Sunday, August 21, 2022

Pretending to steal her

Brock readjusted the perfectly fitted sweater he took from Annie’s dresser and felt how firm his breasts felt. “I’m surprised these things are real,” he whispered. After making a transformation potion using his roommate’s hair, he was excited to explore her female body. She was across the country at a business conference, so Brock could do whatever he wanted at home. 

Unfortunately, Annie’s asshole boyfriend, Steve, came home early. He was originally in Hawaii but decided to come back way too soon. Steven watched with great interest until Brock decided to reveal who he really was. “Wait, what’re you doing in her body?” He demanded to know as Brock fondled his crotch. 

Brock briefly ignored him to pull on Annie’s shoes. His body looked like her, but he hadn’t somehow possessed the woman’s body. He was the woman … for another 10 hours. He suddenly started laughing and began to mess with his roommate. “Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed her body. I think I might stay like this.”

“This isn’t funny,” Steve hissed. “What else have you done in her body?”

Brock started laughing even more. “I plan on doing a lot more. There’s a cute guy down the hall that I’ve been really dying to get to know.” Steve’s face was red with rage, but Brock knew he couldn’t do anything.

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