Wednesday, August 31, 2022

My supervisor's body

Samuel pulled down the straps of his coworker’s black clothing and slowly exposed his large breasts. He was in Chantelle’s body, his bitch supervisor. Light pink nubs emerged that hardened from the cold air as he curiously explored his borrowed flesh. He grasped them curiously and squeezed his new breasts, wondering if he should even bother trying to ruin the girl’s life. Chantelle embarrassed Samuel, so the witch was planning on doing worse things through body possession magic. “But I could always just hop in and give this body a test run. I wouldn’t make this permanently mine, but I could definitely play with her for a long time…” 

Tingles of pleasure ran through his slender frame as he moved onto Chantelle’s bed. He felt so light and fit as the sound of a nearby door made him quickly hide his breasts. Standing at the door was an extremely tall white guy with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He smiled at him while he stepped into the room. He was shirtless, and he looked like a Greek god. The area between his legs throbbed with desire. “I wasn’t expecting you to be naked for me already. I literally just got home.”

The sight of him made Samuel unknowingly bite his lower lip. He couldn’t believe that his body was becoming overwhelmed by Chantelle’s hormones. He tried to focus, but the only thing his body cared about was feeling Chantelle’s boyfriend inside of it. Samuel spread his legs and got ready to have a fun time with the stranger. “Just this one time,” he thought quietly to himself.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My best friend's job

The sun felt amazing to Rick as he stretched along the white blanket. The resort literally had everything he could have ever wanted. He spent hours at the bath and spa getting pampered and ate as much as he wanted. The only catch was that he had to pretend to be Arthur's girlfriend, and that was more than easy for him to do until the previous night. "No regrets," he whispered happily to himself while he waited for his new lover. A day ago, he would've hated the very thought of being around another guy, but after he swapped bodies with his best friend Kelly for a week to help her with a client, he immediately understood why she loved being an escort.

Arthur was unbelievably good looking. Covered in ripples of muscle, he looked like a Greek god wherever they went. He was tall and surprisingly made him feel safe. There were so many opportunities to have sex, but Kelly specifically told Rick to control himself and to focus on what Arthur had hired him for. "Arthur doesn't want to actually have sex with you. Kiss him, make out with him. But stick to the plan. He knows we're switching bodies at the clinic so don't try anything dumb." The plan was to help Arthur make his actual ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, jealous. The girl worked at the resort five days a week, and he wanted to show off his supposed girlfriend. Kelly couldn't bear to do it because she personally knew Tiffany from high school, so she swapped bodies with Rick to make her life easier.

The problem was that Tiffany was gorgeous. She had long legs that seemed to go on for days and fiery red hair. Her curves were perfection, and her eyes were mesmerizing. In the end, Rick couldn't control himself in his friend's body. Rather than make Tiffany jealous, he ended up attracting her. Tiffany eventually seduced Rick and did the reverse of what Arthur had wanted. Arthur was outraged at what was happening, so he reversed his PayPal payment and told Rick that the deal was off. It didn't take long for Kelly to find out what had happened, When Rick started seeing angry text messages, he could only giggle to himself as he snuggled up beside Tiffany. "If you're not happy, then maybe I'll just keep your body. You aren't happy with my new girlfriend."

Monday, August 29, 2022

Caught my cheating girlfriend

It felt so naughty as Amy tightened her grip around Mark’s small hand. After he used a spell to place him in Katherine's body, he decided to use the opportunity to spy on his girlfriend. He had a good two hours before the spell would end, so he figured he should enjoy his time before calling it quits with her. 

He always had a feeling Amy was seeing other people, but he had no idea that she was secretly a lesbian, so he wondered how far he was willing to go with his reconnaissance mission. Learning that Katherine was her secret lover should've made him angry, but when Amy dragged him through the mall to try on clothes, he had an opportunity to explore what it was like to be a girl.

He had to admit, he loved the way Amy's tight grip felt as they walked through the store. It made him feel wanted and desired. He also loved the way she would frequently stop to look in the mirror and admire their reflection. He felt like he was being shown off like a trophy. He could see Katherine's soft brown hair and gorgeous smile. He could understand why Amy was into her, but he couldn't understand what he was personally doing wrong.

Eventually, they made their way to the lingerie section, and Amy started picking out items for him to try on. He felt a little embarrassed at first, especially since Amy insisted on watching him change. But when she happily played with the area between his legs, he moaned and realized that he was going to try on more than just clothes. He had a feeling that possessing Katherine might be a regular occurrence.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Punishing my teacher

Adam had always been interested in what it was like to be the opposite sex, but today wasn’t something that he was expecting. He was your typical strict high school teacher with a passion for teaching. He wasn’t anything special. Unfortunately, he constantly rubbed people the wrong way with his aggressive teaching style. He loved putting kids down to build them back up, but he clearly took things too far with Richard. He was an 18-year-old kid with an unbelievably brilliant mind, but rather than use it for good, he decided to do the unthinkable.

While Adam was getting ready to go home for the day, Richard came to him with what looked like a remote control he had made. He convinced the teacher to play around with it, and Adam suddenly blacked out. He woke up and found himself in front of a mirror in a completely different body. Soft blonde hair and a gorgeous face stared back at him. “What the fuck?” He said with his feminine voice. He didn’t recognize the girl at all, and the longer he stared at her body, the stranger he became. It didn’t help that behind him was a computer monitor that was playing a hardcore sex video. His entire body felt hot just staring at it. A pulsating sensation throbbed from between his legs, and when he scratched it, he let out a surprised moan. He began to explore every inch of her body over the next few minutes until he suddenly blacked out again.

