Sunday, August 7, 2022

Her family's reputation

He couldn’t believe his luck, especially since Sara was the perfect person to ruin her family’s reputation. “I have to act quickly,” he whispered quietly to himself. Awake and full of energy, Godric slowly crept out of bed and smiled at his sleeping body. He looked so much buffer than he realized, and he could feel Sara’s inner thighs trembling with excitement. He could understand why the governor’s daughter decided to chase after him after her father’s dinner party. 

He ran his fingers through Sarah’s soft, red hair. The air felt cold around his smooth legs as he pulled on her black pants. Godric’s clit was throbbing, and he found himself wanting to slip back into bed to test out his female body. But he knew that his job came first - he just wished he could have a chance to enjoy his temporary flesh.

Godric never had many opportunities to abuse his agency’s Mind Possession Pendant. It was a small machine that could project his mind onto another person’s body. They had to be asleep, but after having a wonderful night satisfying and worshipping Sara, getting her to fall asleep wasn’t that hard. Once asleep, all he had to do was click a button underneath the cube-shaped pendant, and the necklace would do the rest.

But just as he stepped out into the hotel’s hallway, he felt his feminine desires beginning to overwhelm him. He bit his lower lip and decided that testing Sara’s body couldn’t hurt. After all, he had all night to ruin her family’s reputation. How bad was a few minutes alone?

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