Saturday, December 31, 2022

Free from the retirement home

"God, I love you," the bearded man whispered.

“I love you too,” Hector moaned as Kelsey's roommate, Xavier, ate him out. "Fuck..." Sex as a woman felt so liberating, and the fact that he felt so free after leaving the old folk's home made things even better. While the young woman threatened staff members and told them that Hector had stolen her body, the old man wasted no time in pretending to be her. She was a talkative woman who loved talking about her personal life, and Hector ended up knowing just enough to pass off as her. It was the perfect crime, especially since everybody thought old Hector was already a little crazy. Dark magic inevitably did that to every mind.

But now, Hector had a young body and a clear mind, and he was loving every bit of it. He made love constantly over the past weekend with the girl's roommate, and the body thief found himself enjoying every second of it. He only needed to have sex once in Kelsey's body in order to make the body swap permanent. Thankfully, Xavier had always had a crush on Kelsey, so Hector didn't have any issues in making the body swap permanent. It also helped that he knew how to fuck, so the experience left the body thief craving for more.

The old man couldn’t believe his luck about all of this. After giving his caregiver a "friendship necklace," the old man used his other magical necklace to initiate the swap when Kelsey least expected it. She loved taking care of Hector, so it wasn't like she was overly suspicious of him. She'd just helped him dress before bedtime when the magic took hold. Their souls were forcefully ripped from their bodies as ghostly orbs of light, forced to circle the room while the necklaces guided them to their new bodies.

Once Kelsey's soul landed inside his 73-year-old body, the young girl immediately fell asleep. But Hector was in her young body, and he did everything in his power to make sure the nurses gave his old body extra sedatives to keep her out of the picture for as long as possible. And once he made the swap permanent, it didn't matter how much Kelsey screamed in her old body. Nobody would ever believe her. And as Xavier moved up his female body and pressed the tip of his cock against his inner folds, Hector found himself wondering what sex with other men would be like.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Tricked by my dog


Bella, now inside of her owner’s body, smirked and crouched beside Klara as she barked at her. “Sit,” the body thief smiled. Klara did as she was told but then started barking again. “Oh, hush, or I might take out the bark collar on you.” Her former owner stopped barking and let out a whining sound while she was picked up and whisked away. 

The dog and her owner had swapped bodies when the body swap remote dropped out of her purse during their walk. Samantha had struggled through their business management class together, so she decided to steal Klara's assignment to make it her own. The teacher didn't know anything about it since the assignment wasn't submitted by Klara on time. Samantha successfully stole the assignment, forcing Klara to redo it for her own submission. She ended up getting late marks because of it, so she decided it was time to take a crack at her own revenge.

Klara's best friend, Mike, loved tinkering with things. And when he suggested using it to take control of Samantha's body, the sky was the limit for revenge plots. He brought the remote to her house and explained all the necessary steps. Klara was going to embarrass the classmate until the remote forced her to become her dog. It wasn't until much later when she made the horrible realization that Bella had been listening into their conversation on how to use the remote.

And now that Bella had her owner's body, she had no use for the remote anymore. The smart and former dog simply locked the remote up to give it back to Mike later on. "Maybe I'll reward him," Bella said upon returning home with Klara. She gave her a wink before placing the bark collar over Klara's neck. "There - now be a good girl and stay here. I have to go get comfortable in my new body."

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 3

Regina couldn't believe how strong her new body felt, and she loved the fact that she wouldn't need to use a hypnotizing or love spell on her potential lovers. With her distant relative’s body, she could attract anyone. "Right there," she screamed in her maid's voice. As Zack plunged her into stolen inner folds on Phoebe’s bed, her nails dug into his back to urge him to go harder. He usually had to be gentler in her old body due to the lack of wetness between her legs. But Phoebe's sexy figure was oozing with desire. She desperately wanted to feel him throbbing inside of her. She wanted him to finish over and over again. This was her body now, and she fully intended on having her sealed so that Phoebe would forever remain bodiless. Her youth had its primal urges, and now that Regina had her body, she could feel the hormones surging through her while they made love.

