Friday, August 5, 2022

Stuck as a girl

Conan ran his slender fingers along the side of his neck. A ticklish wave immediately fluttered through his body, and he felt his cheeks reddening as he let out a sigh. Blinking slowly, he looked deeply into his pretty eyes and smiled. He was on his back staring up at a camera in the ceiling while he waited for the doctor to come around, and the only thing running through his mind was gratefulness for this opportunity. His reflection in the bulb-like camera was so small, but he could still make out his lovely feminine features.

After the clinic transplanted his brain into the body of a brain dead patient, it was a really scary experience. Nobody knew how well the transfer would be, and he was originally doing this for the sake of science. He was a college student that wanted to have something good to put on his LinkedIn. Everything was entirely experimental. It didn’t help that the doctors forced him to sign away his right to sue if anything went wrong. He was told that his original body was going to be taken care of, but he wasn’t even sure if his original body was still okay. “Do I even want to go back?” He whispered to himself. It was his second month in his female body, and he’d become so used to being a girl that it was almost natural to him.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a doctor in a white lab coat entered the room. There was a troubled look over his face as he closed the door. “Conan, I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you this,” he said. “Your body was hooked onto life support, but ... we discovered something unfortunate. Your body’s still healthy, but our transplanting system can’t figure out an error code. We can’t transfer you back until we figure that out. I promise that we’re looking into it. Until the, we’ll proceed with your examination. Is that okay?”

Conan wanted to cry. A chance to stay in this body for good was something he wanted. “I’m okay with that,” he said with a faked sigh. In the end, he wouldn’t get his male body back, but that was perfectly fine. Conan preferred being a girl.

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