Saturday, July 29, 2023

Giving him her body


As Ginny caressed her boyfriend, he rested his head against her breasts. She could tell that he really liked her body. It hurt a little, especially since he no longer made her feel like the most beautiful thing in the world. But just seeing the sight of his hard cock made possessing this body worth it. "I can't believe you're about to let me do this," he murmured while he squeezed her firm ass.

That made her bite her lower lip. “I’ve told you again and again,” she said softly. “I’ll do anything for you.” Their mouths worshipped each other while their fingers locked against each other. She was amazed at how quickly they got down to business. The excitement of potentially getting caught definitely made this kinkier, but the witch couldn’t help but wonder why she couldn’t hear the teacher’s voice prior to the possession. After Ginny had successfully possessed Eddie's English teacher in order to make his special birthday a memorable one, she was expecting to have a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, no possessed person ever remembered what Ginny had done in their body, but it still seemed odd to her.

She was an inexperienced witch who was still getting the hang of the fundamentals. She was able to do more advanced techniques as a result of the help that she received from an old spell book that she found in a thrift shop. Because Ginny had the spell tried out on her boyfriend, she was confident that it was risk-free to use.

Feeling Eddie’s tongue on her nipples immediately made her snap out of it. She didn't waste any time in letting Eddie see every part of Mrs. Macky's body as he pleased. They made passionate love in Mrs. Macky's bed. They stayed in each other's company for the entirety of the evening, and she even let him cum inside of her.

Sadly, she was unaware that the act of insemination would result in her soul being permanently bound. She made an effort to let go of control after she had compelled Eddie to return home - she murmured the incantation over and over again. She struggled to free herself from her body while her boyfriend's seed continued to leak out of her, and she attempted to do so by digging deeper into her magical reservoir. 

But she realized that because she was in a different body, she didn't have the same access to magic. Her original body had the magic - she was in a normal 40-year-old human. Ginny made a conscious effort to maintain her composure. However, as Mr. Macky opened the bedroom door, he discovered his wife standing there completely naked, with his inner folds dripping with the seed of another man. Ginny found herself having a lot of explaining to do, while Eddie returned home to find Mrs. Macky masturbating inside of Ginny’s young body.

Eddie wasn’t surprised - it was all part of his plan. When he let his girlfriend possess his body, he didn’t reveal that it was a body swap. She had thought it was just a possession spell, and she never read it in full detail either. Sure, she heard his voice prior to the swap, but that was normal. She never knew what happened once he went silent. Smiling, Eddie greeted his teacher with a long, deep kiss. “Having fun, Kate?”

“I’ve already had four orgasms,” she said happily. “Can’t wait to have your cock inside of this. It’s way more sensitive than my old body.” She licked her fingers and spread her legs open. “The best thing is the spell book you talked about. I’ve never been able to use magic before – I used it to make me have more energy for tonight. I want you to fuck me the same way you fucked my old body.”

Eddie did exactly as he was told. Kate had been in an abusive marriage and was desperate for an escape. Her husband, David, constantly made her feel inadequate. After getting way too much plastic surgery, she felt fake and ruined. When her student offered her a chance to start over, she was suspicious of what his intentions were. But now that she had a magical body that was hot as this, she decided that trapping Ginny in her old body was a worthy trade as she felt Eddie’s big cock plunging into her. Life was going to be wonderful as a young 20-year-old woman.

Friday, July 28, 2023

You're not my girlfriend?

Bobby found himself casting distressed glances at Natalie, his girlfriend. His fingers nervously clung to the fabric of his dress as Natalie feverishly chanted incantations, her voice echoing around the room. He was just starting to get used to his feminized life, but this was too much for him. He wasn’t expecting things to end up like this for either of them. Despite her repeated attempts, the strange sensation permeating his body showed no signs of fading, and he was still stuck in her smaller body. “Babe, don’t worry,” Natalie said in a deep voice. “I know what you’re thinking. Everything’s going to be fine…”

“Why are you flipping through so many pages then? The body swap spell was on the third page.”

Natalie sighed and continued to flip through the age-worn pages of their spell book, desperation creasing her brow. Their venture into the mystical had been intended as a mere lark, a temporary body switch to satiate their curiosity. They wanted to show their kinks to each other, but this was more than what they’d bargained for. “I know, I’m trying. Trust me, I’m trying.”

With the 'temporary' switch stretching beyond the planned timeline, Bobby and Natalie found themselves navigating the foreign landscape of each other's genders. Bobby, now living in Natalie's body, was confronted with a torrent of new sensations and experiences. His body responded to stimuli in ways he hadn't known were possible, flooding him with unfamiliar feelings and emotions. The sexual desires he now experienced were markedly different. The lines between their old and new selves blurred as Natalie took Bobby under her wing, teaching him the ways of womanhood. She showed him how to walk, talk, and even think like a girl, and Bobby was a quick learner. To his surprise, he found himself enjoying it for a bit until their time limit was reached.

As they continued to revel in their swapped bodies, an unsettling realization dawned upon him. The spell book warned of the spell turning permanent if they stayed too long in their swapped forms. The thought of being stuck forever in this state sent a shiver of dread coursing through them, and it was only worsened when he noticed a strange look in Natalie’s eye. “Try harder,” he began to cry when she started to stare at him. “I don’t want to be stuck like this.” Natalie rose a brow. “You know what I mean! I love you, but I don’t want to be a girl forever.”

