Tuesday, October 31, 2023

My tenant's sexy body

Stripping down to nothing, Tabitha had never felt so excited when she picked up her future body. Arianna had deflated to a flat piece of rubber, and when she stared into the empty eyeholes, Tabitha's heart began to race. The deflation process only took a few seconds, but she remembered the way Arianna had called out to Tabitha for help with something. The young woman had started to shrink, and she wasn’t sure why.

By the time Tabitha reached her, she’d already become a pile of rubbery skin. Just before the eyeholes vanished, Tabitha had smiled at her. "This is actually going to happen," she whispered to her. “I’m about to become you. You’re about to be replaced.” She stroked her hair while the eye holes became dark and empty. “This perfect body…” The transgender woman had placed a skinsuit transformation pill inside of her tenant's protein shake when she wasn't looking. Tabitha had been Arianna's landlord for nearly five years, and for every painful day, she watched as the young woman wasted her youth and beauty on drugs and men. Sure, she worked out to stay in shape, but she never did anything with her blessed life.

In contrast, Tabitha slaved away for years at her research and development company. She was underpaid and made fun of at work. As a transgender woman, discrimination and hate were all over the place, and HR never protected her. But, when she noticed a prototype medication that could transform criminals into skinsuits, she realized that there were endless possibilities for starting over.

She could become anyone. The pills were originally used on the worst of criminals who had life sentences of more than a few lifetimes. Their skinsuits could be used on people with mobility issues. The beauty of the skinsuit revolution was that previously useless bodies could be used for people who needed them.

So, when Tabitha snuck a pill out of work, she immediately chose Arianna to transform into a skinsuit. She slipped her feet through the hole in the back of Arianna's flattened body and began to pull the skinsuit on.

The rubber was cold and lifeless, but Tabitha knew that once she fully wore the flattened Arianna, the transformation would begin. She pushed Arianna's face over hers and slipped her arms into the sleeves. Her nipples brushed against the cold rubber, and she felt a chill down her spine. Her cock was at its hardest, and when she looked down, she could see that it was barely poking through her toned flesh. Tabitha pulled the zipper up to her neck and smoothed out the wrinkles that she could see.

As Tabitha stared into the mirror, she saw the transformation begin. A wave of heat washed over her, and she let out a moan that sounded like her and Arianna at the same time. "Oh, yes," Tabitha moaned. "It's actually working!" The skinsuit's toes fused with her own, and every part of her felt like it was on fire. Pleasure and excitement rushed through her when the entire skinsuit began to glow.

Her eyes became Arianna's, and her lips curved into Arianna's smile. Tabitha's voice had changed to Arianna's sultry tone, and she felt a warmth in her chest that made her heart beat faster. Her breasts were naturally firm, and the throbbing desire between her cockless legs was making her nipples harden.

"It fucking worked," she whispered when she brought a hand over her damp crotch. The warm sensations were completely foreign to her - she wasn't expecting things to feel so different with her tenant's body. "I'm actually Arianna now. God, no wonder she was constantly sleeping around. This body's on fire. I can't stop thinking about all the guys she's been with!" Tabitha smiled at herself in the mirror and felt a sense of calm wash over her. She had finally found a way to be beautiful, and she couldn't wait to start her new life. "But can Arianna still hear me?" she wondered.

She didn't hear an answer. The real Arianna's mind had either been sealed away or flattened out of existence after the pill transformed her body. With nobody to stop her, Tabitha quickly gathered her things and left her house to make some asset arrangements. Since she was no longer Tabitha, she was going to need to make sure most of her money was accessible. After all, Arianna was broke, but with Tabitha's wealth and control, she knew that she was going to do a much better job at being a responsible young woman. With Arianna's body, she knew that she was unstoppable.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Finally quitting


Jennifer smiled as she stood over Rachael. After using dark magic to astrally project herself inside of her young coworker's body, the 59-year-old woman was able to force Rachael's soul out of her. Without a body to go to, Rachael's soul was forced to slip into the closest empty body. "God, this is just great," Jennifer laughed. "I haven't felt this in shape in years. How's my OLD body, Rachael?"

Rachael watched from the corner of the room as her body was being controlled by Jennifer, her manager. The older woman had grown bitter with her job in the service industry, and she was looking for a change. She couldn't believe that the older woman had been able to use dark magic to take over her body. "This can't be happening," Rachael whispered. "How the fuck did this happen?" Rachael winced when she got up from the ground. Every bone in her body ached. She felt heavy, and her breathing became erratic.

Jennifer laughed. "Thanks for agreeing to stay after hours. This wouldn't have worked if you didn't agree to stick around with me. While you cleaned up the shoes, I spent nearly half an hour on my break preparing the spell. I'm glad you didn't accidentally go into the break room while I did the spell - you could have ruined everything. But now?" Jennifer caressed the side of her slender neck. "Now, I'm fucking gorgeous."

"Give me back my body," Rachael demanded. "You can't just take someone's body like this. What did I even do to you?"

Jennifer smiled. "Oh, honey. I don't think you understand. Maybe after living in my OLD body for another few weeks will open your eyes. My life sucked. Men wouldn't sleep with me. Nobody wanted to even touch me. But with a body like this, I can finally take a second chance at life. And it’s all thanks to that Native American ritual that I found online. It’s amazing what a dead person’s ashes and a few herbs can do. Now, I'm going to keep this body, and you're going to stay here. Like this. Forever."

Rachael trembled. "No, you can't do that. You can't just keep me here forever." She started to cry. "I'm sorry you feel like that, but you can't just take over my body. You can't do this. It's wrong."

She felt the power of Rachael's body pulsing through her veins and bit her lower lip when she realized that she was getting horny. "Wow … I haven't been this turned on in ages. You have a boyfriend, right?” Rachael nodded with a sad look. Jennifer laughed as she pulled out the young woman's cell phone. Her eyes lit up after her fingerprint unlocked the phone. What she found made her even wetter. "Well, that's just too perfect. He's a good looking guy too! Gosh, he works out too. I can't wait to give him a try." Jennifer gave the trapped body swap victim a wink. "Better not be too loud about this, by the way. Nobody would believe you, but you also have a few more decades left in my old body. Don't let yourself look like a crazy girl. Your pension isn’t going to be enough to support you, so you’re going to have to find a way to keep working for the rest of your life."

