Tuesday, May 31, 2022

My Landlord's Wife

Kelsey's having a lot of difficulties with paying for rent. After struggling with her drug problem and getting fired from her job, she decides that she needs help. She enlists the help of an online witch and spends the last of her money on a wish. By wishing to possess her landlord's wife, she decides to do the unthinkable.

Kelsey wants to take the older woman's body. Adrianna has everything - a mansion, seemingly unlimited wealth, and a seriously hot husband. And all she has to do is convince the husband to cum inside of her. With a body like Adrianna's, Kelsey has a feeling that won't be too hard.

Monday, May 30, 2022

FtF Erotica 1: Four Body Swap and Possession Short Stories


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Enjoy 4 previously released female to female body possession and body swap short stories (F2F / FTF). Dark and twisted themes are in this strictly female to female oriented bundle. Themes of age regression, age progression, body theft, and other dark topics are scattered throughout this bundle.

Story 1: Let Her Inside Me Book 1

Stephanie's best friend, Priya, is celebrating her birthday. Instead of an ordinary present, Priya asks if Stephanie would be willing to swap bodies with her for a day with the help of a witch. Priya is a transgender woman, and she wants to see what it's like to be a real girl. Intrigued by the thought of seeing real magic and having a cock, Stephanie eagerly agrees to switch bodies with her friend. But what dark path lies beneath an honest request?

Story 2: Let Her Inside Me Book 2

Amita Rai was an old woman who stole Stephanie's young and beautiful body through magic. Months have passed, and she has slipped into her new life and made herself better in every way. Everybody loves her, and her life seems absolutely perfect. Over the months, Priya has grown jealous and decides that she made a mistake in helping Amita secure her new vessel. Stephanie's life is literally ticking away as her memory slowly fails her in Amita's body. Priya desperately enlists the help of a friendly witch and Stephanie's boyfriend to help reverse the spell that gave Amita a second chance at life. Now that she has the means to banish Amita from her stolen body, can she save her friend in time before it's too late?

Story 3: Inside Her Girlfriend

It's Becky's birthday, and her girlfriend, Haruka, hasn't figured out what to get her. When they come to school early to catch up on schoolwork, the wheelchair-bound girl asks Haruka for a very specific present. She asks her girlfriend if she would be willing to swap bodies for a week, and Haruka happily agrees. Becky has been in a wheelchair her entire life, and giving her a chance to walk for the first time is something Haruka would love to do. However, she is completely unaware that Becky is dying from cancer, and when the swap finally occurs, the once disabled woman wants more than just a temporary exchange. She's liking her beautiful body and mobility a little too much, and she's more than excited to make the transfer permanent with her aunt's help.

Story 4: Cheating With My Maid

Emilia has been working as a personal maid to a billionaire couple for two years. She'd been extremely loyal to Geo and Troy up until the day the husband begins to flirt with her. Upon giving her a mysterious necklace, he tempts her and teases her until she succumbs to her lust. After having sex with the wealthy husband, she spends the next day guilty and aroused by what she'd experienced. She's terrified at the thought of losing her high paying job. What Emilia doesn't realize is that the mysterious necklace is more than just a love memento. The gift is a doorway into her soul, and through dark magic, Troy's wife plans on giving her an adequate punishment. Geo wants to cut ties with her Filipino family and to start a family on her own. Thankfully for her, her maid's body is perfect for what she has in mind, and the billionaire wife is willing to do anything to get what she wants.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bullying him again - Part 1


He began to laugh hysterically. He loved fucking around with Kenny. He pushed him around in elementary school and high school. Now that Kenny was going to college, Adam didn’t have anybody to push around. He was the only guy in their grade who didn’t go to post secondary school, and Adam was really starting to feel left out.

He brooded until his grandmother came to visit one day for his birthday. She gave him a spell book. He didn’t think that it was the real thing, so he waited two months before he tried using it.

Now, he was in Cynthia’s body. She was Kenny’s hot stepsister. His breasts felt soft and her tummy flexed beautifully in the bathroom lighting. When he poked his inner folds, he let out a surprised moan and laughed when he fondled himself. Being alone with her naked body had been so fun until he heard the front door open. 

That was when Adam decided to do the unthinkable. He played with himself and moaned loudly on purpose. He flicked her clit until Kenny’s horrified face poked through the doorway. 

“Jeez, do you mind, pizza face?” Adam asked. Kenny’s face twisted painfully. “That still bothers you, huh? God, I missed this.”

“Cynthia, what the fuck’s the matter with you?” He finally cried. 

