Ellen could do was gush with joy. The handsome husband loved Rachel, but after hiring Ellen to spice up their love life in a threesome, the young witch knew she had to take advantage of the situation.

Sexual orgasms weakened the defenses of the human soul. Once Ellen and Rachel both came, the young witch used magic to permanently possess her. Ellen’s body remained empty while her own soul absorbed Rachel. All of her memories became hers as she got comfortable.

Her new body was perfect. Rachel had everything. She came from a wealthy family and shared a house with her deadbeat husband. Ashton was handsome but he was just along for the ride, and Ellen wasn’t as stupid as Rachel was.

The body thief dealt with dozens of people like Ashton, and the only solution was the cut them off. Ashton vainly chased after her trying to get her to leave his wife’s body, but once Ellen called the police for help, he knew that he couldn’t prove anything. The escort had stolen his wife’s beautiful body, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Darkening Her Soul


Michelle laughed and stared at the way her new breasts sagged. Bringing them together, she couldn’t help but moan quietly to herself while looking at herself from the side. Everything about her new body felt incredible.

She looked at the corner of the mirror and saw her granddaughter, Kaylee, crying in her shriveled body. Her old body was over a hundred years old, and she was strapped to a wheelchair while she helplessly watched her grandmother flaunt her young body around.

“I’ll admit, I was getting really scared,” Michelle said. “Your mom, your aunts, and your older sister never willingly tried to use my magical spell book to get revenge. Their souls never darkened enough. But, because you decided to use it to get boys like the little slut that you are...” She brought her hands up to her large breasts and lightly squeezed them. “...Your soul darkened just enough for me to whisper my little spell.”

“Grandmother, please,” Kaylee cried. “I can help you get another body. It doesn’t have to be me.”

“Oh, but it does,” the witch cooed. “My body swap spell only works on family members. Now, if you don’t mind, could you please quiet down while I explore the rest of my new body? If you don’t shut up, I’ll do more than just switch bodies with you.”

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Selling His Stepmom's Body - Part 1


Part 2

When Caitlyn’s stepson took him out for some coffee, she realized that they had a lot of catching up to do, especially when she saw his new Lambo parking beside the coffee shop. Richard’s new girlfriend, Kathy, couldn’t come, but he promised that they’d meet. He began talking about how they’d moved to a new apartment when Caitlyn’s head suddenly got all fuzzy.

Before she knew it, a sharp pain shot through her chest and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Seconds passed, and suddenly she felt her hand setting down her cup of coffee. A smile stretched across her lips as her hands reached up to cup her large, natural breasts.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said your mom was a MILF,” her voice teasingly said. “You sure know how to pick them. Kathy was right about you. Where’d you learn how to brew possession potions?”

“It’s just a hobby. We’re still good on payment, right?”

Caitlyn’s head nodded. “My husband’s going to love this piece of meat.” Caitlyn learned the hard way that her son was spiking the drinks of attractive women. With some sort of potion, his clients permanently possessed their bodies in exchange for money.

Unfortunately, her stepson never considered that his victims might still be conscious in their stolen bodies. She screamed for his help, but she never had a chance to see him again. She was just an object for sale, and she soon learned that her body’s new owner was a very sexual person.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Starting a New Family

Laura looked over her shoulder and giggled when she saw her brother’s cock brushing the side of her new ass. Mark planted kisses along her back and buried his face against the side of her neck while she moaned. They were alone in the house together with nobody to stop them. A warmth washed over her as she leaned back to let him cup their stepsister’s breasts.

Their 25-year-old college drop out stepsister, Melanie, knew about their forbidden relationship and supported it completely since they weren’t having children. But Laura wanted to have a family, and the only man she wanted was her brother.

So, Melanie suggested trading lives with the help of a Body Swap Clinic. Laura was hesitant at first, but the thought of having a chance at having a family with her brother finally motivated her to accept. Melanie also wanted to have Laura’s 19-year-old body so she could have a second shot at her academic career, so all of this was perfect.

The naughtiness of having her brother’s cock without any protection made her inner folds drip with anticipation. The moment he began to penetrate her new body from behind was the moment she realized that she’d made the right choice.