Rachael began to cry. "Please…"

Jennifer smirked and walked away. "By the way, you're not done working. You have another thirty minutes. I'm leaving this place … forever. Be sure to do a good job, JENNIFER!" The older woman slammed the door behind her as she left the bowling alley. Rachael's heart sank as she realized that she was going to be stuck in her old body for the rest of her life. 

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Punishing my nightmare student

Cecilia ran her hands through her soft, red hair and looked down at her pink slippers. She felt so light and free after forcing her mind into her student's body. Before Stephanie gave her attitude, the older woman had warned her never to speak up in her class again. She was trying to enjoy her final year of teaching philosophy at the university, but the young woman had been a thorn in her side. She constantly spoke up in class, and she had a wealthy father who consistently complained to the dean about Cecilia's teaching style.

While the 65-year-old woman wouldn't have cared under most circumstances, she felt especially hurt when Stephanie decided to use deepfake technology to make Cecilia do embarrassing things. It was obvious that the videos were fake, but the fact that a 19-year-old student was willing to drag her flawless reputation through the mud made the teacher want to teach the girl a lesson. She posted random videos everywhere, and while nobody knew who the original poster was, Cecilia could tell that it was her when she saw very familiar insults.

Stephanie loved to call Cecilia a waddling cow, or a cross-eyed granny. Every one of those comments in the description of provocative videos hurt, so the philosophy professor searched for ways to get back at the young woman. The school's faculty weren't helping her, and Cecilia felt like her mental health was suffering until she found the address to a local witch offering her services.

What Cecilia wasn't expecting was the witch's suggestion. Kyra was an 80-year-old witch with a small shop full of odd trinkets. She pretended that her magic shop was a souvenir store, but that was just to keep her magical secrets hidden away. With Cecilia wanting a chance to get revenge on Stephanie, the old witch suggested using an astral projection necklace to launch her mind into her intended target. Cecilia sat across from the old witch, and upon wearing the necklace, she visualized Stephanie and activated the necklace's dark magic.

Suddenly, she found herself flying through the air, eventually slipping into a massive mansion and falling into Stephanie while she sat in her living room. Cecilia was panting, her new fingers digging deeply into the girl's sheets while she stared up at the ceiling. That was when she began to run her hands through the girl's red hair. She walked around and felt the air rushing up against her soft face. Cecilia had been a heavy smoker in her old body, and having Stephanie's smooth voice and breathing felt so wonderful. “Her breasts are so big...”

While the professor would've preferred to do more to embarrass Stephanie's personality, she felt like exploring her new, sexy frame. The older woman could do anything she wanted. She could have sent embarrassing photos and text messages to the girl's friends, or she could have even ruined the girl's academic reputation by purposely plagiarizing her upcoming paper. But the more Cecilia explored the rich girl's life, the more she wanted to stay this way. She didn't want to go back to her old body - she wanted to replace Stephanie forever.

And thankfully, the old witch was more than willing to let that happen. Cecilia would go on permanently possessing Stephanie's young body, replacing her with a significantly better personality. However, there was much more to the possession that Cecilia would never know. The necklace wasn't an astral projection necklace that let people possess their intended targets. When Cecilia slipped into Stephanie's body, Stephanie found herself trapped in the older teacher's body. But Kyra wasn't going to let her live on as the older woman. Instead, the witch absorbed Stephanie's soul and new body, permanently absorbing her essence in order to rejuvenate her wrinkled skin. Magic always had a price, and Kyra had been wanting a soul to devour for quite some time.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 4

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Part 4

Fred was on all fours on Charles' bed. He moaned in Chloe's voice the moment he felt the stranger's cock stretching his insides. He felt the cock sliding into his tight ass with his powerful hands holding onto his slender waist. Eventually, his fingers dug into his wide hips when his cock abruptly slipped out, only for it to slide into his wet, ravaged cunt. He was using both holes, and Fred was loving every bit of it.

He was amazed at how wonderful it felt to be fucked as a woman. His abs looked amazing after being maneuvered so much, and the damp linings of his muscular physique made him feel so strong. He used to feel so pathetic with his old body, and now he was the perfect athlete. The awesome thing about his sexy body was that he had multiple holes to work with, and the excitement of being submissive made him shred the last of his masculinity. His lips quivered and gasped while his tits jiggled beneath him. Eventually, Charles reached out and wrapped his fingers around Fred's neck while he bucked his hips and grunted.

"Say it," Fred moaned. "Oh fuck, yes, say it."

"You're better than my wife," Charles grunted.

"God, yes," the feminized man cried. "Fuck me in both holes. USE ME! I'm yours, baby. I belong to you." It was an experience beyond anything he could ever imagine. Being used in his stepdaughter's skin felt like the best punishment, especially with Charles dominating him from behind. And the fact that it was happening so quickly gave him a rush. It seemed so mean and naughty to be using his wife as a way to make this even kinkier, but the more they talked like this, the more passionate the sex became.

Suddenly, Charles pulled out and spun Fred around. Fred fell onto the bed, and the handsome man from the pool stared back at him. "Get on your stomach and suck me off. We're not done. I want you to suck your ass and pussy filth off my cock."

He didn't need to ask him twice. Fred giggled like a fool, crawled over, and proceeded to suck every inch of Charles' massive, throbbing cock. He wasn't just interested in foreplay, though - he had plans to use his stepdaughter's tongue as a gag and lick his cock with her head while trying to push every single inch of it down her throat. Fred moaned against the man's rod and saw his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Charles managed to roughly push Fred's face away from his cock before he came too soon. When both men watched a small bubble of white seep through, Fred let out a playful giggle. "That was close, wasn't it?"

Charles was panting. His muscular frame glimmered beautifully in the room's lighting while he playfully slapped Fred's bum. "Roll over on to your back, slut," he said. "I'm going to finish inside of you."

Fred glanced back at the throbbing length and obediently nodded. "Yes, sir," he said while he rolled onto his back. The man immediately grabbed his waist and pulled him closer. Fred let out a surprised giggle and watched the length vanish between his legs. A rush of heat and pleasure pushed through him as his dainty fingers pinched the sides of the mattress. "Oh, fuck, yes. Use me, Charlie. I want you to fucking use me."