“Your sister has such a fit body,” Adam shakily moaned. “Is your dad home, pizza boy?”


“I wonder if your dad likes her,” he teased. “She’s not related to him. It’s going to be real easy to get laid.” Adam’s slim fingers began moving faster. His fingers felt wet while he smirked at Kenny. He could only stare in horror as his childhood bully made his stepsister cum.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Tricking the spy

A week on the ocean was really relaxing for Arnold. Madam Olga had given him an opportunity to enjoy himself on a private mini cruise with a bunch of other girls. He paid the old woman $5,000 for a chance to do this while inside of the body of one of her private escorts.

Madam Olga was a key figure in the sex trade. Arnold was originally supposed to be spying on her to get his company’s hands on Madam Olga’s mind transferring software. Instead, he ended up falling in love with the technology. Every sensation in his new body felt incredible, and the girls he had sex with made him realize just how much better being a woman was.

But Madam Olga knew what Arnold was originally trying to do. Now that he was trapped in this blonde woman’s body, Madam Olga’s plan sprung into action. Arnold immediately felt his arms and legs moving on their own as he forcefully sat down in front of the old woman. He immediately began playing with himself and moaned while Madam Olga spoke.

“It doesn’t take much, does it? I won’t be giving back control any time soon. You’re not the brightest agent they’ve sent - see all those other women? None of you are really women. You’re sex bots. And you’re the newest addition to my collection.”


Arnold tried to fight back, but the more he lost himself in his new body’s pleasure, the quicker he accepted his new fate. The old woman simply smiled at him.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Losing a bet


A week in this body nearly made Tyler lose his mind. He temporarily transformed into a blonde girl after losing a Jazz game bet with his friend, Brad. He knew magic, and he was more than eager to test it out after winning a bet.

But Tyler didn’t realize that he’d fall in love with him after adjusting to his female life. Brad’s girlfriend, Emma, had a wardrobe that fit him perfectly. She had so much fun dressing Tyler up in her lingerie and swimsuits. She taught him how to properly play with himself and introduced him to all sorts of fun little toys. What she wasn’t expecting was Brad also falling in love with Tyler.

Throughout the past week, Tyler and Brad had been spending an insane amount of time together. Emma eventually found out that the two were sleeping together behind her back. Enraged, she confronted the two, but she ended up getting the cold shoulder.

A week as a blonde woman completely changed Tyler. The training he got from Emma was being used against her now. He could do everything better than her, and it didn’t take long for Brad to choose him and break up with his girlfriend.

And now that seven days had gone by, Tyler decided to go by his new name: Theresa.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cheating on my husband with our tenant's body


When May used her astral projection magic and possessed her tenant’s daughter, she wasn’t expecting to be in a completely different house with practically nothing on her curvy body. May thought that Priya was downstairs, but it was probably her mom or dad. Is she at a friend’s house? She wondered while she looked around.

It was supposed to be as simple as slipping into her soft frame. She was going to have sex with her husband for their wedding anniversary. Instead, she was sitting across from a tall, handsome man. His naked, chiseled frame and sharp smile made the area between her legs throb with endless desire.

She couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. Her husband was probably waiting - all she had to do was call him to let him know that she wasn’t home. But she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Priya’s boyfriend. Compared to her husband, this guy had it all. I can’t just leave now, she thought to herself. This body’s practically dripping. She was supposed to be sharing this body with her husband, and now she was having second thoughts. The stranger inched closer to her, planting kisses along her leg and tummy until she decided to do the unthinkable.

May decided a little bit of fun couldn’t hurt. She didn’t realize just how much better this man felt. She moaned uncontrollably as they made love, and when they were finally done, she decided that her husband wasn’t going to be the only one she would share this body with.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It's time - Part 3


Paige and Hans didn’t waste any time in using the stone. As the couple played in the pool together, they prepared the body transfer ritual and used the stone’s magic to transport Paige’s mind into Amber’s young and sexy body.

It didn’t take long for Saul to fall for her suggestive tongue. Paige’s hot kisses and moans drove him over the edge as she pushed him to the bed. The two made sweet love, and the pleasure overwhelmed her young body as she gushed with triumphant excitement. She always loved having sex with a new body, but this was something else. Amber cried in her mind, and as the ecstasy and lust consumed the body hopper, the girl’s voice slowly became absorbed in her mind. As Saul’s cock penetrated her stolen folds, flashes of the young woman’s mind fluttered before her very eyes.

By the time they were done, Saul had finished too early, and Paige was left bored and disappointed. Changing into some sexy lingerie to surprise her husband, she left Saul alone in the room to retrieve the body transfer stone. Since Saul was exhausted, now was the perfect time to send Hans into his new body.

