Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Becoming the sexiest girl at college - Part 1


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Kim sat at her desk during class, staring at James from across the classroom. As usual, he was completely enamored with her best friend, Serena. Kim had always been self-conscious about her appearance, despite the fact that she was a white, short brown-haired girl with a muscular body. She had achieved her amazing physique from being on the track team for college and working out every day at the gym. But she never felt pretty.

Kim couldn't help but feel jealous of Serena's effortless beauty and the way James was always fawning over her. She had tried everything to catch his eye, but nothing seemed to work. She ended up leaving class as she normally did and went straight to Janice, her college biology instructor who she regularly did teaching assistant work for. After a brief chat, Janice approached her with an offer that was too good to be true.

It sounded like a dark and horrible idea at first. But after the instructor mentioned that she wanted to teach Serena a lesson for cheating on the last few assignments and quizzes, Kim realized that she could get something out of this. Janice had been working on an experimental serum that would allow someone to phase into another person's body and assimilate them into a brand new fused body. Kim was skeptical at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that this might be her only chance to win James over.

“You can literally become her,” Janice explained. “The students who were working on this serum had really detailed notes, but it was never commercialized. But here’s the thing - you’d be making changes. It isn’t a complete take over, but you’ll merge with her attributes and control her. The merging isn’t consistent, so I don’t know what you’ll look like when it’s done. I believe you’ll still mostly look like her, which sounds like what you want to win him over. Completely experimental, though, but the PhD students were confident about its safety. The only downside is you have to be near her and make physical bodily contact with her.”

With a mix of fear and excitement, Kim agreed to take the serum. Janice knew everything in her field, and while she couldn’t guarantee the serum’s safety, the young woman knew she had to attempt this if it meant taking James’ heart for herself. Kim thought deeply about it and realized that today was the perfect day to do this. 

She knew that Serena would be at the gym later that night. Serena already worked out alone, and she rarely interacted with any of her friends after that time. So, Kim decided to text her and asked if she could meet her at Serena’s dorm room after her workout. 

“I wanted to give you a surprise at your place - we never talk anymore,” the text message had said. Thankfully, James’ crush said yes. Kim grabbed the serum from her instructor and made her way to her own dorm room to plan out the logistics of what she was going to do.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 5

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The smell of lavender and sage filled the air while the morning sun slowly rose. It still felt cold, but neither of them cared. Korey and Madison sat on their patio, taking in the beauty of their new backyard while the world lit up around them. They had worked tirelessly for a year, saving every penny they could, and now they finally had a place they could call their own. They sipped on ice-cold lemonade and basked in the warm sun once it hit them at the right angle.

As they looked around their yard on that Saturday morning, Korey couldn't help but reflect on the past. He and Madison had been drawn to magic for a time, and they had spent hours pouring over spell books and incantations. But the more they delved into the world of magic, the more scared they became of the power that spells could wield.

One day, they made the difficult decision to get rid of their spell book and turn their backs on magic for good. At first, it was a difficult transition, but as time went on, Korey couldn't help but notice that things had only become better. Korey got a better software engineering job to help fund their new home, and Madison ended up finishing her English degree with flying colors.

She was never good at school. She was always the one who asked Korey to help read through her papers. She never took initiative when it came to assignments, but now it was like she’d gained a thirst for knowledge. She was fascinated by literally everything in the academic world. Korey wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her degree, but she mentioned wanting to become a teacher.

It was the strangest thing to him, especially since Madison hated children. But when she explained that she wanted to teach them, he realized that she wasn’t playing around. Something had changed about his girlfriend, and he was loving every bit of it. The good luck seemed to follow them wherever they went too, and their relationship with each other only grew stronger while Madison became a social butterfly.

Madison apparently felt the same way. As they sat on the patio, she reached over and took Korey's hand. "I'm so glad we gave up magic," she said while adjusting her sexy white skirt. "I never realized just how much it was holding us back. Now, everything seems to be falling into place."

Korey nodded in agreement while he watched how his girlfriend ran a hand along her bare leg. "I couldn't have said it better myself. It's like the spell book was a curse, and getting rid of it was like breaking free from its hold."

They continued to sit in silence, taking in the beauty of their yard and each other's company. He loved how fashionable she was now, and how eager she was to suck him off. As their relationship blossomed, so too did her desire to keep him happy. Korey couldn't imagine his life without Madison, and he was grateful for the decision they made to give up magic. He had suspicions that she was secretly practicing it to bless them with good luck, but her denials were enough to make him believe her.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 4


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Edmund had never felt so alive when the girl’s soul became one with this. As he ran his fingers along the smooth, soft skin of his arms, he marveled at how different it felt from his old, rough skin before his death. The warmth and suppleness felt wonderful, especially compared to his ghostly form.

After getting used to his surroundings, he was lying on a bed in the girl’s dimly lit room, wearing nothing but a silk robe and a pair of lacy panties. He’d been exploring her wardrobe for hours to see what types of clothing the modern woman wore, and he was excited when he realized just how scandalous he looked. His hips were wider, his waist was smaller, and his chest was now a perky set of breasts that perfectly poked through the opening of his robe.

Edmund got up from the bed and walked over to a full-length mirror. He took in his reflection, admiring the curves through the robe, before running a finger along his new nipple. It hardened almost immediately. He ran his hands over his breasts, feeling the weight and the softness of them while he gave himself a sultry look. He turned around, looking at his backside, and marveled at the fullness of his buttocks while he playfully swayed his hips.

“Women didn’t look this good,” he said. “It must be something in their food. I wonder what else is different?”

But before he could step out into the world, he felt a strange sensation in his body. It was something horribly naughty that he had never experienced before. It was as if his brain was rewiring itself, adapting to the new body it was inhabiting while he moved through the girl’s bedroom. As he continued to explore his body, he noticed that his thoughts were becoming more feminine as well, and the desire to pleasure himself began to overwhelm him. He was thinking about things he had never thought about before, like makeup and fashion.

“The girl’s memories are strange,” he murmured. “That man of hers does such naughty things to her. And neither of them are married.” Edmund went over to a wardrobe and opened it up, revealing rows of new outfits and smirked. “No … WE’RE not even married yet. I can’t believe this girl’s bedded him this many times.” He pulled out a skimpy green lingerie set, feeling the silky fabric between his fingers before he slipped it on, admiring the way it hugged his curves. “I don’t blame him. This girl would’ve seduced armies back in the day.”

