Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Becoming dull

“This is it,” Trisha whispered. “I’m actually going to do this…”

Part of her fought the urge to keep going. She was afraid that something bad might happen. After all, this was all completely new to her. Yet the longer she waited, the more she wanted to go through with it. Eventually, Trisha gulped down the concoction that would permanently transform her into the body she so desperately wanted to have, and she waited in agonizing silence for its effects to take root. 

After discovering a potion brewing book in the basement of her dead grandfather's house, she decided to play around with all sorts of different recipes. From simple recipes like weight loss mixtures to potions that could change the color of her hair, she realized that she was dealing with the real thing. So, when she found more advanced recipes at the back of the book, she decided that she was going to do something that would change her life forever.

She was always a curious bookworm who loved to keep to herself. However, she wasn't the prettiest person, and after being in college for nearly three years without a boyfriend, Trisha felt like a social failure. But with the hair strands of three of the most beautiful girls on campus, Trisha was excited to create the perfect body with a Body Alteration Potion that would combine her DNA with her desired targets.

Getting hair strands from Brit, Casey, and Vanessa was easy enough. Their hair strands constantly got stuck on chairs throughout the classes they took with Trisha. And once they were in her glowing vial, Trisha decided now was the time to become the most beautiful woman in existence.

The bitter concoction left her feeling dizzy. She sat down to calm her breathing, but a surge of pain sent her to the floor. Her skin crawled uncomfortably while she let out a moan. Her hands and feet morphed into long, slender digits that would match the body of Brit. Her nose shrunk slightly to resemble Casey's petite button nose, while her lips grew fuller and redder, just like Vanessa's. Her chest swelled into breasts that could barely fit in her dress.

Her hips expanded to accommodate her new, curvy figure, and her butt was the plumpest it had ever been. When she looked at her reflection in the mirror, Trisha couldn't believe what she saw, and she found herself fantasizing about all the guys she could get now with this body.

But she realized something was completely different about her. Tilting her head, she frowned. "Like … what's up with this?" Her jaw dropped. "No fucking way." She'd gained their beautiful features, but she felt … off. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her mind felt duller. She couldn't believe what had happened. She tried to do math in her head - she tried to look at her chemistry equations - she tried to play around with the statistics assignment she had due the following day. She didn't understand any of it.

"What the hell is going on? I don't understand anything!" She cried out in frustration. "No, no, no!" She dropped to the floor and curled into a ball. She had changed her body, but she hadn't realized that it would come with such a cost. And the longer she remained in her altered body, the more her personality started to change. It wouldn’t be long before her body would be reduced to a mindless bimbo. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Wishing stone gone wrong

The Wishing Stone was something that Olaf took for granted. After finding it by accident at a storage center auction for delinquent funds, he ended up using the stone to fix all sorts of things in his life. He used the wishing stone to make his construction job much easier as a carpenter - he could finish his work within seconds. 

With a simple wish, the job would be done. He had to handle framing, cutting from existing materials, and other carpentry-related tasks. People were amazed at how quickly he could work, and everybody was oblivious to the fact that he was using magic to make his life easier. He didn't realize that the stone wasn't actually doing his job correctly. He would wish for the final product, but the things his wishing stone constructed would collapse after a few days.

The Wishing Stone didn't seem to grant a wish word for word. Olaf had an idea of what he wanted to wish for, but the fullness of the wish would never be granted. Sadly, he realized this too late. He ended up using the Wishing Stone to give him the perfect woman, and instead of creating a submissive slut that would obey his every command, the stone's magic began to transform his body.

Olaf got down on all fours and moaned as a strange rush of energy moved from his head to his toes. Every inch of his body felt like it was on fire as his skin shifted and morphed. His chiseled chest grew large, firm breasts, and he felt his waist shrinking.