And once he was inside of the young man’s chiseled body, the couple didn’t waste any time in enjoying their stolen flesh. It was going to take a while for them to transfer their assets, but once they did, their new lives were going to be much more exciting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

It's time - Part 2


Saul was saying something while he swam to the edge of the pool. Life felt so perfect for Amber as she smiled at him. He pulled himself out of the water and walked to a nearby lounge chair to text one of his friends when a surge of pain ran through Amber’s head.

She winced painfully while she stumbled somewhat. Rubbing the side of her head, she realized that she was starting to tremble. Before she knew it, she felt like she was falling. By the time she opened her eyes, she found herself on the concrete twisting and turning while her boyfriend ran to her side. He said something, but she couldn’t understand as she forced herself up from the ground.

That’s when she realized that somebody was controlling her. Her body forced a smile and lightly kissed Saul’s lips. “I must’ve tripped,” her smooth voice said while her fingers nervously rubbed against the slender waist. She giggled. “You’re such a sweetheart for worrying about me so much.”

“Sweetheart, huh? Well, you’re not hurt, are you?”

Amber’s lips let out another laugh as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck. “I’m not hurt. But we should check it out. Can we go inside?"

Monday, May 23, 2022

It's time - Part 1


Hans and Paige looked out the window and watched their tenants swimming in the pool. After giving them a sweet deal to stay at their mansion home, Amber and Saul were making the most out of their seemingly luxurious lives.

But there was a more sinister reason for letting them stay at such a cheap price. Hans and Paige were body hoppers, and now that they were finally getting too old to enjoy their stolen bodies, it was time to make the switch. Paige especially loved the way Amber looked. Her soft golden hair and her pale skin reminded her of her current body’s youth. She always loved fair haired women, and her husband enjoyed them too.

“They’ve been here for a month,” her husband said in a low voice. “Do you think it’s almost time?”

Paige nodded. Transferring bodies wasn’t an easy task. It always involved careful planning, even with their two hundred years of experience. It always involved two people voluntarily using their power alongside a small, purple stone. Hans would remain with the stone, while Paige would possess the body of their choosing. Once done, Paige would always repeat the same process. “I think now’s perfect,” she said with an evil smirk.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

This isn't easy

“Shut the fuck up,” Triston said with an annoyed look. After going to a fortune teller, his girlfriend had wished that he could see things from her point of view, the two swapped bodies at the fortune teller’s tent. They immediately started freaking out. Thankfully, the fortune teller said that the swap would reverse itself after 7 days, so things weren’t permanent.

Life wasn’t as easy as Triston thought it would be. It was the fourth day as each other, and Triston was about to go to Angel’s business meeting for her. All she could do was laugh at him while she sat in a char in his boxers. “It isn’t that easy, huh? It actually takes a lot of work to prep for these things. You have to actually look presentable.”

He struggled to walk around in her high heels. Being a girl wasn’t that easy. He wished his girlfriend had slacks and a dress shirt that he could wear, but the girl didn’t have any of that stuff.

Suddenly, Angel’s cell phone buzzed, and the sound made Triston lean back against the couch again to stay upright. His girlfriend looked down at the phone and swiped the screen. She brought the phone up against her ear. “Don’t worry, we’re ready. We’re coming.”

Triston let out a frustrated sigh.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

An experienced escort


When the VR headset was off, Connie stood up and looked worriedly back at his old body on the couch. He placed the VR headset down on the table. Strange sensations were fluttering through him. When he agreed to letting her have sex with an escort, he wasn’t expecting to physically be inside of the escort’s hot body.

Reyna’s Asian body sat at the dinner table while his old body sat on the couch in a comatose state. Kylie was sitting beside him, her lips pressing up against his body’s neck. Connie couldn’t feel anything, but a strange heat engulfed him while he let out a horny sigh. All he could do was feel his inner folds throbbing with desire as his old body stirred.

Suddenly, his body removed the head set, and his lips were soon against Kylie. The body swap had worked, and now his girlfriend was making out with him. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Reyna said in his body.

“Oh, ‘Connie,’ you‘re making me so fucking wet right now!” Kylie moaned. He sat back down, his fingers brushing against the front of his new body’s crotch while he watched his old body do things he wouldn’t have thought to do. Kylie moaned and squealed throughout the entire session, and all Connie could do was watch.

