Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 2

It was more money than Sharon expected but once she had the spell book in front of her that very morning, she knew the money would be worth it. A faint chill ran down her neck when she could see the faint smirk on Daniella’s old lips. She was an old witch who secretly did magical favors for people. For this circumstance, she had to charge Sharon. But with the spell book turned to a specific page, the older woman raised a brow. “And does she know you’re trying to do this for her? Does she really want to become a new person?”

“I haven’t actually spoken to her about it,” she admitted. “But I know she wants to be her tutor. Would this spell work?” The old woman studied her eyes. “I’m only asking because that’s what she wants.” She looked down at her watch and realized that she only had twenty minutes left before Nicola would be at the house.

“You spoil her too much,” Daniella said with a cold voice. “But I’ll do as you wish. Read the incantation in front of your daughter, and her body will permanently melt down and become something that isn’t human. She’ll never return to her previous form. But, once you bring her to the person she most desires, her form will slip into their body to become her own. It may be a little painful to watch, especially since you might need to help her go down the throat of her future body, but if you really want to change her body, then this is the best way to do it. Any questions?”

Sharon shook her head and smiled as Danielle teleported away. With a racing heart, she went upstairs and knocked on her daughter’s door. Her mind was moving at a thousand miles per minute. Alexa answered the door and glared, but when she saw the smile on her mother’s face, she said the first word. “What the hell do you want?”

Sharon couldn’t contain her excitement. “I’ve got a really big surprise for you. Something that’s going to change your life forever.” Her daughter tilted her head, but she had a look of excitement in her eye. “It’s an actual surprise, though. I can’t tell it to you until Nicola’s here.”

Suddenly, the sound of the living room door closed. Sharon realized that Nicola was here earlier than expected as her smile widened even more. “Why is that?” Alexa asked when Sharon pulled out the spell book. “Look, if you’re going to be like this, you can bother me later. I was watching some stuff. I’m not in the mood to read shit. If you’re going to surprise me, then surprise me now.”

“Novus fieri,” Sharon said coolly while looking into her daughter’s eyes. “Renascetur et muta!” Alexa opened her mouth to say something when her eyes widened frightfully. She began to shiver as she fell to the ground. Her hands tore into the carpet while she let out a surprise howl of pain. Her skin became green, and within seconds, she had become a pile of slime that oozed in almost every direction.

Monday, January 30, 2023

The little princess has an upgrade - Part 1

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Part 8

Sharon was a loving mother, but she couldn't help feeling worried and frustrated about her adopted daughter, Alexa. Alexa had always been a bit of a handful, but her unhealthy lifestyle had led to weight gain and depression. The death of her adoptive father, Mark, and her new marriage with Luke had only made things worse.

Sharon felt even worse when the 18-year-old was kicked out of school. The girl was her little princess, and she only wanted the best for her. She knew something had to change, but she didn't know what to do. She thought she liked the new stepfather from all her staring, but she remained as distant as ever with the couple. That's when she and her new husband decided to hire a tutor. After all, it wasn’t like they were capable of teaching an entire school curriculum to their daughter.

Nicola, on the other hand, was more than equipped for this. She was a beautiful woman from Ukraine who specialized in helping struggling students. She was well versed in over twenty languages and had a solid reputation from the tutoring service they paid their money to. She quickly got to work with Alexa, helping her with her homework and guiding her through her studies. Over the next few weeks, it wasn't just Alexa's grades that improved, Nicola also helped Alexa to develop new habits, such as regular exercise and healthy eating. Sharon’s daughter remained the same physically, but there was definitely a change in her mood.

Sharon watched in amazement as Alexa's mood swings seemingly disappeared and her depression lifted. She was so grateful to Nicola for helping her daughter become a better person. But when Sharon tried to converse with her daughter, it was like all progress had disappeared. She eventually had to do some digging on her own, and she discovered Alexa’s journal underneath her bed while her daughter and tutor were shopping for clothes. She discovered a lot of dark secrets that she wished she hadn’t seen.

Sharon read how her daughter felt overweight, ugly, and alone. Even with Nicola’s help, she felt like she was constantly being compared to other people. Nicola represented what Alexa wasn’t, and that hurt Sharon. The mother wanted to give everything to her baby. After all, that’s what Mark would’ve wanted. “I wish I was her,” Alexa frequently wrote. “She has everything. A toned body, luscious hair, and a beautiful smile. I’m everything she isn’t. And I’ve seen my stepdad take quick peeks at her. Guys look at her differently than other girls.” And that’s when Sharon got a bright idea. She hurried to her phone book and made a call to a long time family friend. As the owner of multiple businesses, Sharon knew all sorts of people, and she knew exactly who to call.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Trapped in my bimbo body

“They don’t have the parts,” Selina insisted while she watched her husband glare at the screws. “I think you have to custom order it. Those were a weird size.”

“We can make them work,” Stan insisted. “Shut up and help me look.”

“I’ve looked at least three times, babe! Let’s go. We can ask the guys at the firm for help.”

“I am NOT asking them for help,” Stan hissed. “Do you not realize how embarrassing this looks?” He waved his hands around at breasts. “I’m going to get ripped on. Look, go to another aisle and ask somebody who works here. I’m going to keep looking here.”

Selina sighed and left to go to another aisle. Stan was an amateur handyman and career scientist who had a passion for building and fixing things. One of his most prized possessions was his body transformation machine, a device he had built himself that allowed him to change his physical appearance at will. He frequently used it to turn into women to make custom videos with Selina. Selina was an amateur custom porn producer who frequently performed on live cams. Sadly, one day, the machine overheated and exploded.

Stan was frantic, as the longer he remained in his transformed body, the harder it would be for him to change back into a man. He knew he had to fix the machine as soon as possible, so he set out to gather the necessary materials.

So, Selina went to the hardware store with him and started looking through the shelves of screws and other materials, searching for the specific sizes he needed. However, the longer they looked, the more they realized that the store didn't have anything in the sizes they required. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, realizing that he would be trapped in his feminized body and would have to get used to it.

Unfortunately, they would never be able to fix the machine in time. It wasn’t just Stan’s body that was changing. His brain slowly altered over time, and by the end of the third week in his feminized body, he had already lost every hint of masculinity. Selina and Stan would continue to do amateur porn videos together, but the bimbofication of her husband became more apparent day by day. Eventually, the only thing Stan could think about was having day-long sex sessions with himself or his wife.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Destroying my transformation stone

“Hold on, you should probably think this is over,” Eden said while she grabbed Stefan’s wrist. “You know that the stone’s the only way to change you back. I know you’ve probably had your fun, but this is going too far.”

Stefan smiled at her. She’d supported him all the way up until now. She helped him learn how to use makeup, do his hair, and wear the right clothes. With his slender body, he could literally wear anything from Eden’s closet and look a thousand times better. “Are you jealous?”

“It’s not jealousy,” she insisted. “You’re just throwing away the chance to change back. Like I said, things are fun now, but what about the long-term effects? You don’t even know what your new body’s doing to you. I’ve already seen personality changes, Stefan.”

That much was true. He’d gone from a completely moral and friend zoned man to a gorgeous woman who craved cock. He looked down at the purple stone that had transformed him into the gorgeous woman he currently was and smirked. The thought of losing the ability to transform his body left a bittersweet taste in his mouth, especially since had always been fascinated by the idea of being somebody different. He was never comfortable in his own skin. When he stumbled upon the mysterious stone in an antique shop, he couldn't resist buying and trying it out when the salesperson mentioned that it could make his dreams come true. Upon holding it, he felt a strange energy flow through him and suddenly, his gender switched.