A mischievous smirk stretched over her lips. “Maybe that’s what I wanted all along.” Natalie closed the spell book and leaned forward. “I’m not actually your girlfriend. Why do you think I’m so calm? I’m not actually trying to find a spell to reverse this. I was just making sure there wasn’t a spell that could forcibly make us swap.” Natalie pushed the book closer to Bobby. “I’m Andrew.”

The realization hit Bobby hard. Andrew was his ex-best friend. After Bobby’s family won the lottery, things immediately changed between the two of them. Andrew came from a poorer off family, and when he asked Bobby for some financial help in college, the two ended up becoming bitter enemies. The revenge was clear now, and the look in Andrew’s eye made Bobby whisper, “What happened to Natalie?”

He pointed at Bobby’s breasts. “You’re her now. Her soul’s long gone. Magic always has a price, old buddy, old pal. A sacrifice had to be made to initiate the swap. It wasn’t just consent, a desire, or a willingness to swap. The spell to control her was definitely hard, but now I’m comfortable, this was definitely all worth it. Guess you’re going to have to fill her cute little shoes now that she’s gone.” Andrew crossed his bulging arms. “But the bigger question is if you’re going to be my little slut. You’re basically stuck with me, ‘babe,’ unless you want to be broke without a place to sleep.”

Bobby couldn’t believe this was all happening. The realization made him feel sick after realizing it was Andrew who had fucked him. He felt trapped with zero desire to stay around him, though. “Go fuck yourself,” was all Bobby could mouth before rushing off. He’d run off to one of Natalie’s best friends to stay the night, but the rest of his life as a woman was going to be a rocky one. His former friend had just screwed him over permanently, and there was nobody who would believe that his body had been stolen.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

She's using him


Anna met her best friend Mitch in front of a mall where their favorite coffee shop was. She was expecting to catch up with somebody who she hadn’t spoken to in years, but it was here that her world turned upside down. It started as a normal day. She arrived at their meeting point, eager to catch up with her childhood friend when her gaze fell upon Mitch's new McLaren parked near the mall. She couldn’t believe how well he was doing. He had always been humble, and this newfound display of ostentation left Anna puzzled.

Regardless, she felt happy for him. Inside the coffee shop, Mitch's energy was infectious too. His tales of moving into a grand mansion and dating a girl named Madeline were captivating. Yet, as the stories unfolded, Anna felt a strange unease. The Mitch she knew was not one for grandeur or flamboyance. He looked like he was doing extremely well for himself, and his body was covered with muscle. She couldn’t believe how good looking he was.

And as she listened to Mitch, her head started to swim. She felt a sharp discomfort in her upper body, her eyes rolled back, and darkness started to edge her vision. “What’s happening to me?” The last thing she remembered was Mitch's smirk, and then all went black. His hand was on her hand, and the warmth was comforting until she realized something bad was happening.

“God, her tits are amazing,” her lips mouthed. “Now I understand why you still have a crush on her. They’re better than my other body’s tits. Damn, she’s kind of horny too. I think she likes you too.”

“You think?”

“I’m just glad the spell worked so quickly. I was worried her body would reject me, and she’d notice what was happening right away.” When Anna came to, she found herself sitting straight, a smile plastered on her face, her hand gently setting her coffee cup down. Yet, she felt detached, as if her body was not her own. A feeling of dread washed over her as she realized she was not in control. Her lips began to move again. “I can’t wait to play with this with you. I know exactly where I’ll put her at the house too. I’ll store her in one of the sound proof rooms. Then I can become her whenever you want me to, as long as you keep giving me pieces of your soul.”

There was a blank look in his eye. Mitch leaned forward and kissed her lips, and a strange warmth fluttered through Anne when she saw the darkness in his eyes. “That’s going to be awesome.” Anna would later discover that her best friend had fallen under the influence of a witch - Madeline. She was a transgender woman who craved sexual satisfaction. It was the very thing that helped power her dark magic.

Madeline was using him for his good energy, and he was becoming a husk of who he used to be. This woman had manipulated Mitch into helping her enact a terrible scheme. Using dark magic, they temporarily possessed unsuspecting individuals, draining them of their savings before discarding them like used puppets. The McLaren, Anna realized, belonged to one of their victims.

With each passing day, Anna felt herself growing weaker as her wealth was stripped away. She saw Mitch as her possessed body withdrew as much cash as possible. The more Anna watched, the more she realized that it wasn't her Mitch. His eyes were cold, and his smile held no warmth. He was a stranger in the guise of her best friend until he brought her to his new home. “Such a good haul, babe,” Anna’s body said. Mitch nodded and guided her through the halls. The mansion was exactly as he described, and as her possessed body began to undress in their bedroom, she would later learn just how depraved Mitch had become.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Being you is going to be fun

Jack looked at himself in the bathroom mirror with the magical necklace sparkling around Cornelia’s neck. The poor girl shouted in her head, but all he could do was beam while he appreciated his thin features and firm breasts. Nobody could hear her – that was a fear that he was constantly thinking about. But the fact that her boyfriend hadn’t woken up meant that her voice was stuck in his head. Her screaming grew progressively quieter as time went on too. It wouldn't be long before he could just ignore her.