Friday, May 20, 2022

My boyfriend's hot finance teacher


“God, you look so fucking hot,” Megan’s boyfriend whispered while she stripped down in front of him. After possessing Allen’s finance teacher to give him a fun time for his birthday, Megan didn’t waste any time in letting him stare at every inch of Mrs. Liu’s body.

She was an amateur witch still learning the basics. Thanks to the help of her mom’s spell book, she was able to do more advanced techniques. Megan tested the spell on her boyfriend and her sister, so she knew that it was perfectly safe.

She planted hot and passionate kisses against her boyfriend’s chiseled body. It didn’t take long before they began to make sweet love in Mrs. Liu’s bed. They spent the entire evening together, and she even let him cum inside of her.

Unfortunately, what she didn’t realize was that insemination permanently sealed her soul. She tried to release control after she forced Allen to go home. Stuck on the bed with his seed dripping out of her, she tried to use her powers to force herself out.

Megan tried to stay calm. But, as the bedroom door opened, Mr. Liu found his wife completely naked with his inner folds dripping with another man’s seed. Megan was trapped in the teacher’s body with a lot of explaining to do.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

My friend's betrayal

After she woke up a dozen miles away from her actual home, she found herself in a stranger’s body. She didn’t understand what happened until she learned that a body thief had used a magical necklace to project their soul into her body. It was a golden necklace with a notebook sitting on her new male body’s desk. Unfortunately, the notebook was torn up. She didn’t waste any time and asked Adam for help when all of her friends would run away from her new body. Eventually, she was able to track her phone through Snapchat thanks to her best friend’s account. Adam was more than willing to help her once he realized that Alina was trapped in some balding guy’s body. She told him where they met and said details only she would have known. “Give my body back,” Alina hissed angrily when they finally caught up to her body. The body thief simply smirked. “I’m not joking around. Adam, give me the necklace. I’m going to try using it on him.”

“I was wondering when you’d show up,” the thief said nonchalantly. Her seductive eyes fell upon Adam as she inched forward in her bathing suit. Her eyes looked to the golden necklace in his hand. “I didn’t think you had such a cute friend. Are you really helping her because she’s your friend? Or are you doing it because she’ll reward you?” Alina didn’t think that meant anything that her friend hesitated. What she wasn’t expecting was how far the body thief was willing to go to make an ally. Adam was the only one who was willing to help her. The body thief smirked. “I’ll do anything for you if you let me keep her body.”

When the body thief kissed his lips, Alina knew that the thief had won as he shoved the necklace into his pocket. “Sorry,” he whispered to her as her stolen body took his hand.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wearing my soul


Alex stared at himself in the mirror with the magical necklace glittering around Vanessa’s neck. The poor girl screamed in her mind, but all he could do was smile while he admired his slim features and firm breasts. His silky brown hair and piercing brown eyes looked perfect. “GET OUT!” Vanessa screamed.

After the girl wore the necklace over the course of several days, his soul slowly seeped into her body. He had allowed the necklace to absorb him after he died of old age. Now, he had a second chance. “I won’t lie - I wanted your boyfriend’s body. I didn’t think the necklace would work like this.” He laughed when his hand brushed the front of his skirt. “Wow, but this isn’t that bad. I wonder what else I can do in my new body?”

“Vanessa?” A deep voice said from behind him. Alex spun around and saw the girl’s boyfriend. Connor was a tall and lean man whose body Alex wanted to have. Now that he had Vanessa’s body, he decided that being a girl wasn’t going to be so bad.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

My friend's hot daughter


Annette couldn’t help but smirk up at her old body. Velma, her best friend’s daughter, had finally woken up and was finally freaking out. She spoke gibberish, but it wasn’t because of being afraid or anxious. “Oh, sorry, what did you say?” Annette asked knowingly.

Velma couldn’t speak because her brain was damaged purposely during the transfer. After Annette had her husband extract their brains, he successfully swapped their minds. It was a huge risk, but they had to take it.

Annette’s 40-year-old body wasn’t just overweight. She was suffering from chronic back pain and terminal pancreatic cancer. They didn’t have any time to waste with aggressive cancer treatments, so Xavier decided to do the unthinkable.

Of course, they wouldn’t tell Velma any of this. It wasn’t like she was going to be able to understand. And it wasn’t like she’d be able to convince anybody to help her. All Velma could do was stare with her frantic and confused eyes while Annette hugged her young body.

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 3


Dylan had gotten away with everything. After using the mind transferring machine to heat up their bodies, he was able to trigger the body swap mechanism through touch. His soul went into her body, while her soul went into his body.