As the ex-lord looked at himself in the mirror, he felt a sense of power. He was in control of his body, and he could do whatever he wanted with it. He posed in front of the mirror, feeling sexy and powerful while the throbbing desire grew stronger between his legs. He thought having no cock was going to be bad, but what he had instead seemed much better. He moved back onto the bed, slipped his hand between his legs, and moaned as he explored himself for the rest of the night. Edmund was going to love being a modern woman.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 3


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After Korey had possessed his girlfriend’s body, he didn’t realize that he had left her soul vulnerable. Madison didn’t play with her spell book that night, but something else was going on in her body. Without extra fortification magic to heal her altered soul, Madison’s body was prone to magical predators. She had used a higher level spell that required precautions. Since she and her boyfriend didn’t take those precautions, they failed to realize that a faint portal to the land of the dead had opened up where their spell had taken place.

The world naturally removed these invisible portals with time. By the time Madison had come downstairs to where the spell had taken place, the portal had already closed. But that didn’t stop one of the spirits from quickly slipping through her lips and taking control of her. The young woman closed her eyes and shuddered when she realized that something was going horribly wrong. So, she decided to use the one spell she knew that could grant her full control.

She flipped through the spell book and managed to find a soul fortifying spell. She felt her heart racing as she shuddered again. “Silen … potestatem facio,” she managed to murmur. She felt a faint warmth at her fingertips as she caressed the sides of her face. “Postestatem facio!” A burst of energy shot through her, and she immediately stumbled backwards.

But she wasn’t the one in control anymore. She let out a horrifying laugh as she stood up from where she fell. Her face looked down at her legs while her hands playfully clapped against each other. “This is going to be really interesting,” her voice murmured. “I can’t believe my luck. I’m in a witch’s body too. You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to feel anything. Being dead is very unfortunate.”

The body crossed its arms as she walked to the nearby spell book. “Ah, so you’re that type of witch. It’s such a shame. If you had an actual teacher, you’d know the dangers of using this level of magic. Your body couldn’t have a better owner now that I’m in control. I would’ve preferred a male body, but I can get used to being a girl.” Madison focused her energy and did everything she could to push the body thief out of her. All that did was make her stumble. “My … such strength and willpower! You know, I was pretty scared. After your boyfriend left your body, I was forced out of you. It didn’t take long for me to slip back inside of you, though. I guess I’m going to have to do this early to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

“Do what early?” Madison asked as an airy voice in her head. 

The spirit snapped its fingers. “Make the spell permanent.” Madison felt a horribly sensation washing over her, and as the darkness surrounded her, she could hear the spirit laughing maniacally.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 2

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Madison and Korey were both amateurs when it came to practicing magic. They had recently begun to explore the world of witchcraft after going on vacation to Haiti. They were fascinated by the power of the spells and incantations they had learned and were eager to try them out for themselves.

One day, as they were practicing in the basement, they decided to try one of the more advanced spells. They were confident in their abilities and were excited to see what would happen.

However, as soon as they cast the spell, things started to go wrong. Suddenly, Korey found himself inside of Madison. He was no longer in his own body, but instead was a bodiless spirit, floating inside of his girlfriend while he felt everything. He could feel the heat between his legs and the way her horniness spread across her body at the sheer sight of his own body remaining slumped in his chair. Madison could hear him but couldn't see him, and she was terrified yet curious.

“Are you in pain at all?”

“No,” he admitted. “I feel kind of … funny. Do you normally feel like this when you look at me?”

He could feel her cheeks blushing. The heat was a dead giveaway. “Yeah, I always feel this way,” she answered while she brushed the front of her crotch. A faint burst of pleasure fluttered through her body. “Did you feel that?”

Just before he could give her an answer, he felt her body begin to stumble. She was getting dizzy the more he talked. The couple quickly realized that they had made a mistake, and they desperately tried to reverse the spell. They grabbed the spell book and frantically searched for a way to undo what they had done. They tried incantation after incantation, but nothing seemed to work.

Just when they were about to give up, they stumbled upon a spell that promised to reverse the spell. They cast the incantation together and, to their relief, Korey was suddenly back in his own body.

However, the experience had left them shaken. They realized that the power of magic was not to be taken lightly, and that they needed to be more careful in the future. From that day on, Korey became more cautious in their magic practices and was grateful for the experience that had taught them a valuable lesson. But as Korey left his girlfriend’s apartment for the night, he couldn’t help but notice a naughty sparkle in her eye. He couldn’t help but notice that something seemed a little off. “You’re not going to play around with the spell book again, right? You’re by yourself.”

Madison smiled at him. “No, I won’t play with it,” she promised him.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Our spell went horribly wrong - Part 1


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Lord Edmund Ackerg floated through the afterlife, haunted by the memories of his past life as a powerful witch who knew endless magical techniques. 

He was once feared and respected for his mastery of the arcane arts, but his arrogance and abuse of magic had led to his downfall. He had been burned at the stake and was now trapped in the land of the dead, filled with regret for the evils he had committed.

For what felt like an eternity, Edmund was consumed by his guilt and shame. He longed to make up for his past wrongs, to use his magic for good instead of evil. And then, one day, a strange phenomenon occurred. A portal opened up in the distance, offering a glimpse of the world he had once known.

Edmund saw this as an opportunity to return to the land of the living and make amends for his past mistakes. He stepped into the portal, eager to start his new journey. But as he emerged from the other side, he was taken aback by the world he saw and felt. 

He circled a room with a table at its center. Two figures sat across from one another, and at the center of the table was a glowing object that he couldn’t see clearly.

Suddenly, one of the figures slumped back in its chair. Edmund tried to slow himself down, but the longer he moved around the room, the faster he became. Before long, he was bouncing around the room unable to move freely as strange words filled his head with terror and confusion.

“Are you in pain at all?” A demonic and distorted voice asked. “Yeah, I always feel this way. Did you feel that?”

Edmund felt a surge of pain moving through him the moment the world abruptly stopped moving around. He could hear a faint moan as his soul slipped into a beautiful woman standing at the side of the room.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Getting the hots for me


Rodney’s kisses always made her feel good, but she felt even better with her new body. “You didn’t have to do this.”

Bethany shook her head. “No, I did need to do this. It’s what I wanted.”

“There was nothing wrong with you. But I’m not going to lie - you look so fucking hot.” She smiled at that. Bethany had always struggled with her body image. She felt ugly and out of shape, and no amount of diet or exercise seemed to make a difference. 

One day, she heard about a new beauty clinic that offered a revolutionary new treatment that promised to transform her body in just a few short hours.

Nervous but desperate to try anything, Bethany booked an appointment at the clinic. She was injected with a beauty serum and instructed to wait while the changes took place. Over the course of several hours, her body began to morph and change in incredible ways.

Her hips grew wider and her body became curvier while she was at work. She also lost weight, and her clothes became too big to fit her. Luckily, a coworker offered to lend her a spare gym outfit to wear for the rest of the day.