At first, Stefan was shocked and confused, especially after his physical body morphed and shifted. But as he explored his new body and the world around him, he began to realize the many advantages of being a woman. He loved the way he looked, the way people treated him differently, and the many opportunities that came with being a woman.

Stefan enjoyed the attention he received from men and the way he could express himself through fashion. He found that make-up was a fun way to enhance his features and loved how it changed the way he looked. He also relished the way he could use his charm and beauty to get what he wanted. He felt that as a woman, he had more fun and freedom than he ever had as a man. He loved the feeling of being in control and having the ability to express himself in a new way. But after learning he was pregnant with a stranger’s child, he was afraid of transforming back to his male body. He didn’t want to risk it, especially since he felt a sense of responsibility to his unborn child. Eden understood the dilemma and sighed when the gears began turning in his head. The stone would revert him back to his previous body minutes after losing possession over the stone. The stone had to be in his pocket wherever he went.

He stared at the flickering flames in front of them. Eden squeezed his shoulder and gave him a slight nudge, but as he stroked his flat tummy, he made his mind up. He decided to throw the stone into the fireplace, much to Eden’s dismay. The stone shattered into pieces, and a warm light filled the room while Stefan felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. And when the light faded, he knew that he had succeeded after realizing that he was going to be able to stay this way forever.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Accepting my fate with her help

“I love how perfect this looks on you,” Tara said excitedly while they sat down. Nathaniel stretched out on the beach towel, relishing in the warmth of the sun on his skin while Tara kissed his lips. “I forgot to ask - is the pain gone?”

Nathaniel nodded. “Yeah, and the sun’s helping too. It’s awesome how there aren’t that many people here. I’m still not used to all the staring.”

Tara giggled and cuddled beside him. “Yeah, but I don’t blame them. I can’t stop staring either.” Smiling back at her, Nathaniel sighed and closed his eyes. He felt at peace for once. He had always enjoyed the beach, but now that he was living in a woman's body, the experience was even more enjoyable. He couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude towards Tara. He was at the weakest in his life, having been a powerful magic user who could do anything he wanted.

After the magic accident that had trapped his mind in the body of Cynthia Black, a pedestrian who happened to be walking by when he tried to use magic to teleport him back home, Tara had been his rock of support. She was his neighbor who had helped him navigate the challenges of living in a new body, from dealing with the physical changes to figuring out how to dress and style his hair. And now, she was here with him, enjoying the sun and the sand together as his girlfriend.

Nathaniel had been devastated when he first realized that he was stuck in Cynthia's body, but Tara had helped him to see the silver lining and taught him how to enjoy himself sexually. He didn’t realize how much better it was to be a woman. Nathaniel had been the one who dominated most women, and now that he was Cynthia Black, he caught himself wanting to be on the receiving end. And Tara was more than happy to explore his body with him. After all, she was the one who had told him that he was lucky to have a second chance at life and that he should make the most of it. And so, he had tried to do just that.

He had started going by Cynthia’s name and had enrolled in a local college studying fashion design while Tara helped keep a roof over their heads with her marketing manager job. He had always been interested in fashion and now that he was living as a woman, he was able to fully explore that passion.

As he lay on the beach, Nathaniel couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment. He was grateful for Tara's love and support and for the opportunity to live his life in a new way. He knew that there would be challenges ahead, but for now, he was just happy to be here, enjoying the sun and the sand with Tara by his side.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Star basketball players

“Want to back out?” Rachel asked with a deep voice. She towered over her slim body and smirked when her boyfriend shook his head and put his dark hair up. “You’re going to have a hard time. I can already feel it. I already feel faster than you.”

“Like I said, it’s all skill,” Clyde responded while he rubbed his soft hands together. He quickly moved to the side of the court and picked the basketball up. He threw it at Rachel, and she caught it with ease. “Let’s get started.”

The game began, and Clyde struggled to adjust to his new body. He felt clumsy and uncoordinated with his bouncing breasts, and he couldn't quite get the hang of how to move in Rachel's smaller frame. Rachel, on the other hand, was having the time of her life. She was effortlessly gliding around the court, scoring basket after basket and making Clyde look like a complete amateur. It didn’t matter how much more experience Clyde had - he had a disadvantage that he didn’t realize was such a big deal.

As the game went on, Clyde's frustration grew. He couldn't understand how Rachel could be so good at basketball in his body. But, as he looked over at her, he could see the pure joy on her face as she dominated the court. It made him realize that it wasn't just about the passion or skill if their body types were completely different. He regularly beat her at one on one shootouts in his own body, and he always put her down by telling her that it was 100% skill.

Finally, the game ended, and Rachel emerged victorious. She couldn't stop laughing and gloating, while Clyde just shook his head in disbelief. “Maybe I’ll keep your body until you can finally beat me,” his girlfriend teased. “How does that sound, babe?”

Clyde felt hurt by that. “Give me a few days. Maybe I’ll beat you next time.” Suddenly, a naughty smile crept over his lips. “Say, until then, did you want to explore other games together?”

Rachel studied his gaze for what felt like an eternity before smiling back at him. She knew exactly what he meant, and he could tell that she was interested in trying out her male body. His girlfriend took his hand and led him back to the car.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Letting a professional play for me

Anne was a professional tennis player known for her fierce competitiveness, poor temper, and natural talent on the court. She was a beautiful woman with an Instagram filled with likes and comments about her appearance. Her looks secured any guy she wanted, but she had always dreamed of competing at the highest level. She didn’t care about her good looks. She had worked tirelessly to hone her skills and make a name for herself in the world of tennis. Her determination led to her reputation for being toxic to people around her.

But recently, Anne's world was turned upside down when she discovered that she wasn’t as good as she thought she was. Even with this best training, she still wasn’t capable of competing with her college-aged rivals. She was rejected by her school’s team, and she was desperate to make it big.

So, she enlisted the help of a company that specialized in personalized training. The training wasn’t just to tone her body either. One of the services that the company provided was body swapping services between clients and trainers with the help of a machine. A trainer would control Anne’s body to train and play for her if she paid extra. Excited by the possibilities this presented, she immediately set her sights on Sarah, a highly regarded tennis player who had played in the Olympics.

After swapping bodies with Anne, Sarah immediately set to work training in her new body. She was surprised at how beautiful Anne was. The girl was more of a model than a competitive tennis player. She knew that it would take some time to adjust to the differences in strength and agility, but she was determined to make it work. She spent long hours on the court, practicing her swings and footwork, and working on Anne’s reflexes. She logged her progress and communicated regularly to the management team about her metrics like weight.

But it was all a ruse. She had no plans on making things work for Anne. Sarah was a 54-year-old tennis player who had a long history as a successful athlete. But none of that mattered now that she was divorced and struggling to make ends meet. She’d worked for the Body Athletics Association for nearly ten years and had helped the bodies of dozens of would-be athletes get into better shape. But Sarah longed for something better, and with Anne’s beautiful 20-year-old physique and having sex with her fit boyfriend, she decided that she was going to take over her life. The pleasure, love, and excitement she felt were things she desperately wanted for herself.

And when the day of the big college match arrived, Anne was sitting alone in the bleachers expecting to see her body in action. It was the big opportunity to regain a chance at joining the team. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Sarah had dropped out and cut all ties with the Body Athletics Association. Anne was horrified to learn that there were no traces of where her young body had gone. Now trapped in the body of a 54-year-old with no money, she threatened to sue the company for every dollar she could. The Body Athletics Association, knowing that Anne had a case, immediately went into damage control. They erased all records regarding the swap and claimed that Anne, now trapped in Sarah’s body forever, had gone insane. Without an actual paper trail of the body swap happening, Anne was stuck.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

My boyfriend's grandmother

Tina had been dreading this day for a while; she was attending the funeral of her boyfriend Kevin's grandmother, Samantha. She had been a beloved matriarch of the family for over 70 years, and her passing had left a hole in their lives.