Olaf's dick started to shrink, but not completely. He had stripped down in advance since he wanted to have sex with his perfect woman, so when he looked down at his shrinking cock, he noticed that his balls were turning into a set of perfect pussy lips. Olaf could feel his nipples getting hard as a rush of pleasure rippled through him. Soon, he noticed that his hair was growing long and flowing. The sensation of having breasts was incredibly erotic, and his new cunt was dripping with desire. He knew that he would have to make another wish to fix everything, but he didn't know how to word it.

He got up and hesitantly moved through the room where the stone sat beside his mirror. The gorgeous woman staring back at him made him even hornier. Gulping, he realized that he had messed up and that he needed to reverse things. He needed to turn himself back into a man. Frowning, he picked up the stone and whispered, "I wish to be a man again."

The stone glowed red as it always did for one of his wishes, but the glow slowly died down after a hissing sound filled the room. Confused, he wished for his manhood back again. This time, the stone glowed even brighter. Finally, he made a wish for the third time, only to realize in horror that a crack was forming.

Before he could put the stone down to prevent it from breaking further, the Wishing Stone ended up crumbling in his slender fingertips. He was trapped in a female body now that the Wishing Stone was no more. He no longer had a body that could handle the physical stressors of construction, so he would inevitably have to find other ways to make money. But as he looked into the mirror and admired his perfect inner folds and breasts, he figured that he could sell his body pretty well.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Quitting with my boyfriend

“I love you,” James whispered while stroking Liz’s chin.

Liz planted a kiss against James' lips before he slipped out of the house. “I love you too,” she meekly said. The heat between her legs never cooled down whenever she was around him, and deep down, she never wanted it to end. She could still feel where he roughly held her, and the faint ache made her excited for him to come home.

When she first used the attribute absorption gun to steal her new breasts and feminine bits, she didn't expect her body to feel so different. But after becoming disgruntled at work because of all the dramatic gossipers who made her desk job close to impossible to do, she knew that she had to get back at everybody. 

She had worked at a lab that specialized in alternative methods of plastic surgery. One of the key methods that her old company introduced was DNA swapping, which ended up being altered and changed into the attribute absorption prototype gun that she ended up stealing for herself.

And as she looked out the window and watched her new husband get into the car, she couldn't stop smiling. She was a transgender woman who wanted to be included at her old job. She did everything to get on peoples' good sides. But when people started to talk behind her back, she realized that people were slowly turning against her. She found it harder to get hours as a salesperson, and she felt herself becoming isolated with every passing week.

But James, one of the scientists, saw what was happening, and he decided to teach everybody a lesson when she finally decided that she was going to quit. But that didn't happen immediately - he ended up asking Liz out on a date, much to the surprise of everybody else at work. They ended up slowly falling in love, and when the day came for Liz to give her resignation, James used his keys to unlock the prototype. Liz ended up using the attribute absorption gun to punish the biggest bully of them all: Kassandra.

Kassandra was known for her big breasts and her hourglass figure, and she always made fun of Liz for being a transgender woman. But when Liz stole Kassandra's big boobs and curvaceous hips just before slipping out the door, the look of shock on Kassandra's face would forever be burned into Liz's mind. Liz has stolen her femineity, and the bully was left with her tiny rod. Nobody knew that James had stolen the gun, and nobody suspected him after he quit.

It took several months of slowly stealing her former coworkers' attributes, but by the end of it all, Liz ended up with a body that James loved to worship. She went from being a red head to a curvy blonde that was always ready for sex. Making love in her new body felt incredible, and the passion and care her new husband gave her always sent her over the edge. Sure, he ended up getting fired from their old job, but they were happier than ever now that they were working at lower paid jobs as administrative assistants after getting married. 

There was less stress, drama, and hatred at the new office they worked at. And as she watched James drive away, she knew that her life was absolutely perfect. She had everything she could have ever wanted. And she wouldn't trade her new life for anything in the world.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Giving her a taste of karma

When Stella's fit teaching assistant voluntarily swapped bodies with her at the body swap clinic, she didn't realize that Beatrice wanted to appeal to her boyfriend's fantasies. She thought that she just wanted the extra reference letter and fake hours. Stella never had Marcus in any of the match classes that she taught, but she knew that he was a handsome man who could have any girl she wanted. He also happened to work at the experimental body swap clinic. Stella was far past her prime. While beautiful, she never felt very beautiful. Her breasts sagged, and her eyebags grew worse with every passing year.

