Friday, June 30, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 6


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There was a faint full moon starting to rise from the nearby mountains, and the end of Johnny’s day felt a little off. Things didn’t seem right on his way back home. Johnny had spent the entire day stuck in a small, stuffy office, grappling with a never-ending pile of paperwork, so he assumed he was just overworked. But as he finally returned home, his body heavy with exhaustion, he immediately spotted Laura pulling herself up over the pool.

Johnny rarely talked to her since she started college. They’d known each other for years, but their relationship was strained when he accidently got drunk and said the wrong things to her. She never openly made fun of him or talk about what happened, but he definitely felt awkward around her. Upon stepping closer to her, he stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t notice anything different until she started to smile at him.

She was different, almost unrecognizable while she adjusted the wet, pink straps of her bikini. Her breasts looked massive, and her body looked way stronger than it used to. Since he rarely spoke to her, he hadn’t noticed the gains she’d made since she started college. Her figure had transformed into an athletic, curvaceous silhouette. “When did she get implants?” he wondered while she timidly crossed her arms. She looked cold, and when she looked at her delicate skin, he noticed that she was pushing her breasts up. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She was lean and toned, an embodiment of physical perfection. Her once shy eyes now sparkled with an untamed confidence, and her lips curled into a flirtatious grin. His heart pounded in his chest as his gaze locked onto her. Anxiety gripped his chest when he realized that she was blocking the way to the house. “The complete silence was getting to him, but she ended up saying the first word. “Hey, Johnny, how was work?”

“G-Good,” he gulped. She stepped closer to him, and he could feel the warmth around her body. He could feel her knee grazing his thigh, so he immediately stepped back. That didn’t stop her from inching closer to him – he was really starting to get nervous now. He quickly looked around, and by the time he was looking back at her, her face was only a few inches away from his. “Laura, what’s going on?”

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said. “I shot you down once. But that was a while back. And I’m feeling a little cold. You’ve been working all day, right? Why don’t you help me get warmed up?”

He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. But here she was, openly flirting with him, her words laced with hints and innuendos that left him stunned. Laura was his stepsister, the same woman who completely rejected him. “You’re not drunk, right?”

Laura’s smile widened. “No, I’m just kind of turned on right now. Want to help me out with that?” He wondered if it was some sort of joke, or some cruel prank she was playing. But as Laura reached out to him, her fingers tracing a gentle path across his stubble-covered jawline, he realized that it wasn't a game. She was serious, and his heart pounded even harder while he cock hardened. He tried to shift away to hide the blatant hard on, but Laura’s hand took his own. He was about to say something when her warm lips pressed up against his own, and the two remained locked together out in the open. Somebody could have easily seen them, so he immediately pulled away. “Sorry, this isn’t right.”

A smile spread across her lips as she leaned in again, her lips brushing against his. “Why not? It’s not like we’re related. Besides, this is my way of saying sorry. You’ve been really quiet lately, so I wanted to make sure things were fine.” She did it again. The kiss was soft, yet passionate, sending a shockwave of electricity through his body. He responded, his own hands finding their way around her waist, pulling her closer. “Besides … mom and dad are gone. We have the entire house to ourselves.” The world around them seemed to fade into insignificance as they lost themselves in the moment. “What do you say?” 

Johnny could hardly believe what was happening. It felt surreal, like he was trapped in some sort of dream while he nodded. But as she led him into her bedroom and got down onto her hands and knees, he realized it was very much real. His stepsister pulled his shorts down and obediently swallowed his cock, and he decided to see how far she was willing to go.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 5


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Laura’s eyes fluttered open and a shiver ran down her spine as she took in her surroundings. Her hand drifted down, fingers lightly brushing against the blanket that was tightly wrapped around her. “Why am I so cold?” she wondered. A gasp escaped her lips when she noticed something moving on the other side of the room. A figure stood in front of a mirror. It was her body, her face, her hair, but her figure looked stronger and wider. Every curve oozed with beauty, and a pile of cute outfits and swimsuits was scattered around beneath her body’s bare feet. A sense of dread filled Laura as she tried to sit up.