Suddenly, thousands of images shot through his mind, and he felt himself losing his masculinity. He moaned loudly and could no longer hear the girl’s voice. Instead, he found himself in the middle of a mall in a skirt and bra. He was in his male body though. Adam later learned that Richard had hired an escort to help ruin his life. He recorded Adam doing embarrassing things in public, and it didn’t take long for him to lose his job as a teacher.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

My sister's help

Tyler's sister Noelle helped him get ready for his date. She put on his white dress and did his makeup. Tyler couldn't help but how he looked so pretty with his blonde hair flowing. Everything about his transformed body felt soft as he smiled at himself in the mirror. "He's going to love the way you look," Noelle said happily. Tyler breathed in deeply and let out a stressful sigh, but his sister only shook her head at that. "It's okay, you'll do fine. It's not a big deal. Guys are easy to impress. And with the way you look, Ryan's going to love everything about you. Just focus on getting to know him better."

Ever since Tyler started taking his gender reassignment pills, his body only became more feminine as time went on. His hips widened and his chest grew. He even started getting periods. Thankfully, his family had been extremely supportive over his desire to change his sex, and after ten months of constant pills and doctor visits, Tyler began getting comments from all sorts of men. He knew who to avoid, and when Ryan asked him out when he was shopping for clothes at the local mall, Tyler decided to take a chance with him.

And when he stepped outside to meet Ryan at his car, the man couldn't keep his eyes off of him. Tyler had a feeling that Ryan was more afraid than he was. "Have fun, you two," Noelle said with a playful shove.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Taking my neighbor's body

Maggie admired herself in the mirror at the clothing store. Her lingerie looked so perfect on her. Josh was in the changing room with her watching her every move. He was mesmerized by her beauty. She looked like a goddess. She knew that he couldn't take his eyes off of her. From the lingerie to casual clothing, he seemed interested in whatever she wore. That was one of the things she loved about being young again. Nobody looked at her in her old body. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen now. She felt confident and sexy. She knew that he wanted her. She could see it in his eyes. "How do I look?" Maggie playfully asked while she put her hands on her soft hips. She ran her fingers along her long legs and smirked when she saw Josh getting aroused.

"You look perfect," Josh said as he walked over to her. He ran his hands down her body and kissed her neck. "God, you're never this naughty."

A rush of excitement flushed through her young body, and she felt Velma's body falling backwards into her boyfriend. He had no idea that she was inside her neighbor's young body. After possessing the young woman with the help of an astral projection crystal, she made sure to destroy it so that nobody could reverse the magic. That was the only way to reverse the spell, and she had no intention of losing control over Velma's young body. Sex was the best way to permanently seal her in her new body, and Velma's boyfriend seemed very willing to help her with this. 

Giggling, she spun around and pushed Josh against the wall. "Let me show you just how naughty I can be," the old woman whispered.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 4

Annette stared at her phone and nearly threw it across the room. She was looking at a maternity shoot. Seven months had gone by since her vacation - her last moment of true happiness. Less than a month later, Jacob broke up with her and officially got together with Celeste. Annette never understood why Jacob had moved on so quickly until he confessed that he had slept with Celeste during their stay at the hotel.

It felt like Annette had lost everything, and she didn’t understand why. Celeste was always a shy girl who kept to herself. She was never a slut. She was also never this happy of a person. As a girl who suffered from anxiety, Celeste was always dreading something. Now, it was almost like she was a completely different person. She’d become seductive, confident, and happy, all of which were qualities Annette so desperately wanted.

Celeste’s voice became bitchy as time went on too. “You had your chance with him,” Celeste had told her before they stopped talking. She remembered the wicked grin on her face. “And now, he’s trapped.”

Annette didn’t understand what Celeste meant by that until she heard that she was pregnant. Suddenly, everything made sense. Celeste didn’t come from a wealthy family, but Jacob sure did. “That fucking whore,” Annette whimpered as she swiped the screen. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she tried to get Celeste’s satisfied smile out of her head. But the sight of Celeste’s new golden wedding ring in a new photo was enough for her to throw the phone across the room in a bitter rage.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 3

The past three days in her new body had been incredible. After seducing Jacob, the man became infatuated by Eileen’s sweet tongue. She knew exactly what men wanted, and Annette clearly wasn’t satisfying her man’s urges. But she wasn’t expecting to feel so incredible in Celeste’s body. Being young had its perks, but making love felt incredible in her body. She couldn’t believe how loudly he could make her moan.

Eileen had a hard time focusing on enjoying her time with her new friends. Jacob took a photo of Eileen, Annette (left), and Kathy. Jordan and Beth were back at the hotel room throwing up from food poisoning while the rest of them enjoyed their final two hours at the hotel. But as Eileen smiled into Jacob’s camera, she knew that he wasn’t paying attention to anyone but her in the photo. His handsome blue eyes and cute smile sealed the deal - he belonged to her now, and it was only a matter of time before they made it official.

After completely absorbing Celeste’s memories, she was finally able to take her necklace off to use it in another fifty years. Celeste’s soul allowed her to learn everything about her life. She knew what her tastes were and how inexperienced the old Celeste was. She also learned that Jacob came from a really rich family. They were the ones funding their entire vacation. Now that he was willing to do anything for Eileen, she had a feeling her life of luxury.