"I'm going to cum..."

"I need it inside of me," Fred cried. "Please, fill me up..." It only took three more thrusts before Charles groaned. A wave of warmth filled his insides, and he felt the skinsuit finally merging with him completely. His new body was his own now as the stranger pulled out of him. A gush of his seed slipped out of Fred's vagina and into his gaping ass. The skinsuit tightened somewhat before he could feel his skin becoming tingly. "Holy fuck..."

The room became filled with their light panting while the sensations overwhelmed Fred. Second by second, he could feel the skinsuit permanently fusing beneath his skin – he was officially the new Chloe. Charles' strong arms wrapped around Fred's waist while the two embraced each other beneath the filthy sheets. He felt dirty, violated, and wonderfully sore while he felt the other man’s fingers caressing his perfectly toned tummy. Everything around him faded into a dreamless blur while Charles whispered his love to him. That was when Fred knew that he had this man tied around his finger. Money was never going to be an issue ever again.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 3


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The pool room’s restaurant was dimly lit. There was classical music playing in the background while the two men devoured their food. The two had stopped by Charles' room to dry off before heading straight back down to get some food. They were still in their swimsuits, but neither of them cared. They were surrounded by well-dressed waiters and stuck out like sore thumbs, but the only thing Fred wanted to do was keep checking Charles out.

He couldn't believe how fit he was in person. He would have kept staring if Charles hadn't broken the silence. "How's the food?" Charles asked. "You seem a bit distracted."

"No, I'm okay. Just a bit thirsty." Fred swallowed hard as he licked the back of his lips. Truthfully, he was feeling hotter than usual. He knew that being a woman would come with new sensations, and yet he wasn't expecting to be so turned on at just staring at Charles. 

The way his pectoral muscles glistened earlier with water made him want to scream. Fred bit his lower lip and poked at the remains of his salmon before feeling the warmth intensifying.

He could feel Charles' leg touching his. Fred didn't mind - the touch was sensual, and while he couldn't help but fantasize, he wanted the fantasy to become reality. 

It might have been too soon, but he remembered his purpose for stealing his stepdaughter's body and leaned forward. He could see Charles' eyes briefly glancing at his cleavage before darting away. 

"It's okay," Fred playfully said. "You can stare."

"You sure?"

"I want you to stare," Fred said. "Not many guys have been able to gain the courage to talk to me. You're the first. My first."

Charles blinked. "You know," he said before reaching for a napkin. "I thought I wasn't ready to date again, but there was something in your eyes earlier that made me change my mind." He leaned forward. "Maybe this is just for a few hours. Maybe we can enjoy each other for now."

Fred swallowed hard. He glanced at Charles' thick fingers and realized that he had a golden ring on it. His heart literally dropped. But he knew there was something special between the two of them. The two hadn't paid attention to anyone else around them, and their eyes were glued to each other like magnets. "You're married?"

"I was," he said in a low voice. "She passed away a while ago." Fred's eyes were starting to tear up, but he immediately snapped out of it when Charles laughed. "It's fine. I'm over it - but now that I'm speaking to you?" He reached out a held Fred's hand with a gentle squeeze. "I feel comfortable. I actually feel comfortable talking to you..."

Fred smiled and thought about it some more. Obviously, a death in any family was a major deal. While he still wanted to get laid, he figured that he owed it to Charles to talk about it. The man visibly looked like he needed somebody to talk to. "Dinner's basically over - why don't we go up to your room? I'd love to know more about your wife." Charles studied his eyes for what felt like an eternity before paying and leading the way.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 2


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Picking out a swimsuit was harder than transforming her body into a skinsuit, but Fred managed to find the perfect set. After seeing a bunch of comments and getting endless messages, he knew that he was going to be a really popular girl. And as he stepped out into the resort hallway and felt a million eyes on him, he knew that the next few weeks would be incredible. Of course, one of the biggest reasons behind becoming Chloe wasn't just to become a beautiful individual. He had plans that would determine his future as Chloe Stone. Sure, he had a lot of insecurities about his age and appearance, but there was a lot more to becoming Chloe than one would have realized.

Fred had been a gay man for his entire life. He was never open about it, and it wasn't like he had a shortage of girlfriends, but he never felt comfortable with his sexuality. The other issue was that Fred had suffered from a gambling addiction. It was so bad that he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it wouldn't be long before his wife would eventually discover his fuck ups. That was when he ran into a criminal who specialized in identity theft. For a small sum of $50,000, he could supply Fred with a serum that could transform anybody into a temporary skinsuit. For an additional $50,000, he could learn how to make a permanent skinsuit, and so that was when Fred took the biggest gamble of his life. He eventually learned that insemination would permanently fuse his body with the skinsuit.

And now that he was Chloe, he could have any guy he wanted. Insemination wouldn't be difficult. The resort was filled with unbelievably rich men, and when he did research on the men who messaged him, he was excited to learn that nobody made less than seven figures per year. He just had to find the cutest one - he didn't want to settle with a guy close to dying. He wanted a partner - he wanted a man to make him feel wanted. 

He stepped into the indoor pool and sniffed at the smell of chlorine. A subtle smile stretched over his lips while he walked barefoot across the side of the pool. The eyes were still on him, and when he saw men with their wives or girlfriends checking him out, he gave them a playful wink. Some wives noticed and slapped their husbands, while others awkwardly looked away out of embarrassment. There was power in being a gorgeous woman, and having an athletic body like Chloe's made it hard to not notice him.

Every step he took made his thigh muscles twitch beautifully. The more he moved, the more feminine he became. Soon, his hips were naturally moving side to side while the firmness of his ass pulled stares like a magnet. He stopped at the very end of the pool where it was at its deepest and jumped in. The water splashed around him while his hair draped around his shoulders. When he surfaced, he pushed his hair back and laughed playfully while he moved his arms and legs. Seeing his reflection in the water made him realize just how sexy and perfect he was, and the fact that he wasn't out of breath made things feel even better.

