Sunday, August 14, 2022

I don't know what she did


Donald was a perfectly average man, until one day he decided to pay for an escort. He was a lonely guy who'd been single for way too long. Now in his late thirties, he needed something to take the stress off, and he wanted to feel some sort of intimacy so badly. So he paid for Tamina, an incredibly pretty college girl with a body to die for. She was expensive, but he felt like the king of the world when he slept with her.

Everything felt so perfect until he woke up the next morning. He was alone in his apartment building as he got out of bed, only to find himself in the body of the beautiful brunette woman he'd just slept with. At first, he was horrified, especially when a note on his desk said "goodbye forever." He had no idea what happened, but he needed to get help. He needed to track this girl down and get his body back. As the days went by, he started to adjust to his female life. He found that he liked the new attention he was getting from the men on the streets. "Maybe this isn't so bad," he thought. "I should probably still go to the police station to report this."

Donald had steadily embraced his new identity as a woman and would've been happy if not for the cuffs that were abruptly slapped onto him at the police station. To his horror, he learned that his real name was Celeste Smith, and she was wanted for multiple counts of murder. Nobody listened to him when he said he wasn't Celeste, but nobody cared. His newfound beauty unfortunately had its limits. Despite his protests, Donald was sentenced to life in prison as Celeste. He would rot there to this day, his mind slowly deteriorating as he wondered what could've happened if he'd just stayed miserable and alone.

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  1. Brrr . . . Celeste was really smooth with this theft and set up.