"Get out of me," Cornelia cried.

Jack ran a finger through his soft brown hair. His piercing brown eyes looked perfect while he playfully tilted his head. “Hush,” he said in less than a whisper. "I'm not just going to leave. Especially not when you humiliated me in front of my customers. That place was going out of business anyway. This is the perfect second chance for me, so I'm not leaving. Not now that I'm inside of you. After watching you and your picture-perfect boyfriend coming to my diner every week, I finally couldn’t help it. I had to be with him right away. I had to become you.” 

“Look, I’m sorry for being such a bitch. But stealing my life isn’t right. It’s wrong. People will know.”

“People will probably be happier with me in control. You have a reputation around town, young lady. It’s time I fixed that for you.” He kissed the air while he stroked the heart-shaped silver necklace around his new, slender neck. The heart was a faintly glowing sapphire, and as he removed the necklace, Cornelia found herself trapped inside of it. She was looking up at her possessed body. "And there's no turning back now that I'm here. Besides, acting like yourself isn’t going to be impossible. It shouldn't be too hard - you've posted everything about your life online. I did a little read through, but I'll do some more reading now that I'm in this hot little body of yours. Hey, you've stopped shouting. Hello?”  

"Get out!" Cornelia cried out. She frantically tried to break free, but she was trapped in the necklace. The body thief put the necklace on the bathroom counter and figured he’d dispose of it. But when he gently squeezed his new breasts, the silence undoubtedly offered him a sense of seclusion. Cornelia felt nauseous as he began to really explore his body. She could tell that he was feeling good - that horny look in his eyes said it all.

Deep down, Cornelia couldn't believe this was happening to her. She wore the necklace for days after the restaurant owner gave it to her to further apologize for his staff's poor service, and she didn't know until it was too late that Jack's soul had gradually crept into her body. She thought it was just a pretty necklace - it was the most expensive-looking piece of jewelry she owned. Even her boyfriend seemed to like it. But Cornelia couldn't have predicted that the person stealing her body was the same, miserable restaurant owner who had to apologize to her for a disrespectful staff. 

Obviously, Jack knew that it had all been a lie – Cornelia had been the instigator. Unfortunately for the young woman, Jack knew dark magic, and he was at a point in his life where he wasn’t afraid to use it. And now that he was in her body, she instantly regretted the free meal she was able to get out of it. She took advantage of another person’s job and ended up losing everything, and as she listened to Jack moaning in her body, she knew that there would be no chance for redemption for her. It was too late.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Taking my friend's attributes

It was a strange, almost alien sensation that coursed through Pam's body as she stepped out of the chalk circle. Her nerves tingled, a bizarre buzzing that sent jolts of electricity down her spine, making her shiver despite the warm glow of the candles. Her eyes, wide with both fear and anticipation, lowered slowly to her body that shifted and morphed before her very eyes. Her breasts grew larger, and her waist became wider. Pleasure emanated from between her legs while her lower extremities felt like they were changing too. A gasp of surprise escaped her as she took in the change, and excitement only bloomed when she saw her boyfriend’s eyes checking her out.

She'd used her grandmother's old spell book, an heirloom handed down through generations of witches, and cast a spell to absorb Jade. She was her so-called “friend” who frequently came over when Pam and Eric moved in. And as the spell hit Jade, she had screamed, the sound chilling, primal, full of a terror that made Pam's skin crawl. Jade had been reduced to ethereal fragments, seeping into Pam, dissolving into her while her body transformed. “I’m sorry,” were Pam’s last words to her as she absorbed her physical being. Before she knew it, the screaming had stopped, leaving a strange, unnerving quiet. And in that silence, Pam had felt the change wash over her.

“Help,” Jade’s faint voice echoed before finally becoming one with Pam’s. Running her hands along her transformed body, she let out a loud squeal. Gone was her flat, overly skinny body. She collapsed on the nearby bed in disbelief, her breath hitching in her throat as she traced the new lines and contours of her figure. Eric sat down beside her, a look of awe on his face that reflected her own shock. His familiar cologne filled her nostrils, a scent she had come to associate with love and comfort, but now it was making her head spin.

"How are you feeling?" Eric asked, his voice soft, filled with a quiet worry that tugged at her heart.

"Just a bit dizzy," she confessed, managing to find her feet and make her way to the bathroom. As she caught her reflection in the mirror, a gasp tore from her lips. Her face was stunning. She still had her original eyes, but the rest of her was Jade. Her figure was slender yet shapely, the weight sitting perfectly in all the right places. Her smile looked incredible, and she had a youthful glow to her body. Her skin was clear and flawless, the acne that had been a constant battle throughout her teenage years was entirely gone. Her hair, once thin and brittle, now fell in silky cascades over her shoulders.

"I look so gorgeous now after absorbing her..." she whispered, the words falling from her lips in a shaky breath. “God, I was feeling horrible for stabbing her in the back like that. I needed her trust to make the absorption spell work, but now that I have all of this, I look so fucking beautiful.”

