Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 3

The past three days in her new body had been incredible. After seducing Jacob, the man became infatuated by Eileen’s sweet tongue. She knew exactly what men wanted, and Annette clearly wasn’t satisfying her man’s urges. But she wasn’t expecting to feel so incredible in Celeste’s body. Being young had its perks, but making love felt incredible in her body. She couldn’t believe how loudly he could make her moan.

Eileen had a hard time focusing on enjoying her time with her new friends. Jacob took a photo of Eileen, Annette (left), and Kathy. Jordan and Beth were back at the hotel room throwing up from food poisoning while the rest of them enjoyed their final two hours at the hotel. But as Eileen smiled into Jacob’s camera, she knew that he wasn’t paying attention to anyone but her in the photo. His handsome blue eyes and cute smile sealed the deal - he belonged to her now, and it was only a matter of time before they made it official.

After completely absorbing Celeste’s memories, she was finally able to take her necklace off to use it in another fifty years. Celeste’s soul allowed her to learn everything about her life. She knew what her tastes were and how inexperienced the old Celeste was. She also learned that Jacob came from a really rich family. They were the ones funding their entire vacation. Now that he was willing to do anything for Eileen, she had a feeling her life of luxury.

And she wasn’t planning on sharing it with anybody else.

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