Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 4

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Part 4

“Wait, but she’s an OnlyFans model,” Shannon, Makayla’s sister, told her. “You know that, right?”

Makyla frowned while she scrolled through the endless pages of her ex’s Instagram page. After she learned that Justin was pregnant, she was shocked. Half a year had past since she helped adapt to his female body, and after months of "job interviews," he had apparently been knocked up by an extremely rich CEO at a food distribution company. A “regular customer” as he dubbed them. He eventually managed to convince the soon-to-be-born baby's father to pay everything off. Makayla had grown suspicious of all of this, so she ended up doing some investigating.

She was stunned to learn that Justin was an OnlyFans model. She was also shocked to discover that he had a massive following on Instagram too. Over the course of half a year, Justin had managed to become an influencer who took in brand deals for makeup and moisturizers. She was even more surprised when she learned that he was going to marry Albert Maddocks, the extremely wealthy CEO who had knocked him up. She had seen a lot of photos of them together, and it seemed completely random for them to be a couple. Justin looked so small compared to his new man.

Makayla couldn't help but feel jealous or a little sickened by it all. Justin had always made fun of people who flaunted their bodies online. In a way, he was a little misogynistic, yet that didn't stop him from showing off his female figure. When she found his online photos, she realized that he looked better day by day - he was apparently working out and eating right.

Compared to his old body, he was actually taking care of himself. A lot of things had changed in his life, and this might have been the most positive one. Makayla couldn't believe how much her ex had improved over the last six months, and she was glad to see him thriving at least. After the accident, things had truly changed.

It was hard for her to accept though. Justin had completely transformed himself, and his acceptance as the new Brigitte only solidified as time went on. Eventually, he no longer wanted to be called Justin. What bothered Makayla the most was “Brigitte’s” newfound obsession with social media and her new life as a known homewrecker. 

Albert had apparently been married, and shattering a marriage wasn’t something to be proud of. She had always been a private person as Justin, but now, she was posting daily updates about her life on Instagram and OnlyFans. 

People adored her and showered her with endless compliments. She seemed to be addicted to the attention, and it showed in every one of her responses. Makayla knew that “Brigitte” was making a lot of money, but she wondered if it was worth it. Was her new life really worth giving up her self-respect?

And what about the baby and her new and upcoming husband? There were so many questions that she wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to come off as nosey. Sighing, she turned off her phone and looked out of the nearby window. She stared into her backyard and pictured all the nights they'd spend together on the swing. “Are you gonna be okay?” Shannon asked.

Makayla nodded in silence, though she still felt a little bitter. Her ex was now living a completely different life, and it almost felt like it was her fault. “I shouldn’t have helped him,” she thought quietly to herself. A part of her hoped that he would come back to her, but another part of her knew that it was just wishful thinking. The old Justin was gone, and he had replaced his old identity with someone who was worse. 

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