Regina loved the way her muscles flexed. She loved how toned her arms were and how Zack loved the thickness of her thighs. She let out a loud moan as he hit just right spot inside her. She shuddered from pleasure before reaching up for him. "Yes... yes," she moaned again when his lips met hers. His hands were on either side of her face as their tongues danced together, exploring each other like two hungry animals while she aggressively pushed him back. His cock slid out as an empty achiness emerged. She got on top of him and sank down on his thickness before letting out a passionate moan. She rode him hard while her dainty hands rested against his muscular chest. She could see his eyes glancing up and down her large, bouncing breasts and toned abs. "God, yes," Regina moaned. Her hips moved faster, sending waves of ecstasy coursing throughout their bodies while her lover's hands playfully slapped her tight butt. She reached up to cup her breasts. "You're going to make her cum." She let out a triumphant laugh while she bounced against Zack's cock. "No, you're going to make ME cum!" 

"Regina," he groaned. "Fuck! I’m going to cum too!"

Regina rapidly shook her head while her dark, silky hair bounced with her. "My new name, dear," she moaned. "Say it, or you can't cum inside of me!"

"Phoebe," he moaned, and just as one of his fingers began to nudge at her clit, a shivering orgasm rocked through her body. “Phoebe!” The orgasm was so intense it left her dazed as flashes of Phoebe's memories surged through her mind. It wasn't until after the climax subsided that she realized what the spell had done. Upon sealing her in her new form, she'd absorbed all of Phoebe's thoughts and memories from her physical brain. She collapsed on top of Zack and milked every last drop out of him while Phoebe helplessly watched. "Phoebe..."

"You did wonderfully," she said with a kiss. When Regina looked at the jar, she could see that the young woman's soul was still trying to talk to them. The body thief smiled while her lover's seed gushed out of her. She couldn’t wait to get a chance to meet her new family. All she had to do now was forge her will so she could transfer all her assets. And with all of her old body’s wealth, she had a funny feeling that nobody would notice or care for any personality changes. Life was going to be wonderful.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 2

When 49-year-old Regina Gonzales hired Phoebe Garcia to work as a maid at her mansion, she was ecstatic to learn that the younger woman was so fit and beautiful. Regina had spent decades satisfying her urges and desire for wealth by using her family's spell book to trick men into falling in love with her. Her spell book had incantations and potions that could get her anything she wanted. A lifetime of accruing wealth, cars, and houses had spoiled her, but when she learned that the only potion that would extend her life indefinitely required a host with her own blood, she was distraught. Lovemaking was also a requirement, but she could easily find a man for that.

Descendants were an issue. She spent far too long enjoying her life. Now that she was unable to have children, she had to turn to family members, and she was horrified to learn that she was the youngest of her known family. But when she tracked down descendants from one of her ancestors, she managed to track down a potential host in South America. Convincing Phoebe to move in and work for her was easy, especially since her family desperately needed the money. All Regina had to do was wait for the potion to erode Phoebe's natural defenses against dark magic.

Regina's soul had already blackened from years of abusing magic on men. A simple sip from her green drink immediately made her tummy begin to quiver. More sips made her fall to her knees. Just before her soul left her body, Regina decided to turn the glass jar so Phoebe could watch her body become possessed. The older woman laughed one final time as she felt a black orb slipping through her lips. The orb shot out of her, and her soul aimlessly began flying around the room for the nearest empty vessel. Regina got closer and closer until she felt the young woman's lips sucking her dark soul in. Phoebe screamed helplessly. Her young body shivered until Regina forced her eyes open.

She sat up from the couch and gushed with glee as she looked down at her body. The young woman had been half naked, so she was in her black lingerie still as the older woman ran across to the room to plant a kiss against Zack's lips. HIs hands caressed her six pack abs before squeezing her firm bum. "It worked," Regina told him while she ran her hands down her chiseled tummy. Every inch of her young body felt toned and decided to take a selfie with her old body’s phone. "It's amazing how perfect she is under her maid outfit." The body thief shook her head rapidly and looked at the glass jar with Phoebe's white soul helplessly banging against the glass. "No ... it's amazing how perfect MY body is. I knew she was fit, but she really worked hard on getting these sweet abs." She could feel Zack's thickness bulging against her body while she threw the cell phone aside. She playfully gyrated against him while biting her lower lip. 

Since entering her new body, the love magic should’ve faded. But Zack was definitely into helping her finish her plan as he kissed the side of her neck. His voice became a whisper. "Wait, what about her?"

Regina stared at the jar again and laughed when she saw that the young woman was trying to scream at her. But the white orb of light could only become brighter and dimmer. "Don’t worry about that. She’ll naturally lose her senses the longer she’s in there. As long as the magical sealing jar remains closed, she can't break free.” He kissed her cheek. “And the spell book mentioned that once you impregnate me, it's impossible for her to regain her body back. It permanently changes her on the inside. Her soul would immediately be rejected if she ever escapes from the jar."