Tina was in the restroom of the local church, preparing for the funeral while her boyfriend spoke with family members, when she randomly heard a whisper. Startled, she looked around the room, but no one was there. Then, Tina noticed that her ring was glowing, and she felt a chill in the air.

Confused, Tina looked into the mirror, and to her amazement, she saw Samantha's ghost in the reflection. The young woman let out a horrified shriek before her throat seemingly closed up. She couldn't speak, and when she heard a laugh echoing in her head, she felt her face beginning to twitch. The ghost entered her, and a loud scream echoed in her mind.

Tina quickly realized that she was being controlled by the dead grandmother's ghost. She felt like she was a puppet with no control over her own body. "Thank god he gave you this ring," her lips laughed. "It was supposed to go to my daughter, but I told my grandson that this ring would be perfect for you. You decided to come into the family at the perfect time - definitely the prettiest out of all the girls Kevin's dated." The body thief crossed her arms to push up her firm breasts. "Geez, are these real? They feel real. You have so much going on for you, Tina. I'm sorry that you're not going to be able to enjoy things from here on out. Thank you for the second chance at life, hun."

"Get out of me," Tina hissed. Her movements became jerky and robotic as she left the restroom and entered the chapel. She helplessly yelled, but the dead grandmother simply hummed to drown her out. As the funeral service began, Tina heard her own voice reciting prayers, singing songs, and delivering eulogies. She felt powerless, like an outsider looking in on her own body. The scariest part was that Kevin didn't seem to notice that his girlfriend was quieter than her usually bubbly self. Unfortunately, that was going to be the least of Tina's problems. Samantha didn't want to move on, and having control of her sexy body was the perfect way to start her second life.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Desperate for anything - Part 2

Emma’s screams faded while the older woman solidified her control. She could feel the young woman’s soul intertwining with her own, and as time went by, she could see flickers of her memories. She could see every boy she’d dated, every cock she’d sucked, and every success that came her way. The sheer sight of Emma’s memories were making her wild with desire while she shuddered and moaned.

The body thief could feel her soul completely slipping into Emma’s body like a hand being placed in a glove. She expanded herself in her new body, filling every nook and cranny until she had fully slipped inside. As a ghost, she couldn’t do anything until somebody grabbed something that had touched the jewelry box. Now that Emma had placed jewelry in her pockets, Eileen could enter her body without any resistance unless the young girl threw the jewelry aside. Unfortunately, Emma had failed to realize this, and now her body belonged to somebody else.

Eileen looked down at her pretty fingernails and snickered at how soft her hands felt. She ran her hands down her slim body and looked at the stranger across the room. A throbbing warmth emanated from between her legs, and she realized that the sudden change in her hormones were getting the best of her. She let out a soft moan and rubbed the sides of her warm neck. “Allen?”

The man’s face smiled while he moved up to her. He hesitantly leaned forward, and Eileen pushed her new body up against his wide chest. “You really got a good one. I think this one’s better than your old body.”

“You’ve got an upgrade too,” Eileen cooed. Allen’s new body was taller than his old one. Eileen planted a long, deep kiss against her husband’s new lips and moaned into him. “God, I can’t wait to use these. Do you like them?” He playfully squeezed her new tits and grinned mischievously at him. “I want it here. I want you to defile me where our pact began.”

It was in this very attic where Eileen and Allen had made a deal with a demon. They gained the ability to leave their souls bound to a magical jewelry box whenever they died. For the past three generations, they both hopped from body to body. They would’ve possessed their grandson Jake if it weren’t for his desire not to have children. His mother and father were too old to reproduce, so they cut a deal with him. If he could bring them the bodies of a healthy and attractive couple, they wouldn’t haunt Jake and his family for the rest of their lives.

And as Allen pinned Eileen’s body against their favorite dresser, she could feel his hard thickness through their jeans. He planted passionate kisses against the front of her neck, and when they began to undress and make love, the older woman knew that her grandson had picked the perfect couple for their new lives.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Desperate for anything - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Emma sneezed. “How long do you think it’s been since his grandparents went up here? There’s way too much dust.”

Chris wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I guess that’s why he’s paying so much.”

Emma and her roommate were in need of some extra money. Rent was getting more expensive, and being college students didn’t help their savings. So when their neighbor, Jake, asked for their help cleaning out his grandparents' attic, they happily agreed. Allen and Eileen, Jake's grandparents, had recently passed away, and he needed to clear out the house to put it up for sale. Emma and Chris were excited to earn some extra cash, and didn't think twice about accepting the job.

“Hey, check this out,” Chris said. “How much do you think this is worth?” As they were cleaning out the attic, he had stumbled upon a jewelry box filled with necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They sparkled beautifully in the attic lighting while Emma spotted emeralds and diamonds. “Do you think he’ll miss a few pieces?”

“That’s fucked up,” Emma said. But before she could snatch the box away from him, he slid a few golden rings into his pocket. She frowned at him, gritted her teeth, and picked out a necklace she liked. “I guess it’s not like he’s keeping track. Right?”

Chris nodded while he closed the jewelry box. He put it in a cardboard box and moved across the room to pack more things. Emma felt horrible, but the two of them really were struggling for cash. Just as she bent over to pick up some books from the corner of the attic, she felt queasy. She stumbled somewhat before leaning against an abandoned dresser and tried to breathe. She wasn’t sure if it was greed or an anxiety attack, but she felt horrible.

“Chris, I’m going to go downstairs,” Emma said while turning around. Just as she did so, she felt a surge of pain running down her body. Ticklish sensations ran along her arms and legs while she looked deeply into Chris’ eyes. There was a lost look in his face, along with a faint blue glow. “Chris?” She stepped forward, and her body began to shiver. Her lips began to move on their own as the world darkened around her. “Ohhh … fuck, this feels so much better.”

Saturday, January 21, 2023

It's all thanks to him

“How does this look?” Linda asked her new boyfriend happily. She was getting ready for a romantic night out, so she wanted to look her best. After getting used to her new body, she was eager to flaunt her figure.

“It fits you in all the right places,” Avery said. Linda stood in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection while she looked at herself from the side. She had just returned from a shopping trip and was trying on her new purchases. Each dress fit her figure perfectly, and she couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement as she twirled around in front of the mirror for Avery to watch. Stripping down and flaunting her new body was the least she could do for the man who secured her stolen figure. “You know … I don’t think she wore the best pieces. You have better style than she did.”

She winked at him. “She never knew how to use her body to its fullest potential. She never deserved any of it.” For years, Linda had been plagued by pain and discomfort. Her body had grown old, and she had resigned herself to a life of limitations. But now, thanks to an ancient ritual she found online, she was able to possess any body she wanted. All it took was a few drops of her blood, ashes, and a gorilla’s saliva. Upon bringing the ingredients together and mixing it into a drink, the ritual spoke of an incantation that would trigger the possession spell. The user would become a ghost capable of taking control of anyone.

The online page had said that it would only be temporary unless she could convince another person to have sex with her. The hardest part about it was that the participant had to be fully aware of what would happen. The participant would also have a close relationship to the original owner’s body, meaning the likelihood of a permanent possession was quite low. But when Linda decided to possess her neighbor’s body, she realized that it was going to be easier than she thought.