He swam a few laps around the pool before he pulled himself out of the water. As Fred rested at the edge of the pool, a young, muscular gentleman with dark brown skin holding an eggbeater margarita strolled up. The man was tall and lean, with a perfect smile, a chiseled jaw, and short hair that was black and wavy. Fred turned around in surprise, and he tried to hold back the urge to lick his lips. He recognized the man's face on one of the online accounts - he was a manager at an oil company down south. "Wow," he accidentally murmured. "I'm Fre- ... Chloe. How are you?"

"I'm good, Chloe," he replied. "I couldn't help but notice you were alone. Mind if I join you?"

"Be my guest." Fred had done his best to make sure his voice sounded softer and higher pitched, which wasn't too difficult with Chloe's voice. He gulped - he knew what he did, but he couldn't remember his name. "What about you? What's your name?"

The man nodded before setting his drink on a nearby table. "Charles." He bent his legs and sat next to Fred, and he could see that the man's eyes were glued to his breasts when he playfully squeezed them together with his arms. He could smell the cologne that the stranger was wearing, and the sweetness made him want to run his fingers through his hair. "I'm surprised a girl like you is alone. This place is filled with guys and older women. Are you with anybody else?"

Fred shook his head. "I'm alone - I also don't really want to swim," Fred admitted. "I just wanted to try out my new swimsuit. I'm thinking about drying off and getting a bite to eat for dinner."

"I have a few towels in my room," he said with a wink. "We can stop by there and get a seat at the restaurant downstairs." Fred paused to think for a moment. A naughty smile crept over his lips as he agreed.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Skinsuit resort - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Leading up until now, today had felt so perfect. The blankets were freshly cleaned, and the smell of lemons was in the air after the cleaning staff serviced the room. Chloe felt at peace when she suddenly felt a tight pinch at the back of her neck just before she got up from her bed. She had been taking a nap just before her quick trip to the gym when she heard something rustling behind her. She thought everything was fine until the tight pinch made her feel queasy. She wondered if it was a pulled muscle, but when she saw a shadow at the corner of her eye, she realized that somebody else was inside the room her rich stepdad had booked for her as a reward for getting record grades at college.

She wasn't expecting her vacation to lead to this, though. Fear gripped her as she opened her mouth to yell for help. She knew that her room was located near the resort lobby, but when she tried to speak, the sound of air rushed out of her lips. Before she knew it, she could feel her entire body twitching before she realized that her muscles were shrinking. She looked down as her breasts flattened, and just before the world began to go dark, she realized who the shadowy figure was. "Dad?" her lips barely murmured before she felt the last of her air leave her body.

Her stepdad, Fred, was a large, bald man with a pug-like face and crystal blue eyes. He stared down at her with a look of sadness while his grubby hands caressed a freshly emptied needle. He put it away and sighed. "I'm sorry that I had to do this to you," he told Chloe. "There's no going back now. A reversal serum was never made. But when that criminal sold it to me, I didn't care. This is a one way trip - I gave him almost everything in your mom's account." He placed the needle inside a box and placed it beneath the bed. He ran a hand along her flattened body, and she realized that she could still feel the warmth of his skin. "But your mom's never going to find out - I promise. This is going to be our little secret."

Fred slipped Chloe's skin over his shoulders, and he felt the rush of heat flood his veins. He knew that the inside of the skinsuit would react to his flesh, but he wasn't expecting the transformation process to start the moment he put her on. Out of shock, he pulled it away before deciding to start with his legs. He was afraid that he'd take too long to pull her on, so he did his best to do it as quickly as possible. "Ahhhh!" He groaned as he felt his body begin to melt against Chloe's. 

His toes slipped into hers, and once the skinsuit was up to his waist, he could feel his bulging thickness trying to break through the skin. The sensation felt foreign - the feeling of wetness and desire emanated through his body when he managed to pull the skinsuit over his belly. He looked down, and the faint outline of his lower body could be seen poking through her abs.

"Oh god," he murmured. The squeezing sensation around his legs was unbearable, especially as his body attached itself to the skinsuit's insides. He knew that her deflated muscles were reacting to his skin, and when he felt his toes starting to shrink inside of the skinsuit, he knew that the transformation process was truly beginning. After struggling to adjust himself into the skinsuit, he finally managed to pull Chloe on completely. He moaned the moment the head portion of the skinsuit went over his head. His stepdaughter's flesh pulled down on his head, and he was afraid the skinsuit was going to snap apart while it struggled to squeeze down on him. But once the hole in the back of the skinsuit merged together, he felt his entire body start to shrink. He let out a high-pitched wail, and for a moment, he thought the skinsuit was about to finally force itself off of him.

But after he took in a deep breath and looked into a nearby mirror, he saw that the skinsuit was glowing. Chloe's breasts emerged, and his body began to look natural. His hair became her hair, and the brunette staring back at her was Chloe's face. The stretchiness of her body felt so smooth that he couldn't even tell where he ended and Chloe began anymore. He stood up from the bed and giggled when he saw that he was actually his stepdaughter. Looking at himself from the side, he admired the firmness of his tits and the way his legs looked when he waltzed around. He ran a finger along the ridges of his new abs, and when he looked at himself from over his shoulder, he could see his beautifully toned bum and thighs. Everything felt so real, and despite being one foot shorter now, he felt confident and excited to flirt with the men at the resort.  That's when he remembered that he wasn't done - one of the downsides to the serum was that it only made a person into a temporary skinsuit. They would inflate back to normal with enough time, but if he could get another man to cum inside of him, he could make the skinsuit become a permanent fixture against his skin. Taking pictures of himself, he decided that it was time to make things permanent.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Taking his powers

When Aaron first started practicing magic, he wasn't expecting to learn an insane amount. There were a few things he wanted to be able to do. He wanted to be able to create food from scratch, and he only focused on spells that could help him take care of himself. After getting kicked out of his home, money was always an issue. He struggled to hold a steady job, so when he accidentally learned that he had magical abilities, he started Googling places that could open up his full potential.

That was when he discovered the Hidden Magical Academy at his local gym. It was a basement where people could learn the basics for free, and when his teacher, Anna, gave him his first spell book, he immediately fell in love with magic. He learned many of the basics over the course of two months, and by the time he was ready for more advanced spells, he had already amassed a collection of three other spell books for his own personal learning.