Her lover kissed her lips. "Let's get started." 

Friday, December 23, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 1

At the end of her shift, Miss Gonzales offered Phoebe a green drink. "Here, stay hydrated. I'm going to head out of town for a work event - you can clock out for the night. I'll be seeing you later though, okay?"

"Okay," Phoebe had said just before her boss left. She was stupidly tired, so she decided to head to her room to take a nap after a quick workout in Miss Gonzales’ gym. She had an online call with her family, and she wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. But she could still taste the bitterness of Miss Gonzales' drink as she drifted in and out of sleep on her couch. Despite the grossness, she was still thankful for everything the older woman had given her.

When 49-year-old Regina Gonzales hired Phoebe Garcia to work as a maid at her mansion, the young Latina was ecstatic about having an opportunity to work and live in America. Her English wasn't the best, but Miss Gonzales helped her out with all of the necessary travel expenses. The middle-aged woman had a Latina background despite sounding and looking like a naturalized American. Phoebe wasn't sure if one of her dead husbands had the Gonzales last name, but Miss Gonzales definitely spoke perfect Spanish. With the woman's translating and help, Phoebe also had free rent at the massive mansion on top of her $5,000 per month income. 

She desperately needed money to send back to South America, and this was the perfect job for that. But strange things began happening during the 21-year-old's second month of working at Miss Gonzales' home. She would find herself waking up late on weekends after having strange dreams about Miss Gonzales’ wild sexual adventures. 

The older woman frequently had handsome men at her home, and Phoebe had a funny feeling that they were male strippers or prostitutes. She cleaned up after them on a daily basis, so she eventually put the math together but kept her lips shut. It was none of her business, and she didn't want to lose her job. She kept it all to herself until her nap turned into yet another dream about Miss Gonzales’ boy toys.

But instead of the older woman being pleasured, it was Phoebe. An erotic sensation flowed through her when her body jerked awake. A fizzing and cramping sensation bubbled up in her chiseled tummy. She thought she had pulled a muscle until she felt something coming out of her throat. 

She felt like she was gagging as a white glow emerged from her lips. She found herself floating up into the air as a glowing white orb, and to her horror, Miss Gonzales was standing at her doorway with one of her gorgeous young men. The man took a glass jar and immediately caught Phoebe's glowing body while Miss Gonzales sipped from a familiar green drink.

Phoebe could barely understand her employer as she spoke. "Such a good catch," Miss Gonzales said upon kissing his cheek. "It looks like the potion finally loosened her soul - took a while, though. Look at her - her young body's practically trying to pull me in already. I doubt her fertility's going to be an issue either - I’ll be able to start over with you. Be a dear and set her jar on the table - we don't have much longer before her body's defenses are restored."

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Becoming my daughter forever

"She doesn't deserve this body," Vicky whispered while she reached up to her breasts. The red fabric hugged her curves perfectly while she swayed her hips. "I don't even think I looked like this when I was her age."

The thought of what Vicky was about to do made her bite her lower lip, She could hear Richard in the other room getting undressed as she unlocked the bathroom door. Her heart was racing, but the desire overwhelmed her inhibitions. She couldn't help but laugh as she stared into the mirror one final time. Her skin felt soft and smooth, and the sight of her 20-year-old body in her new red lingerie got her excited for tonight. 

After convincing her daughter to use a magical stone to switch bodies for a day, Vicky didn't hesitate to enjoy her youth to the fullest. She went out with Angela's friends and had a chance to really get to know her daughter's newest boyfriend. Richard had been an absolute gentleman, but when Vicky saw just how much better her daughter's life was, she decided to make it her own.

The 62-year-old woman had borrowed the stone from a witch friend who owned a party shop downtown. Evelyn knew that Vicky wanted a chance to live life again, especially after spending decades working as a corporate director. 

The plan worked perfectly, and now Vicky was enjoying her youth, even if it would only last 24 hours. But there was one warning that the older woman had been given. Sex would make the body swap permanent. And with Richard practically wrapped around Vicky's young body, the older woman knew that stealing her daughter's body was going to be a piece of cake.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Accepting my pregnancy

“Are you really going to do this?” Carol asked Danny when he mentioned his test score. “Can you even afford it?”

He wasn’t sure why she was so nosey as they sat at the edge of the pool. He only met her a week ago. The only reason why he was hanging out with her was because she invited him on to a free trip down to Miami to find men to fuck. “I think so,” he answered. “I don’t know. I feel like it’s the right thing to do. Kind of broke though.”