Kelsey lived down the hall from Linda’s apartment. She was a college soccer player who partied nonstop. Avery, her roommate, had been very close friends with Kelsey. The two were inseparable, but Kelsey never saw him as a romantic partner. So, when Linda felt her ghostly soul filling up the young woman’s insides, she immediately saw flickers of Kelsey’s memories. It took a few minutes to fully absorb everything, but she could see all the signs that Avery was giving her. Unfortunately, Kelsey had rejected him on multiple occasions, but Linda was more than willing to share herself with him if he could help her make her possession permanent.

Thankfully, he fell for her, and the sex felt incredible. The pain in her joints and back were gone, and she felt free to move in directions she hadn’t gone in years. She felt so flexible, and the lust she felt was better than her old body’s youth. And now, as Avery’s strong arms wrapped around her waist, Linda couldn't help but think about how lucky she was. Sure, she felt bad about stealing another woman’s life, but when she saw how beautiful she looked in her new clothes, she wished she had found the spell sooner. And the kisses her new boyfriend gave her made her feel all the more certain that she’d made the right choice.

Friday, January 20, 2023

You can't do this

“Yeah, sorry, no,” Georgianna’s lips mouthed while she giggled at the mirror. “I’m not leaving. I’m not giving any of this up.” Her hand ran along the curves of her firm breasts. “I can’t believe you were ungrateful for what you had. You’ve always been so perfect, dear. Everybody said so. I’m just so sorry it had to be you. But your body’s the only one that’s been near me for a long time. I can’t steal another person’s body.” Her body leaned forward and playfully made a kissing sound. “You were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry, dear. You’re going to have to watch me enjoy your life.”

Georgianna couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything had worked so well since her stepmother opened up to her about her secret. She felt so much closer to Janice since her father died, especially since she’d opened up about how she had always struggled with her self-esteem and her appearance. She felt like she could never measure up to the other women she saw around her. Her stepmother, Janice, had used a magical mask to attract men in the past. 

Ever since Janice settled down with her dead father, Georgianna had never seen her use it, but she knew that she was an experienced member of the occult. Her father was an author who loved the concept of magic, though he knew that magic was frowned upon. Witches were put to death for a reason, so to protect her stepmother, Georgianna never spoke about her unique abilities to anybody.

So, upon gifting her stepdaughter the magical mask to help with her self-esteem, Georgianna started using the mask on a daily basis to transform her body into any person. “It’s like makeup,” her stepmother had promised. “That’s all it is.” But it was much more than that. Georgianna was bustier, curvier, and sexier. With her transformed body, she began going out to bars and clubs to date random men and to get attention.

Georgianna loved the way she looked and the way people treated her. But as the weeks went by, her friends were noticing that her personality was changing. She was apparently becoming bitchy and negative. Georgianna looked down at the golden mask and considered leaving it behind to go out without it when she felt her body beginning to tremble. “What the hell?” She had whispered until something took control of her body. Now, Georgianna was horrified to realize that it was her stepmother controlling her. Janice had been waiting for Georgianna to use the mask too much so that she could take control of her young and beautiful body. Georgianna was trapped in her own body, unable to move or speak, and she knew that she would be stuck like this forever.

Her stepmother brushed her soft blonde hair to the side and squeezed her new breasts. With a light moan, she smirked at the mirror. “And there’s no way you’re getting this body back. Pipe down and watch what a real woman can do with these slim curves…”

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“Oh fuck yes,” the old woman moaned with her soft new voice. Her hand was damp and filthy, but the pleasure she got from watching the two lovers turned her on even more. Flickers of Sammy fucking Lisa were flashing before her very eyes while she watched with her observation spell. She was observing them from afar on an almost daily basis to make sure the body thief hadn’t changed her mind. And when she saw the ex-female dominating her best friend, Angela knew that the swap was going to remain. The more one had orgasms in their new body, the more attached a soul became. She could see just how happy Sammy was, and the sight of their engagement rings were lovely bonuses to the old witch. She had sensed that Sammy wanted to take things further with Lisa in her old body, but because of the other girl’s beliefs, they had to take a different approach.

Just seeing them together made Angela smile. Everything had worked out perfectly for her as she played with her new body. The bed was damp with her lust while she circled her clit with a free hand. Her other hand explored her inner lips, and she let out a loud moan when she felt the pressure exploding between her legs. It didn't take long for that tightness in her loins to build up until it became too much. With an explosive cry, Angela came hard against the sheets. A moment later, another orgasm hit her like a freight train; this time so powerful she cried out even louder than before. “This body’s so fucking amazing. I can’t believe she just gave it up like that. I can’t believe she threw it all away for his body.”

She released her observation spell and breathed deeply. She could still hear Andrue's soul banging against her magical red crystal. After Sammy had left to live on as Lisa's boyfriend forever, the witch knew that she had secured a new body for herself. She was 78-years-old with a body well past its expiry date. And with Andrue unable to escape from her apartment, she decided to make a custom ritual to transfer his soul into the crystal.

Angela knew everything about the magical crystal. It was normally a body swapping crystal, but with a few alterations and the right spell, it was also a soul absorption crystal that required another living person’s soul to function. With Sammy's sexy body empty, Angela simply possessed the vessel and made it her own. If Angela had been in her shoes, she would've kept her female body to mess with other women who would be interested in her.

"It's her loss," Angela said playfully while she waved her slender hand. The sparkling pink nails glittered in the candlelight as a vibrating black object emerged from the shadows. She had summoned a dildo, and as she took hold of the shivering toy, she placed it against her damp inner folds. Biting her lower lip, her tummy arched upwards, and she allowed the toy to slide into her easily. Andrue’s screams were but a faint murmur while she moaned. “Oh, shut up. It’ll be over soon for you. Just sit back and watch me play with myself, dear.”

With time, his soul would disperse and become part of the crystal’s next spell, and she wouldn’t have to worry about his complaining. All he’d be able to do was watch Angela play with her new form until that happened. With Sammy deciding to stay in her male body to marry her best friend, it was only fair for Angela to have her fun as compensation. After all, it wasn't like Angela was willing to make Sammy's dreams come true for free. Dark magic always had a price.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sammy couldn't believe how wonderful she felt. She'd been with a lot of women, but having a cock was a different experience. After her first explosive male orgasm that came on too quickly, she had to take a break. But kissing Lisa in the shower and eating her out gave her enough time to recover. Lisa couldn’t believe how good her boyfriend was at exploring her inner folds, especially since they were supposed to both be virgins. But Sammy had plenty of experience with other women, and Lisa had the chance to really have her mind blown. She was actually surprised at how eager her boyfriend was to go against their beliefs, and when Sammy sat on her bed, she was the one who sat on her lap to playfully tease her cock.

"God, I can’t believe how good that felt in there. Are you really serious about all this, though?" Lisa asked while she bit her lower lip. "I'm ... I'm okay with this. I want to go all the way with you, but what's gotten into you?"

"You're the one who came into the bathroom to suck me off," Sammy said while planting kisses against her breasts. "No, I feel like it's time. I feel like I've waited long enough."

"We're not even married," Lisa said while her inner lips soaked her boyfriend's cock.

Sammy kissed her lips. "Do you want to be?" The smile on Lisa's face said it all. "I'll marry you if we take this all the way, but not unless you actually want to." Lisa rested her forehead against Sammy's and let the cock slide into her. Her flesh wrapped around the cock, and she let out a long, loud moan. It was Sammy's first time having vaginal sex as a man, but since she had a little experience now, the performance was coming naturally to her. 