Eric moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her new body, pulling her against him. He pressed a tender kiss to her cheek, and a rush of heat moved through her. She realized that she was hornier now that she had Jade inside of her, and she was getting eager to relieve herself. "You’ve always been beautiful, but now, you’re perfect." His voice echoed in the bathroom, sending vibrations throughout her transformed flesh. It was a new beginning, the birth of Pam's new self, a self that was ready to face the world with newfound confidence as she took her boyfriend’s hand to guide him back into their bedroom. With a body as perfect as this, Pam was looking forward to giving it a test run.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Living on as my niece


“Are you almost ready?” Oliver heard his son call out from behind the bathroom door.

“Yeah, I’m almost done, daddy,” Oliver lied. He smirked in the mirror while he ran his fingers through his long, soft hair. He felt so fabulous in his dress as he got ready for his funeral. Being alive felt so wonderful. When he left his soul stone in his room, he wasn’t expecting his niece to stay in his room. He was expecting his son and wife to use his room to sleep since it was the only double bed in the house, so when he found Jolena sleeping in his favorite spot, he realized that he was going to get stuck in the wrong body.

But being his niece wasn’t so bad, especially after the stone finally sealed his dominant soul. He was afraid that she would somehow push him out. Jolena was originally staying over for the uncle’s funeral, and she slept through the entire night despite feeling creeped out by the room. What the young woman didn’t know was that her uncle hadn’t fully passed on to the afterlife. With his niece sleeping close to his cursed soul stone he had conveniently left behind, the elderly spirit easily slipped inside Jolena's body after watching over her for several hours. She slept the entire night while his essence slowly spread from head to toe.

When she woke up later that morning, a sharp pain made her realize that something bad was happening. She tried to call out to her parents in the next room, but she felt so stiff. It was only a matter of time until Jolena figured out what was happening. She fought fiercely for control, especially once she discovered that the ugly stone on Oliver's dresser was the source of their problems. 

She considered moving it somewhere else in the room so she could leave her phone by the bed, and now she was beginning to regret her hesitance. “Leave everything as is,” she remembered her father telling her. “It’s bad luck to move a dead person’s belongings around this early.” She had rolled her eyes at that.

Now, little by little, she lost the ability to move on her own. The spirit of Oliver eventually took over completely. Several times each minute, the young woman would successfully fight off the body snatcher. She had brief periods of control over her limbs, but Uncle Oliver always took over when she got too close to the stone. 

She realized that she needed to find a way to run out of the room to push the spirit away from her, but Uncle Oliver was always able to return to the stone just in time. Unfortunately, Jolena's actions just strengthened the power over her body. Oliver didn’t realize it, but the poor woman was still fully aware of what was happening. She desperately tried to break through the soul stone’s magic, but she remained a passenger in her body forever. And as Uncle Oliver gave himself one final look in the mirror, he eagerly skipped out of the bathroom and looked forward to living his life as a beautiful woman.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Replacing the hot receptionist

"Is it actually you, though?” Aaron asked when he saw Marilou pulling off her green dress. “Oh fuck, it really is. This is actually real. All of it’s real.”

Marilou looked at him and smirked when his eyes became glued to her half-naked body. “Of course it’s real. Did you think I was insane?” She slowly tiptoed to him in her black lingerie and planted a kiss against his lips. She kicked off her heels and dress and bit her lower lip. “You did so well for me,” she whispered as he wrapped his hands around her waist. “There’s just one final thing.”

“Will it actually give you her body forever?”

She nodded. “All you have to do is fuck me. Do as I say, and we’ll have much more fun…”

Elaine, the office receptionist, was easily convinced to drink Marilou's special swap potion, and the body swap went off without a hitch. Naturally, she would have been wary of an unexpected request to consume a mysterious liquid. Thankfully, it wasn't difficult to sneak it into her morning coffee, especially if it was Aaron. He was the one who did the morning coffee run, so he was the perfect person to help Marilou with this.

Marilou was set to retire on a lousy pension, and she was eager to grow in their marketing agency when she came upon a witch's recipe book.  After a long day of fighting sleep, Marilou awoke in the younger woman's body. She'd taken the same concoction, but this time she drank many bottles of wine to ensure she stayed unconscious.

Deep down, it was also a way to make her feel better. She felt cheated at life. She dedicated so many hours into a company that didn’t value her. It didn’t take long before she began to run into constant debt problems. By the time she reached her fifties,  she was stuck in a middle management job after being passed up on higher positions for years.

But, she had the opportunity for a second chance at life upon discovering the recipe book. By drinking the same potion, the two women eventually swapped bodies at the end of the afternoon, and the only way to make it permanent was through sex. Elaine was probably going to complain once she woke up in Marilou’s drunk old body, but Marilou didn’t care. Nobody would believe the words of a crazy old woman who hated life. Marilou eagerly led Aaron to their boss’ office – the workers had left for the day, but they wanted a little bit of privacy.

“Fuck me right here,” she ordered. “And fuck me good. I want to make my first time in this body the best experience possible. Okay, dear?”

Nodding, he grasped her slender hips and pushed her onto a nearby desk. Trapping her beneath his muscular arms, he planted kisses against her stolen body. She moaned when she could feel his big cock brushing against her crotch before finally slipping in. It didn’t take long before they both came, but it also didn’t take long for Elaine to wake up in her significantly older body with a horrified look in her eyes. The only reason she caught on so quickly was because of Marilou’s moaning. Unfortunately, by the time Elaine found the key to the nearby office, the deed had already been done. Aaron claimed Marilou’s stolen inner folds, and Elaine was stuck in an older woman’s body forever.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Helping a couple out

“Are you ready?” Millie heard a woman’s voice in the other room while she adjusted her dress.

