Tuesday, August 16, 2022

She's Using My Body


Todd had always felt like he was in the wrong body. One day, he was looking through Craigslist and noticed a Body Enhancement Service being offered at the traveling circus that was in town. Out of pure curiosity, he decided to check it out. If this was the real deal, then he could see if becoming a woman was actually something he wanted. He ran into an incredibly old woman who took him into her tent. He thought it was strange since the circus was still a five minute walk away, but he sat down and asked if he was at the right place. "I can do just that," the old woman responded. "...And more."

Deciding to go ahead with the spell, he felt the magic flow through his body and looked down at his trembling hands. They were changing color and turning into a pale, white color. He looked at his body and noticed that it was changing too. His bum was getting smaller and his legs grew longer. He groaned and began to freak out. He began to cry, but she just patted his head and told him it would all be over soon. And when it was over, he couldn't believe how different he was. He couldn't believe how much happier he felt. Gazing at himself in the mirror in disbelief, he started to cry. Not because he was finally a woman, but because somebody else was doing the crying for him. "I'm alive," his lips said. "Oh my god, I ... this is so strange. I don't look damaged. I don't ... I don't look hurt. I look exactly how I looked before the accident."

The old woman smiled. "Money can buy you anything. I believe your husband's waiting for you - he'll be glad to see you." His transformed body hugged the old woman, and to Todd's horror, he learned that his body had been sacrificed to become the vessel of a woman recently killed in a car accident. He'd be locked away forever, unable to break free from the dark magic while another woman controlled his body.

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