And she wasn’t planning on sharing it with anybody else.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Cursed to be a woman

Richard was having a great time at the bar. He was getting hit on by guys left and right and he loved the attention. Personally, he couldn't blame everybody for treating him the way they did. Compared to his old body, Richard was a goddess. He had been an overweight man in his forties, but after getting a sex change from a witch as a punishment, he was completely different. He became lighter and skinnier, and his bald head became overwhelmed by flowing brown hair that felt soft and silky. The last of his weight slid up and gathered around his chest and bum until his body became an hourglass shape.

At first, he was afraid of what had happened. He’d made sexist comments to a bunch of young college girls when he was drunk. An old Russian woman overheard him and decided to teach him a lesson. The witch had cursed him with a female body filled with hormones that he'd never experienced before. He felt unbelievably horny, and the desire to seek pleasure was unrealistically enhanced. "That'll teach you to be more respectable of women," the old woman had said. "Don't worry, this is a temporary spell. You just have to keep to yourself for a full week. But succumbing to your female desires with another man or woman will reset the timer by another week." Before Richard could object, the old witch snapped her fingers and vanished.

Now, after days as a girl, he was on a bar's patio. After all this time, he began to realize just how much better it was to be a girl. People couldn’t help themselves from being young and pretty. Once he realized how wonderful it felt to play with himself too, he decided to keep the spell going. Richard was excited to try extending his time as a girl to hopefully make things permanent. And when a cute meathead named Jake invited him to his place, he was more than eager to accept.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 2

“Wait, are you trolling me right now?” Jacob asked in disbelief. His girlfriend, Annette, left with their two other friends to go check out the nearby vineyard. They only had three days left, but Jacob was sick of being dragged around to places he didn’t want to go to.

But the weird thing that made him speak with so much uncertainty was the fact that Celeste was being weird. She didn’t want to go out either, and she was being really flirty with him. She was also randomly whispering to herself. She also seemed bored with the entire vacation in general, and when she told the others that she wasn’t feeling so well, everybody else was eager enough to leave her behind.

“I’m serious,” Celeste said. “What does Annette have that I don’t? You know they’re going to be gone for at least four hours.” She rose a brow and smiled wickedly when she readjusted the pearl necklace around her neck. “I’ll happily show you why I’m better.”

Just staring at her was awakening something in him. He fought his primal urges, but the sweet smile over Celeste’s face urged him closer and closer to the couch. A simple giggle from his girlfriend’s best friend sealed the deal, and he found himself planting a kiss against her lips.

She searched for his tongue and got on top of him. She moaned gently into his lips, her crotch gyrating against the front of his shorts until he couldn’t keep it in anymore. They had almost four hours alone in an expensive room together. He wasn’t thinking about the consequences. The only thing he could think about was Celeste as they made love.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Pretending to steal her

Brock readjusted the perfectly fitted sweater he took from Annie’s dresser and felt how firm his breasts felt. “I’m surprised these things are real,” he whispered. After making a transformation potion using his roommate’s hair, he was excited to explore her female body. She was across the country at a business conference, so Brock could do whatever he wanted at home. 

Unfortunately, Annie’s asshole boyfriend, Steve, came home early. He was originally in Hawaii but decided to come back way too soon. Steven watched with great interest until Brock decided to reveal who he really was. “Wait, what’re you doing in her body?” He demanded to know as Brock fondled his crotch. 

Brock briefly ignored him to pull on Annie’s shoes. His body looked like her, but he hadn’t somehow possessed the woman’s body. He was the woman … for another 10 hours. He suddenly started laughing and began to mess with his roommate. “Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed her body. I think I might stay like this.”

“This isn’t funny,” Steve hissed. “What else have you done in her body?”

Brock started laughing even more. “I plan on doing a lot more. There’s a cute guy down the hall that I’ve been really dying to get to know.” Steve’s face was red with rage, but Brock knew he couldn’t do anything.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 1

Eileen played around with her guest’s slim clothing and admired her pink nails. The old hotel manager was in desperate need of a change. Her hotel was going to close, and when she saw a group of young, potential victims, she decided to take advantage of her situation. She loved how she looked in her jeans. She was enjoying herself so much that she had almost forgotten Celeste’s faint screams in her head. “Quiet, child. Maybe you should’ve considered returning my necklace instead of taking it for yourself. I wouldn’t have your body if you weren’t such a crook.”

Celeste had been staying at a hotel by a farm for half a month with a couple of her friends. During her stay, she found an extremely expensive looking pearl necklace that a previous guest had left behind. Once Celeste touched it, Eileen’s soul flooded into her body where it waited until her guest had fallen asleep. The necklace had to stay on a person’s body in order for control to be gained. Eileen’s soul permanently sealed itself inside of her once she fell asleep, and the next morning, Eileen enjoyed her first glass of wine after nearly a decade. “Get out of my body,” Celeste screamed. “I don’t know who you are, but you can’t just control me like this!”

Eileen smiled and leaned back in her seat. She almost said something out loud when a group of people approached her. The young woman’s friends surrounded her, but none of them could hear her. All the old woman had to do was ignore Celeste’s cries until her magic permanently absorbed her. Once that would happen, all of Celeste’s memories would become her own. And when she started seeing every intimate detail about her private life, Eileen knew that the hotel guest was going to be quiet soon enough.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Desperate Grandmother

Anne could not believe how flawless her new body was. She was a witch who often used magic to switch bodies with her children, but her daughter was a failure who used drugs. Her husband was nonexistent. Anne's only possible future was to become her granddaughter, Lindsay, but she was much too young until recently. But when she stretched out on the couch in the living room and felt Lindsay's perfect curves, she knew the wait was worth it.