When Danny found out he was pregnant in his new body, he was tempted to go back to the underground body transfer company for a refund. Money was always an issue. He was told that his new 21-year-old body couldn’t get pregnant, and yet here he was two weeks into his pregnancy. The major issue was that he had no idea who the father was – the only thing he’d been focused on was enjoying how he felt.

He was never this wild in his old body. He was middle-aged, overweight, and balding by the time he managed to secure a deposit for his new body. The body transfer company only dealt with female bodies, but Danny was desperate for a change when he was diagnosed with a long list of diseases that he couldn’t pronounce. He needed a way out, and this was the best way to do it. But he didn’t think being a woman would feel this way. After playing with himself for hours, he went out and secured a cute guy on his first night. His old body wasn’t gay, but this body definitely loved the sight of a good, healthy man. Danny didn’t think he’d enjoy it as much as he did, but once he actually felt another cock inside of him, he just knew that he was going to get used to his sexy figure.

Today was going to be no different despite being pregnant now. Danny brushed his fingers through his new body’s blonde ponytail and decided that he wasn’t going to complain. It was his fault for getting himself knocked up, and it wasn’t like he had the funds to pay for the material fee that came with every refund. And when he looked across the pool and saw a small group of guys looking over at him, a naughty smile stretched across his face. “But you know what? I think I could find somebody to help me with the cost.” Danny winked at Carol. “Money’s always an issue, but look at those guys over there. I looked at the parking lot earlier and only saw Lambos. One of them’s rich - I think I can trap one of them. Getting a husband can’t be that hard.”

Carol giggled at that. “You naughty slut…” But despite her words, she was more than eager to help be her wing girl. “Come on, let’s get you introduced.”

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Stealing from a student

 After starting college, Jennifer was loving life. She had a party literally every weekend, and since she was a trust fund kid, she constantly had money to burn. Her dorm neighbors, Mathias and Claire, were always hanging out with her. One day, the three of them were at Claire’s dorm where they decided on watching a movie off Netflix.

Jennifer was in Claire’s kitchen where Mathias poured her a cup of coffee. He slid it over to her as Claire left the room to quickly get the living room ready. “Thank you,” Jennifer said happily while she drank the hot coffee from the glass cup. Suddenly, the room started spinning. Mathias did nothing but watch as the girl started to shiver. "What's happening to me?"

"Lean against the counter. Let the pain wash over you."

"W-What?" She asked through slitted eyes. There was a faint smirk over Mathias's lips. Before she could say anything else, a sharp pain surged through her stomach, and she could see a faint white light sliding out of Mathias's chest. The light engulfed her, and she let out a low moan as a warm feeling slipped through her lips. Suddenly, her pretty face broke into a smile. She could feel her fingers wiggle as she giggled happily, but Jennifer wasn't in control. She could only watch as a passenger in her own body while Mathias's body fell to the floor. Jennifer's body moved slowly around the kitchen – she wanted to scream.

“Babe?” Claire asked. A sense of relief washed over Jennifer while her body turned to look at her neighbor. She expected her to rush over to help Mathias up, but she seemed very nonchalant about everything. She wouldn’t learn until later that Mathias and Claire weren’t actual students at the college. They were body jackers who frequently stole money from wealthier students. Jennifer was just among one of many victims, but because of her natural beauty, there was a chance that she’d never have control ever again.

The evil smile over her neighbor’s lips finalized the fact that the two were working together. Claire excitedly rushed over and hugged her. “The possession potion worked! Come on, let’s head out to the hotel. We can take this bitch’s money after.” 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Absorbing her body - Part 2


When Louise saw Caroline at their old gym, she just knew that she needed her face. Every single asset her body had came from other women over the years. But none of them were as beautiful as Caroline, so when the young woman moved to another gym, Louise was distraught. She'd been trying her best to find the perfect opportunity to use her Absorption Stone to fuse with her body, but she couldn't find it until tonight. And now, her plan was finally coming together. The older woman laughed at Caroline's terrified expression while she tried to cough her hand up. "Don't worry, it'll all be over soon. This is just part of the stone’s magic. Don't worry, you'll enjoy every second of it … mostly. I noticed you admiring my body too. I know, it's perfect, but with your face ... God, I can't wait to have those men looking at me. I was jealous when I saw them looking at you instead of me, but I understood what I was missing. I understand what I need from you."

