Tuesday, August 9, 2022

My nerdy roommate

Chris was moving across the country, so he decided to take a souvenir or two. After stealing a valuable-looking stone from Edna, his next door neighbor, he accidentally triggered the stone's magic in his bedroom. He had no idea what it would do, and after several seconds, he immediately found himself in full control over his nerdy roommate, Ashley. He had her cute eyes and blonde braids. He couldn't believe how real everything felt as he explored her body and began to try on her clothes for fun. "Holy shit," he whispered with her voice. "I didn't realize how fit this nerd was..." He walked around in her sexy body, feeling and testing her soft curves after stripping down to her underwear. Her breasts were bigger than he realized. “So I took a possession stone? Is that how this works? Is it magic?” He squeezed his roommate’s breasts until a gasp echoed in his mind.

"Oh, you're inside with me? I didn't hear you." He said upon getting bored of being in Ashley's body. "Sorry, I’m not done teasing yo-" Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through him. The world began to spin, and he suddenly found himself back in his body. To his horror, he wasn't in control. Ashley was controlling him. She looked in his bedroom mirror and laughed, seeing how awkward Chris looked. Smirking, she reached for his phone and began sending embarrassing photos himself to everybody on his contacts list.

“This’ll teach you to steal from me,” the possessor said. That was when he realized it wasn’t Ashley - it was Edna. “You thought you could get away with an easy theft, huh? Well, the joke’s on you. You’re stuck until I decide to leave. And I’m not leaving until you lose everything.” Chris was horrified at what Edna was doing. He tried to fight back, but he was powerless to stop Edna from wreaking havoc in his life. His neighbor laughed as she began to take even more embarrassing photos. It wouldn’t be for another five minutes before the two would swap back, and by then it would be too late. Needless to say, Chris wasn’t going to steal anything anytime soon.

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