A wave of weakness washed over her, leaving her body limp and unresponsive. Panic bubbled up in her throat as she realized with a cold sense of dread that she was trapped in Annette’s body. "What happened? Why am I inside of you?" she managed to croak out, her voice a weak echo of her usually robust tone. “I can barely move…”

Annette turned around, a smirk playing on her stolen lips while she ignored her question. “Your wardrobe’s kind of annoying. I can’t find anything that fits these big tits. There aren’t enough outfits in here … only a handful.” Laura groaned and shifted in the bed. “Hey, don't move too much. I transferred a little too much strength. But don't worry, you'll gain it back. You just have to rest for the day while I live your life.” The casual dismissal of the whole bizarre situation was jarring, and when Annette reached up to cup her large breasts, a rush of fear and excitement surged through Laura’s new body. She felt a foreign sensation hardening beneath the blanket. She lifted it and immediately saw Annette’s cock throbbing. “Oh, you’re turned on right now. I don’t blame you. I always felt the same way when I looked at you, but with this thicker frame…” Annette gave her firm bum a loud slap. “This thing would drive anybody crazy. Your body’s way better with my muscles. I definitely wouldn’t have become your scrawny ass unless I could find a way to alter you in the best way possible.”

Laura's mind was a whirlwind of confusion and terror. She found herself starting to think this was normal. She was beginning to accept the exchange, but she knew she couldn’t let this happen. “What’s … happening to me?” She tried again to get up, fighting against the bone-deep exhaustion that threatened to pull her under. But the throbbing headache that exploded behind her eyes was a painful deterrent. Laura groaned and fell back onto the bed, helplessly watching Annette prancing around in her body. “I’m Laura. I’m Laura. How … how long have I been asleep?”

Annette circled the bed with a sultry look in her eye as she playfully flexed her biceps. “About an hour or two,” she admitted. “Just long enough for me to check out your phone. You never told me your parents were gone for the rest of the month. Only person who has a chance to run into you while I keep you locked in here is your stepbrother, but I know how I’ll keep him away from you.” Laura could only stare at her with tears in her eyes, and that made her best friend laugh. “Yeah, I’m really curious about trying out your body. I’m willing to test it out on anybody. Obviously, not with you, not in your state.” Annette leaned forward and noticed Laura’s eyes staring at her cleavage. “Oh, stop crying, Laura. Look how pretty you look now. Look how pretty I look now.” She pulled her pants up higher. “My bum can barely fit in this. I love how sexy you look now. It shouldn’t take much to seduce him. My pussy’s kinda loose from getting fucked by my cock – the only big thing about you now. Maybe I’ll let him stretch my ass. I’ve always loved some good anal.”

“Please reverse this,” Laura said with a dry mouth. “I’ll … I’ll tell. I’ll tell everybody.”

Annette ran a hand along her thigh before stripping down to nothing. Her nude, fit body made Laura feel even harder. The body thief purposely bent over to playfully wave her ass at the weakened Laura. She pulled on a pink swim suit that just barely fit her tits. “You can try that. But the longer you’re in that body, the more you’ll think you’re actually me. You won’t have my memories, but you’ll have my personality and desires.” She rose a brow. “Oh, you’re wondering why that won’t affect me, huh? It was the third potion. My mind’s perfectly safe..” Laura reached out and tried to grab Annette when she walked by, but the body thief dashed away. She giggled mischievously, locked the door, and waltzed outside to wait for Johnny to come home. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 4

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Annette stirred beneath her old body and groaned when she realized that she was actually inside of Laura now. She vaguely remembered feeling her soul being forced through her cock before expanding and filling up every crevice of Laura’s transformed body. Now, her friend was trapped in a skinny version of her naked transgender body, and she was out cold from the swap. She gently helped her off her and placed her on the bed. A warmth seeped out of the emptiness between Annette’s sexy legs, and when she reached down to fondle her filth, she felt the wonderful surge of pleasure radiating from her new vagina. The magic of the potion had done its work in transferring her mind into a body she was willing to steal, but a strange coldness seeped through her.

She also felt increasingly uncomfortable. She slowly undid the strings around her black bra and crotch upon realizing that they felt too tight. Her wider waist and larger breasts made Laura’s swimsuit feel overly constricted. She was still in a daze when she spotted her old body’s swimsuit scattered across the floor. She pulled the swimsuit over her transformed body and smiled when she realized that it was a perfect fit. She turned to look at her old body lying still and asleep. A pang of guilt hit Annette, but it was quickly overshadowed by the sudden freezing sensation that flooded her body. Her hand instinctively shot up to her forehead to steady herself while she shivered.

She needed to warm up. Her old body’s cum steadily dripped out of her while she navigated the house. Since the outdoor pool was probably even colder than how she felt now, she figured a quick and hot shower should at least give her comfort. And when she stepped into the luxury bathroom to take her hot shower, the hot water was a welcome relief that completely made the freezing sensation go away.

As the water cascaded down her body, Annette enjoyed every sensation. The heat against her skin was intensely satisfying. She stayed under the spray until her skin turned a rosy pink, her body temperature regulated by the hot stream while she became more comfortable in her new body. A simple thought of getting fucked by her old body made her aroused while her seed dripped down her leg. She removed her swimsuit and allowed the warmth to completely envelope her while she washed her muscular physique.