Louise's entire body had liquified at this point, and a hissing sound from the liquid revealed that the older woman was becoming a bright purple gas. Caroline felt a burning sensation rippling through her entire body as her insides became filled by Louise's gaseous body. The young woman didn't realize it, but every inch of her insides were being rearranged and transformed. Little by little, she felt her skin stretching and expanding. Louise's toned arms and sexy thighs emerged from her skinny body as Caroline let out a silent scream. She called for help when she realized that she was losing control. Louise was moving her arms and legs while her breasts grew and her hips widened. Caroline's young body was transforming, and when her face fearfully stared at the nearby mirror, she couldn't believe how different she looked.

Her face looked exactly the same until a wicked smile stretched over her lips. Louise was in control as she coughed and spat out a familiar glowing stone. She rubbed the damp purple stone in her hands. “Eck … I hate having to do that. But it’s all worth it in the end.” After placing it in Caroline’s nearby gym bag, the older woman brought her soft hands over her breasts and gave them a squeeze. "Oh, wow, I was right. Your face and my body are just perfect." Louise said with a satisfied grin. "I hope you enjoy every moment in our unified body. You won't be able to enjoy it for long, but I hope you have some fun too."

The transformed woman spun around to stare at her bum. "Everything's the same, except for your face, obviously. You look so much better like this. Sarah’s firm butt, Clare’s toned tummy ... Megan’s breasts." She finally released them as she leaned towards the mirror with an evil smirk. "You’ll get to know them soon once you become absorbed into my mind for an eternity. Yeah, I didn't get this body all through just hard work. I've had to absorb multiple girls to get this sexy physique. You almost got away, but I’m so happy that I found you!" She let out an evil laugh. "It's so nice to have my youth back too. It didn't look like it, but I was really starting to feel the pain in my feet. Most men were still obsessed over me, but I knew sex was a bigger chore. Now that I'm actually younger with your face, I'm going to have so much fun when I test my new body with the guys at the Fitness Cave."

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Absorbing her body - Part 1

Part 2

When 25-year-old Caroline started going to the gym for the first time in years, she noticed that people couldn't take their eyes off her. She hated the extra attention whenever she worked out. She blamed her bright red hair bouncing around - she felt like she had a target plastered onto her body. She originally signed up at the gym for their intense cardio program, but she hated the way people looked at her like an object. She promised herself that she'd buy her own exercise equipment someday, but in the meantime, she decided to move to a different gym. Thankfully, when she found an all-girls 24-hour gym, she didn't hesitate to sign up for a full year. 

Two months had passed, and Caroline felt like her progress was going well. It was late at night, and there were fewer than five people at the gym when she started. After about an hour of working out, there were fewer than three. Her muscles were harder, and she felt skinnier. But she couldn't help but notice that something felt off today. It was almost like something cold was crawling up her back. She stared at herself in the mirror when she abruptly noticed an older woman drinking from a pink water bottle. She was an older redhead with muscle and weight in all the right places. Caroline felt horrible for staring, especially when the gorgeous woman spotted her. 

The older woman smiled at Caroline and walked over. Her figure had everything Caroline was trying to work towards. "Hey, long time no see! Sorry, I didn't mean to seem weird looking over at you, but I'm Louise. You might not remember me. I remember you from the Fitness Cave across town. I was one of your partners for the cardio program - fancy seeing you here!"

Caroline's eyes widened. She did seem familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She let out a sigh of relief. "Hi," Caroline said back. "I thought you looked familiar. What're you doing all the way over here?" She felt her cheeks reddening when her eyes felt drawn towards the woman's busty figure.

"I wasn't enjoying all the staring from the other men," Louise said with a knowing smile. "When this place opened up, I knew I just had to sign up. To be honest, I was hoping I'd run into you actually."

"Really? Wow, we're here for the same exact reason." Caroline said.

"Not exactly," Louise said while her finger ran along Caroline's jaw. A weird warmth rushed through the young woman as she stared with a puzzled look. "I wanted to see you for a different reason." The warmth became a cold breeze that rushed down Caroline's back. Before she knew it, she felt like her body was frozen stiff. Her eyes darted around the gym to see who could help her, but that was when she realized that they were the only ones here. She fearfully looked at Louise and saw a glowing purple stone in her hand. "Such a pretty face. I can't wait to make it my own. With my body and your face, I'll be the perfect woman." Just before Caroline could break away, she felt the older woman's hand liquifying and running down her throat as the stone became a blinding glow.