“I’m ready when you are,” the husband answered. Millie simply shrugged and carried on with getting herself ready. Her makeup was done, and she felt comfortable now that her dress felt a little more stretched around her body. It was brand new, so she was still getting used to the fabric. When she heard a laugh in the other room, she didn’t think much of it or feel weirded out. She was just thankful that she had a roof over her head.

Millie thought the Whites were the nicest people she'd ever met when she initially moved into their two-story townhouse. She was a college student of 19 and was looking for an affordable place to live. Her last place had pushed her out, and a lot of her former roommates were overly difficult to move back in with. So, this new place was an easy choice because Nick and Arianna offered her a price reduction off the normal price. Properties nearby were being rented out for nearly triple the price, so Millie jumped at the opportunity.

Deep down, Nick and Arianna were not interested in making money off of her. She could obviously sense that, so it made her feel better knowing that they were so willing to take her in and help her out. However, she didn't know their true intentions. In reality, the middle-aged wife did her best to please her wealthy husband, but they were both unhappy. They seemed picture perfect, but they were actively struggling to maintain the hot spice in their relationship. Secretly, Nick and Arianna both agreed that their new tenant should make up for the cheap rent in other ways.

Millie was getting ready for a night out with her pals when Arianna seized her with an astral projection tiara. It was a special little machine that Nick's company had been developing. They had the only prototype and decided to take it out for a spin. A night out at a neighborhood club wasn't Arianna's idea of a good time, so she opted to have some other kind of fun with her borrowed body instead after admiring its sexy features.

At this point, she must have done it a dozen times. She went upstairs to her husband and stripped naked in front of him once she had complete control over the beautiful brunette's body. She was worried that she'd be kicked out of her borrowed flesh, but the tiara kept her mind rooted despite having taken it off. He fawned over her temporary host body to the point where the young girl inside of her squealed with delight. "I haven't been this skinny in ages, huh, honey?" She tiptoed closer to him and immediately straddled him. “Are you ready to make me purr?”

She could feel how hard he was. This was the hardest he’d been in years. And now that it was about to go inside of her, Arianna wondered what else they could do with the tiara. She could either keep her new body and start over, or they could possess any girl they wanted. The only important thing on her mind was keeping Nick happy, and as he entered inside Millie's possessed body, their excited moans made them both realize that the possibilities were endless. It didn’t take long before Millie inevitably found out what the two were doing. She’d go on to wonder why she always felt so sore every morning, and after recording herself sleeping with the husband, she wasn’t angry. She was actually a little turned on. The three would end up making a little deal. Millie would get an even bigger discount if she willingly participated in their little experiments and brought her friends back home for the couple to have fun with.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Taking care of my stepson

Devon was exhausted as he rested on his side. Maya was smiling at him, her gorgeous face covered with sweat while she hugged him close. He couldn't believe how restless she seemed. For the first time since they started dating, she seemed to be the one taking initiative on everything on a nearly consistent basis. The entire weekend felt so surreal, and it almost felt like they'd been fucking nonstop. It was the weirdest feeling, especially since Devon felt like their relationship was starting to fall apart.

But something had changed, and he wasn't sure what it was. He wasn't sure if it was something he said or something that he did that made Maya so willing to please him. She kissed his lips and smiled. "You look so tired," she teased. Devon didn't really have the energy to respond. It took all of his energy to be able to move a little. Maya licked her lips and kissed him again. "It's okay, I think I'm done for the night. You have work in the morning - don't want you losing your hours over me."

That was another thing that was different. Maya hated the fact that Devon spent so much time working at a store that didn't pay him a decent wage. He was working minimum wage as a stocker, but he found a lot of pride in being able to work quickly and efficiently. Maya constantly berated him, and that was part of the thing that made their relationship a little rocky. She worked as a receptionist and constantly berated him for what he did for a living. Sure, she was paying for most of the rent, but that didn't mean she could act like a total bitch.

It didn't help that Devon's stepmom had suddenly passed away from a pulmonary embolism two months ago. Rather than be empathetic, his girlfriend ended up making things worse. "I'm really sorry that this happened," he remembered her saying. "This is just a sign. You're going to have to move on, and you'll have to end up upgrading your life. Use that negative energy and pivot." Rather than help cheer him up, she was actively trying to put him down by making him reconsider his career decisions.

But now, Maya was more respectful. It was almost like she was a different person. And as the two snuggled up together, he figured that this was all a convenient blessing. Maya adjusted her thoughts and feelings to help him feel better about himself, and she was inadvertently saving a relationship that she seemed to be trying to break apart. But nothing could be further from the truth. For over a month, Maya had been making plans to move out permanently. She hated Devon's life choices, and she knew she could do better. But after having a strange dream two months ago about Devon's stepmom chasing after her, she noticed strange things happening around their apartment. Things constantly went missing, and the dreams of Devon's stepmom became more vivid until a week ago when the young woman realized what was happening.

