Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Cursed to be a woman

Richard was having a great time at the bar. He was getting hit on by guys left and right and he loved the attention. Personally, he couldn't blame everybody for treating him the way they did. Compared to his old body, Richard was a goddess. He had been an overweight man in his forties, but after getting a sex change from a witch as a punishment, he was completely different. He became lighter and skinnier, and his bald head became overwhelmed by flowing brown hair that felt soft and silky. The last of his weight slid up and gathered around his chest and bum until his body became an hourglass shape.

At first, he was afraid of what had happened. He’d made sexist comments to a bunch of young college girls when he was drunk. An old Russian woman overheard him and decided to teach him a lesson. The witch had cursed him with a female body filled with hormones that he'd never experienced before. He felt unbelievably horny, and the desire to seek pleasure was unrealistically enhanced. "That'll teach you to be more respectable of women," the old woman had said. "Don't worry, this is a temporary spell. You just have to keep to yourself for a full week. But succumbing to your female desires with another man or woman will reset the timer by another week." Before Richard could object, the old witch snapped her fingers and vanished.

Now, after days as a girl, he was on a bar's patio. After all this time, he began to realize just how much better it was to be a girl. People couldn’t help themselves from being young and pretty. Once he realized how wonderful it felt to play with himself too, he decided to keep the spell going. Richard was excited to try extending his time as a girl to hopefully make things permanent. And when a cute meathead named Jake invited him to his place, he was more than eager to accept.

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