Now armed with the girl’s memories, he knew what he had to do to fully slip into her life for good. Jackie would know all about the mind transferring machine was a one-way exchange. Their souls had swapped, but switching them back could kill one of them.

How did Dylan know this if his own memories were trapped in his old body? He had sent a text message to Jackie seconds before the swap detailing everything about the transfer. Dylan knew that he’d have to stay on his toes to make sure Jackie didn’t try anything, but he was mostly safe. He just had to go to the address listed on the text message leading him to Mark, the scientist who sold the machine.

With Jackie’s sexy body, it didn’t take long for Dylan to convince him not to help Jackie. After testing out his new body with Mark, the intense pleasure and desire made him realize that he made the right choice with his female body.

By the time Jackie had come to Mark’s lab for help, it was already too late. Sitting on his lap was Dylan in her body, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get any help from either of them. She was stuck, and she was going to have to adjust to her new life.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 2


Jackie stared back at her own body with a horrified look over her face. Her old body smirked and adjusted her swimsuit. “What’s your name?” Her body asked.

“Dylan,” her mouth blurted out. “W-What? No, my name’s ... J ... Dylan.”

The body thief laughed. “Good, it’s actually working. I was scared. It looks like I know what you know.” Her body kicked something in the sand. She picked a metal sphere with her foot and kicked it up into the air for Jackie to catch it. She stared down at it with a frown. There was a crack running down its side.

Something hit her hard. She knew she used to be Jackie, but she didn’t remember where she lived or what she did for a living. She knew exactly what Dylan did - she remembered every girl he’d slept with and every class he had attended. “H-How?” She asked, only to realize that it was a machine that transferred one’s soul. It didn’t transfer a brain, so that’s why she couldn’t remember anything.

She realized that he had been watching her for months. He had wanted to be a girl for so long, and now he had the chance to live in her body. “Give it back. GIVE MY BODY BACK!”

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the body thief said while she skipped away. Jackie stood there and fell to her knees. Trapped in a man’s body, she began to cry.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Smashwords Announcement

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be steadily uploading my Amazon short stories to Smashwords. The bundles will come later at slightly discounted prices for mail list subscribers (check your spam folders just in case - only going to be valid for a few days after release). Long story short, I kept getting stuck on Kindle Unlimited, which is why you're going to be seeing stories from over a year ago getting posted onto Smashwords. Some of these stories will actually be slightly different from their Amazon counter parts. The Smashwords release will explicitly say if it is the uncensored version. The other long story short is that certain stories had to get censored or less dark for Amazon's standards. Most of them will also get updated covers. The below are just teasers.

The official dates for release will happen on May 17 and beyond. I'll send out a mailing list email about the shift too in case some subscribers miss this message. But I won't send out an email for every new release since they're technically already posted (and I don't want to seem spammy).

The released Smashwords stories will still get their own blog posts, but their dates will be set towards the beginning (March or February) to avoid cluttering the free captions. I'll still post newer stories on their release dates, but I figured posting 40+ stories all at once would hide my more recent captions for you guys.

Controlling My Roommate


The door opened, and Lee’s roommate, Bethany was at the door with a surprised look on her face. Lee didn’t know what to say. He thought of every excuse until he saw Bethany smiling at him. “It worked.”

“It worked? You did this to me?” Lee asked angrily. He began to walk towards her when a sharp pain surged through his head. “What the fuck?”

“I slid a body suit over you and let it do its thing. It’s permanently fused against your skin - try pulling it off.” She giggled when Lee pinched at his skin. “Yup, it’s stuck. This is awesome.”

In Bethany’s hand was a remote. Glaring at the remote, Lee began to sprint at Bethany when she pressed a few buttons, and within seconds, he was undressing himself. Bethany’s eyes lit up when she saw his naked body. “Yup, everything’s working perfectly.”

She used the remote to get Lee to walk into the living room. Spreading open his legs, his fingers pressed his exposed inner folds. Waves of pleasure ran through him as he moaned. Bethany toyed with the settings and watched him play with his transformed body. He was enjoying every second of this, and it wouldn’t be long before every ounce of his masculinity would be forced out of him.

Friday, May 13, 2022

My Wife's Assistant: Body Theft (FtF Body Possession)


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Howard is having an affair with his wife's teaching assistant. While Annie is supposedly at a work conference, her husband and Jade have constant sex in her bed. Unbeknownst to the young woman and the cheating husband, the wheelchair-bound wife isn't actually at a conference. Traveling through the country with her best friend, the two hatch a plan to gain sweet revenge. By using a family friend to help Annie possess her teaching assistant, she plans on doing more than just teaching the young woman a lesson. Annie's tired of being bound to a wheelchair, and Jade's young body is more than enough for a second chance at life.