She was being haunted by Eva, and because she hadn't been spooked, she didn't try to leave. That ended up being her undoing. She didn't think much of it until she felt her body slowly starting to become sluggish. It didn't take long before the spirit of Devon's stepmom began to move. It turned out that Eva had used a spell to permanently send her soul into her body. She was a witch that was getting too old, and Maya’s body was the perfect vessel to start over again. The process took multiple months of spiritual exposure, but after spending so much time with her, the body thief inevitably slipped inside Maya permanently. Now, Maya was forced to watch as the twisted Eva took care of her son in every way possible, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Monday, July 10, 2023

They were too cute

Today was supposed to be the perfect start to Kayleigh's (left) weekend with her best friend, Millie (right). They had been sucking up the sun's rays at the local pool, and the last thing on their minds was work. They worked at a local retail store as cashiers, and after being overworked for nearly half a year straight, it was nice to finally get a chance to unwind. The day before on Friday, they spent the entire day getting their nails done at the local spa, and they even went on a light shopping spree to get ready for their two weeks off. But after noticing two dogs with overly big green collars, the two girls became distracted. They pulled themselves out of the pool and realized that their owner wasn't nearby. The two female dogs wagged their tails and followed them around, and Millie found herself struggling to keep her hands to herself. She crouched down and petted one of them, and that inevitably encouraged Kayleigh to join in.

They were the only people at the pool, so it wasn't like their owners were close. But when a flash of white light came from both of the green collars, the two girls realized something was happening. Both dogs began to growl and pant as the collars flashed again, and then the dogs stood up on their hind legs. Their cute eyes began to glow, and the two girls tried to back away from the blinding white light. They quickly looked at each other with uncertainty - neither of them knew what was happening, but when the blinding light ended, the girls were staring up at their damp bodies.

Kayleigh couldn't believe her eyes when she watched her body embrace Millie's. The two girls had somehow swapped bodies with the dogs, and all they could do was whine. "It actually worked," Kayleigh's body said. "That took way too long, though. I almost forgot who I was. I'm amazed that these were the only people who decided to be around us for a decent amount of time." With a loud click, the two collars around their necks fell, and the two body thieves immediately took them away. "Well, at least these need to get charged again. What do you think, Adam? Should we get these charged up?"

"We could definitely keep these bodies for another time," Millie's body said. "We'll swap with our own bodies back at the lab whenever. We have to document everything first. Besides, with any luck, the two girls will start to think they're actually dogs. I felt the same way too - the same thing might happen with these bodies, Sam."

"Well, let's head back to the lab and explore ourselves," Kayleigh's body said with a smirk. "We'll go back into our bodies if anything weird happens. I can't wait to actually play with these things. But we should definitely get rid of these dogs first. We can't let them have a chance to get these hot bodies back now that they know what we've done. These are good dog breeds, so it's not like we won't be able to find somebody wanting them. They're always in demand for puppy mills."

Kayleigh and Millie felt helpless in their dog bodies. It wouldn't be long before they'd learn that the two body thieves were criminals who would go on to regularly sell bodies on the black market. Unfortunately, they were also very good at covering their tracks. While Kayleigh and Millie's stolen bodies had their own fun, the trapped girls could feel their minds slowly becoming simpler and simpler.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Covered and devoured

One evening, Emma found herself scrolling listlessly through her phone. The tiny screen was awash with images of people, places, pets, and plates of food. Among them was Sarah Bouchard, her distant best friend, now an Instagram model with an ever-growing following. Emma remembered Sarah as she was in their freshman year, shy and self-conscious, worried about her body, and afraid of the spotlight. But the girl she saw on the screen bore no resemblance to Sarah. 

This was a different Sarah. She was bold, confident, surrounded by adoring men in every picture and short video. Emma blinked in disbelief while she studied each photograph, each comment, each emoji with a growing sense of bewilderment. People were thirsty over her. Emma remembered how shy Sarah had been. The change had been abrupt, leaving Emma to feel as though she had missed some critical turning point. The Sarah she had known was not this glamourous, sought-after model, but a modest girl, uncomfortable in her own skin. Now she was flaunting her body, embracing the attention, relishing in the compliments. 

It was a new reality that Emma was struggling to accept. Between the two of them, Sarah had always been the person who felt inadequate. Emma always felt better about herself knowing that Sarah would always be uglier than her. But a change in her personality and her hair easily changed things. Her shy friend began working out more, and her attractiveness only scaled. Men fawned over her body, their eyes filled with admiration, their smiles wide with delight. Emma felt a pang of sorrow and jealousy. 

Emma closed the app and set her phone aside, a wave of sadness washing over her. Sarah's transformation had come at a cost; it had cost them their friendship. She felt a gnawing sense of jealousy, a feeling she had never associated with Sarah before. But seeing her now, in the limelight, adored and admired, it was hard not to feel a hint of envy.

But Emma had no idea what was going on behind her former friend’s eyes. Sarah literally wasn’t Sarah anymore. Instead, an obsessive boyfriend had taken over her life. Xavier was always jealous of how close Emma and Sarah had been. He obsessed over their relationship, and his desire to be in Sarah’s life only worsened as time went on.

