Thursday, August 4, 2022

One Evil Aunt

Makenzy smiled back at her niece’s boyfriend as he struggled to carry their two chairs, a foldable table, and two empty wine glasses. Lee set everything down and swore at himself. “I’ll be right back, Linda. I forgot the wine.”

“Take your time,” Makenzy answered as she watched the handsome man spin around. She stared at the way his fit body moved up the wooden stairway and back inside the house where Linda remained trapped and sedated by pain pills in her disabled body. After stealing her niece’s youthful flesh with magic, she felt so free and happy. Years of being confined to a wheelchair due to her body shutting down was like a slow death, and for once in a long time, Makenzy didn’t have to worry about that.

It would be Linda in her place. Her poor niece had been so trusting, especially when Makenzy begged her to have a chance to be her for a day. “Just for a day,” Makenzy whispered to herself excitedly as she stepped into the cool waves. The spell required consent and willingness for the swap to work, and once it worked, Makenzy promised herself that she wasn’t going to go back. The old aunt had to want to go back to her failing body, and there was no way that she was going to give any of this up.

She especially wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have a real man treat her right. Her last husband had been pathetic, fat excuse of a man who ran off the moment he saw her body starting to shut down ten years ago. Lee was a real gentlemen, and he was incredible in bed. Makenzy couldn’t believe how good sex felt in her new, young body.

She felt the coolness of the water and the salt of the air as her body remained upright. She laughed triumphantly while her strength and stolen youth pushed her further into the water. She confidently swam around as she waited for Lee to come back. 

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