When Bethany got home that night, she noticed that her hair had become softer and her acne had vanished. She couldn't believe the changes her body was going through. As she got ready for bed, she watched in amazement as her muscles became more defined and toned. 

The next morning, right after she let Rodney fuck her, Bethany returned to the clinic to have her transformed body made permanent. She felt confident in her own skin, and the desire she felt with her enhanced libido made sex so much better with Rodney when they went back home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 6

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Tim sat on the balcony of his new penthouse apartment, overlooking the city, sipping a glass of red wine. Beside him was his girlfriend, Havana, a beautiful woman with long brown hair and bright green eyes. They had been dating for a few months now, and Tim was grateful for her company and confidentiality.

As he took a sip of wine, he couldn't help but think about how lucky he was. Tim had been a money launderer for years, always looking over his shoulder, afraid of being caught. But thanks to one of his own men catching a whiff of a potential spy in his presence, he had managed to escape persecution to start a new life in a new country. He could have stayed at his massive mansion, but he decided that it was safer to move his operations to Romania to escape more watchful eyes.

After all, he had one of the world’s greatest agents serving him in secret. After Tim used a mind altering device to completely scramble Ron’s mind, he had him reprogrammed to become his loyal follower. He understood the technology the government used to give Ron a female body, but he also understood the risks. Sexual intercourse and an orgasm risked leaving one’s brain vulnerable to mind control, and the only way to reverse the damage was to quickly have Ron return to his agency to be placed back in his body.

Unfortunately, Tim had other plans. He reprogrammed Ron to think that he was his loyal concubine. Every ounce of masculinity the agent used to have was gone now. "Is dinner going to be ready soon?" Havana asked, breaking Tim out of his thoughts.

He clapped his hands, and Veronica emerged from the kitchen. Veronica was Ron’s new name. She handed them both plates of rice and steak and stared at him with blank eyes. When he thanked her, she droned, “yes, master.” She lightly kissed Tim’s cheek before she went back inside the apartment. 

"She’s so sweet," Havana sighed “She’s been keeping me company while you’ve been gone, but it sucks that I can’t take her out to explore the city. It seems like a waste to keep somebody like her locked up here. To be honest, I’m surprised she used to be a man. I’d constantly be afraid of getting abandoned by you for her.”

“Reprogramming her wasn’t cheap,” he said upon kissing his girlfriend’s hand. “You shouldn’t have to worry about feeling bad for her, though. She’ll be fine. All you need to know is that she’s somebody we can trust. She’s been fixed, after all.”


Tim nodded to make his girlfriend feel better. Truthfully, he didn’t know what was going on behind Veronica’s reprogrammed eyes. Deep down, though, Ron was desperate to break free. The programming has trapped him, and with time, the ability to reverse his reprogrammed mind would be lost. Unfortunately, Tim had no plans on letting that happen. He would remain his loyal servant until he got bored of her.

Monday, February 20, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 5

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Natalia kissed Amanda’s lips as she pulled her pants on. The other woman was still naked in bed while Natalia wiped the sweat from her forehead. She loved how explosive her male orgasms were, and she loved the fact that so many women were drawn to her. “How was it, slut?” Natalia asked.

“You’re so much better than my husband,” Amanda said while she played with the cum dripping out of her canal. “You actually know everything a girl wants. I’m definitely going to come back.”

That made Natalia smirk while she caressed her muscular arms. She had always been a bit envious of the strength and confidence that men seemed to possess. So when she was given the chance to have her mind placed in a fit, muscular male body, she jumped at the opportunity. 

But she wasn’t expecting to be placed into the body of the biggest asshole on the planet. The thought of being temporarily in Ron’s body made her sick to her stomach. He had dated every single one of her female coworkers, and he always broke their hearts.

Natalia was overwhelmed by the sensations of her new body when she first settled into it. The muscles were tight and powerful, the skin was rough and hairy, and the voice was deep and resonant. But as she started to explore her new physique, she found herself feeling invigorated and energized in ways she never had before. She also realized that she could avenge her coworkers.

Natalia reveled in the newfound strength of her body. She would spend hours at the gym, pushing herself to lift heavier and heavier weights, relishing in the burn of her muscles as they strained against the weight. She loved the feeling of power that came from being able to easily lift heavy objects and the way her biceps bulged when she flexed her arms.

The attention she received from others was also a thrill for Natalia. Women were so easy, and women were what she needed to get back at Ron. The body swap involved a transfer of all rights and consent. Both parties could do whatever they wanted so long as it didn’t result in death. 

Natalia had been sleeping with every gym slut she could find over the past week. She constantly had unprotected sex, and according to her own tallies, a minimum of 80 women had been impregnated. “Once he gets this body back, he’s going to be in for a very nice surprise.”

But the moment her phone began to buzz was the moment her life turned upside down. She opened her phone and saw a photo of her in lingerie. Confused, she looked at the caption, and she felt her heart drop. “I’m not giving your body back,” an ominous text message stated.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 4

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“You probably still want to be a girl, don’t you?” A voice laughed. “The scrambler wouldn’t be working if you felt differently.”

“No,” Ron felt his lips whispering as electricity coursed through his body. But he knew that it was a lie. The sex was mind blowing, and he found himself never wanting to leave.

Just before the voice could say more to him, Ron opened his eyes and groaned as he tried to sit up. His head was in a daze, and he immediately forgot what had happened. A sharp pain shot through his head, and he winced, touching his temple gingerly. He looked around and realized he was in a small, dimly-lit cell, and he couldn't remember how he got there. He stood up and walked to the door, peering through the bars. A guard with no face was sitting at the end of the hallway, his body facing Ron. Ron tried to talk to him, but his words were slurred, and the guard just shook his head and walked away.

Ron paced back and forth in the cell, trying to remember anything that could explain his predicament. But his mind was a blank slate. All he could remember was an extremely long night with another man. “Wait … did I actually sleep with him, though?” He whispered. The moment he thought about a dress on his body was the moment he felt himself getting hard. “No, that’s not right. That’s weird. Why … why do I feel this way?” 

The only thing on his mind was the other man. He couldn’t believe how attracted he was. “But who is he?” He sat down on the hard, uncomfortable cot, his head in his hands. He felt unbelievably turned on at the thought of getting boned by another man. “I’ve never thought like this before.” He sighed and stared at the ceiling. “I was on a mission. Yeah, I was … I was getting information.”

That's when he noticed the small hole in the ceiling. He stood up and walked to the bars, stretching his arms up as far as he could. He managed to get a grip on the bars and began to climb, using all his strength to pull himself up. He reached the hole and peered through, but it was too dark to see anything. He hesitated for a moment, then slipped through the hole, somehow managing to fall upwards. He floated in a black abyss, disoriented and scared.

