Saturday, September 10, 2022

I want to be her - Part 1


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“You can bring a friend if you’d like,” the old witch’s voice echoed again in Argyle’s mind. “My body transformation services are safer than modern methods.” Argyle was afraid about the entire procedure after finding out about it online, especially since it involved something he wasn’t familiar with. He was also afraid of what his closest people might think. He was riddled with anxiety when he had a one on one conversation with his boyfriend, Victor. They’d been dating for nearly two years, but Argyle had never voiced his desire to be the opposite sex. All Victor knew was that he loved to crossdress during their most intimate moments.

Thankfully, Victor was open to it since he was bisexual, but he was genuinely worried about using magic to alter one’s sex. “Are you sure it’s even safe?” His boyfriend had asked on the morning of his transformation. “Even if it’s real, wouldn’t it be safer to have a doctor help you through this?” But there was no budging Argyle on this – he was going to go ahead with a magical transition, so Victor simply accepted it and offered to come with him to the procedure.

They arrived together at an old woman’s house on the edge of town with $10,000 in cash and a photo of the type of girl Argyle wanted to become. Vanessa was an old witch who had advertised her body transformation services online. She invited the two men in, Argyle and Victor entered her home and entered a room whose walls and floor were covered with chalk-drawn circles. Ominous whispers echoed from all four corners of the room as the old woman closed the door as her eyes fell upon Victor. “You can take a seat to the side here. We can start the procedure in a few minutes. When you feel ready, Argyle, come with me to the center of the room.” Argyle and Victor exchanged looks before the patient stepped closer to the old woman. She took his hands and whispered something, and a bright red glow filled the room.

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