Aaron knew that there were repercussions for using the spell book to alter his body. He wasn't delving into temporary transformations anymore - he was dealing with permanent alterations, and there were no signs of slowing down. When his first alterations changed parts of his face, he realized that he preferred a more feminine look. He'd been uncomfortable in his body for years, and he didn't realize why until he saw how he looked in the mirror.

Sure, he looked a little awkward with his bulky arms and broad chest. But as he stared into his feminized face, he realized that he needed to change himself even more. He chanted the incantation in the spell book and felt something crawling in his chest. His nipples hardened and grew outwards, and two firm breasts emerged from beneath his shirt as he let out a moan. Every incantation he chanted made him love his altered body even more.

But the spell book's transformation incantation gave him a warning. He could only alter one section of his body at a time, and utilizing the spell too much could permanently alter his mind. Yet when she stared at himself from the side and admired how his face complemented his breasts, he knew he had to take the risk.

When Aaron first started experimenting with his feminine voice, he was nervous. He didn't think about using magic to do it at first. It sounded very unnatural, and the first time he'd opened his mouth and spoken in a high-pitched tone, he blushed and clapped a hand over his lips. It sounded way too high pitched, and his throat was becoming strained. He didn't sound the way he wanted, so he used a spell to make his voice sound like his sister, Tamara.

For hours, Aaron stared at his spell book, plotting his next move. Despite sounding the way he wanted, the annoying boner between his legs made him want to keep going. Yet the more he stared at the spell book, the more he realized that he was having a harder time concentrating. He was starting to somewhat lose his mind, yet he knew he couldn't be done yet. "I'm not completely finished," he said in his new voice. "One more. Just one more."

He knew what he had to do next, and he couldn't contain his excitement as he practiced the words in his head. As he practiced, he grew hot in the face and aroused in his pants. The heat made him tremble as he fell on all fours. He looked down between his legs and saw the outline of his cock shrinking, little by little, until a damp camel toe emerged. 

But that was the last time he could speak one of the incantations. The only thing on his mind was playing with his new body, and once his hands slipped inside his pants, the wonderful wetness from his new vagina made him love how different he was now. He loved how turned on he was, and his delightful moans made him keep pushing himself over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm, he felt the last of his masculinity slipping away. It wasn't long before his mind was permanently bimbofied. Unable to read the spell book's incantations, the only thing he could think about was cock and being bred.

Of course, that had been Anna’s original plan. The magic teacher took back the spell books upon learning of Aaron’s fate. Smirking, she would absorb the magic that had been siphoned into the books for her own magical prowess. Allowing other magic users to use her spell books gave her a chance to absorb their powers, ultimately extending her life and beauty until her next victim came around.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

A better partner

When Chester and Leanne started going to counseling together, he thought their relationship was going to fall apart. They had dated for nearly ten years before she said yes to his proposal, but issues in their relationship started to show up. She seemed angrier and lashed out at him for no reason. The anger and frustration eventually made him angrier.

Sadly, their first few therapists made things even worse. But, when Leanne was given a recommendation for a one-on-one therapist on the edge of town, Chester had a funny feeling that things were going to change. He looked at Dr. Viktor's Google reviews and discovered that he had a very high count of positive reviews. There were zero negative reviews over the past ten years, so he simply waited and prayed that things would get better.

But he wasn't expecting his girlfriend to seem so happy after the first therapy session. After two to three more sessions with Dr. Viktor, he was pleased to notice that she was happier and calmer. The two could go on walks without having an argument, and the tension was practically nonexistent. He felt like she was being listened to and understood, and that was all she really needed. He used his own calming techniques from the other therapists to improve his own mental health, like breathing and meditating, and the two ended up becoming closer than ever.

After their first therapy sessions together, Chester never believed in therapy before. But now, he wished he made Leanne see Dr. Viktor sooner. It turned their relationship around completely, and he was confident that they were going to make it through the marriage ceremony together. Unfortunately, there was a darker secret hidden beneath Leanne's gorgeous, happy eyes that Chester would never discover.

Dr. Viktor was a renowned therapist, but his methods in curing relationship problems were completely unorthodox and borderline unethical. Rather than help talk a person through their personal issues, he thought of a more effective method. By using a stolen body swap body in his basement, he extracted the minds of his patients and implanted new souls into their bodies. The real Leanne was floating around a server in the basement, while a 42-year-old trans escort named "Jackie" had decided to take her place.

Jackie had a life of regret. After selling her body for years on the streets and becoming addicted to drugs, she never found a way to fully recover. She needed a way out. And when Dr. Viktor offered her the opportunity of a lifetime, she eagerly jumped on it. All she had to do was siphon bits and pieces of Chester's savings over the course of her marriage with him. It would serve as payment to the doctor. 

The fact that Jackie could have such a naturally beautiful body to herself made the deal even sweeter, especially since she happened to be much nicer than the original Leanne. She could see the victim's memories, and she easily saw her problem. Leanne was a psychopath who loved taking advantage of people. Whenever she didn't get her way, she would erupt in pure anger. Now that Jackie had her body, she loved the way her new body felt, and she enjoyed the growing love she felt for her new soon-to-be husband. The places they explored and the intimacy they shared were things Jackie could have never experienced in her old body. And the best part about it all was that Chester clearly preferred the newly improved Leanne. The old version of Leanne was way too bitchy, and she never deserved her body.

Jackie was a much better Leanne, and everybody in her life would inevitably notice and agree.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

A very convenient vessel

As a senior witch, Gloria had needed a new body to inhabit after she realized that her flesh was decaying earlier than anticipated. She was lucky to find Joanna at the perfect moment upon moving to her new apartment complex. Gloria's previous neighbors had been suspicious of her strange and dark behaviors. Since witchcraft was an illegal subject in the majority of societies, Gloria decided to run away to avoid further suspicions.

The problem was that her 62-year-old body wasn't holding up as well as she would have hoped. She knew that the reason for this was because Ingrid, the previous owner of her body, had placed a revenge hex on herself since she knew her body was about to be stolen. Gloria did her best to use her own magic to extend her body's lifespan, but she knew that an early body hop would be needed in order for her to survive.