Lisa rode her and pinned her boyfriend's shoulders against the bed. Sammy could have easily pushed her off to take control, but she loved seeing Lisa have the confidence to take initiative. For the first time in Sammy's life, she felt accepted and wanted. The sight of her cock being slathered in her best friend's lust made it all the better as Lisa's body shimmered beautifully in the bedroom lighting.

Lisa moved faster when she heard her grunting. Her hips felt locked in place until Sammy couldn't handle any more. Her balls were full and about to erupt, so she grabbed Lisa by her ass cheeks before letting out a groan. Lisa's smile widened when she felt her boyfriend throbbing. Sammy was about to throw her off when her friend wrapped her arms around her neck. A burst of squeezing pleasure erupted from Sammy's stolen cock, and she felt her body feeling helpless while Lisa drained her of her seed. She finished too quickly again, and she could already feel her cock softening. "Fuck..."

"That felt amazing," she whispered after Sammy fully emptied herself. "Were you serious about getting married?" Sammy was telling the truth when she said that. The two lovers remained connected while Sammy stayed for the rest of the morning. There was no way she was going to go to Andrue's class. The only thing she wanted to do was spend more time with her future wife.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Lisa noticed a slight shift in Andrue’s personality over the past week. They were going out a lot more often, which was a welcoming change considering how her boyfriend hated going out in public. He seemed so much more adventurous too, and it got to the point where Lisa felt bad for not inviting Sammy with them. Her best friend was always the person who convinced them to go out to do something. Lisa knew that her friend wasn’t best friends with her boyfriend, yet the thought of her missing out left her feeling a little sad. But when she got a text message from Sammy saying that she was going to be away for the summer, Lisa felt even worse.

But Andrue seemingly noticed right away. So, he cheered her up with extremely flirty whispers. It was the strangest feeling, especially since he was starting to make sex jokes like Sammy would. Lisa felt like something was a little bit off, so she just brushed it all off and laughed at whatever he said. The more she watched him, the more turned on she became at what she could do with him if he was serious. It didn’t help that he was showing off more skin than he usually did. Just the other day, he was comfortably walking around public without a shirt on. It made her feel a little embarrassed but excited to see him with such a confident aura. She debated on whether or not she should ask if everything was alright, but just before she could do so, one fateful morning changed things forever.

Andrue was in the shower getting ready for his morning philosophy class, and he'd left the door open. They were home alone together, so she decided to close the door for him out of respect when the sight of his naked body caught her eye. Surrounded by steam and the sound of pouring water, she stared at his perfect arms and chest while he scrubbed with her loofa. 

It felt wrong, especially since she was a Christian who didn't believe in sex before marriage, but just staring at him was turning her on. When he looked up from washing himself, he smiled awkwardly at her. It was her first actual time seeing him vulnerable like this, and the longer she stared, the more drawn in she became. “Oh, sorry, babe. I’m almost done.”

“Take your time,” Lisa teased with her cheeks reddening. Andrue was about to say something else when she timidly stepped into the bathroom, closed the door, and began to undress in front of him. They were home alone together with nothing to stop them. All she had on was an old pair of jeans that barely covered her ass, so she took those off as well. Then Lisa slowly unbuttoned her blouse until it fell down onto the floor. 

Now completely naked, she stood there waiting for Andrue's reaction. His eyes widened slightly upon seeing her nude figure standing in front of him. But the sight of his rock hard cock was more than enough to let Lisa know how he felt. She joined her boyfriend in the shower, got onto her knees, and swallowed his thickness. That fateful morning was the first time they'd been together like this, and she had a wonderful feeling that this wasn't going to be the last intimate moment as Andrue groaned.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Becoming her boyfriend - Part 1


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The bubbling sensation in Sammy’s tummy felt so weird, but the rush she got felt incredible. “What is this?” Andrue hissed upon looking down at his slender hands. He looked so vulnerable in his seat as he let out a surprised cry. Angela, the elderly woman who Sammy had paid to help her swap bodies with her best friend’s boyfriend, ran her hand along his bare shoulder. “Get away from me - Sammy, how am I in your body? I … I … ahhh…”

With one final moan, Andrue felt his lips becoming numb while a red glow came from Angela’s hands. The old woman smiled at Sammy. “This will keep him calm enough. He’ll understand everything you say, but we’ll keep him here until you make your decision.”

Sammy couldn’t believe how different the world felt as she smirked. She was taller with wider shoulders, and she felt like power was flowing through her finger tips while she playfully threw the body swap crystal between her two hands. She was normally very shy, but in his body, she felt like she could take anything the world threw at her. Andrue was an extremely fit water polo player who happened to be a bit of a douchebag to Sammy since he knew she was gay. He still invited her since they were still technically “friends,” but Sammy knew where he stood. It hurt even more since Lisa always saw him in the best light because of how much of a kind gentleman he was around everybody else.

Seeing them together always hurt Sammy, especially since she had a massive crush on her. Unfortunately, she knew where she stood with lesbian relationships. Lisa and Andrue came from extremely Christian families with stereotypically conservative beliefs. Sammy had known this for years, but it wasn’t until a family dinner that she realized that Lisa saw the LGBTQ+ community in a very negative light. Sammy knew that Lisa was just mimicking what her parents said, but deep down, she was still afraid of trying anything intimate with her friend. Her family accepted Andrue as the perfect partner for their daughter, so Sammy felt insufficient until her coworker’s grandmother, Angela, suggested switching bodies with Andrue to see if a relationship was what she really wanted.

With the help of a red crystal, Sammy could transfer her soul into a target’s body. The target’s soul would then bounce back into the crystal before being rebounded to her old body. It wasn’t hard, especially when she managed to convince him that Lisa wanted to surprise him at Angela’s place. Now, she had his body, and he remained trapped in hers.

“Listen here, Andrue. You be a good ‘girl’ and stay put. Listen to what Angela tells you to do while I test things out.  There are a few things I want to try. Maybe I’ll keep your body. Maybe I won’t. But guess what?” Sammy leaned down to look into Andrue’s eyes before walking away. “Regardless of what happens … nobody would ever believe you. I know everything about your girlfriend. And I know everything about you. Pretending to be you won’t be hard. And if you do decide to say anything? I’ll hurt Lisa as you and switch back. That’ll play out well for her parents.”

Sunday, January 15, 2023

My stepmom stole my body

“And this is the only thing between us now,” Nicole said while she looked down at the purple glowing stone Chloe had found for her. Nicole ran her free hand’s slender fingers along the curves of her stolen breasts. “Thank you for finding this. Now that I have this, I can actually make this permanent.”

“Make what permanent? I thought we were just packing things up?” Chloe asked from the side of the room. The young neighbor had come to help Lana with packing. Both girls were going to move into the same dorm room in September, so there was a lot of heavy lifting. Since arriving, Chloe had no idea that Nicole was inside of her stepdaughter’s body. The real Lana was in Nicole’s body, four cities away in a hospital bed waiting for more lab results.

But Lana personally hid the stone after the swap. The stepmother had suggested hiding it in her room as a gesture of goodwill and trust, but Nicole had told her this so she wouldn’t suspect anything.  

“Nothing you need to know,” Nicole laughed triumphantly as she threw the glowing purple stone into the nearby fireplace. The stone was a body swapping stone a traveling salesman had given to her. She had always wanted to be young again, but she didn’t want to leave her body so soon.

But life events forced her to use the stone early. Her stepdaughter, Lana, had agreed to switch bodies with her for a chance to enjoy her life before her inevitable death to cancer. Lana had always been selfless, and she had wanted to give Nicole the chance to live out her dreams before her inevitable end.