As she moaned quietly in the living room, waves of desire went through her. She was so loud that she woke up Lindsay in the other room, who was clearly freaking out about what had happened. Anne got up from the couch and smiled as she walked into her bedroom, where Lindsay was crying on the floor. Anne smiled at her granddaughter. "Sorry, I must've woken you up, 'Anne.' Don't move too much. It'll make the potion hurt more."  Still dripping from her old body's mouth was a green liquid, but the potion's effects had messed up her granddaughter's new body. Lindsay wasn't able to speak coherently. Soon, she would not remember anything at all, and Anne would be able to get away with the perfect crime. "I just needed to make sure that you wouldn't be able to somehow reverse this. You're a witch too, after all."

Lindsay watched in confusion and horror as her grandmother playfully swayed her hips. “I still can’t believe how perfect your body is.” the body thief said ominously while she cupped her breasts. “I couldn’t bear the thought of being your mother. Waiting for you really made a difference.” Just before she stepped over her granddaughter to go to the kitchen, Anne looked back at her granddaughter. “You enjoy yourself there. I have a boyfriend that I want to try out in a few hours. Maybe I’ll text him.” She stuck her tongue out and waltzed away. Starting life again as a 20-year-old again was going to be great.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fixing Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10

 Hey everyone,

Hope you've all been having a good summer. It just came to my attention that one of the stories was duplicated on Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10. Fixing Tara's Marriage wasn't properly placed in the story. I'm unsure how I didn't catch this since the bundle was released 2 months ago. I've fixed it so we should be good there.

Thank you to the person who caught this. I've since updated Smashwords and Amazon. You'll need to redownload the Amazon version to get the latest version. If you notice anything funky with my stories, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Also, a few of you have messaged me over the past few weeks on when my next short release will be. I used to do it weekly, but ever since I started up school again, I haven't been able to get back into the swing of things. It's mostly because I suck with my time management, though I'm sure I'll get better. The important thing for me is to make stories that mostly make sense (hence why my 200 page paperback hasn't been released). I want to avoid giving the community copy pasted stories. I'm also trying to chase after new types of storylines that I haven't done yet. I'll still be doing body swap, possession, and transformation stories, but I want to deliver stuff you're less likely to have seen before.

I'll still be uploading short 200-300 word captions to keep giving you guys a little something in the mean time. I'm trying to do those daily since those don't take me too long to make (you might see 1 week gaps here and there). I'll be posting them here and on my Deviant Art page.

Take care,

Jimmy Zappa

Megan's Secret

When Laura told Max about her family's magical history, he became really curious about everything magic-related. She knew she wasn't allowed to talk about it, but the more interested her boyfriend became, the more she revealed. She showed off her basic spells and various spell books in her family's library. 

Eventually, they both stumbled upon a transformation book that she hadn't messed around with before. Max flipped through the pages and eventually found a full body transformation spell that could temporarily transform her body into anybody they wanted. What started off as a joke soon became something much more serious, and Max realized he could use this to his advantage.

"Can you transform into Megan please?" He asked her after a moment of silence. A jealous raged brewed. Megan was the popular rich girl at school who bullied her friends on a daily basis. But when she saw the serious look in Max's eye, she decided to satisfy his desires. She transformed into Megan, a shapely blonde girl with clear skin and a gorgeous smile. Her smile vanished when she felt something hardening between her legs. Frowning, she looked in her pants and was surprised to find a cock. "Whoa, I didn't know Megan was trans. This is going to sound weird, babe. Do you want to test what it's like as her?"

Laura knew exactly what he was talking about. But instead of being angry, her curiosity only grew. She was interested in exploring her temporary body, but her interest peaked when she watched her boyfriend getting onto his hands and knees. She had a feeling this was going to be a very interesting experience.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

She's Using My Body


Todd had always felt like he was in the wrong body. One day, he was looking through Craigslist and noticed a Body Enhancement Service being offered at the traveling circus that was in town. Out of pure curiosity, he decided to check it out. If this was the real deal, then he could see if becoming a woman was actually something he wanted. He ran into an incredibly old woman who took him into her tent. He thought it was strange since the circus was still a five minute walk away, but he sat down and asked if he was at the right place. "I can do just that," the old woman responded. "...And more."

Deciding to go ahead with the spell, he felt the magic flow through his body and looked down at his trembling hands. They were changing color and turning into a pale, white color. He looked at his body and noticed that it was changing too. His bum was getting smaller and his legs grew longer. He groaned and began to freak out. He began to cry, but she just patted his head and told him it would all be over soon. And when it was over, he couldn't believe how different he was. He couldn't believe how much happier he felt. Gazing at himself in the mirror in disbelief, he started to cry. Not because he was finally a woman, but because somebody else was doing the crying for him. "I'm alive," his lips said. "Oh my god, I ... this is so strange. I don't look damaged. I don't ... I don't look hurt. I look exactly how I looked before the accident."

The old woman smiled. "Money can buy you anything. I believe your husband's waiting for you - he'll be glad to see you." His transformed body hugged the old woman, and to Todd's horror, he learned that his body had been sacrificed to become the vessel of a woman recently killed in a car accident. He'd be locked away forever, unable to break free from the dark magic while another woman controlled his body.