Suddenly, he found himself sitting in a small room of pure white, with a door right across from him. Without thinking, he sprinted towards the door, his heart pounding in his chest. But as he got closer, he felt electric shocks coursing through his body, and he stumbled, falling to the ground. He tried to stand up, but a weight on his shoulders kept him pinned to the ground.

More images of the other man fluttered before his very eyes. He let out a long moan when he remembered the way the criminal’s lips worshiped his flesh. He loved the way his breasts felt when the man viciously squeezed him tightly. The last thing he could remember before he woke up from his dream was the sight of Tim’s face. Ron moaned, his fingers circling his dainty clit while he begged his new master to make love to him.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 3

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Ron couldn't believe he was on his hands and knees, but as Tim drove his cock into him, he couldn't help but moan. He had a woman's body, and when he began to circle his clit with a free hand, he could feel a strange pressure building up inside of him. He felt so wet and hot as Tim kissed his slender back. The man seemed completely focused on pleasing Ron, which made it all the more difficult for him not to cum right then and there!

Tim pulled out of Ron's inner folds and playfully slapped the curves of his bum. "You're so wet."

"I can't help it," Ron said while looking over his shoulder. The rich man's fingers tightened around his soft hair and tugged it hard. "Oh, I kind of like it when you're rough with me."

"You like not having control, do you?"

Ron couldn't believe how he was feeling. “Am I in love right now?” He wondered. He was always the one who took a more dominant position. He'd never  been so vulnerable before. And as Tim lightly caressed his back with his free hand, Ron realized he wanted to be controlled. 

He felt his hair being tugged even harder, and he felt his body coming alive with desire. Tim drove his cock deep within his canal, and he could feel his body squeezing him. "Yes," Ron said. "I want you to own me."

The wealthy man playfully slapped Ron's ass, and he could feel the pleasure rippling through his naked body. It didn't take long before the pressure inside of him caused his entire body to shiver violently. Ron let out a long, passionate moan while his eyes rolled to the back of his head. 

The wet sounds from his pussy and the waves of pleasure made him practically collapse against the ground. Just then, Tim let out a groan and thrusted into Ron one final time before he allowed his weight to squish Ron's blissfully shivering body.

The agent couldn’t believe how good all of this felt. He wasn’t expecting to feel this good. He didn’t want this to end. When they were both done panting, Tim slowly withdrew himself from Ron's tight hole. The spy could feel his warm seed dripping out of his ravaged slit. 

He turned onto his back to smile at the man who the government thought was a criminal, but just before he could tell him how amazing he felt, Tim shoved a metal device into his mouth. He let out a surprised moan as metal tendrils began to run down his throat.

"Sorry, hun," Tim said with a smile. "I couldn't do that until you really started liking your body. Couldn’t really do that until I gave you a taste of my dick, otherwise I would've done it much sooner." He clicked a button at the base of the metal device, and an electric shock ran through Ron’s body.

Friday, February 17, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 2

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Ron quickly tried to explain his presence, but Tim wasn't buying it. He demanded an explanation, and Ron had no choice but to come clean and reveal his true identity. To his surprise, Tim was understanding and even sympathetic to Ron's situation. Instead of turning him over to the guards, Tim offered to help him gather information about the criminal network, hoping to clear his name once and for all. Ron agreed, and the two began working together by spending a few minutes poring over financial records. Ron realized that it was an associate working under Tim that had caused all of the misunderstandings.

But despite knowing that the man was clear, Ron continued to keep digging around. He wasn’t sure what it was. He was wasting time, yet he didn’t care. Being beside Tim was awakening something within him. At first, he was worried about what it meant to his long term masculinity, but the longer he stood beside the other man, the more turned on he became.

He wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was the man’s good looks, or maybe it was just his female body. Or maybe it was something that went deeper than that - something that had always been there but never explored. Ron casted another glance at the other man, and he realized that his racing heart and intensifying heat were pulling him closer and closer to him.

His tall, broad-shouldered frame exuded confidence and strength, commanding attention whenever he entered a room. His skin was tanned and smooth, and his facial features were perfectly symmetrical, giving him an air of refinement and elegance. His style was impeccable, with perfectly tailored suits and designer shoes, showcasing his impeccable taste and eye for detail. His smile was infectious, lighting up his face and making those around him feel at ease. 

When he spoke, his voice was deep and resonant, drawing Ron in and keeping him captivated with every word. He had a magnetic personality, and his charm and charisma were undeniable. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before Ron finally received all the information he needed to clear the stockbroker’s name. “So it really is one of your employees,” Ron said. “He’s not even under your chain of influence, though. He’s in another corporation.”

“I always knew he was trouble,” Tim admitted after rubbing his eyes. “I’ll have my manager look into this once I deal with him. Are you going to be arresting him?”

“I’ll have my team coordinate it. You won’t have to worry about anything. I’m sorry for inconveniencing you…”

“I’m actually glad you gave me a chance to clear my name,” the stockbroker admitted. “I honestly thought you were going to interrogate me a little more violently. I wasn’t expecting you to be so reasonable.”

“Is that something you’d like?” Ron raised a brow and smiled upon turning to face him. He studied the other man’s eyes and immediately planted a kiss against his lips.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 1

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Ron’s black high heels felt tight around his soft feet, and he felt extremely self-conscious with so many eyes upon him. His soft skin and attractive face should’ve made him realize that the attention was going to be hard to avoid, but he wasn’t expecting to feel the way he did. He wasn’t expecting the hormones and emotions that came with his new body.

Ron had been sent on a mission to gather intelligence at a lavish afternoon party hosted by Tim Black, a wealthy stockbroker suspected of being involved in a criminal network. As an undercover operative for the government, Ron's job was to monitor the party guests and gather any incriminating evidence against Tim. But Ron couldn’t just dress up and blend in with a crowd. He was a well known double agent with a very popular face, so the government transferred his brain into a willing participant.

Natalia Smith was an extremely beautiful administrative assistant who was willing to temporarily switch bodies with Ron for both a raise and one hell of a bonus. Government scientists implanted electrode chips inside their brains that allowed a machine to transfer their minds into each other. It required a lot of power and time, but after the transfer was complete, the two had swapped bodies.

Now at the party as Natalia, Ron mingled with the wealthy guests, trying to keep a low profile while eavesdropping on their conversations. He was unbelievably beautiful, and he was catching the attention of so many people that he was worried about carrying out his work. He discreetly observed Tim, but to his surprise, he found nothing suspicious. He actually thought the man looked really cute. 

“Don’t think like that,” Ron hissed angrily when he realized that the stockbroker seemed legitimate, and Ron couldn't find any evidence of money laundering or any criminal activities.