So, when she discovered that Beatrice was going to have sex with her boyfriend, Stella realized that she had a wonderful opportunity. Beatrice's young body was one of the most attractive on campus, and men constantly stared at her wherever she went. Stella wasn't surprised to see this, especially after working with Beatrice for nearly a year. She knew every one of her habits, and she also knew that she was a girl who loved to sleep around.

So, Stella did the unthinkable. After getting Marcus' address, she paid him a little visit when she knew that Beatrice would be out with another one of her college classmates. She whipped out Beatrice's spare cell phone that she kept in her dresser and showed dated pictures and videos from Snapchat that showed her kissing random men. The worst part for him was the fact that they were all dated for when he was already dating her.

So, Stella offered him a deal. She wanted to show him how a real woman treated a real man, and if she could convince the body swap clinic that the swap back had already occurred. “What do you say?” she asked him while licking her lips.

He seemed conflicted. “She’d kill me.”

“She’ll never be able to convince anybody about what happened,” she said. “Not if you help me forge the documents. Tell the clinic that the swap already happened, and that she’s delusional. Once I have her body, and once the paperwork says that I’m the real Beatrice, there shouldn’t be issues, right? All of this is experimental.” 

His conflicted eyes immediately softened, and she could see his cock getting hard through his pants when she undressed in front of him. She moved differently than the original Beatrice, and she could tell that he could barely contain himself when she sucked his length. 

She knew what would happen once she got her way. Beatrice would be trapped in Stella's significantly older body, while her 20-year-old body would belong to Stella forever if she could really blow the boyfriend’s mind. As she moaned into her future boyfriend’s cock, she realized that Beatrice had spent years flaunting her gorgeous body and breaking hearts. She never deserved her body - this was her little taste of karma.

It didn't take long for them to be naked in the exact same bed where he had fucked Stella's older body. She could still feel the dampness in the sheets, but the teacher didn't care. The pleasure she felt and the way he made Marcus cum again and again made her realize that she deserved her new body. She was much better as the new Beatrice, and convincing the boyfriend to help forge the right documents wasn't so difficult.

Stella never thought that she'd enjoy being young again, but she did. By the time Beatrice realized what had happened, it was already too late. Stella fully seduced Marcus, and nobody knew that Beatrice was trapped in a 58-year-old MILF.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Rude to the wrong maid


Cedric was pleased to see that the spell had worked. He stood several meters away from his overweight body and laughed when the young woman struggled to get up in the sand. Before Cedric used a spell to swap their bodies, he made sure that nobody would be nearby when he performed it. He had watched Penny for nearly a week at the hotel resort, and after getting to know her morning routine after her morning workout, he finally managed to find a time when she would be away from her friends and boyfriend. 

Once Penny was relaxing on the sandy beach, he bit his finger and placed his blood against a small piece of paper with text written in Latin. Within seconds, his body began to glow, and Penny immediately began to notice the bright light several meters from her. Before she knew it, her mind was already being sucked out of her gorgeous body.

At first, as Penny's consciousness entered Cedric's chubby body, she was surprised to see that she was surrounded by sand. While Cedric's mind took over Penny's body, he was thrilled to feel her toned muscles and supple skin. He stood up and walked toward his old body, eager to admire himself in front of her. Penny was horrified as she watched Cedric approach her from afar. "Don't move too quickly," Cedric said. "You have a weak heart. You don't want to overexert yourself."

"This can't be happening," Penny croaked. "Why … h-how … how is this happening?"

"A little bit of magic," Cedric laughed. "I would have never picked a girl's body, but after taking a peek at your bank account at the front desk, I just knew that I needed to have your life. You have everything. A fit body, a lot of money, and a family full of rich people. I have everything I want now. I couldn't stand seeing people like you flaunting your lives in front of us workers."