But Nicole had other ideas. She didn't want to die, and she was willing to do whatever it took to stay young. So she had thrown the stone into the fireplace, laughing as the yellow burst of energy shot throughout the room. She was going to enjoy her new life to the fullest, and she wasn't going to let anyone stand in her way. “What the fuck was that?” Chloe asked.

“Nothing important,” she said slyly. Nicole smirked and continued packing her cute clothes. 

Saturday, January 14, 2023

The once adored princess

The new queen lightly kissed King Adam before sitting upon her throne. Queen Addison’s court gathered around her to hear her decrees, but the only thing on her mind was having her lover’s cock around her stolen lips. She loved the throbbing desire between her legs, and as she felt the eyes of so many thirsty men upon her, her eyes darted around to see if there were any men that she’d like to toy with. The pleasure her new body gave her felt so much better than her old body’s youth.

Men were so much easier to seduce with her granddaughter’s body too. People loved the new her. She was in the body of a young woman, and the court thought she was Princess Amy. But Queen Addison was controlling her, having left her own 90-year-old body and taken over her 21-year-old granddaughter's.

Princess Amy had always been a spoiled brat. She was nicest girl that people adored, but she loved to sleep around. All people were equal to her, and she didn’t know the slightest thing about her royal blood. So, when Queen Addison used the court wizard’s wand to swap their bodies, Princess Amy was livid. She demanded that they switch back, only for the old queen’s heart to give out. Escaping with her young body was the perfect crime, especially since nobody would’ve ever found out. With her newfound youth, Queen Addison was ready to start over and extend her rule. The people had thought that the death of the old queen would bring forth a new era of peaceful rule, but they were wrong. Queen Addison had found a way to cheat death and keep her grip on power.

The court was in awe of her youth and beauty, and they listened attentively as she spoke. Queen Addison had always been a strong leader, but she didn’t have the beauty that Princess Amy had. Her youthful appearance and vitality were a stark contrast to the old, frail woman they had once known. Queen Addison's rule was absolute and borderline tyrannical, and she was determined to keep it that way. It was only a few days into her rule, but the court would inevitably see her true self. Deep down, she had no intention of giving up her power, no matter what the cost - it didn’t matter how many heirs she had. As long as he kept having heirs, she would continue to use the wizard’s wand to permanently move on to the next body.  

But for now, being Princess Amy was going to at least last her fifty years before the next body swap.  And so, the kingdom was plunged into a new age of tyranny, with Queen Amy at its helm. The people lived in fear, knowing that they were at the mercy of another member of House Wolffe. But of course, they would never find out who she truly was beneath her sexy figure.

Friday, January 13, 2023

The Witch's New Body - Part 3


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lily did everything she could to try moving, but she couldn’t feel anything. "No wonder he had a crush on you, there isn't a single bit of fat on this body," the body thief laughed. "Your body's literally at its peak. He's going to love y- ... he's going to love ME." Admiring Olga's newly stolen body got her excited for what was to come. She loved Maggie’s body, but it wasn’t getting what she wanted with her husband. She was eager to please her husband despite Lily's pleas. 

Of course, it didn't take long to convince Olga's husband to come to bed with her when he found her in their bed. At first, Hank thought it was the real Lily trying to seduce him. Young girls always threw themselves at him, so he always kept his guard up to prevent that from happening. He was happily married to Olga, and Maggie's body had a deep, sentimental connection to him. But when the old witch played with her new body in front of him and sucked his massive cock, he realized who it really was. He wasn't turned off at all by it. He was just as excited as she was. He planted kisses against her young body, his fingers playfully untying the strings of her swimsuit while he buried his face into her cleavage. "To hell with going outside for aerobics," Hank said. "I can’t believe you decided to do this so soon. I thought you weren't supposed to jump to your next body so soon. You mentioned that you can't do this often."

Olga let out a surprised moan when her husband started to eat her out. "I noticed how distant you were, and I decided that it was time for a change. Besides, I saw you looking at her. I knew you couldn't resist taking this young pussy, dear. And I’ll let you have every inch of me.”

"God, I love you," he whispered while he rested his forehead against hers. They lost themselves beneath the sheets, their hands exploring each other while Olga enjoyed the pleasure her young body had to offer. She felt drenched, and the moment she felt her husband's thick cock penetrating her stolen folds, she let out a triumphant moan. He plunged into her stolen body while her slender arms and legs wrapped around his muscular body. The sensation of being inside a completely new woman made him groan loudly. His wife moaned back as they both fucked hard enough to make her get closer and closer to having her first orgasm. She felt her toes curling while his powerful cock slammed into her. Every thrust sent waves of ecstasy that made her scream. She felt her body shivering uncontrollably, and for a moment, she felt like she was losing control. She felt like Lily was trying to steal back her body in the middle of the orgasm. 

Flickers of the young woman’s memories fluttered before her very eyes. She realized that Lily had wanted her husband just as badly. The slut thought she could take him away from her, but Olga had the last laugh. “Well, you got what you wanted, Lily. You get to share my husband with me. Forever.” As her new body stopped trembling, she let out a triumphant squeal while her husband kissed her sexy abs. “That was so fucking incredible.” 

"My turn?" He asked before she nodded. Suddenly, let out a grunt, and he lifted her up at the foot of their bed. Olga let out a surprised giggle while her powerful husband made love to her new body. He swung into her, and she sank down against his wet thickness. He felt much bigger inside of her in her new body. As he pounded away, she grabbed onto his shoulders to support herself while her husband pumped away at her. “Oh ‘Lilly,’” he groaned. “I’m going to fucking cum.” Her legs tightened around his back, and she made sure to lock her arms around the back of his neck. He grunted loudly and emptied himself inside of her, and Olga could hear the young woman's voice fading away. Lily would forever be silenced with some time and lovemaking. And with a man as perfect and eager as Hank, Olga had a feeling that it wouldn't take long for that to happen.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Witch's New Body - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

When Lily read the text message from Hank, she couldn’t help but get excited. The thought of actually having him alone for once made her feel comfortable about accepting his advances. She could see him thirsting for her, but she never worked up the courage to actually act on her emotions. Besides his hot physique, he was one of the richest people she knew. But with Maggie out and about, Lily decided to have a little fun. She took her hottest swimsuit and worked extra hard on her makeup and hair. She didn’t leave home until after she felt ready to seduce him.

But something horrible was going to happen. “Zamrażać,” Hank’s wife had whispered. Lily felt her bikini fall to the floor as she helplessly stood in place. She frowned and tried to move, but it felt like something was holding her wrists and ankles. “That spell should keep you still for the next part, pretty one. I can’t have you running out of the circle now.” The wife walked up to Lily’s paralyzed body and smirked. “I can see why he likes you so much. The chiseled abs, the toned arms, and those perfect tits. You’re basically a better version of a younger me. Well … another Maggie. But looks like it’s time to take your body and make it my own.”

“This can’t be happening right now” Lily struggled to say when the wife stepped back. There was a horribly evil look to the married woman. The young woman’s voice became a shout. “Maggie, you’re starting to scare me. Don’t do this - somebody! Anybody? Hank! HANK!”

“Uwolnienie!” Hank’s wife yelled, and before Lily could scream for more help, the older woman fell to her hands and knees. A black goo shot out of Maggie’s lips and landed beside her body as it fell onto her back. A short, three foot nine humanoid shadow had emerged. Hunched over with yellow glowing eyes, the shadow inched its way closer and closer to Lily’s toned legs. Its arms wrapped around her calves and thighs, and Lily could feel a cold and wet sensation sliding up against her skin.  She let out one final scream before the shadow slid into her lips. She would’ve pulled it out if she could. She could feel its darkness filling her throat and making her gag. She winced and felt her insides stretching as she heard a faint laugh. “My, it’s quite a tight fit,” the shadow said in an old croaky voice. “Your sexy body’s quite healthy. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble with Maggie when I stole her body.” 