My Wife's Assistant is an erotic short story with a length of 14,000+ words. It has themes of body possession (female to female), age regression, dark magic, and cheating. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 1


Jackie was minding her own business at the local swimming pool when the cutest guy came up to her. Dylan was an unbelievably funny guy. After a few minutes of chatting, she gave her number and kept in touch over the next few days.

Eventually, he invited her out to the beach. She didn’t have anything else to do since she was on summer break. Dylan introduced her to a group of his friends while they were there. After about an hour, he wanted to talk to her in private, so he took her out to a secluded area along the beach.

Jackie didn’t know why, but she felt extremely hot. The longer she stood in front of him, the hotter she became. His eyes repeatedly glanced down, but she didn’t care.

Suddenly, a sharp pain from the center of her chest sent her to her feet. She struggled on the sand while Dylan held her in his powerful arms. He said something to her in a completely different language, yet the smile on his face made her feel at ease when he planted a kiss against her lips.

The pain went away, and the world went completely black.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

My Slut Granddaughter - Part 1


Part 2

Kara smirked as she looked across the pool. There was a group of three guys casting looks at her. She loved the attention she was getting with this body. Before her doctor transplanted her brain into this one, she only made one request. She wanted to have the body of her beloved granddaughter.

The girl had been an overly slutty woman. As the heiress to her entire wealth, Kara didn’t think that Emily was worthy of taking away everything she worked for. So, after Kara invited her entire family to her summer mansion, her doctor was more than happy to sedate Emily for the transfer. Now, Kara had her body. She left her old body and had her doctor fabricate a cause of death (to be released in several days). For now, Kara decided that she’d be waiting and exploring her new body. But the more she explored, the more she understood her granddaughter. Emily loved flaunting herself as much as she did because of her physical body. She couldn’t help it. The attention and horniness of her young body made it difficult to keep herself under control.

And when the three men started walking over to talk to her, Kara decided that she deserved a little fun. After all, she had spent over 80 years building up her family’s status. She was doing what Emily would’ve done.

The only difference was that it would be Kara in her place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Friendly Game

Casey couldn’t believe how good his new body felt. His friend’s cock drove right through him as they both let out surprised moans. “What the fuck happened?” Tracey asked while he looked at the rest of his body. He was an African American man literally a few seconds ago, and now he was some buff white guy.

Casey was a completely different gender. He had become an attractive woman with one hell of a body. They froze and examined themselves until Casey realized that they had taken over the bodies of their next door neighbors.

Him and Tracey were toying with a board game their roommate, Josh, was giving away. When they started drawing cards, a bright light consumed them, and they immediately found themselves in completely different bodies.

Casey should’ve been freaking out by now, especially since he had a dick deep inside of him. But, when he started gyrating his hips, the pleasure sent his body into a frenzy. Tracey began to thrust forward, and the two lost themselves in their lust as the table shook beneath them.

They returned to their apartment after they had sex, where Josh was at the door. He led them inside, where their neighbors (now in their bodies) had just woken up. They were freaking out, but Casey promised that they were going to figure out how to fix all of this. Unfortunately, the card they picked had some bad news. A disclaimer at the bottom of the body swap card indicated that sex would make the swap permanent.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Taking A Gamble


Tara played around with her bikini straps and jiggled her new breasts. She loved how she looked so good in anything she wore. She was enjoying herself so much that she had almost forgotten Jasmine’s faint screaming echoing in her head.

Jasmine had been staying at an Airbnb for the weekend with a couple of her friends. During her stay, she discovered a wooden statue of a cat that seemed to be calling out to her. Once Jasmine touched it, Tara’s soul flooded into her body. The poor girl lost full control as Tara’s magic strengthened.

Tara had left the little wooden statue in the Airbnb, which had been her former home before the landlord started using it for short-term rentals. The homeowner kicked her out after being unable to pay rent. With nowhere else to go, Tara realized that she had nothing left, so she used the last of her magic to place her soul inside of the statue. She decided to take a gamble with whoever the new tenant would be.

Her new body was incapable of using magic. But as she smirked at herself in the mirror, she decided that she didn’t care.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

My Naughty Cousin


“Here? Jesus, you’re really naughty, Samantha,” the guy said. “What’s gotten into you?” Brad giggled and pulled at the girl’s dainty strings. The throbbing was getting worse. After possessing this girl’s body with the help of his magical possession stone, he realized that he could literally do anything he wanted. “This is honestly so hot.”