Monday, August 15, 2022

My granddaughter's roommate

Tabitha and Jon were in the living room together, enjoying the romantic atmosphere. After the old woman had forcefully possessed Kelly's young body, Tabitha immediately began to execute the last part of the spell. In order for her to seal herself in her granddaughter's body, she needed to have sexual intercourse with another man. Thankfully, Jon seemed more than eager to help her out here, though he had no idea who it was in his roommate's body. Faint classical music filled the air as they stared into each other's eyes. Tabitha leaned in close, her lips inches from Jon's. "Do you want this?" she whispered, her eyes filled with lust. "What about your girlfriend?"

"I don't care about what she thinks," Jon replied, his voice a throaty whisper. "You don't know how long I've waited for this, Kelly." He pulled her in close, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. It all felt so good, and Tabitha's freshly stolen body was filled with horny lust. She'd forgotten what it was like to be young and sexually active, and she was about to get a chance to feel everything all over again. They started to explore each other's mouths with their tongues, getting lost in the moment while she moaned gently into the young man's lips. Their hands roamed each other's bodies, igniting the desire they both felt. "You don't know how badly I've been wanting you, Kelly."

They pulled away from each other, both of them gasping for air, before going at it again. "Let's go to your bedroom before your girlfriend comes home," Tabitha said, her voice filled with lust. Her voice became low and spiteful. "I want you to show me just how badly you've been wanting me."

Sunday, August 14, 2022

I don't know what she did


Donald was a perfectly average man, until one day he decided to pay for an escort. He was a lonely guy who'd been single for way too long. Now in his late thirties, he needed something to take the stress off, and he wanted to feel some sort of intimacy so badly. So he paid for Tamina, an incredibly pretty college girl with a body to die for. She was expensive, but he felt like the king of the world when he slept with her.

Everything felt so perfect until he woke up the next morning. He was alone in his apartment building as he got out of bed, only to find himself in the body of the beautiful brunette woman he'd just slept with. At first, he was horrified, especially when a note on his desk said "goodbye forever." He had no idea what happened, but he needed to get help. He needed to track this girl down and get his body back. As the days went by, he started to adjust to his female life. He found that he liked the new attention he was getting from the men on the streets. "Maybe this isn't so bad," he thought. "I should probably still go to the police station to report this."

Donald had steadily embraced his new identity as a woman and would've been happy if not for the cuffs that were abruptly slapped onto him at the police station. To his horror, he learned that his real name was Celeste Smith, and she was wanted for multiple counts of murder. Nobody listened to him when he said he wasn't Celeste, but nobody cared. His newfound beauty unfortunately had its limits. Despite his protests, Donald was sentenced to life in prison as Celeste. He would rot there to this day, his mind slowly deteriorating as he wondered what could've happened if he'd just stayed miserable and alone.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Life as Emmie

“You don’t want to switch back either?” Caroline asked as she sipped from her straw. Her heart was racing. After agreeing to temporarily swap bodies with Emmie at the body swap clinic, she was loving the attention she was getting from all the boys at work. Emmie was stuck in a supervisory position at a retail store after dropping out of college, so she felt like a complete failure. Caroline was jealous of her freedom as an adult. 

And once Caroline had a chance to live alone, she didn’t want to go back. But she was afraid of what Emmie would think if she wanted to keep things the way they were. 

But Emmie seemed to be adjusting to her life as Caroline too - she loved the fact that she could start over. She went to school for philosophy, and now that she was finishing high school again, she could finally study something else. “Do you feel the same way?” Emmie asked.

“I do,” Caroline said. “I thought working would suck, but it isn’t that bad. Being a cashier and helping the others out hasn’t been too hard. I wasn’t planning on going to school anyway, so I feel like giving you a second chance with schooling might do society a lot more good.”

Emmie smiled warmly at that. “There are forms to make it all permanent. Did you want to go get some from the clinic?” When Caroline nodded, they both made their way back to the body swap clinic. Her life as Emmie was guaranteed now.

Friday, August 12, 2022

My poor trainer

When Jake signed up for an accelerated weight loss problem, he wasn’t expecting to be placed in the body of his assigned trainer. The thought of being a girl scared the living hell out of him, especially since he was so awkward around women in general. But Eun-jee talked him through the entire process and explained how she’d be exercising in his body for a month straight. The program’s swap lasted until his trainer reached the guaranteed weight loss target. He’d be paying her for twenty four hours a day, but when he saw the before and after photos of other people who went through the same program, he decided to go ahead with the training plan.

It was his last day in her body, and he couldn’t believe how easy it was to stay in shape. He barely even exercised. Jake loved the fact that he could eat anything he wanted. He always had a problem when it came to maintaining his weight, but Eun-jee’s body didn’t have any problems. It genuinely made him feel jealous, especially when Eun-jee returned to his apartment in his body ... unchanged. “Sorry,” Eun-jee said. “I couldn’t do a whole lot. I think you might have a genetics issue that’s preventing you from losing weight. I recommend seeing a doctor.”

Jake shook his head, and a mischievous smile stretched across his lips. “I don’t think so. You’re not having this body back until you’ve lost the requested fifty pounds. I’ve paid you good money - I’m not going to do a refund like this.”

Eun-jee opened her mouth to argue, but she knew she had few options. “Fine...” She said as Jake giggled with glee.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

I can't believe this

Jeff was in front of the mirror admiring his borrowed female body. His skin felt as soft as his silky brown hair. He wasn't actually interested in staying as the opposite sex, but he was definitely interested in knowing what it was like to be one. Jessica, his best friend, offered to let him borrow her body for a few days with the help of a magical body swap potion that would reverse after a full day. 