Gloria's true soul was nearly five hundred years old, and she didn't plan on ending things yet. She wanted to keep living, especially since she had so much fun seducing and enjoying every delightful vice that humanity had to offer. To be alive and vibrant was exciting, and her favorite activity was having sex. After all, it was one of the few things that empowered her witchcraft. Certain potions could only be brewed through sinful lust too, so that was always something she wanted to stay on top of. And despite being 62-years-old, the endless orgies had helped stave off old age just long enough for her to find a new vessel. 

And as soon as she saw Joanna, she knew she had found the perfect body. She was a healthy blonde who looked to be in her early twenties, and Gloria knew that she had found the perfect victim when she sensed the girl's untapped potential as a witch. One of the issues with permanent body hopping was that she always had to make sure that her new body had the potential to use magic. If she couldn't find a body that could use magic, then the body she would permanently possess wouldn't be able to extend her life. She would never be able to jump to another body once her new body began to rot.

She giggled as she twirled her new blonde hair and felt the excitement running through her young body. Her heart was racing, and her legs fidgeted with anticipation. After using a spell to place her mind inside of Joanna’s, absorbing her mind was easy. While she didn’t get her full memories, Gloria had enough bits and pieces to really pull off Joanna’s identity. The young woman had an almost perfectly clean slate. She could make as many adjustments as needed, and since she didn’t have very many friends, most people wouldn’t be able to judge her if she ever messed up.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound filled the room. Then, beeping sounds from Joanna's phone echoed, which indicated that Jack was coming in less than twenty minutes. The thought of really getting to use her new body was all too exciting as she smiled. He would be the first man to please her, and she was going to use every drop of his seed to embolden her spiritual soul tethers that bound her to her new flesh. While Joanna had magical potential, it would be a while before she could use it to the fullest of its potential. Thankfully, with a body like this, she had all the time in the world to do so.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Left with nothing

It was a warm summer night, and the streets were alive with music and dancing while the sun was just starting to set. But for Richie, it was a night of reflection and bitterness. He sighed and looked out over the balcony, the cool air caressing his face and the soft swell of his pregnant belly underneath his flowing dress. Richie hated his life and everything about it. Sure, being a girl had its ups and downs, but he was dreading the thought of having to be a single mother.

It was on this very balcony when it happened. He didn't think much of it at the time. He was a rich executive who had rented out an Airbnb unit for a fun night with a gorgeous girl from an escort agency. One drunken night of passion and seduction was all it took. He and the mysterious brunette bombshell, Emily, had danced the night away before escaping to his Airbnb to end their night with some sex.

She showed a clean medical examination and agreed to unprotected intercourse, but what Richie didn't know was that she had some sort of magical ability that could swap their minds. He wasn't sure if it was actually magic or if it was a machine, but after he came inside of her, he found himself trapped in the woman.

Emily had smiled down at him before leaving with his entire identity. He tried to find her, but it was impossible to track down a woman who had enough money to keep him as far away as possible. He realized now that she had been hired by somebody to steal everything from him, because when he did a deep dive into his personal finances with the help of his saved passwords, he realized that everything had been transferred out of his accounts. His house was sold, and the proceeds had gone elsewhere. All that was left behind was the memory of their passionate lovemaking and the swollen belly growing within Richie.

It was humiliating for him to be in this state, but there was nothing he could do. He just hoped that the baby growing inside of him was his own. Emily had stolen everything from him, and all he potentially had left was his unborn child. Thankfully, the Airbnb owner was more than happy to let him stay at the unit, especially when Richie offered some "sexual favors." And as he looked down at his swollen belly, he stroked it lovingly. He was a poor soul trapped inside of a beautiful and curvaceous woman, and with a new life that had zero backstory, he at least had a clean slate to work with.

He knew it was wrong, but his situation was desperate. He couldn't live off handouts forever. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he had learned to embrace his femininity and use it to his advantage. With a fake ID and a flawless cover story, it wasn't hard to land some sugar daddies who wanted a pregnant girl to fawn over and care for. In fact, he could hear his phone vibrating in the bedroom.

Stepping inside, Richie figured if he couldn't sell his own personal assets, he might as well sell the best ones he had left: his body and mind. He could see all sorts of people wanting a taste of him, so he began slipping men into the right time slots so he could do them all in one night. After all, he was going to need all the money he could get.

Friday, October 6, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 5


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Part 5

“I’m such a dirty slut,” Patrick whimpered while his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Who else agrees with me?” When the wireless toy between his legs twitched violently, he knew he had his answer. “Ohhh, good, yes. Make me shake like that … o-oh…”

One of his viewers had just given him a $50 tip to make the toy vibrate. One tip after another sent his mind into a frenzy. Patrick moaned as he stretched along his bed in his new apartment. He had moved across the country to start over, and after getting enough money for his posh home, he was loving his new life. His hands gently squeezed his breasts until he saw a message on the screen. “Play with yourself,” a viewer had said. Smiling, he began circling his dainty clit while he looked at the nearby webcam. When he felt the toy vibrating again between his legs, he gave the webcam a wink. 

There were over two thousand people watching him pleasure himself, and the more he brought himself to orgasm, the more he actively enjoyed being a woman. It made him wonder what else he could do once he found another set of attributes to take. Upon getting bored with his current figure, he figured swapping attributes might end up making things even more fun for him.

The possibilities were endless. He could be a heavier woman, or maybe even a skinnier Asian girl. The thought of gaining more attributes at random made using his magical bracelet a much more exciting experience. Biting his lower lip, he felt the pressure beginning to build up inside of his dripping slit. His palm circled his clit, while a single finger tunneled through his moist folds. He felt the toy vibrating even harder now while he helped push it deeper inside with his finger. Before he knew it, he felt his lower half starting to tremble. He arched his back, and after a final vibration, his body tightened, and he let out a long moan.

Moisture seeped through his fingertips before finally gushing forth. His body shuddered while pure ecstasy ran through his naked body. The bed felt absolutely filthy while he rode his orgasm. He could already tell he was never going to try to take another man's attributes. He didn't want to risk losing what he had. He didn't want to risk getting a cock. Patrick wondered if this meant his subconscious had always been like this - wanting to be the opposite sex. Wanting to be comfortable as a woman, but unable to truly do so until recently. Deep down, he was glad he made the decision to steal Jennifer and Laurie's attributes.