He even went as far as searching the bedroom. He fumbled through his unbelievably tight dress and managed to pull out a scanning tool to look for more clues. Feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do when the scanner didn’t detect anything, Ron was about to leave the party when Tim caught him sneaking around his bedroom. “Well, well, well,” the wealthy man said with a smirk. “What do we have here?”

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

I won't be her for long

Brandon didn’t look at all surprised after Mary confessed who she really was. “What? No, I don’t mind. That actually explains a lot.” 

“What do you mean?” Mary asked innocently while she ran a finger down the man’s chiseled chest.

“You definitely felt more experienced than you looked. Most 20-year-olds don’t know how to take initiative. But you? Fuck, you feel great.”

That made her smile. Mary was an elderly woman who had lived a long and fulfilling life, so experience was inevitable. But as her body had aged, she had found it harder and harder to do the things she loved. Her joints ached, and her energy levels were low. But all of that changed when she found out about Kathy's body-swapping company.

Kathy, her neighbor, worked for a company that offered temporary body swaps for clients who wanted to enjoy their travels in a younger body. Mary jumped at the opportunity and soon found herself inhabiting the body of a young and healthy woman named Grace. She was grateful for this new lease on life and couldn't wait to experience all the things she had been missing out on.

Her first stop was the beach. It had been ages since she had been able to enjoy the sun and sand. She spent her days wave surfing and snorkeling, feeling the thrill of the water rushing past her. She felt like she was truly living again and it was a feeling of pure joy. She loved how beautiful she was, and it was her first time being a tall and athletic individual.

Mary met new people, had new experiences and felt young again. The days flew by, and before she knew it, it was almost time to switch back to her old body. She never told Brandon that she was going to have to return to her old body either, and she didn’t feel like she needed to. 

Brandon was a womanizer, and it seemed like he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship anyway. She felt a pang of sadness thinking about how she would have to say goodbye to her temporary body, but she knew that the memories would stay with her until her inevitable end.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Trapped as the opposite sex

Jake sat in the coffee shop, sipping his hot drink as he reflected on his life. It had been a few weeks since a magical mishap placed him in the body of a woman, and he was still adjusting to the new reality. Magic users could only use magic with the right genetics. At first, he had been devastated at the loss of his magical abilities and the prospect of being stuck in a woman's body. The spell was supposed to be a spying spell - he wanted to spy on women at the public bath houses. But as time went on, he had grown to appreciate the many benefits of being a woman. He lost his passion for magic, but he gained a new life.

He loved the way he looked. He had always been a bit self-conscious about his appearance as a man, but now that he was a woman, he felt confident and beautiful. He loved doing his hair and painting his nails, and he loved the feeling of dressing up and looking glamorous. Of course, there were challenges too. He had to adjust his clothing options and learn to navigate the world as a woman, but he was willing to put in the effort. He had even started to enjoy the attention he received from men, something that he had never experienced before. The female orgasm was another wonderful thing he’d discovered recently, and he was excited at the thought of never ending pleasure.

As he sipped his coffee, lost in thought, he heard the door of the coffee shop open. He looked up to see Rick, his date, walking in. Rick was a handsome man with a charming smile, and Jake couldn't help but feel a flutter in his stomach as he saw him.

“Hey, babe, I’m here,” he said cheerfully. “I missed you.”

Jake smiled. “I missed you too…”

As Rick walked over to the table, Jake couldn't help but feel nervous. He knew that Rick was attracted to him, but he wasn't sure how he felt about that. Of course, it was their third date together, and he was still figuring out his feelings and his new identity as a woman. He just didn't want to rush into anything. But as Rick sat down across from him and smiled, Jake felt a warmth spreading through his body. He realized that he desperately wanted him badly, and fighting his urges was just going to be a losing battle.

As they talked and laughed over their coffee, Jake felt a sense of contentment and happiness that he hadn't felt in a long time. He was grateful for the magical mishap that had placed him in this new body, and he was excited to see where this new life would take him. In the end, Jake realized that he didn't need magic to be happy or to live a fulfilling life. The only thing on his mind now was trying out his new body with another person, and Rick seemed like the perfect person to do this with.

Monday, February 13, 2023

A body possession remote experiment gone wrong

“Are you ready?” Amelia asked her professor.

“Everything’s good to go,” Jackson answered. “My vitals are good. Your vitals are good. We’re ready to try your toy out.”

Amelia stood in front of the body possession remote sitting on her desk, her heart racing with excitement. She had always been fascinated by the idea of letting someone else take control of her body, and she had finally found a way to let someone do it. 

The thought of having another person control her should’ve intimidated her, but the possibilities were endless if she could figure this out. 

Jackson stepped forward and placed his hand on the remote. Amelia felt a tingling sensation as he pressed a button. The world darkened around her, and bright lights began to pop up and fade around them. 

Suddenly, she felt her body stiffen while her eyes widened, and a faint cry came out of her mouth the moment she felt something warm expanding inside of her. Just as she felt her head falling forward, a blinding flash of white light made her close her eyes.

The next time she opened her eyes, she realized that she seemed to be on autopilot. After a few seconds, she realized that he had taken control of her body, and she found herself immediately stumbling around the lab while her lips swore at herself angrily. It took a few seconds at first, but she realized what was going on. Jackson was in complete control of her body, but he was struggling to walk in her high heels. 

“For fuck sakes,” he said with her voice. “Amelia? Amelia? Can you hear me?” She couldn't help but laugh inside her own body as she watched him stumble around. He was desperately trying to get used to her new body. He was embarrassed by how much he was struggling and how silly he looked yelling at himself. “Okay, you can stop laughing at me now.”

The laughter definitely ended when he accidentally broke the body possession remote. Amelia's heart sank as she saw the device shatter into pieces. Now there was no way for Jackson to give her body back. Jackson's embarrassment turned to rage as he realized that he was stuck in Amelia’s body until he could find a way to fix them.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Stuck as a woman by accident

Marcus had always felt self-conscious about his skinny figure. Jenny explained that she didn’t care and actually loved him for it, but His girlfriend’s words  never helped him out. He wanted to be muscular and confident, but he felt like he would never be able to achieve the body he desired. That was until his girlfriend's Aunt Jan stepped in.

Aunt Jan was known for her knowledge of dark magic and she offered to help Marcus transform his body. She gave him a magical textbook that contained spells and incantations that could change his physical appearance. Excited about the possibilities, Marcus eagerly began to study the book. He found a body transformation spell that would help him achieve the figure he had always dreamed of. He visualized becoming a tall, muscular man, and with a wave of his hand and a few incantations, he began the transformation process.