Now, he was running his hands over her slim figure, admiring the way his body looked in the tight dress his friend picked out for him. He felt sexy and confident, and he couldn't wait to show off his new body to the world.

Jessica had been invited to an exotic mansion, and she was eager to let Jeff see what it was like to party as a girl. "Make sure you come home before the swap ends," she warned him. "You can do whatever you want, but make sure you're not doing anything dumb." He promised not to and got the address. It took him half an hour to get there in his beat up Civic, but the journey was worth it - he was in complete awe.

Jeff had never been to a place like this before, and he was curious to see what the people were like. He ended up getting lucky and sleeping with Mr. White, the homeowner hosting the party. Unfortunately, the next morning, he'd wake up in his old body with nothing but fear and regret. If he was in his body again, that only meant that Jessica was back in her body. "She's going to fucking murder me..." He whispered. He wouldn't know it until she gave him hell, but she apparently woke up beside Mr. White after his wife caught them together in their bed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The new me

“The cashier couldn’t keep his eyes off me,” he giggled. “Nobody could.” Oscar was in the store, trying on clothes to get ready for his first date in his new body when he overheard staff members talking. It took him a few minutes to realize that they were all groaning about how hot he looked. That really put a smile on his face. “I don’t know if I should complain or take the compliment.” His legs felt so soft as he giggled, especially since he shaved them before he went out to get new outfits. He really couldn't believe how much attention he was getting in his new body. “I’ll let it slide.”

Deep down, he was loving every minute of it. He enjoyed the way the skin tight clothes felt against his skin, and he loved the way he looked in the mirror as he leaned forward to squeeze his cleavage together. He couldn't believe his luck with his new, busty body. His hips looked unbelievably sexy, especially in his tight pink dress. "He'll love this," Oscar said with his female voice. "God, I want him to make me purr..."

After having Body Transplant Surgery to place his brain in a compatible female body, he didn't waste any time in exploring his feminine form. He passed every test and enjoyed every sensation the scientists threw at him. By the end of the second week, he was finally allowed to explore the world through feminine eyes. He felt beautiful and sexy, and he knew that he could have any man he wanted. He was excited to show off his new body to the world.

When he left the store, he felt like a new person. He felt confident and sexy with the bags of clothing around his slender arms. Hot lingerie, cute shorts, and some underwear to highlight his new features were going to really entice his upcoming date. He knew that he was going to enjoy his new life as a woman.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

My nerdy roommate

Chris was moving across the country, so he decided to take a souvenir or two. After stealing a valuable-looking stone from Edna, his next door neighbor, he accidentally triggered the stone's magic in his bedroom. He had no idea what it would do, and after several seconds, he immediately found himself in full control over his nerdy roommate, Ashley. He had her cute eyes and blonde braids. He couldn't believe how real everything felt as he explored her body and began to try on her clothes for fun. "Holy shit," he whispered with her voice. "I didn't realize how fit this nerd was..." He walked around in her sexy body, feeling and testing her soft curves after stripping down to her underwear. Her breasts were bigger than he realized. “So I took a possession stone? Is that how this works? Is it magic?” He squeezed his roommate’s breasts until a gasp echoed in his mind.

"Oh, you're inside with me? I didn't hear you." He said upon getting bored of being in Ashley's body. "Sorry, I’m not done teasing yo-" Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through him. The world began to spin, and he suddenly found himself back in his body. To his horror, he wasn't in control. Ashley was controlling him. She looked in his bedroom mirror and laughed, seeing how awkward Chris looked. Smirking, she reached for his phone and began sending embarrassing photos himself to everybody on his contacts list.

“This’ll teach you to steal from me,” the possessor said. That was when he realized it wasn’t Ashley - it was Edna. “You thought you could get away with an easy theft, huh? Well, the joke’s on you. You’re stuck until I decide to leave. And I’m not leaving until you lose everything.” Chris was horrified at what Edna was doing. He tried to fight back, but he was powerless to stop Edna from wreaking havoc in his life. His neighbor laughed as she began to take even more embarrassing photos. It wouldn’t be for another five minutes before the two would swap back, and by then it would be too late. Needless to say, Chris wasn’t going to steal anything anytime soon.

Monday, August 8, 2022

My Boss' Assistant

Jordan’s heart was racing when his eyes opened up. All he had to do was ruin his boss’ assistant‘s reputation to get her fired. The bitch had given him enough attitude, and he needed to teach her a lesson. The last thing he was looking at was his girlfriend, Becka, as she toyed with her newest invention. A bright, blinding light made him shut his eyes until he found himself in his office manager’s office. 

“We’ve got the entire office to ourselves,” a familiar, deep voice said across the room. Jordan felt dizzy, but he eventually realized that he was in Tristana’s body, but he wasn’t expecting to be in such an awkward situation. Biting his lower lip involuntarily, he watched as his boss smiled at him. It was a weird feeling, especially since he hated his boss, but Jordan couldn’t help but lean back into the table behind him. 

As Mr. Smith started to undress right in front of him, Jordan couldn’t believe what was happening until his body started moving on its own. “Wait, I’m not in control,” he realized as Tristana giggled naughtily. “Hello? Can you hear me?” He tried to move, but it was like his mind was just a passenger.