"But this is wrong," Penny insisted. "You're one of the hotel workers? I've done nothing but be nice to you all! I've tipped you more than the standard rate! You can't just steal my body. I don't deserve this … I DON'T DESERVE THIS!"

"And that's where your fault is," Cedric shrugged. "You're unbelievably entitled. You've been nothing but rude to the smaller staff members. As a manager, I've had to hear it all. You might be nice to the managers and supervisors, but the regular guys? The maids too?"

Penny didn't know what to say. After being rude to one of two hotel staff members who were being incompetent with their cleaning practices, she didn't think that it would lead to this. That's when she remembered that one of the maids was an elderly woman in her sixties. "But how?" Penny whispered.

"You were really mean to Miss Salinas," he answered. "She was going to do worse things to you. But when she realized that there were opportunities with taking your body, she decided to give me a chance to live life in your shoes. With a magically infused piece of paper and some of my blood, I signed an agreement to switch bodies with you. Now, I'll definitely be sharing your wealth, don't worry about that. It won't go to waste." He swayed his hips. "This body also won't go to waste either. You might like drinking and partying for nights on end, but I have a lot of plans as a gorgeous Instagram influencer."

Penny's eyes started to tear up. "But you can't do this. Please, just take my body back. You can have your life back. I'll apologize to her. I'll tip her extra!"

"Nope," Cedric laughed. "I have no intentions of switching back. Enjoy the rest of your life in that fat body of yours. It's not like it'll be for long anyway." With that, Cedric left Penny behind in her weak and overweight body. She would try to tell her friends and boyfriend who she really was, but nobody would ever believe the words of a crazed hotel staff member.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 4

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Part 4

“Wait, but she’s an OnlyFans model,” Shannon, Makayla’s sister, told her. “You know that, right?”

Makyla frowned while she scrolled through the endless pages of her ex’s Instagram page. After she learned that Justin was pregnant, she was shocked. Half a year had past since she helped adapt to his female body, and after months of "job interviews," he had apparently been knocked up by an extremely rich CEO at a food distribution company. A “regular customer” as he dubbed them. He eventually managed to convince the soon-to-be-born baby's father to pay everything off. Makayla had grown suspicious of all of this, so she ended up doing some investigating.

She was stunned to learn that Justin was an OnlyFans model. She was also shocked to discover that he had a massive following on Instagram too. Over the course of half a year, Justin had managed to become an influencer who took in brand deals for makeup and moisturizers. She was even more surprised when she learned that he was going to marry Albert Maddocks, the extremely wealthy CEO who had knocked him up. She had seen a lot of photos of them together, and it seemed completely random for them to be a couple. Justin looked so small compared to his new man.

Makayla couldn't help but feel jealous or a little sickened by it all. Justin had always made fun of people who flaunted their bodies online. In a way, he was a little misogynistic, yet that didn't stop him from showing off his female figure. When she found his online photos, she realized that he looked better day by day - he was apparently working out and eating right.

Compared to his old body, he was actually taking care of himself. A lot of things had changed in his life, and this might have been the most positive one. Makayla couldn't believe how much her ex had improved over the last six months, and she was glad to see him thriving at least. After the accident, things had truly changed.

It was hard for her to accept though. Justin had completely transformed himself, and his acceptance as the new Brigitte only solidified as time went on. Eventually, he no longer wanted to be called Justin. What bothered Makayla the most was “Brigitte’s” newfound obsession with social media and her new life as a known homewrecker. 

Albert had apparently been married, and shattering a marriage wasn’t something to be proud of. She had always been a private person as Justin, but now, she was posting daily updates about her life on Instagram and OnlyFans. 

People adored her and showered her with endless compliments. She seemed to be addicted to the attention, and it showed in every one of her responses. Makayla knew that “Brigitte” was making a lot of money, but she wondered if it was worth it. Was her new life really worth giving up her self-respect?