He was always curious about what sex felt like as a girl. Every girl he’d been with always screamed with excitement, so he wondered if the same thing would happen with this stranger’s body.

Brad barely knew who the other guy was too, but his body made him want to learn more. He kissed him once, only to realize that his body was starting to act on its own. Before he knew it, they were back in the swimming pool with their lips locked together. Brad could feel the other man’s cock hardening against his crotch.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. The moment the man’s cock slid between his legs, a passionate moan echoed from Brad’s gaping lips as he made love for the first time as a woman. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that sex made the possession permanent.

They slept together in multiple places over the course of the next few days. The man made every inch of his body pulsate with lust and desire. But, on the third day, something horrible happened. The girl started regaining control, and to Brad’s horror, he realized that his soul was trapped inside of her forever. He would forever be a passenger, unable to feel and enjoy his body as Samantha confusedly tried to figure out why her cousin, Ed, was constantly trying to sleep with her.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Doctor's Patient: Body Theft (FtF Body Possession)


Available on: Amazon  & Smashwords

At the Collegiate Institute for Gifted Women, a married doctor is sleeping with his transgender medical office assistant, Joyce. She knows all about his secret body wholesale business. For years, Doctor Daniel Nixon has been taking the young bodies of academically struggling students. Through the school's patented simulator program, he traps their minds and sells their bodies to the wealthy. The wealthy have to redo school as part of the deal, but once they graduate with flying colors, they're free to do whatever they want. Joyce is an undercover investigator looking to unravel the school's secrets, but when she falls in love with the handsome doctor, she decides to suggest something sinister. To keep quiet about it, she asks for a chance to benefit from his side business. Joyce is a transgender woman who wants to be a biological female. And with a school surrounded by young, fit, and attractive women, she has tons of options to choose from.

The Doctor's Patient is an erotic short story with a length of 15,000+ words. It has themes of technology-fueled body possession (female to female), age regression, and cheating. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Friday, May 6, 2022

An Evil Sister


“What was in this?” Elizabeth asked tiredly. She slowly put the cup down and felt the world spinning around her. The taste of jasmine filled her lips as she swayed. She saw her sister smiling at her. Just before she could say something else, she fell into Jasmine’s arms before she gently dragged her across the floor into a dimly lit room.

It was the same room Jasmine had locked away from her. Elizabeth was visiting her younger sister for the weekend after she decided to see how she was doing. Elizabeth constantly worried about her, especially since she suffered from a lot of self-esteem issues because of her weight. What Elizabeth didn’t know was that Jasmine and her boyfriend had something more sinister in mind.

There was a circle drawn at the center of the room. Elizabeth was still awake as she struggled to say something. Jasmine’s boyfriend, Troy, was wearing a weird tribal mask. To Elizabeth’s horror, the circle began to glow beneath her, and Jasmine has her hands wrapped around her ankles.

Troy started chanting in an unknown language. Elizabeth felt her chest beginning to shiver violently as Jasmine moaned. Suddenly, a sharp pain surged through her, and Jasmine immediately fell on top of her.

The last thing Elizabeth could remember was her lips giggling. “It worked,” she said. “Oh my god, I’m actually ... I’m actually her. I’m inside of her. Troy - can we do it?”

Troy walked closer to her and shoved Jasmine’s body aside. Elizabeth watched in horror as he nodded. “But are you sure? Once we fuck, you won’t be able to go back to your old body.”

“I don’t want to,” she smirked.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

His Girlfriend's Stepsister


Kevin hated every second of being Emma’s stepsister’s body. After convincing him to swap bodies with Kelsey for a day through the Body Swap Clinic to teach him a lesson, he thought things were going to be easy.

All he got a chance to do was get laughed at. Emma loved the way he struggled in her sister’s high heels. He struggled to follow after her as Kevin angrily grunted to himself.

But when they finally arrived back home, Emma taught him how to properly pleasure a woman. She hated the fact that he didn’t know how to do foreplay, but when she showed him how to play with his new inner folds, he realized just how bad he was at satisfying Emma. She rubbed his inner folds and watched his face twist with ecstasy, and when he experienced his first female orgasm, he knew what he needed to improve on.

By the time he returned to his male body, Emma was excited to learn that he actually picked up on the tips and tricks in her stepsister’s body. “Maybe we should do this again,” she whispered playfully. “Maybe you can let me try a thing or two in your body.” She winked at him as he agreed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Successful Science

After Richard gave his girlfriend her new necklace, she was ecstatic. They were on vacation together at a tropical resort when they were alone. When Isabelle finally put on her boyfriend’s necklace, the metal piece buzzed with life.