But as Tristana and Mr. Smith began to make love right on his desk, Jordan couldn’t fight the urge to resist the pleasure radiating through Tristana’s body. Her moans became his own as he felt his mind slowly taking full control. He suddenly found himself making every move, but he didn’t pull away or stop having sex with his boss. Jordan pushed Mr. Smith onto the desk and rode him, his inner folds squeezing the man until they both reached the edge of no return. Jordan could feel his boss attempting to lift him off, but the body possessor held himself down until he milked Mr. Smith dry.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Her family's reputation

He couldn’t believe his luck, especially since Sara was the perfect person to ruin her family’s reputation. “I have to act quickly,” he whispered quietly to himself. Awake and full of energy, Godric slowly crept out of bed and smiled at his sleeping body. He looked so much buffer than he realized, and he could feel Sara’s inner thighs trembling with excitement. He could understand why the governor’s daughter decided to chase after him after her father’s dinner party. 

He ran his fingers through Sarah’s soft, red hair. The air felt cold around his smooth legs as he pulled on her black pants. Godric’s clit was throbbing, and he found himself wanting to slip back into bed to test out his female body. But he knew that his job came first - he just wished he could have a chance to enjoy his temporary flesh.

Godric never had many opportunities to abuse his agency’s Mind Possession Pendant. It was a small machine that could project his mind onto another person’s body. They had to be asleep, but after having a wonderful night satisfying and worshipping Sara, getting her to fall asleep wasn’t that hard. Once asleep, all he had to do was click a button underneath the cube-shaped pendant, and the necklace would do the rest.

But just as he stepped out into the hotel’s hallway, he felt his feminine desires beginning to overwhelm him. He bit his lower lip and decided that testing Sara’s body couldn’t hurt. After all, he had all night to ruin her family’s reputation. How bad was a few minutes alone?

Saturday, August 6, 2022

She took everything

With the sun shining against his back, Ron couldn’t stop smiling at Rachel. She’d been so supportive in tracking down his body thief, so he felt a little bad when he told her that he was finally over this. “But he took everything from you,” Rachel insisted. “I feel like we’ve come so close too! That bitch is literally half a city away!”

Ron shook his head. “She took my body, but I didn’t have much of anything else. Just like her. Now, while she has fun in my unemployed and uneducated body, I feel like another side’s opened up for me. Hanging out with you like this actually makes me feel alive.”

Rachel sighed, but that didn’t change Ron’s mind. After he spent the last of his money to sleep with an escort named Beatrice, he woke up the next morning in her body. He discovered stitches along the side of his head hidden in Beatrice’s brown hair. To his horror, he realized that his brain had been transplanted into another person. He immediately went to his neighbor Rachel’s house and convinced her who he really was. That was when their two month journey across Europe began.

But he learned so many things along the way. He discovered a love for fashion and a deep respect for comfortable, cute shoes. Rachel helped him adjust whenever he went through periods and cramps. She knew exactly what he’d be up against, and she made life so much easier. And now their search was unfortunately going to end in Finland. Deep down, Ron prayed that their friendship would continue. “Are you sure about all of this?” Rachel asked worriedly.

Ron nodded. “I don’t know about being called Beatrice, but I’m happy with all of this. I just have to keep adjusting but I’m sure this is going to be a lot better than my old body.”

Friday, August 5, 2022

Stuck as a girl

Conan ran his slender fingers along the side of his neck. A ticklish wave immediately fluttered through his body, and he felt his cheeks reddening as he let out a sigh. Blinking slowly, he looked deeply into his pretty eyes and smiled. He was on his back staring up at a camera in the ceiling while he waited for the doctor to come around, and the only thing running through his mind was gratefulness for this opportunity. His reflection in the bulb-like camera was so small, but he could still make out his lovely feminine features.

After the clinic transplanted his brain into the body of a brain dead patient, it was a really scary experience. Nobody knew how well the transfer would be, and he was originally doing this for the sake of science. He was a college student that wanted to have something good to put on his LinkedIn. Everything was entirely experimental. It didn’t help that the doctors forced him to sign away his right to sue if anything went wrong. He was told that his original body was going to be taken care of, but he wasn’t even sure if his original body was still okay. “Do I even want to go back?” He whispered to himself. It was his second month in his female body, and he’d become so used to being a girl that it was almost natural to him.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a doctor in a white lab coat entered the room. There was a troubled look over his face as he closed the door. “Conan, I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you this,” he said. “Your body was hooked onto life support, but ... we discovered something unfortunate. Your body’s still healthy, but our transplanting system can’t figure out an error code. We can’t transfer you back until we figure that out. I promise that we’re looking into it. Until the, we’ll proceed with your examination. Is that okay?”

Conan wanted to cry. A chance to stay in this body for good was something he wanted. “I’m okay with that,” he said with a faked sigh. In the end, he wouldn’t get his male body back, but that was perfectly fine. Conan preferred being a girl.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

One Evil Aunt

Makenzy smiled back at her niece’s boyfriend as he struggled to carry their two chairs, a foldable table, and two empty wine glasses. Lee set everything down and swore at himself. “I’ll be right back, Linda. I forgot the wine.”

“Take your time,” Makenzy answered as she watched the handsome man spin around. She stared at the way his fit body moved up the wooden stairway and back inside the house where Linda remained trapped and sedated by pain pills in her disabled body. After stealing her niece’s youthful flesh with magic, she felt so free and happy. Years of being confined to a wheelchair due to her body shutting down was like a slow death, and for once in a long time, Makenzy didn’t have to worry about that.

