Thursday, August 25, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 4

Annette stared at her phone and nearly threw it across the room. She was looking at a maternity shoot. Seven months had gone by since her vacation - her last moment of true happiness. Less than a month later, Jacob broke up with her and officially got together with Celeste. Annette never understood why Jacob had moved on so quickly until he confessed that he had slept with Celeste during their stay at the hotel.

It felt like Annette had lost everything, and she didn’t understand why. Celeste was always a shy girl who kept to herself. She was never a slut. She was also never this happy of a person. As a girl who suffered from anxiety, Celeste was always dreading something. Now, it was almost like she was a completely different person. She’d become seductive, confident, and happy, all of which were qualities Annette so desperately wanted.

Celeste’s voice became bitchy as time went on too. “You had your chance with him,” Celeste had told her before they stopped talking. She remembered the wicked grin on her face. “And now, he’s trapped.”

Annette didn’t understand what Celeste meant by that until she heard that she was pregnant. Suddenly, everything made sense. Celeste didn’t come from a wealthy family, but Jacob sure did. “That fucking whore,” Annette whimpered as she swiped the screen. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she tried to get Celeste’s satisfied smile out of her head. But the sight of Celeste’s new golden wedding ring in a new photo was enough for her to throw the phone across the room in a bitter rage.

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