Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How often do you release new books/short stories?

Due to my commitments with school and work, I don't have a fixed schedule for releasing new books these days. I used to write and publish once a week. But after starting up school and getting a big promotion, I haven't been able to write full time - I might write once in a while if possible. I was also slightly discouraged by the excessive pirating of some of my short stories too. I still write captions though!

2) Can you provide updates on your upcoming projects?

Yes, I occasionally share updates on my upcoming projects through this blog website, Deviantart, and Patreon. You'll find most writing updates on my Patreon. If I'm making a short story, I usually put up votes on what girl to use on my covers.

3) Why don't you offer requests anymore?

Because of my hectic schedule, I've only had time to write requests for Deviantart Subscribers and Patreon Pledgers. A lot of requests have a 1 month lead time because of the sheer number of people wanting captions done for them.

4) Will you ever get back into writing short stories?

I plan on trying to release every once in a while. I'll manage to put in a little bit of work if there's a month where I don't have that many caption requests. As of right now, caption requests have a higher priority.

5) Do you take short story requests still?

I can take short story requests, but because of my writing schedule, I likely won't get to it. I no longer write full time.

6) Do you make more money from captions? Is that why?

I actually made more money from short stories, and when I did ghostwriting, I charged $0.03/word. When you apply that to a single caption of like 500 words, that's roughly $15 that I should be charging. A single request being a minimum of $4 by a pledger for a maximum of 3 captions should actually be about $45, so I'm working on a big discount. I didn't really start writing captions for the money - it was more for contributing to the TG community. Of course, every little bit has helped keep my head above water.

7) Why don't you have a newsletter anymore?

I wasn't using it that much, and I was mostly using it for short story releases. I'm unsure of what the rules are for erotic captions via email, but Patreon/Blogger/Deviantart have been awesome for posting my captions. The extra money for a PO box no longer made sense after I stopped writing short stories every week.

8) Why do you post so infrequently if you have so many requests?

My original schedule was daily captions for Deviant Art Subscribers and Patreon Pledgers, while free captions was once per week. In the past, I used to do free captions daily even while I posted on Deviant Art/Patreon, but that was because of the huge influx of requests. I unfortunately burned out hard, so spacing captions apart for the free captions has helped immensely. I apologize for the 1 month lead time if you're a subscriber/pledger - so far, that's the best sweet spot in terms of output without compromising too much writing quality. As mentioned above, I already charge a massive discount for the paid captions that I write, so this is the best way for me to not get overwhelmed.

9) Why haven't you gotten to my request?

I get through all my Patreon/Deviant Art Subscriber requests within 1 month of being requested. I will often give a date range just in case of any slow downs. If you placed a free request through my Google Forms page, I will still be able to see it, but I won't be able to work on it unless Patreon or Deviant Art requests are handled. As of September 2022, all of my captions have been from Deviant Art and Patreon requesters with no signs of slowing down. I'd love to be able to work on all of the requests, but I know that I'll burn out.

10) You rejected my request - why?

Free and paid captions have to be authorized by me before agreeing to write them. I will often message the reason if you're a paid caption requester. For both free and paid requests, there's a limit to the eroticism that I'm willing to do. I'll still try to mention brief edits on what I can or can't do if the idea is salvageable. However, if I mention that I'd like to tone it down and you insist on going ahead with the request, I will deny it.

11) My request wasn't what I was expecting

Really sorry about this - I try my best to put my own twist to your caption idea. I also do my best to add as many details as possible that you'd like. However, if your caption idea requires intimacy, that often requires a build up or some sort of action earlier on in the caption or previous captions. I will alter a story at my discretion in order to help it make sense. There are also moments where I completely fail at the request, which will happen from time to time.