He couldn't have imagined his life being any better. He had everything now - an incredible body, endless earnings, and a customer base who could validate his ego by thirsting for his feminine form. Sure, he had basically altered Jennifer and Laurie’s lives forever, but he could care less. He was far away, and neither of them had any idea that he had stolen their qualities.

And as he looked at the computer, he couldn't help but smile at all the messages he saw scrolling across his screen. Each message from another viewer made his heart flutter, especially since it meant a donation had come in. He was rolling in cash now, and money wasn’t going to be an issue going forward. Their lusty desires and cravings fueled his own desire to steal more attributes, and this was only the beginning. He already had a few DMs from other creators who wanted to collab with him. What they didn't know was that he was actively searching for more bodies to steal from.

This would make for an interesting year of wonderful and lucrative fun.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 4


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Part 5

Jennifer posed in front of the mirror and admired her new breasts. After being trapped in a male body for so long, she managed to save up the money to get enhancements. Her breasts were a lot bigger now as she waved her waist from side to side. She was so focused that she didn’t even see Stuart walking up from behind her. And when she felt His strong arms wrapping around her waist from behind, she immediately saw her cock getting hard.

His hands crept up her tummy and gave her a light squeeze. "I'm allowed to touch them like this now, right?"

"The scars are fully healed," she said while leaning back into him. "Are you ready to go?"

He kissed her cheek and smiled at her reflection. "I'm the waiting for you."

“Sorry, I think I was just hypnotized by my new breasts. Not a fan of the scarring, but it looks good in this shirt, doesn’t it?”

Stuart nodded happily. She quickly gathered her purse and gave herself one final look in the mirror. After adjusting to her new body and finally getting a boyfriend who accepted her for who she was now, she found that her life was getting a lot better. Stuart was a lot more patient and understanding since he didn't judge her for having a dick. He just wanted to love her as she was, so when Jennifer mentioned getting a boob job, he seemed a little hesitant.

But that went away after he finally saw her new tits. It also helped that Jennifer knew how good he was as a partner. He was really gentle with her since she had never experienced a penis before, and he took his time to make her comfortable when they were first together. 

She was embarrassed when they first had sex, but he had a lot of experience. He understood everything they needed. In the past, Jennifer remembered her inner folds moistening and taking whatever inside of her. She never had to worry about lube or anything like that.

With her male body, a lot of adjustments had to happen. She did everything she could to look into what caused her sudden sex change. She heard about a girl in her city whose face had been stolen from her, but nobody ever found a way to help her. The girl had apparently gotten a lot of plastic surgery to look more feminine. To Jennifer though, it wasn't that bad. The girl still had her female body. Jennifer had it way worse - her breasts were gone, her soft skin had become dry and stretched, and her shapely bum was gone. 

Thankfully, none of that bothered Stuart. His patience meant the world to her, especially after she finally accepted that her body would never become her old body again. He helped her understand everything. From her cock’s ejaculation to edging, he helped her understand her private bits And as she walked out to the car, he complimented her breasts again, causing her to blush while they sat in his vehicle. Her life felt ruined all those months ago, but as she glanced at the golden ring around her finger, she realized that her life was only going to get better.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 3


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Part 5

After chanting the blood magic incantation from his printed piece of paper, it only took a few minutes for the pearl bracelet to rematerialize on the spot where Patrick had smeared his blood against the floor. Once it finally arrived, he immediately pulled it over his wrist. Within seconds, his head began to throb. After doing this the first time over a month ago, the sensations he felt never went away. He felt heat radiating from his face while his nose bone cracked, and when he grunted, he felt his throat twisting. The pain only intensified when the magical pearl bracelet tightened around his wrist. 

After using the pearl bracelet on his first target, he knew exactly what to expect. In order to use the dark magic hidden inside of his pearl bracelet, it required another person to willingly wear it. Its wearer’s attributes would become absorbed by the bracelet over the course of several days, and the specific attributes would be the last person whose blood touched its exterior. Upon regaining the bracelet, it would allow him to reabsorb their attributes and exchange them for his own. It was difficult at first, especially since randomly gifting jewelry as a middle-aged stranger turned most people away. Thankfully, he had a front – as a pawn shop dealer, he could find the perfect potential customers to steal from.

That was when he met his first person willing to put money towards his bracelet. Jennifer was a beautiful woman who bought his bracelet nearly two months before. She lived in the same building as him, so it was easy to sneak in to steal the bracelet after a handful of weeks. He was hoping for an attractive male, but when he realized only women would be buying and wearing his bracelet, he decided that becoming a woman probably wasn’t going to be that bad. With OnlyFans becoming a huge hit globally, he realized that selling himself as a woman was the next best way to help him with his money problems. Unfortunately, this meant that Jennifer would have his male body’s physical attributes, but he didn’t care. 

The only other issue was that he wasn’t complete yet. He had a set of nice tits and a gorgeous set of legs, but his face remained unchanged. He still looked like a 54-year-old drunk with dry skin and an awkward grin. And despite all this, he couldn’t find anybody willing to buy the bracelet – he felt like he was stuck in limbo. So, he sold the pearl bracelet to Sam, an old coworker who had worse money problems than he did. Patrick knew that Sam had a girlfriend thanks to social media, and it didn’t take long before Laurie began posting pictures of her wearing the bracelet.

By the time morning rolled around, Patrick had taken it from Laurie's apartment while she was asleep. She was only a few blocks away, and he knew that Sam hid his apartment key beneath his carpet. He also knew that Sam would be working overnight, so Laurie would be fast asleep by the time Patrick would take her face.

Now that the magic was doing its work, Patrick knew that it was time to become complete. His face was glowing, his skin shifting while his groans became higher in pitch. He could feel his features fully morphing now until a loud crack echoed all around him. When the pain finally subsided, leaving him drenched in sweat and breathing heavily, he slowly approached the mirror. A feeling of excitement bubbled within him – it was a feeling so intense that it overshadowed the remnants of the pain. 