And what about the baby and her new and upcoming husband? There were so many questions that she wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to come off as nosey. Sighing, she turned off her phone and looked out of the nearby window. She stared into her backyard and pictured all the nights they'd spend together on the swing. “Are you gonna be okay?” Shannon asked.

Makayla nodded in silence, though she still felt a little bitter. Her ex was now living a completely different life, and it almost felt like it was her fault. “I shouldn’t have helped him,” she thought quietly to herself. A part of her hoped that he would come back to her, but another part of her knew that it was just wishful thinking. The old Justin was gone, and he had replaced his old identity with someone who was worse. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 3


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Albert had no idea that Justin was inside of Brigitte's body. The only thing he was focused on was the way the woman moved between his fingertips while they played in the tub. Bathing her perfect body made the steep price tag all worth it - he wasn't having any buyer's remorse as Brigitte kissed his lips and cock. Brigitte wasn't very good at giving head at first, but the longer they bathed together and experimented, the more skilled she became. He figured that it was nervousness getting in the way - by the time they were done bathing, her confidence was through the roof. She dried their bodies and eagerly led him into the bedroom.

Albert had subscribed to Brigitte for weeks. She was an almost identical carbon copy of his wife, Jenny. However, unlike Jenny, Brigitte was one of the dirtiest girls he'd ever been with. From the way she kissed him to the way she worshipped his cock, he could tell that she was willing to do the most depraved of things in the bedroom. To Albert, this was one of the things his wife lacked - a willingness to try new things.

Her naturally large breasts and her sweet smile made the $10,000 price tag worth it too. He playfully shoved her into the nearby bed, and soon, he was on top of her. The tip of his cock brushed her moist entrance while his hands tightly gripped her wrists above her head. He planted kisses along the sides of her neck while she moaned in sweet bliss. He kissed her light pink nipples, the curves of her cleavage, and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Put it inside of me," she urged him. "And fuck me hard."

Her words sent chills down his spine. He wasn't wearing any protection, but when she insisted that he pull out, that only got him more excited. The risk and primal desire between them made his heart race. He also couldn't believe how horny she was, and he was eager to please. He slowly slid his cock inside of her tight pussy and began to thrust back and forth at a steady pace.

“Fuck,” he whispered. He was careful not to fuck her too hard - he didn't want to hurt her. To his surprise, Brigitte could actually take every inch of him, and she actually seemed to want him to go even harder. 

“Go faster,” she moaned. “God, I’m so fucking wet. I’m amazed that you even fit inside of me.”

“Alright,” he answered. He always exercised restraint around his wife, but Brigitte's desire to be used made him go even harder. The feeling of her warm, wet walls around his shaft drove him wild, and the sweet moans she made sent his body over the edge. Brigitte's moans grew louder and louder as he pounded her from above, plunging into her welcoming body while her dainty legs wrapped around his back. He normally didn't get this aroused around his wife, so being with Brigitte was already about to make him cum. He gritted his teeth as he looked into her wild eyes, struggling to pace himself before reaching the point of no return. “Oh fuck…”

Thankfully, he managed to pull out of her when Brigitte's body began to tremble. She reached down and circled her clit the moment he slipped out of her. And just as her inner folds gushed with her lust, he let out a loud, long groan. His seed erupted across her flat tummy and breasts.

It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath and recover. Covered in their sweat and filth, they hugged each other beneath their dampened sheets.

“That was amazing,” she said with a whisper. “You’re the biggest guy I’ve ever had.”

Albert kissed her, and the two remained locked together in silence. He knew that once he got home, he'd have to scrub her scent off of him before returning home to Jenny. But as Brigitte eagerly stroked his cock for another round, he figured that he could worry about cleaning up after he’d tried a few more positions with Jenny. He came way too quickly after all, and he wanted to get his money’s worth.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 2

Justin got in his car and entered the hotel room where one of his clients was staying. He had been invited for a fun day out with a guy who DM'd him on his OnlyFans account. After being a woman for nearly two months, he was finally getting used to his new body. Makayla had helped him with dressing up properly since being an escort was different from showing off his body on OnlyFans. 