However, things quickly went wrong. Instead of becoming a tall, muscular man, his body quickly transformed and rippled. To his shock and disbelief, he found himself turning into a woman. Marcus was stunned. He had never imagined that something like this could happen. He was horrified at the thought of spending the rest of his life as a woman. He had never felt comfortable in his own skin, and now he was even more uncomfortable.

Desperate to reverse the spell, Marcus and Aunt Jan frantically searched the magical textbook for a way to change back to his original form. However, no matter what he tried, he was unable to change back. He was stuck as a woman, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Feeling hopeless and alone, Marcus struggled to come to terms with his new reality. He was forced to confront the fact that beauty and physical appearance were not everything, and that true happiness came from within. Thankfully, his girlfriend didn’t care that he’d become a girl. She loved him for who he was on the inside, as corny as that sounded to him. Marcus’ constant doubt may have always stayed with him, but his girlfriend helped him really enjoy his feminine form. 

Aunt Jan would spend months admiring the way Marcus adapted to his new life. The sight of what he’d become put a smile on her face. In reality, she didn’t want Marcus to return to his previous form - she was the reason why he was trapped as a woman in the first place. She never told Jenny about the fact that Marcus was a massive cheater. He may have had self-esteem issues, but that didn’t stop him from paying for escorts after pay day. Despite his unfaithfulness, she was okay with having him stick around. After all, once the day came when she would need to permanently steal another woman’s body to escape her inevitable death, she was going to need a new body. Marcus had become the perfect future vessel, and it was only a matter of time before he’d get comfortable enough for her to possess him.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

My brother's punishment

“How’re you feeling?” Anabelle asked her big brother while she watched him from the bathroom doorway. “Are you having an easier time with that?”

“I’ve figured the foundation stuff out thanks to you,” he said. “I remember most of the stuff you showed me yesterday. How does it look?”

She smiled at him. “It looks really good. You even did your lashes.” Mark was getting ready for a night out with his new friends. He was a little nervous, but he was also excited for this new chapter in his life. There was just one problem - Mark had been cursed by his ex-girlfriend, Lia, to become a girl forever using magic.

At first, Mark was scared and didn't know what to do. He had never been interested in make-up or fashion, but now he was forced to embrace a new reality. But as time passed, Mark began to accept his new identity and was eager to learn more about being a girl. That's where his sister Anabelle came in. She was always there for Mark, and she was more than happy to help him get ready for his night out. She showed him how to apply make-up, how to style his hair, and how to pick out the perfect outfit. She even helped him with getting morning after pills so that he wouldn’t get pregnant.

As Mark looked in the mirror, he was amazed at what he saw. He had never felt more confident or beautiful. He twirled around in front of the mirror, admiring his new look. He felt like a completely different person, and he was excited to see what his friends would think.

Anabelle hugged Mark, seemingly happy to see her brother so happy and confident. She knew that this wouldn't be an easy journey for him. After all, she was actually the reason why Mark had become a woman in the first place. It wasn’t magic - it was her own doing.

Mark went out with his friends, feeling like a brand new person while his little sister watched from the second floor of their home. He had broken up with her best friend, and Anabelle was desperate to get revenge. So, she snuck in a gender swapping pill into one of Mark’s meals. When taken in high enough doses, a person’s gender could temporarily change. It was experimental and could only be used on livestock to help with food shortages. If done regularly enough, the transition can become permanent.

She was excited to see how far this punishment would take him. “I wonder if he’ll over rely on those morning after pills at some point,” she said slyly while she watched her brother get driven away. “This is what you get for fucking my best friend over.” She closed the blinds and made sure to find her stash of gender swapping pills. Her brother loved to drink protein shakes for his workouts, so she was going to make absolutely sure that he’d never become a man again.

Friday, February 10, 2023

My new partner

Ashton handed her a glass of cold sparkling water and kissed her lips. “Thanks, babe.”

“The doorbell rang when I grabbed that for you. I actually think it was that package you were asking about - I’ll be right back, okay?”

Keanna kissed him again before taking a sip.. “Okay, don’t be long. This is supposed to be our special time.”

He nodded and vanished through the backyard door as she let out a satisfied sigh. Keanna was feeling grateful for her new relationship with Ashton. Her previous marriage had been a disaster and she had been feeling lonely until she met Ashton. He was everything she wanted in a partner; romantic, caring, and considerate. 

The problem was that she was double his age. She was 64-years-old and didn’t look as attractive as she did in her youth. So, when she found an online spell that could transfer her soul permanently into another person’s body. The downside was that it could only be used once, and she would never be able to hop to another body ever again. This meant there was no going back or reversing anything. Upon possessing a body, the original person’s soul would become consumed by the dark magic, and Keanna’s soul would be darkened. Darkening a soul too much risked eternal death, so she made sure to wait for the right body to come by.

And as she lounged by the pool in her fit figure, she knew she chose the right one. Bethany Brown was an athletic and beautiful woman with a body to die for. She felt the warm sun on her new skin and sipped from her glass of sparkling water. For once in a long time, she was loving her life. 

They spent the day swimming, sunbathing and just enjoying each other's company. Keanna was laughing more and feeling more relaxed than she had in a long time. She loved how thoughtful Ashton was and how he made her feel like she was the only person in the world that mattered. As the day came to a close, Keanna couldn't help but think about how lucky she was to have found someone like Ashton. He treated her like a queen - her previous husband had never made her feel this way. She was grateful for the new beginning she had found, and once he’d returned to her, she just knew she was going to reciprocate his good behavior. They had all day together, and Keanna was excited to share her body with him.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

My girlfriend seems different - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Mark had known Zena for years, but he could have never imagined seeing her go through a major personality change for the better. It was almost like Zena had become a different person. Gone was the shy, introverted girl, replaced by an adventurous and talkative young woman. Everyone loved her new persona, including Mark. He was struck by her confident, lively personality, and he found himself falling in love with her.

As they spent more time together, Mark discovered that Zena was not only beautiful on the outside, but also kind and genuine on the inside. She had a passion for life that was contagious, and he was happy to be her boyfriend. They went on adventures together, exploring new places and trying new things. Zena was always up for anything, and Mark loved that about her.

Their relationship flourished, and they soon became one of the most talked-about couples in their circle of friends. Everything about their relationship had only improved, and the sudden burst of positivity was a welcoming change for Mark's life. After his family died in a horrific fire, he spent a lot of time going to therapy and suffering on his own. But Zena's positivity and constant care made him feel like everything was going to be alright.