She tried to say something, but it was like she was slowly losing control. The last thing she could see was her boyfriend smiling at her as the world darkened around her.

“It worked,” Velma said while smiling at her husband. She looked down and immediately felt alive. After spending weeks trapped in the necklace, it felt good to be able to move around in a body like this. “Jesus, she’s hot.”

“You’re hot,” Danny said in Richard’s body. “That was such a gamble. I thought he wasn’t going to wear me.”

Danny and Velma were scientists looking for a second chance at life. After going into enormous amounts of debt and making failed inventions, they finally managed to make something that actually worked. All it took was a single person to willingly place the necklace around their neck. Upon sensing body heat, the machine connected to their custom network, and the mind transfer began.

With their newest invention, they weren’t going to be marketing their new device. No, there was a lot of power in their body transference necklaces. With a simple computer and their custom network, they could do a lot as other people.

But for now, they were content with the couple they had forcefully taken. Now that they were alone and significantly younger, it was time to enjoy what their new bodies had to offer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

My New Body Part 3

Matt was an undercover agent working for the CIA. After finally gaining the trust of Russian mobsters, he was finally getting personal access to their main HQ. He sipped his coffee while the pretty Russian brunette, Helga, sat across from him and explained how to get to the main HQ.

He felt terrible for getting his girlfriend killed. He knew that she was a Russian experiment, but after having her naturalized in America, she was just as Westernized as he was. Unfortunately, her death was the only way to prove his loyalty to the Russian mob. He needed information, and his girlfriend’s death was the only convincing way to let him in.

He could save thousands of lives by doing as the CIA said. He cried constantly for what he had done, but a job was a job. Sighing to himself, he began scribbling some notes down when Helga suddenly stood up. Her eyes were glowing a faint red, and he realized what that mean. “K-Katie? Wait-” Before he could explain himself, the Russian girl shoved a knife directly into his throat. People screamed nearby while he reached blindly for the knife.

“W-What did I do?” Helga asked fearfully as his eyes wandered to the side. In the distance, he could see a cute brunette in an extremely tight white skirt. She ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at him before she turned to walk up the steps.

Monday, May 2, 2022

My New Body Part 2


Katie couldn’t believe her luck when somebody compatible came to help her. She was an experienced body hopper who knew how to possess people for any length in time. The body just had to have a similar energy signature. She regularly used her abilities to satisfy her boyfriend, Matt, until he assassinated her for the Russian Mafia.

Matt convinced her to use her body hop ability when nobody was around. She thought that the group of girls on the beach would at least have one person to possess, but when Matt cut her old body’s throat, she remained floating around in her soul gas form. With nobody to latch onto, she felt her soul slowly beginning to fade away. He had betrayed her to put a stop to her powers, but she didn’t understand why. She’d done everything for him, yet he was willing to try disposing of her out of fear.

With a younger body like this, she needed to get used to her surroundings. Thankfully, Tamara was an unbelievably rich girl. With a cute boyfriend and no real issues to worry about, Katie effectively found the perfect life to slip into. She just had to take the time to research everything this girl had to offer. Thankfully, her life was all over social media - she had a feeling that wasn’t going to be very hard.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she smirked and rubbed the front of her underwear. Waves of pleasure left her body as she bit her lower lip. With her hot new boyfriend waiting for her in the next room, she decided that revenge was going to have to come later. She had all the time in the world to enjoy her new body.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

My New Body Part 1


Tamara was walking alone on the empty beach when she heard a faint cry for help. Concerned, she hurried over to a small cliffside where a cloud of pink gas hovered. “Is this fog?” She asked herself while she walked closer and closer to what looked like a cavern. As she walked through the fog, a surge of pain ran through her body, and she realized that the gas was forcefully slipping down her throat.

Little by little, Tamara felt a fizzing within her chest. She wanted to throw up as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She shut her eyes and shook her head frantically. When her eyes finally opened, she looked down at her hands. To her horror, somebody else was controlling her body as her hands felt at her flat tummy. They crawled up to her breasts and gently squeezed them. “The sun feels so nice,” her lips said. “God, that was so fucking close. That could’ve ended badly. It’s a good thing this girl was coming by. I could’ve died.” Suddenly, a man called out to her.

Tamara tried to scream, but it was like she was locked away and suppressed. The body thief ignored her cries for help as her boyfriend came over. “You alright? I thought you wanted to go home. I’ve been looking for you for like half an hour.”

The body thief smirked. “Sorry. Let’s go.”