Unfortunately, Sarah had turned him down on multiple occasions. He remained in the friend zone until he discovered a spell that could transform him into a slime creature. All he had to do was use a spell that would permanently turn him into something completely unhuman, and once in his slime form, he’d be able to slip into any person he wanted. He was no longer a person, but he didn’t care. As he slipped over his crush’s body as she slept on one fateful night, Sarah would immediately wake up and try to pull off the slime. But by the time she realized what was happening, Xavier had completely covered her from head to toe. She could feel the slime squeezing her flesh while it swallowed her body. It didn’t take long before parts of the slime slipped down her throat, ultimately taking over her body like a parasite while her mind became locked away forever.

It didn’t take long before Xavier began to make adjustments to his stolen life. Now that he was Sarah, he could do whatever he wanted. He began pampering himself and taking care of his new body, and within months, he’d gone from an awkward college girl to a vixen that every guy could want. At the cost of all of Sarah’s relationships, he had gained everything he could have ever wanted as Sarah Bouchard.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Swap class

Janice and Lucas had always been curious about what it would be like to be the opposite sex, but they never imagined it would be possible until they started taking their Swap Class elective at the Magic Academy. They also never imagined that they were going to be the ones switching bodies. While neither of them had issues with each other, Janice always saw Lucas as a bit of an asshole to other people. Thankfully, when fellow classmates were introducing themselves to each other, it sounded like Lucas was a lot better in terms of how he dealt with people. 

Mrs. Janice began to talk about what they were going to be trying out. Janice knew the class was becoming more popular, and more college students were becoming interested in the idea of being the opposite gender for a short period of time. And with a class split of 50/50 for males and females, the class composition made it impossible for one person to be left out. There were going to be swaps every two weeks, and the more Mrs. Janice explained how the spells would wear off automatically, the more comfortable the students became.

Eventually, Janice and Lucas were paired up for their first body swap. Personally, Lucas was hesitant at first, but the thought of experiencing life as a girl intrigued him. Janice and Lucas stood facing each other, holding hands as they began the spell. They closed their eyes and chanted in unison, the words flowing effortlessly from their lips. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and they both felt themselves being pulled in different directions.

When the light dissipated, Janice and Lucas found themselves standing in each other's bodies. They were amazed at how different they felt in their clothes. Lucas felt funny wearing a skirt, while Janice felt dizzy from being so tall. Everybody had to look up at her to talk to her. They walked around the classroom, trying to adjust to their new bodies. Lucas struggled to walk in heels, and Janice found herself tripping over her own feet. Neither were very coordinated. They both couldn't help but giggle at the sight of themselves in the mirror.

As the day went on, Janice and Lucas began to understand each other's lives a little better. Janice realized how difficult it was to be a guy, mostly because she kept getting random boners. She had to stay seated for a lot of the day because of how embarrassed she was. Lucas, on the other hand, felt comfortable in his borrowed body. He loved the softness of his skin and the slenderness of his new body. 

They both agreed that they would like to spend the rest of the day living as each other before they switched back. Janice was excited to see what it would be like to go out with her friends as a boy, but Lucas had other ideas. Being a woman ended up being a lot of fun. From the naughty lingerie to his lady bits, being a female encouraged him to share himself with every guy willing to give him money. By the time their body swap ended, Janice would spend days wondering why every guy was suddenly sliding into her DMs. It turned out that Lucas had been flirting with every possible person, and he’d successfully seduced half the football team with her body. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Well, that didn't work out

My head was spinning when I opened my eyes. After chanting the spell, the magic immediately did its work. I visualized Dustin, my boss, and focused hard on becoming him. He ruined every possibility for a promotion at our pharmaceutical company, and I fully planned on ruining things with his personal life before finally giving my notice. I found a spell online that could let me possess anybody I imagined, and I immediately went to work with what I had out of desperation.

The smell of something citrusy filled the air when I stared at a plate of mandarins. The sour taste was still in my mouth, and while I swallowed the juices, I looked down at my chest. Two firm breasts stuck out through a T-shirt I didn't recognize, and the sound of the nearby television screen made me realize that I was actually in a completely different place.

I couldn't believe that I was in another woman's body. I stuck my legs up and noticed how skinny I looked now. Green socks hugged my small feet, and my fingers ran through my silky black hair while I heard a buzzing sound across the room. A cell phone lit up, so I hurried over to it and noticed that I was getting messages from somebody. A person whose name consisted of just heart emojis was trying to say something, but when I tried to open the phone up, I was met with a lock screen. "Who am I?" I whispered in a sweet, feminine voice. I walked around the room and saw photographs of a blonde woman I didn't recognize. One of the photos had Dustin beside her, and I realized that it was probably his wife. "I'm not even his wife, though." Sitting back on the bed, I tried to figure out why this was happening. "I was supposed to be in his body..." 

I was afraid at first, but when I felt the warmth emanating between my legs, circling my crotch made me decide that this wasn't going to be so bad. My fingers traced down to the elastic waist of the shorts I was wearing, and I pulled them down to reveal my hairless, smooth mound. I found the clit, which was tiny, but I curiously touched it like I would mine. "Oh wow," I whispered while the pleasure flowed through me. I began to rub faster and faster until I was overcome with a surge of pleasure, and then I felt the warmth between my legs.

