Sunday, July 31, 2022

My ex-girlfriend's new girlfriend

“And what’ll you do about it?” Bill asked while he smirked at his ex-girlfriend, Melody, across the table. After they broke up, Bill drank himself to an early grave and died in a car accident. It was almost like a miracle when his ghostly figure went to see Melody for one last time three days later, only to discover that she was cheating on him with their slut roommate, Amanda. He always knew there was something weird going on, but he never caught them in the moment.

He knew that he wasn’t going to go anywhere else after he accidentally possessed their roommate. He felt everything. Every kiss, shiver, and scream made him so happy to be alive. He finally had a second chance. Now, he happily brushed his fingers along the cleavage of Amanda’s breasts. “It’s interesting how you finally figured everything out. What gave it away? Me knowing things only ‘Bill’ would know?"

“That’s seriously fucked up,” Melody said. He knew he’d struck a nerve. “You can’t be Amanda. You can’t just take her life like that. How long have you been in there?”

“I possessed her three days after I died. I’ve been her for the past two weeks. I’ve adjusted to her pretty well, haven’t I?” He let out a laugh. “You should probably keep playing along. Nobody would believe you anyway.” He leaned back in his chair and cackled when she saw Melody’s eyes tearing up. “That’s what I thought. Gosh, this is going to be so wonderful...”

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