Monday, August 22, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 2

“Wait, are you trolling me right now?” Jacob asked in disbelief. His girlfriend, Annette, left with their two other friends to go check out the nearby vineyard. They only had three days left, but Jacob was sick of being dragged around to places he didn’t want to go to.

But the weird thing that made him speak with so much uncertainty was the fact that Celeste was being weird. She didn’t want to go out either, and she was being really flirty with him. She was also randomly whispering to herself. She also seemed bored with the entire vacation in general, and when she told the others that she wasn’t feeling so well, everybody else was eager enough to leave her behind.

“I’m serious,” Celeste said. “What does Annette have that I don’t? You know they’re going to be gone for at least four hours.” She rose a brow and smiled wickedly when she readjusted the pearl necklace around her neck. “I’ll happily show you why I’m better.”

Just staring at her was awakening something in him. He fought his primal urges, but the sweet smile over Celeste’s face urged him closer and closer to the couch. A simple giggle from his girlfriend’s best friend sealed the deal, and he found himself planting a kiss against her lips.

She searched for his tongue and got on top of him. She moaned gently into his lips, her crotch gyrating against the front of his shorts until he couldn’t keep it in anymore. They had almost four hours alone in an expensive room together. He wasn’t thinking about the consequences. The only thing he could think about was Celeste as they made love.

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