The truth was that he had started an OnlyFans account to make an insane amount of money on pictures, videos, and personalized messages. He loved how being a girl felt, and being naked in front of thousands of people was a fun turn on for him. One of his newest services was an overpriced escort option where his subscribers could invite him for a night out. When he learned that he was going to be stuck with Brigitte’s debt, he realized that he needed to get creative with getting out of it. Nobody cared that he was a man trapped in another girl’s body. Very few actually believed him, and for those that did, they wouldn’t give him any assistance whatsoever.

Every moment after his accident hurt. He was filled with nothing but guilt for what happened. The car accident was his fault, and now that he was trapped in another person’s body, he realized that he needed to adjust to his new life and get smart with what he had. He had a second chance in life after stealing it away from Brigitte by accident, and he owed it to her to give back to society as much as possible. With a stupid amount of credit card debt and a retail job, he was having a hard time staying afloat.

Thankfully, tonight, he was going to have a fun time with a customer named Albert. For more than $10,000, he was going to share himself with another man. He was his first customer for this specific service, but he had a feeling that he could milk even more out of him considering how he was a married CEO at a prestigious company (apparently). And when he knocked on the hotel room doorway, he was met with a guy who looked way better than the pictures he sent him.

"God, you're so fucking hot," Albert said with his deep, thunderous voice. He towered over Justin by nearly two feet. He was a muscular, dark-skinned man with a sharp smile that made Justin's legs weak. The feminized man couldn’t believe how turned on he felt in Brigitte’s body. "Jesus, come on inside. You look good…"

Justin was wearing a tight black dress that showed off his long legs and slender curves. Thanks to Makayla, he was actually comfortable with his outfit. Being naked on camera was one thing, but getting the colors and style right was a different monster. "Thanks, Al. You look amazing too. You work out a lot, huh?" He bit his lower lip. “God, I can’t wait to have you fuck me senselessly.” One of the things he'd noticed as a woman was how sensual he had become. In his old male body, he wasn't used to being as horny as he was getting, and his eyes never wandered the male form until he became a woman.

He wasn't sure if Brigitte's body was naturally erotic or if it was because his male mind was in a female body, but he didn't care. He just knew that he was enjoying what he did. Sure, he was given a second chance at life that he didn't deserve, but he was making up for it by making as much cash as possible.

Albert flexed his arms and kissed Justin. His powerful hands were squeezing his femininely tight ass. "Come on, let's get this party started…"

They headed into the bathroom first where there was a filled, circular tub. His request was to bathe with Justin Albert poured some bubble bath into the water and lit a few candles while Justin slowly stripped down to nothing and stepped into the bathtub.

The water was hot, and when Justin closed his eyes, he could feel Albert's strong hands all over him. He squeezed his breasts, massaging his toned abs while circling his clit in the water. Justin could feel the man’s thick cock poking into his flesh. And as he felt kisses against his breasts and neck, Justin realized that the last of his manhood was going to be gone after getting fucked by this stud.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 4

Makayla smiled as she watched her ex-boyfriend, Justin, adjusting his hair in the mirror. He seemed significantly more confident in his female body now that she had shown him what clothes to wear and what make up to use. As a guy, he was color and style blind when it came to literally everything. He stuck out like a sore thumb when he tried to imitate the girls he would see on Instagram. It was one thing to act like a girl, but it was also a completely different thing to actually be a girl.

Being trapped in his female body had changed his world forever. After crashing into Brigitte's car during a fun night out racing with friends, the car accident forced his mind into the young woman's body. It was a miracle that Brigitte's body survived, but it was an even bigger shock when she learned that his mind had somehow replaced the young woman's consciousness. 