Lily tried to focus all strength into her fists and feet. Just as she could feel her arms and legs becoming unfrozen, a wave of heat shot through her while her body let out a moan. She felt something moving up the roof of her mouth and pushing up into her head. The pressure made the world pitch black while she felt her muscles spasming. It took minutes of complete silence before Lily could see through her eyes again, and to her surprise, she was standing in front of the mirror in a bikini skimpier than her own. Her body was smiling back at her as her hands lightly squeezed her breasts. The body thief playfully swayed her firm ass and jumped to watch her healthy blonde hair bounce. “She’s controlling me somehow. I need … I need to regain control. Maggie, please don’t do this.

“Oh, shut up. I can hear you crying in there - there’s no way I’m giving you back control. Not until I decide to leave … assuming my soul doesn’t absorb you before then. But I doubt I’ll be going any time soon. If I try to hop again, my soul just might shatter. Can’t have that happen. There’s a limit to body thievery.” The body thief laughed as she grabbed a handful of her bum. “God, this thing’s perfect. And my husband’s definitely going to love my old swimsuit on me. It’s a lot better than yours … and you know what? I’m pretty sure this body’s going to last me a long time. A perfect ass, firm tits, and…” She kissed the mirror. “This perfect face. I can’t wait to see how long he lasts in my mouth. Will it fit? Will he finish too quickly? Too many possibilities, so sit back and enjoy the ride, dear. Once he fucks me, I’m going to be here for a LONG time, and you’ll be silenced forever.”

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Witch's New Body - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

With Hank Carter at work, Olga tied her blonde, graying hair up in a bun and crossed her legs. “Zobacz wszystko,” she said in Polish. She activated her surveillance magic and smirked as she looked into her crystal ball. She’d set up surveillance orbs around their personal gym that her husband, Hank, couldn’t see. He claimed that he wasn’t interested in their new blonde and beautiful personal trainer, Lily. But Olga could see the quick glances he’d given to her the night before during their last session. Obviously, the personal trainer probably wasn’t interested, but Olga knew exactly what her husband liked.

Her current body was very similar to how Lily was in her youth. Maggie Olson had been a high school gym teacher who constantly rejected Hank. But Olga loved Hank, yet her bodybuilding husband-to-be wasn’t interested in her until she decided to permanently possess Maggie Olson’s natural body nearly 20 years ago. It was a simple mind transference spell she had used for the past 400 years, so taking her body was easy. Olga told him who she really was, but the chance to fuck Maggie was enough to seduce Hank forever. And while her current 42-year-old body still looked beautiful and still worked out regularly with her husband, the sex and passion was no longer there. She knew Hank wasn’t in the mood, even whenever she’d dress up in his favorite see-through lingerie. She’d been with men in the distant past, and the patterns were always the same. Men would inevitably stray from a faithful marriage.

Hopping to a new body and starting over wasn’t usually an issue. But Hank came from a family of billionaires and ran multiple companies. Olga was comfortable with the wealth she had. Wealthier families often had connections to other witches who could protect their bodies, so stealing a fortune was close to impossible. The only way Olga could get financial security was to seduce an already rich man, and she loved every bit of Hank. He was an ex-bodybuilder with a shredded body, and the way he treated her in bed made Olga desperate to keep him. But hopping from body to body could only be done so much too. A little bit of her would be left behind, so it was always important to make every life last as long as possible.

“But if I don’t do this soon, I might lose him.” Olga sighed when her phone began to vibrate. She giggled to herself when she saw that Lily had responded to her text message. Of course, the body thief didn’t have a cell phone, so Hank always relied on her to look after his own phone for him. “Yeah, I can do a last minute session. We can do light lifting before we do water aerobics in the backyard like we planned for next week. Everything okay?” Lily’s text message answered.

“Everything’s fine,” Olga wrote in her message. “I took the day off. Are you able to come by 5? I wanted to do the session before Maggie comes home.” When Lily accepted the session’s time, Olga began to calmly prepare the ritual. She spent the next hour getting everything she needed. She gathered flower petals and placed them around the four corners of their basement gym. She used white chalk to draw a circle into the concrete floor. Just as she cut her left palm to allow two drops of blood to land against the chalk, Lily opened the door.

The 20-year-old trainer was wearing her usual gym attire, but she had her skimpy swimsuit in her hands. “Oh, Mrs. Carter? H-Hey, I didn’t know you were home. Where’s Hank? We’re supposed to be having a session…” Lily said. 

But just as she stepped into the circle, Olga laughed. “Oh, he’ll be home soon. But he won’t be having any sessions with you. Especially not with that skimpy bathing suit.” Before Lily could ask for clarification, the older woman whispered an incantation. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Running away with her body

“You’re not turned off by that?” Joe asked timidly.

Louis shook his head. “No - you’re not a guy now, right?”

“Of course not.”

Louis gave him a kiss. “Then no, I’m not turned off by that. I mean … it explains why you know how to drive me wild in bed. You know exactly what a guy wants.”

Smiling, Joe lounged on the beach, enjoying the warm sun on his skin. He had finally adjusted to his new life as a woman, and he was happy to be spending the day with his new boyfriend.

It had been a long journey for Joe, who had once been a conman living from heist to heist. But after screwing with the wrong people, he decided to have a surgeon place his brain in a female body. It was the least obvious body to place himself in, especially since most people knew how much he hated women. Getting the body had been a problem, but Joe managed to sedate his Asian personal assistant long enough to transfer his brain into her body.

Georgianna was an unbelievably attractive assistant who was willing to do anything for him. She knew that he was a criminal, but she did everything like a loyal employee would. But she couldn’t have predicted how far Joe would go to save his own hide. The transfer was quick, and her brain was disposed of while Joe escaped to South America in her sexy body.

It had been a difficult transition, and he had struggled to adjust to his new life. But with the help of Louis, a sexy Mexican massage therapist, Joe had finally found his footing. Louis helped him explore his flesh and helped him embrace his new identity. He had become comfortable in his own skin. The fact that he could have endless orgasms left him playing with himself for hours. 

The monthly period was annoying, but that stopped when Joe found out that he was pregnant. Thankfully, as he watched the waves crash against the shore, Joe knew that he was lucky. He was happy and content after retiring with his millions, and he couldn't wait to see what the future held for him with their future child.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Possessed for life

Britney struggled to get up from the ground, groaning in pain. Her stomach hurt like crazy, and it felt like something was boiling inside of her. She had just come home from a college party with her friends, where they had played with a Ouija board. She had no idea what was happening to her while she crawled along her apartment floor.

Suddenly, Britney felt something strange happening. It was like a presence was entering her body, and she felt herself losing control. It was a cold feeling, and the sound of a man’s voice echoed all around her when she tried to resist. She let out a whimper, but it was no use.

As she opened her mouth, a ghostly figure slipped inside of her, and Britney lost full control. She was no longer in control of her own body, and she was terrified when a darkness surrounded her. A sharp pain shot through her, and she found herself standing in the bathroom. 

When Britney looked in the mirror, she was shocked to see herself staring back. But she knew that it wasn't really her. Somebody else was controlling her body, and she had no idea who it was as her slender fingers ran through her blonde hair. Matt was a ghost who had been wandering the mortal plane for what felt like forever. He had been searching for a new body to possess, and he was thrilled when he found Britney. He knew that he had to act quickly, before she had a chance to resist.