It would be Linda in her place. Her poor niece had been so trusting, especially when Makenzy begged her to have a chance to be her for a day. “Just for a day,” Makenzy whispered to herself excitedly as she stepped into the cool waves. The spell required consent and willingness for the swap to work, and once it worked, Makenzy promised herself that she wasn’t going to go back. The old aunt had to want to go back to her failing body, and there was no way that she was going to give any of this up.

She especially wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have a real man treat her right. Her last husband had been pathetic, fat excuse of a man who ran off the moment he saw her body starting to shut down ten years ago. Lee was a real gentlemen, and he was incredible in bed. Makenzy couldn’t believe how good sex felt in her new, young body.

She felt the coolness of the water and the salt of the air as her body remained upright. She laughed triumphantly while her strength and stolen youth pushed her further into the water. She confidently swam around as she waited for Lee to come back. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Better Melanie

Eugene couldn’t believe his luck when he watched Zack crush the swapping stone with the hammer. A burst of white light engulfed the room before silence fell upon them. Eugene faintly smiled and watched the towering man move towards him. “You really don’t care who I am?” Eugene asked him, their lips only inches away from each other.

“I didn’t know what to say when you started confessing,” he answered. “Melanie nearly convinced me to switch you two back. I thought you had gone crazy, but she was actually in your body trying to get help.” Zack laughed. “But I weighed my options and decided who needed that body the most.”

“Do you really think that?” Eugene asked as his cheeks reddened. When he watched the other man nodding, he let out a sigh of relief. It took three people to initiate the power of the swapping stone. Eugene had been the first one to touch it since purchasing it from a witch. He convinced Zack to give it to Melanie as a present. And once his spoiled and rich wife touched the stone, she accidentally triggered the magic. The middle person provided the initial trigger and acted as an energy source to trigger the swap, while the first and third person would switch bodies permanently. The only downside was that the process could be reversed within five days if the middleman desperately wanted to reverse the body swap.

It didn’t take long for Zack to track down the witch who sold the stone. His girlfriend, trapped in Eugene’s pathetic male body, had come with him to gain information. Thankfully, after showing Zack what he was missing, Eugene convinced him that he was the better Melanie. Melanie searched the home for the stone while Zack interrogated Eugene at the public gym. From the way he dressed to the way they made love, Eugene was the better choice. 

And when Zack gave Eugene a reassuring kiss, he knew he’d gotten away with the perfect crime.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Showing the real her


Howard pulled himself out of the water and sat along the edge of the spring. His entire body had changed by the time he realized how fast his heart was racing. His breasts were at their fullest, and his nipples were hard and buzzing with life. He watched Edward look at him in disbelief. “You’re actually her,” he said weakly. “I thought you were fucking around with me.” After Howard had confessed that he was actually Howard and not his alias “Elizabeth,” the body building boyfriend didn’t believe him. Howard was afraid of how he’d react, but the other man looked curious now, and that gave “Elizabeth” hope.” He was expecting Edward to still be mad.

“I had to show you so you knew what you were getting into. I couldn’t keep leading you on unless you knew who I really was.” The energy pulsating from the cold wetness around his body was so intoxicating that he almost forgot the fear running through his head. He bit his lower lip while his cock slowly shrank in front of Edward. In its place were moist folds that pulsated with desire as he stared back at his boyfriend. It was the last hint of his masculinity as the magical spring temporarily transformed his body back into “Elizabeth.” He had to come here at least once a week, but when Edward proposed to him, Howard needed to be transparent. “I hope this doesn’t change anything. I didn’t want to seem like I was hiding who I was.”

Edward smiled, shook his head, and lightly kissed Howard’s lips. “No, I think this is awesome. You weren’t lying to me ... this is who you are. I’m sorry for doubting you, Elizabeth.” The boyfriend smirked as his eyes gazed down at Howard’s cleavage. “Now, I’ll ask you again. Don’t run off this time - will you marry me, Elizabeth?”

Howard let out a sigh of relief and giggled. He hugged his boyfriend and rested his head against his wide chest. He didn’t have to hide it anymore now that Edward had truly accepted him for who he really was. The weight lightened around his slender shoulders as he planted a kiss against his lips. “I’d love to,” he whispered.

Monday, August 1, 2022

The science experiment

“It feels pretty shitty, huh?” Andy’s girlfriend asked with his body’s deep voice. Kate was having the time of her life as she leaned against the doorway in his towering body. Andy groaned and stepped out of the bathroom after spending nearly half an hour figuring out how pads worked. Kate had offered to help him out with her Asian body, but he was too embarrassed to look so vulnerable. “You know it’s my body, right? I don’t mind helping you out. We have 3 days left as each other, so it’s probably better if I make things easier for you.”

“Shut up,” he said. “I think I’m fine now. What did you say I need? Aspirin?” His girlfriend nodded and disappeared down the hallway. Andy waited at the doorway and groaned again. His cramps made him feel like shit. After having nonstop sex with his girlfriend, he felt like he was in heaven. They voluntarily swapped bodies for a government program in exchange for money. 10 days of constant record keeping was all they had to do. 

They tried everything as each other. Andy showed his girlfriend how to jack off, while she physically showed him all her sensitive spots. There was so much that he didn’t know about her, and he was really glad that he was experiencing this with her. Orgasms in a girl’s body felt amazing. But when the cramps finally came on the 7th day of their swap, he realized that last few days would be shitty. Still, he smiled when he saw his girlfriend with a bottle of pain killers. Her warm gaze made him feel at ease. “Thanks,” he whispered.