Justin had gone from a 19-year-old college student to a 28-year-old store manager with crippling debt and a broken family. He eventually lost his job, so he turned to Makayla for help on how to fully adapt to his new body. He was never specific on how he lost his job, but she assumed that it was because of his lack of experience and skills. Between the two of them, Makayla was significantly more responsible with her part-time job as a cosmetics salesperson, and she didn’t consider herself good enough to run a store. When he lost his body’s job, she knew that it was probably a skill issue.

But just seeing him smile back at her made her realize that she was willing to stay by his side for as long as it would take. He’d been so miserable before. Now, despite losing his job, he was trying to make things right. Of course, he had a lot of debt that he was legally stuck with now, so helping him get a new job in his new body was something she was willing to do. Despite no longer being attracted to each other, they still loved each other as friends. When she thought he was dead, she was absolutely distraught, and now he actually had a second chance. "How do I look?" Justin shyly asked.

"You look beautiful," Makayla said. "Your job interview's going to look great. Just approach it like your first job at Wendy's, okay? You'll do fine, though, I know you will."

He looked at himself in the mirror again and smiled. "I can't believe how much you've helped me. You don't know how much this is helping me."

She walked up to him and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much."

Justin blushed. "Thank you, Makayla … me too."

They moved through the living room where Justin's new purse sat. It was vibrating, but when Makayla went over to look at who it was, Justin immediately swiped it away. "I'll head out," he said nervously.

"Who's calling?"

"Just a friend of mine."

Makayla smiled and waved as Justin hurried off towards the car. "Good luck, Justin!" she called after him. “Tell me how it goes, okay?” As soon as the door shut, she began to feel a strange sense of unease. Something was wrong, but she knew that she was just a little overprotective for no reason. “He’ll be fine...”

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Now you know how it feels

Courtney loved the idea of possessing Megan's body, and she loved it even better when she was actually making all of her decisions. She had been her former best friend before they started college, and after a big argument about what college to go to, the two girls drifted apart. They became extremely bitter with each other, and they eventually took that anger on to social media for the world to see. 

Unfortunately, Megan had a lot more dirt on Courtney, and she ended up ruining her life by revealing a secret that nobody was supposed to know. Courtney was an incredibly beautiful transgender woman, and while she didn't openly hide the fact that she was trans, not everybody knew. Everybody had always been accepting, but the moment Megan put her on blast for it, all of the bigots in their friend groups started to show up. People started mistreating Courtney. While 99% of people treated her like a normal human being, there was the 1% that would fill up her inbox with unbelievably mean messages. 

This went on for six months before Courtney ultimately decided to get revenge on Megan. Courtney's dad was an engineer at a facility specializing in the human mind. She discovered that he was working on a prototype that could transfer a person's mind into another person's body. While Courtney loved herself for who she was, she wanted to teach Megan a lesson. 

Her plan was to use her dad's mind possession tiara to place her mind inside of Megan. She was going to do all sorts of embarrassing things in her body. She immediately went to the customer support office that Megan worked at, put the tiara on, and pressed a button while she stared into Megan's eyes.

A strange feeling washed over Courtney's body as she felt her mind being sucked out of her own body and placed into Megan's. She found herself in a strange, dark space before being thrust back into reality. When she opened her eyes, she saw herself sitting across from her. Courtney's body had fallen asleep after she possessed Megan's beautiful body. Picking up the mind possession tiara, she smirked and looked around to make sure nobody was watching. Courtney couldn't help but laugh as she realized that she had successfully possessed Megan's body. She got up and walked around the customer service office, admiring herself in the reflection of the windows. Just as she was about to walk away, her old body began to stir. "What … what happened?" Megan asked in her transgender body.

Courtney walked back to her body on the round and crossed her slender arms. "I guess I ended up swapping our bodies," Courtney said. "Sorry about that. My little toy wasn't supposed to do that. I was supposed to possess your body, but seeing you in my body just gave me a wonderful idea." Just seeing Megan's eyes widen felt all too wonderful. And seeing her small cock hardening and poking through her pants made this even better. "Wow, you're rock hard. Do you like what you see? Do you like seeing me in your gorgeous body?" Courtney ran her hands along her thighs and let out a laugh. "Seeing you in there made me realize something. I don't need to ruin your life. This can be my life now. You've already ruined mine - why should I ruin yours when I can just take it from you?"

