Monday, August 29, 2022

Caught my cheating girlfriend

It felt so naughty as Amy tightened her grip around Mark’s small hand. After he used a spell to place him in Katherine's body, he decided to use the opportunity to spy on his girlfriend. He had a good two hours before the spell would end, so he figured he should enjoy his time before calling it quits with her. 

He always had a feeling Amy was seeing other people, but he had no idea that she was secretly a lesbian, so he wondered how far he was willing to go with his reconnaissance mission. Learning that Katherine was her secret lover should've made him angry, but when Amy dragged him through the mall to try on clothes, he had an opportunity to explore what it was like to be a girl.

He had to admit, he loved the way Amy's tight grip felt as they walked through the store. It made him feel wanted and desired. He also loved the way she would frequently stop to look in the mirror and admire their reflection. He felt like he was being shown off like a trophy. He could see Katherine's soft brown hair and gorgeous smile. He could understand why Amy was into her, but he couldn't understand what he was personally doing wrong.

Eventually, they made their way to the lingerie section, and Amy started picking out items for him to try on. He felt a little embarrassed at first, especially since Amy insisted on watching him change. But when she happily played with the area between his legs, he moaned and realized that he was going to try on more than just clothes. He had a feeling that possessing Katherine might be a regular occurrence.

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