His face was no longer his own - it was an exact replica of Laurie’s face. Her cute nose, her beautiful eyes, and her subtle dimples were his now, and he couldn’t help but admire them alongside the rest of his body. He gently set the pearl bracelet in his jewelry box and got excited about taking selfies of himself to show off his new appearance. He was excited to see how much money he could hustle with his current body before deciding on stealing more attributes for himself.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 2


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Part 5

“I love you,” Laurie said into the phone.

“I love you too, babe,” Sam said. “I’ll see you when you wake up, okay? Joseph’s being a jackass about the no cell phone policy, so I won’t be able to text you.”

“I’ll be asleep. I’ll talk to you later…”

Laurie set her phone down beside her new pearl bracelet on the nightstand. It was a fresh gift from her boyfriend Sam, and it was a big deal for her since neither of them could afford things like this. She was genuinely surprised, and she found joy in the way the pearls gleamed under the moonlight while she yawned. 

She leaned back and allowed her bed to envelope her as she looked up at the ceiling. Money was always an issue for them, even with his overnight shifts, so she was a little worried that they were wasting too much money. But Sam insisted, and as she drifted off to sleep, the last thing she remembered was his excited grin.

But the sound of a distant laugh made Laurie jerk. She sat up, only to find herself engulfed by water. She held her breath and looked around – she didn’t know which way was up or down. She chose a direction and tried to swim, but it felt like invisible shackles were pulling her down. 

A black shadow emerged from somewhere in the water, and when it approached, she felt a burning sensation along her jaw and forehead. She let out a horrified scream and watched the bubbles floating in every direction. Before she could pull away, she felt the shadow cover her head.

Her eyes abruptly opened to the sight of sunlight streaming through the nearby window. Laurie's skin was coated in sweat, and an eerie sensation hung in the air. Frowning, she reached up to her cheek to scratch a throbbing itch. A strange, dry texture on her cheeks caught her attention. It felt like a hard, gritty patch of dry skin, creating a tingling sense of curiosity and concern. She got up from the bed and saw that the rest of her body seemed fine. She felt a little filthy from all the sweating, so she made her way out into the hallway to wash her face.

She stepped into the bathroom and turned on the lights with a yawn. What she saw in the mirror made her scream. Her face, reflected back, was that of an old man, while her body remained untouched. She blinked after she finally stopped screaming, but when her face remained unchanged, Laurie let out another scream.

She hurried back to her bedroom with her heart racing. She looked around with confusion. She couldn’t believe what had happened. With trembling hands, she began to search for her phone when she noticed that her pearl bracelet was gone. 

“What’s going on?” Laurie whispered. And when she heard her voice, she let out another scream. The more she used her throat to scream or talk, the deeper her voice became. And when Sam opened the front door to their apartment and entered her bedroom, he let out a scream too.

Monday, October 2, 2023

He swapped our attributes - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Jennifer gently removed her jewelry – she never wore any during her workouts, but she liked the comments she’d get from the other girls. She put away her earrings, promise band, and her newest bracelet made from pearls. It was an authentic bracelet that she got for no more than fifty dollars – she’d seen similar ones for hundreds before. She was never a big jewelry person, but after Marcus started getting her expensive jewelry, she slowly became a little obsessed over each piece.

One by one, she placed them carefully in her jewelry box while she ran a hand along her flat and toned tummy. The faint linings of her muscles oozed with progress and sweat, and she was looking forward to washing her body. Once the jewelry was safely tucked away, Jennifer made her way to the bathroom after setting her T-shirt and jeans on her bed. She felt the weight of the day on her skin while she removed her hot pink sports bra and yoga pants. Stepping into the corner of the bathroom, the steam from the hot shower enveloped her, making her muscles relax while she savored the heat that engulfed her sore body. She had pushed herself hard, determined to beat her personal record.

After a while, the water started to turn cold, and that’s when she stepped out. She didn’t bother washing her hair that night – she wanted to go straight to her one hour nap. She wrapped herself in a soft towel and walked back to her room. The bed looked inviting while she dried her athletic body. It beckoned to her with its soft sheets and plush pillows. After slathering some lotion and admiring her physical progress in a nearby mirror, she slipped under the covers and let out a sigh. 

She felt a sense of peace while her eyelids became heavy. The world outside was still, and so was her mind. Jennifer closed her eyes, letting the sounds of the night lull her into a deep sleep. As Jennifer drifted into the dream world, she felt an odd sensation. It started as a gentle warmth. Soon, she felt hotter than she had ever felt before. It was as if she was in a desert, with the sun beating down relentlessly. Jennifer tried to move, but her body felt heavy. Her sheets clung to her, drenched in sweat. As she moved her fingers, she felt a strange pressure, as if someone was squeezing them tightly. The same happened with her toes.

The weight in the air grew heavier. Jennifer felt like she was trapped in a thick blanket, unable to breathe or move. Panic set in. She reached out, trying to find her bedside lamp. She needed light, hoping it would make everything clear. Her fingers finally found the switch, and as the lamp bathed the room in a warm glow, Jennifer saw something unbelievable.

Her room was filled with water. It reached the ceiling, turning her bedroom into an underwater cave. She looked around, eyes wide in shock. Her furniture floated, and her books swirled around like leaves in the wind. Jennifer tried to scream, but no sound came out. She could feel the pressure of the water on her chest, pushing her down, and pinning her to the bed. Every second felt like an eternity. Her heart raced, and fear gripped her. Just as she felt she couldn't take it anymore, just as she was about to give in, she woke up.

Jennifer sat up straight, gasping for breath. She looked around, half expecting to see her room still filled with water. But it was dry, everything was in its place. The nightmare had felt so real, but now, it was just a fading memory. Jennifer glanced at her clock and realized that it was 4 AM. “I overslept,” she realized. “Fuck, I was only supposed to sleep for an hour…”

Still shaken, she got out of bed. She needed a change of clothes, since the ones she wore were soaked with sweat. She walked to her bathroom, still trying to shake off the remnants of her dream, only to let out a horrified scream. She stared at herself in the mirror – her face was fine, but her body was different. Her breasts were completely flat, her hips were narrower, and her perfect bum was gone. Her body had become more masculine. She looked into her surprised eyes, and just when she thought it wouldn’t get any worse, she felt something between her legs starting to go hard.