“Geez, this is wonderful,” he said. “I was worried about never moving on. But with this body, I can have a shot at living again “ He winked into the mirror. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of this body. I didn’t want to be a woman, but I guess I could…” The body thief reached up and lightly squeezed his new breasts. “I guess I could get used to this.”

Matt was overjoyed. He had finally found a new home, and he couldn't wait to explore the mortal world. He knew that he had a lot to learn, but he was excited about the adventures that lay ahead. Britney was terrified as she watched Matt take her life. She could only watch as Matt explored her body and began his new life before her soul eventually became absorbed by the ghost.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Becoming a student for a day ... or more

“I can’t believe I’m her right now,” Allen whispered while he ran his slender fingers along his slightly toned arms. His fingers crawled along his arms and shoulders before landing on his firm breasts. He lightly squeezed them - he felt safe doing so at the back of the lecture hall where nobody could watch him explore himself. But he couldn’t go too far - he didn’t know the power of the necklace. He’d gone into the body of his young 22-year-old student, and now he was surrounded by dozens of students attending Jon Wolffe’s business statistics class, so it wasn’t like he could openly start playing with himself.

Not yet.

Allen was a 53-year-old math professor who believed in numbers instead of magic. But when his cousin lent him a magical golden necklace that could help him explore the world without having to book a flight, he decided to test it out for fun. Without planning ahead, Allen slipped the necklace over his head while he sat in his office at school. As soon as he did, he felt a tingling sensation wash over him. It was like a wave of electricity, coursing through his veins and filling him with energy as his mind shot through space and time. But just before he could go to his original destination, Hawaii, he accidentally flew through another classroom.

Suddenly, Allen found himself sitting in a lecture hall in a body he didn’t recognize. But when he pulled out the girl’s phone to look at his reflection, he realized he was in Nora Sylvia’s body. She was an athletic and smart woman who was one of Allen’s star pupils. She was a business student, but she loved taking on math electives. And the longer he remained in her body, the stranger things felt.

A strange heat emanated from between his legs as he watched Jon Wolffe. He’d seen him at tons of staff parties, but he never thought the man was attractive. But with Nora Sylvia’s eyes, he could see the subtle muscle tone beneath his tight dress shirt and the bulge in his pants. Allen couldn't help but enjoy the look of him as he adjusted the woman’s bra and bit his lower lip.

“Okay, this is weird,” he whispered while he tried to control himself. At first, Allen was a little bit nervous about being in Nora's body. He wasn't sure how long he would be able to stay, or what would happen when he returned to his own body. But as he listened to the lecture and fantasized about doing naughty things with Jon Wolffe in his new body, Allen had the sudden urge to explore himself further once he could find a way out of the lecture.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Getting back at my bully

“She’s going to get what she deserves,” Angelica said spitefully while she held the magical stone. “I’ll ruin everything for her.” She had always been the target of Cheyanne's cruelty, and she had grown tired of the constant teasing and bullying. She had tried to stand up for herself, but no matter what she did, Cheyanne always seemed to have the upper hand. She was gorgeous, rich, and stupidly lucky. Her professors looked on her favorably, while Angelica spent years suffering in silence. 

But one day, Angelica stumbled upon a magical stone at a local night market. A mysterious cloaked woman had offered her a chance to punish the girl who was making her life miserable. The old woman promised that the stone would give her the power to possess others, but it only had one charge. She was skeptical at first, but as she held the stone in her hand, she felt a strange energy coursing through her veins. She knew that this was her chance to finally stand up to Cheyanne, and she wasn't going to let it pass her by.

As she focused her energy on the stone, Angelica felt herself slipping into Cheyanne's body. She could feel her bully's thoughts and feelings, and she knew that she had succeeded in the possession. Excited by her new power, Angelica was determined to make her bully pay for all the years of torment. “What’s … happening to me?” Cheyanne struggled to whisper until Angelica forced her to shut up. She walked through the aisles while Cheyanne helplessly fought for control. The possessor couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that she was in full control now, and she loved how desperate Cheyanne was getting.

“Geez, I can see why you’re such a bitch,” Angelica said. “I’d be like you too if I had a body like this. Let’s see … what should we do first?” As she approached the cash register, Angelica had a great idea. She deliberately made mistakes in front of customers, scanning items multiple times and giving out the wrong change. She worked at a similar store, so she knew exactly how to play around with the machine. She could feel Cheyanne's frustration and embarrassment, and she reveled in the feeling of power while her managers watched from afar. In the end, Angelica's plan worked. The managers disciplined and wrote her up, forcing her to end her shift early to go home.

“I’m not done yet,” she insisted out loud with a naughty smirk while she walked out of the store. “You’ve got a really cute boyfriend, Cheyanne. Too cute. I haven’t been with a guy like Albert before. I wonder how he treats you?” She couldn’t wait to try out her sexy bits with another person before returning to her body.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Turning my cheating ex into a bimbo

Dawson was a star baseball player, with a strong and athletic build that had earned him the admiration of his teammates and coaches. But he also gained the jealousy of so many others, especially after sleeping with so many different women. He'd gone through at least fifty girls, and today was the day he’d discover that he'd rubbed one of them the wrong way. As he was preparing for a big game, Dawson suddenly felt an erotic sensation wash over him. He had a protein shake hours before the big game, so he assumed that it wasn’t sitting well in him. But when he undressed to switch into his gear, he noticed that his chiseled abs looked flabby. It was as if his body was rippling and morphing, like water shifting and changing form.

“Am I transforming?” He asked with a deep voice. Suddenly, his voice became higher pitched while a surge of pleasure shot through him. “What the fuck? How?” He had never experienced anything like this before, and he had no idea what was happening. But as the transformation continued, he began to realize how different he felt, in a way that he could never have imagined. As his muscles melted away, Dawson felt his body becoming slender and graceful. His skin smoothed out and softened, and his hair grew long and soft. He looked down at himself in amazement, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

“God damn…” He had become a beautiful woman, with curves and femininity that he had never possessed before. None of the girls he’d been with could’ve compared to what he was. The longer he stared at himself, the harder he became, though he felt a lot smaller than usual. He looked down between his legs and was stunned to see that his cock was morphing too. It shrank and receded into what looked like a vagina. He was stunned, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and liberation as he started talking. “I”m a… bla…. Wha?” His speech was slurred, and he noticed how hard it was to think. The changes were taking their toll on his mind too. It took all of his mental strength just to speak one word. Then another. And then finally, he managed to get up from where he sat naked and alone, feeling confused and disoriented. He moved closer to the mirror not sure whether or not he should be frightened by what had happened. But as he brushed the front of his crotch, the ripples of ecstasy and curiosity made him want to explore himself more. "Fuck, I think I’m horny. But what ... about the ... ahh ... game?"

"Good, it's starting to work," a familiar female voice said from behind him. Dawson spun around and saw his ex-girlfriend, Samantha, standing at the doorway. "Shame that you’re so pretty - I don’t think that’s very fair. Yeah, I spiked your drink with a gender swapping pill. I'm surprised that it worked so quickly, though. Hey, it also has one side effect with certain medications. Since you're on Ritalin, it makes your brain all airy. You'll eventually get to the point where you won't even remember being a guy." Samantha smirked and crossed her arms. "Good luck with your match, babe. And have fun being the little slut you are. You’re never going to transform back into your old body once your memory completely fails you. Nobody will even know who you are. Have fun!” Samantha kissed the air in front of her and sauntered away while Dawson struggled to keep his mind off sex. But with a team full of handsome, athletic men, the ex-male was having a hard time trying to remember who he was.