"Please, Courtney, let's just talk about this," Megan pleaded. "I never meant to hurt you like this. I was just mad at you and-"

"And you thought ruining my reputation would make everything better, huh?" Courtney laughed. "You know, I never actually hated you. I was jealous of you. You were always the prettier one. The one everybody wanted to be around. The one everyone wanted to fuck. But now that I'm in your body, I think I'll just live with it. I'll be the one everybody wants to be around." Her voice became pure spite. "I'll be the one everyone wants to fuck. Enjoy the life you ruined, bitch."

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Desperately wanting my stepsister


“Tina” smiled at Laura as she stood across from her naive best friend. The spell was already done, and her new body felt incredible after Sabrina drank the soul release potion. She had been given a can of soda with the potion mixed in by her stepsister Laura, and upon drinking the carbonated beverage, Sabrina's soul immediately left her body. With the body completely empty and unable to protect itself from dark magic, “Tina” immediately took Laura's hands. It took two people to transfer a person's soul to another body, and with Laura's desire to have sex with her stepsister's body, she eagerly assisted “Tina.”

“Tina” had promised to do everything with her best friend. What Laura didn’t realize was that “Tina” wasn’t the same Tina she’d grown up with. The body thief was a 200-year-old woman who had chosen Tina as her initial vessel. Her real name was Melinda, and she was a witch who had grown tired of Tina’s average appearance. Upon getting her new body, Melinda promised to let Laura do anything she pleased. The thought intrigued Laura, and the woman ended up doing everything in her power to get Melinda inside of Sabrina's body. She never questioned how “Tina” found the spells or potion to do this, though. If she knew, she would have never helped “Tina” steal her stepsister's body.

It only took a few words for the incantation before a cloud of white smoke shot out from Melinda’s lips. She felt her mind being shoved into Sabrina's significantly younger body. "It worked," Melinda laughed as she looked at Laura. "I'm in her body. Her body is MINE forever now."

Laura was enticed by Melinda’s words. She had always wanted to be with Sabrina, but the older woman had never given her the time of day. Now, though, with “Tina” inside of her stepsister's body, Laura would finally have her chance. She wanted to taste her. She wanted to be with her. And she desperately wanted her acceptance. With “Tina” in control, she could have all of that. Melinda could feel Laura's gaze on her as she walked over to her “best friend.” Laura had been waiting for this moment since Sabrina first rejected her. "Can we go use her bed? S-Sorry, your bed?"

And that's when Melinda let out a laugh. "Sorry, now that I'm in her body, I don't really have any desire to have sex with you," the body thief said. "You did your part, though. Thank you for that. Now that I have your stepsister's body, it's going to be fun being part of your family. Especially since you're such a well off one."

Laura's face dropped, and her heart sank. She couldn't believe what “Tina” had just said. She had done everything “Tina” asked for and more. And now, she was just going to walk away with Sabrina's body. "Honestly, I understand why she rejected you. This body's horny, but not horny for you. Your brother, on the other hand…" The body thief giggled. "God, yes, I'm thinking about him right now. I can't believe how moist this body is now."

"Tina, I fucking can't believe I just did this…"

"Me too," Melinda laughed. "You were so turned on at the thought of eating your stepsister out. You're such a disgusting girl. And now, your stepsister's soul will never slip back inside of me. Not after you helped launch my soul into this sexy body." Melinda swayed her hips and backed away. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like some privacy. I'm going to have lots of fun with MY new body."

Laura couldn't believe how foolish she had been. And now, she had to live with the guilt of betraying the one person she loved. She couldn't believe she had let this happen. She couldn't believe she had been so naive. The body thief saw Laura's desires, and she enticed her with the right amount of lies that would alter her family forever. And the worst part about it was that nobody would ever believe her. She’d be forced to watch as “Tina” would tease her for years to come.