It was a flood of wetness that left the sheets soaked, and I looked down in surprise at the fluid dripping from my body. It was something new that I hadn't felt before, and I was concerned about what it might mean. "Maybe I'm sick."

My skin began to tingle when I noticed how much more sensitive it was. I touched myself again out of reflex, and I had to try to mentally tell myself to stop. My hands couldn't stop touching the slick flesh until the nearby door slammed open. I could see Dustin worriedly looking at me, and the blonde woman was standing right beside him. "I fucking knew it," the wife spat. "You HAVE been seeing other women. You're so fucking screwed, Dustin. I'm done with you, and I'm going to take everything."

A naughty smile spread over my lips. I didn't realize it until then, but I successfully ruined Dustin's personal life. He had been texting me to get out of the house since his wife had grown suspicious. My body was his wife’s assistant, and things were getting heated in their marriage. Unfortunately, I trapped myself in his mistress' body. I didn't know until much later, but there was a clause that stated that an orgasm would trap me in my new body forever, and my soul would eventually absorb her own in the process. I was trapped in a gorgeous woman, and it wouldn't be months later that I'd realized that I was pregnant with his child. Of course, he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, especially after I started overeating and letting myself go. I ruined his marriage and inadvertently made my own life worse, and now I was going to have to figure out how to make the most out of my life.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 7


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Part 7

Annette didn't want to worry about Laura while she sucked her new stepbrother off. She focused on his breathing while she worshipped his length. Laura was too weak to do anything, so it wasn’t like she was going to be able to escape and get help. Her mind was going to break apart and rearrange itself, so it wasn’t like the body thief was going to have to worry about her for that long.

Despite not wanting to think about Laura, her mind was stuck on betraying her best friend until Johnny suddenly came inside her mouth. His fingers roughly dug into her hair, she let out a giggle when she realized that he could barely contain himself. She knew exactly what men wanted, and she completely forgot that Johnny probably hadn’t fucked that many girls before. "Sorry," he murmured. "I can't believe how good that felt." She pulled away and got onto the nearby bed, putting on a sly smirk while she stretched along the fabric. The faint scent of Laura's perfume lingered in the air, and while she spread apart her sexy legs, she noticed Johnny's cock getting hard again.

"Look at that," she cooed. "You're already ready. You don't have to be sorry about anything." She crossed her legs and cupped her large breasts. "I don't blame you, though. Don't worry. With a body like this, I'd be worried if you weren't finishing that quickly." She gave him a wink before suddenly turning over onto her knees. She looked over her shoulder and waited for him to mount her. "We'll start off slowly, though. I don't want you to cum too quickly this time."

Annette let out a moan as she felt the man's cock push inside of her. She was initially afraid of his massive rod hurting her, but she was amazed at how perfectly he fit between her legs. His entire shaft was gone, and her leaking folds squeezed him while he pushed in and out of her. She moaned even louder, hoping that Laura could hear her as the two made love. The sound of their moans were all that was echoing in her ears while her slim fingers gripped the dampening sheets beneath them.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. "This is so dirty. Fucking you in my bed."

"Laura," he groaned upon grabbing her waist. He held her still, his wonderful lips planting themselves along Annette's bare back while he struggled not to cum. It took nearly half a minute before he started thrusting into her again, but he thankfully stopped himself from ejaculating. His lips moved up her back and against the side of her neck. His hands moved all along her body while he fucked her from behind, and Annette could feel him enjoying her large breasts and abs. "I can't believe these are actually real. I didn't see any scars."

"Do you like my body?" She purred. He pushed her down against the sheets and went at his deepest, and she immediately knew his answer. He became rougher with her. He took handfuls of her long, black hair and tugged hard while he aggressively began to dominate her. She pleaded for more and felt the pleasure beginning to intensify. In her old body, a single orgasm was all she could have, but the more stimulated her crotch became, the more she realized that this type of pleasure could potentially be never ending. It didn't take long before Annette began to scream, and for the first time in her life, she began to truly shiver out of control.

She screamed while her orgasm overwhelmed her. She gripped the sheets and tossed her hair, enjoying the feeling of Johnny's cock ravaging her womanhood while her drenched pussy clenched him tightly. She squirted hard while her legs quaked and her arms shook, but even after her orgasm subsided, she continued to feel that unbearable pleasure coursing through her. The sensation was indescribable, and the ecstasy eventually made her feel completely defenseless. Compared to her old body, Laura's orgasms felt stronger. "Make me yours," she pleaded. "Do whatever you want. Please, Johnny, punish me..."

The loss of control elevated the excitement she was experiencing. The thought of letting the stepbrother do anything to her body gave him extra control over her powerful new body. Covering her defined abs or making a mess of her thighs made her eager to see what he'd do, so she waited and moaned in anticipation while he pulled out and rolled her onto her side. His cock hovered just above her lips. “Oh fuck…” He stroked his glistening cock before abruptly pushing himself inside her mouth, and the eruption of his seed filled her stolen body's mouth. He groaned while he emptied himself in her mouth, and she obediently sucked and worked his veiny length. She gulped loudly and hard before he finally pulled out and collapsed beside her naked body. Their glistening bodies cuddled together in complete silence while Annette happily listened to a faint banging sound somewhere down the hall. Thankfully, Johnny was too tired to notice it as the two spent the first of their many nights together with her perfect body.

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