But what Mark didn't know was that Zena was literally a different person now. Joshua Florence was a troublesome man who frequently had issues with the law. After he decided to burn a house down, he accidentally became trapped and inadvertently died in the flames along with Mark's parents. But before his spirit could move on to the afterlife, an opportunity arose when Zena accidentally caused a rift in the basement. His soul happened to be passing by when the young woman's magic forced his soul into her body.

And now, Joshua had Zena's young and privileged life. He felt almost tempted to return to his life of delinquency, but after spending so much time with Mark, he realized that this was an opportunity to make things right. He enjoyed making love to the man whose life he'd ruined, and he loved how happy the young man was whenever he hung around him. Being a woman was definitely weird, but the joy and satisfaction he got from taking care of Mark made Joshua happy.

Mark was overjoyed to be with Zena, and he couldn't imagine his life without her. He was grateful for her change of personality, as it had brought them together and showed him the beautiful person she truly was. They continued to make memories together, and their love for each other grew stronger with each passing day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

My girlfriend seems different - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zena couldn't believe her eyes while her possessor made her move. Focusing her energy, she did her best to push the body thief's soul out of her. All that did was make the possessor's eyes widened. "Holy shit, that didn't feel good."

"Get out of my body," Zena said as an airy voice in her possessed body's head. "Severatum!" A surge of magical energy moved through her possessed body, and for a moment, the spirit controlling her let out a scream. The room darkened while Zena used every ounce of her willpower to finally push the soul out of her. Her body's hands gripped the sides of the sink while she moaned. But that moan slowly died, and when The darkness finally faded, Zena realized in horror that she was floating above her body.

The body thief was panting with sweat covering her beautiful body. But when the evil smile returned, she realized that she'd made a horrible mistake. She had used a spell to fully sever a spirit from her body. Unfortunately, her magic had severed her own soul from her body. She inadvertently became a helpless spirit until somebody with magic could place her back in her body. 

And when she saw the thief spinning around and caressing the sides of her neck, she realized that it wasn't going to happen. "Oh, that's better. What was that? What did you do?"

"I ... I don't know," Zena said. But she realized that the body thief couldn't hear her when they continued speaking.

"That's a shame," she said. "You must be a passenger. Well ... I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for all of this. I wasn't planning on taking over your body, but now that I'm here, it looks like I'm going to have to make a few adjustments. I hope you don't mind." The body thief kissed the air. "I didn't think being a girl would be so great, but now that I've got this body, I ... just wow. I could do a lot with these things." The body thief hopped up and down to admire the way their new breasts jiggled.

But Zena wasn't a passenger trapped in her own body. She simply floated upwards, and now that wasn't bound to a physical body, her spirit was moving on to the afterlife. She cried in horror while she watched another person take her life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

My girlfriend seems different - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zena hated how she felt about everything. The argument she had with Mark earlier that day was still bouncing around in her head, and she kept finding herself dwelling on it. “You can’t just stay home all day,” Mark had said. “You know that people make fun of you for that, right?”

She knew that people hated how she hated going out. Now that she was 21, she could actually go out to clubs and hang out with the rest of her classmates. But she hated doing anything social. The worst thing about it all was that Mark knew this. She disclosed how anxious she got, but her boyfriend didn’t seem to care. Sure, his parents had recently died during an accidental house fire, but that didn’t mean he could take his anger out on her.

“Fuck you,” Zena whispered tearfully while she sat in her basement surrounded by candles and the musty scent of old books. She was an amateur witch, always looking to improve her craft, and on this particular day, she was flipping through a spell book in search of something that would fix her personality. She knew that temporary personality blessings were possible, but a lot of them were unfortunately beyond her skill level. Despite her reservations, Zena felt drawn to one particular spell and decided to give it a try.

It was a confidence spell that could open a small portal to the afterlife. The idea was that it could help transfer the positive thoughts and prayers of those beyond the mortal plane into her. The spell was a temporary one, so she was fairly confident about making mistakes. She knew a spell that could permanently sever evil spirits, so getting injected with dark thoughts wasn’t going to be an issue. She gathered the necessary ingredients and began reciting the incantation, her voice echoing in the dimly lit room. 

Suddenly, she was enveloped in bright white light. The light was so intense that it was almost blinding, and Zena felt herself falling into a deep sleep. In her dream, she found herself in a strange and wondrous place. She was surrounded by creatures she had never seen before, and she felt a sense of awe and wonder that she had never experienced before. She could feel a warmth seeping into her and felt her body coming to life.

But when Zena awoke from her dream, she knew that something was wrong, especially when she felt her body moving on its own. She watched helplessly while her body cautiously walked out of the basement and into the nearest bathroom where an evil smile stretched across her young face.

“Well, that’s convenient,” her lips said while her eyes studied her breasts. Her hands ran up her thighs while she let out a laugh. “I wasn’t expecting to take over another person’s body … especially not a girl’s body. But thank god it happened. Being dead was such a pain.”

Monday, February 6, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 8

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Part 8

Daniella’s life had been so blessed, especially after Sharon inadvertently darkened her soul from misusing magic. Using magic required soul energy, and using it for evil means darkened a soul and weakened its natural protection against body transfer magic. Smiling, Daniella caressed the side of the stairway railing as she watched another person whose life was changed because of Sharon’s twisted mind. 

Alexa planted a kiss against Luke’s lips before they quickly looked back at her. They were just about to walk through the front door while she gave them a reassuring nod. They were leaving to go out on another date, and just before they slipped out the door, the old witch could see Alexa reaching out to hold his hand. Sharon was still legally married to Luke, but Daniella was more than willing to share him with Alexa if it meant keeping them out of her way.

They thought their love was authorized by Sharon. Neither of them knew that Daniella had possessed Sharon’s body while Alexa explored her body all those weeks ago. Alexa didn’t even catch on that Sharon had been so willing to share Luke with her. “And they’ll never know,” the evil witch whispered while she walked into her bedroom. She quickly unlocked her personal box and pulled out her spell book where she could still sense Sharon’s soul in its tattered pages.

She’d been absorbing the woman little by little after she performed dark magic on the adoptive mother, and now that her soul energy was becoming dim, Daniella knew that her entire soul would soon merge with her own. A few more weeks and she would no longer have to devour Sharon’s existence.

Daniella caressed the book and laughed. She felt the warmth flooding into her fingertips while her memories seeped into her mind. She could also feel Sharon’s stolen body naturally becoming younger as she used some of her energy to rejuvenate her skin. She could almost feel Sharon’s distaste towards all of this. “Oh, don’t worry, Sharon - your husband won’t be alone. After all, YOU let her take him from you.” 

After permanently possessing Nicola, Alexa had become Luke's new and official girlfriend, and everything about her life only got better. Alexa had become much more social and polite now that her life had changed. She repeatedly thanked Daniella thinking she was Sharon, and the old witch simply hugged her and reassured her that she would be willing to do anything for her.

Daniella loved how much more confident and outgoing the new Alexa was. She also loved the fact that she didn’t have to spoil the girl like her mother did. Alexa’s once antisocial demeanor had been replaced by a newfound self-assurance that radiated from her healthier and fitter body. Gone were the days when Alexa was self-conscious and overly negative. She now held her head high and walked with a newfound sense of pride. Of course, she had to get used to the idea of being called Nicola, but she was free to make adjustments to her life. She quit Nicola’s job and spent most of her free time at home with her new partner.

Alexa was now a new woman, with a new figure and a new life. Daniella was happy to have been there to witness and push for the transformation. It was clear that Alexa was happy and fulfilled, and Daniella was thrilled for her new daughter as she locked the spell book away.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 7


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Part 8

Luke felt the entire weight of Nicola's body pressing him down against the bed he shared with his wife. Her soft skin felt wonderful while they explored each other. Their lips were locked together, and from the corner of his eye, he could see his wife watching their every move. Of course,  she wasn't mad at what was happening. And when Luke listened to what she and Alexa had done to Nicola, he wasn't angry. 

Deep down, he was surprised that it was all real. But when Sharon explained to him that she wanted what was best for his stepdaughter's new life, he couldn't believe that any of this was real. He was sitting in the living room after a long day of work when Sharon led a scandalously clothed Nicola into the room. Luke's jaw practically dropped at the way the tutor sauntered into the room as if she owned the place.

But when he saw the smile the Ukrainian girl was giving him, he realized that there was more to this than he realized. Sharon explained that she had used one of her connections to place his stepdaughter into the body of their tutor. He knew that Alexa had lived a troubled life, and the fact that she had an upgraded body now had changed everything. Alexa was happier and increasingly confident in her fit body. "I want to share her with you," Sharon's lips had said. He remembered Nicola's cute red cheeks and the way her fingers caressed her own skin. "And you know we both want her to have everything. She deserves everything … and her body apparently really likes you. We're still working on the logistics on completely transferring everything ID-related over, but the spell seems to be combining her memories with Nicola's. She's basically Nicola with Alexa's own memories.”

"You really want me to do this?" He had asked nearly ten minutes ago while his eyes looked at Nicola's lingerie. It looked like something from out of Sharon's closet. The thought of doing this seemed so naughty, and Luke almost said no when he thought more about it. He had a hard time imagining that it was Alexa in control.

But as Luke's cock slowly slid into the tutor's body, he realized that he made the right choice. Sharon also was no longer satisfying him in bed, and he felt like he was reaching a point in his marriage where things were becoming boring. Now, he was with a completely different woman, and she happened to the two of them became connected, and for the first time in months, he felt a rushing sense of satisfaction. Alexa craved his cock, and her fit body was practically wrapping itself around his body while the two made love. He plunged into her stolen body while she screamed with pure ecstasy. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

"Oh LUKE!" Nicola's voice moaned. "Fuck me right there. Fuck me in front of your wife."

He planted kisses against the side of her neck while Sharon smiled at them. Nicola's inner folds squeezed him while they moved from position to position. The woman was gushing with lust, and the wetness made plowing her much easier. His wife was looser than her, and he found himself struggling not to empty himself inside of her. But the naughty smile and fiery eyes made it even harder after she wrapped her ankles around his back. 

He rested his forehead against hers. "Shit..." He groaned. "Ale-"

"No," she said while her eyes seemingly darkened. "My other name. My REAL name…" 

"Nicola!" He roared and sank down against her glistening body, and for the first time in a long time, he felt like he was in heaven. “Fuck…” He completely filled the stolen body up. He panted and cuddled with the tutor's stolen body. He wasn't sure if this was going to be a regular thing, but as he looked at Nicola's soft features and how peaceful she looked, he had a feeling that this was going to happen a lot more often.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 6

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Part 8

Alexa moaned blissfully while the waves of pleasure coursed over her. Orgasms were surprisingly stronger in this body. With Nicola's soul completely absorbed by her, Alexa was starting to see flickers of her life. She knew that she came from a massive family with a long history of learning math and sciences, but she didn’t realize how detailed her life had been before coming over. She had immigrated to America back in 2018, yet her English had been perfected so well over the past 5 years. Every man she'd been with flashed before her very eyes, and Nicola's sexual experiences sent her horny mind into overdrive.

She was completely naked in her own bed enjoying how her toned body felt beneath her fingertips. The smell of her old body's rose scented perfume lingered in the air while her soft fingers circled her throbbing clit. Her toes curled the moment the pleasure began to build up again. Her tummy arched upwards, and she let out a long moan that made her body jerk from side to side. It felt like an eternity until it finally peaked once more. This time, however, there wasn't any pain or discomfort as she orgasmed for what seemed like hours on end.

Suddenly, an erotic thought ran through her mind. As the orgasm died down, another memory or desire popped into her head. She didn't realize it until now, but Nicola had a massive crush on her stepdad. The only thing on her mind was Luke. It was the weirdest thing, especially since she resented him in a way for replacing her adoptive father. Mark had been the one who helped raise her, and after his untimely death, she found herself resenting both of her parents. But now that she had Nicola's body, she was starting to see things differently.

She knew that Luke was attractive to her since that’s how she felt in her old body, but Nicola’s attraction to him made things worse. It was like she was twice as attracted to him. Biting her lower lip, she slipped a finger inside her dripping canal. It was such a naughty thought, but she sexually craved him while she fantasized about him. He was tall, muscular, and he always smelled amazing. His dark brown hair framed his chiseled face perfectly, and those piercing blue eyes gave off a sense of mystery. There was something special about him, even if she couldn't put her finger on it.

Her hand moved faster and harder against her pussy lips, causing her to gasp loudly when she came all over again. "Oh my god," she whispered breathlessly. She could feel every inch of her body pulsating at the same time, making her cum several times in rapid succession. Her legs shook uncontrollably, and she collapsed into the sheets. Despite feeling out of breath and completely drained, her body wanted more. She rubbed her folds into her bed and clutched the damp sheets beneath her. “Ohh Luke…”

The entire night of exploration left her begging for more. She could hardly rest, but her mother made sure that she had all the privacy she needed to become comfortable in her own body. The very next morning, as soon as Alexa woke up, she found herself exploring herself even more. She realized how beautiful her natural breasts were and how toned every muscle was. She knew Nicola was athletic, but Alexa didn't realize that she worked out every muscle group.

When she fully got dressed in her tutor's old clothes, she decided to ask her adoptive mother a very serious question. And the response Alexa got from Sharon surprised her, especially when the new Nicola saw a strange sparkle in the older woman’s eyes.