Once down, she stepped out of the shower, and the mirror caught her eye. She stood there for a moment, drinking in her reflection. The woman who stared back was truly beautiful, her body the perfect blend of femininity and athleticism. A faint outline of muscles adorned her form. She had her body’s perfect thighs, breasts, and abs. Now, she was a much better version of Laura – she was a version that she had desperately wanted to become. “But now I’m the one living the fantasy,” she said with a smile. “God … this body’s perfect. I can’t believe how chiseled I look with her skin tone. And this pussy … fuck, I’ve got to try this. But not with her.”

That’s when it hit her. She ran a hand through her wet black hair, her eyes twinkling with newfound confidence. “Johnny,” she murmured happily. “I don’t know why she never found him attractive. They aren’t actual siblings. Maybe I’ll test it with him…” 

Annette stepped back into the guest bedroom, the wet footprints following her. She stayed naked and admired her bare body in the full-length mirror before looking back at Laura. She was trapped in her body now, and there was no way Annette was going to let her reverse anything. The longer she remained in her body, the more her brain would naturally rewire and make her think she was the real Annette. “I have potions that’ll make more adjustments. But I’ll figure that out later. I just have to make sure that doesn’t happen to me…”

As Annette quickly rummaged through her purse, she pulled out the third potion that she’d been hiding in secret. It was the only true way of preventing that from happening in her own body. While Laura had no idea about the negative side effects of being in another person’s body without the potion, Annette took a loud gulp to make sure there’d be no way of saving her mind by accident. She smirked one final time at her old body before leaving to rummage through Laura’s wardrobe for some clothes.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 3


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When the last of the black mist had entered Laura’s core, the transgender woman could see her future body’s abs beginning to swell. The mist was stretching her friend’s insides. Before Laura could push her away, Annette felt her body going limp as it became surrounded by an eerie darkness. It all came so fast, but she thankfully had her wits about her. She knew this was all part of the process, and soon it would all be worth it in the end.

Annette had loved the way Laura’s gorgeous face looked as they grew up together. She was always jealous of how gorgeous she was. Sure, she had a nerdy vibe to her skinny appearance that she didn’t like, but she had things that Annette could only dream of having. Before Annette began to plan everything, she did an unbelievable amount of studying into the arcane arts. 

There was only so much she knew about the more advanced forms of potion brewing, so she wanted to understand all of the negative side effects. She understood that being in another person’s body would have eventual consequences, especially since she’d be placed in a body with a completely foreign brain. The human brain was an extremely complex part of the human body, so she made sure to account for the fact that a person’s brain could completely alter her soul’s being.

A completely different brain had different memories. A person’s soul could only be in another person’s body for a short period of time before the body would begin to force the soul to assimilate. With time, Annette would accidently think she was actually Laura. So, she looked into potions that could help fortify her mind so she would permanently keep her old body’s memories. She hid the third potion in her purse and was horrified when she saw Laura glance at it, but her friend thankfully never questioned what it was for.

“Just like the swap potion,” Annette said with a laugh while her body drifted through the empty void. An all-consuming darkness blanketed her, unsettling yet somehow comforting. But there, distantly, hung a lone orb of light - a beacon amidst the disorienting abyss.

As she moved closer, an apparition emerged from the shadows. It was a white ghostly figure fluttering past her, and Annette realized that it was Laura’s soul. The transgender woman was afraid that she would say something, but she realized that she was sleeping. “Is it because she’s never used potions as often as I have? Or is it because the attribute transfer left my old body weakened?”

There were so many wonderful unknowns, and the thought of documenting everything for herself left her feeling excited. She sighed and allowed an unseen force guide her soul closer to the beckoning orb of light. She reached out to grasp it, the spectral tendrils of her non-physical form intertwining with the radiant glow. The moment her ephemeral fingers made contact, a sudden surge of hot energy rushed through her. 

Suddenly, Annette was bombarded with a torrent of memories, a maelstrom of images and emotions that were not her own. They were Laura's. Her childhood, her dreams, her fears, her love, her loss. The memories painted a kaleidoscope of strange colors in her mind. Each hue represented a different emotion, a different memory, a different piece of Laura's life. 

Annette found herself immersed in the swirling vortex, awash in someone else's memories, her consciousness dancing on the knife-edge of identity. Just when the strange colors threatened to consume her, Annette found the strength to open her eyes. She found herself drenched in sweat with a strange, exotic pleasure flowing through her now perfect body as her swelling tummy slowly deflated.

Monday, June 26, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 2


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Laura moaned in her best friend's lap while she rode her. Her swimsuit still hugged her skinny frame while Annette’s cock slipped through. And as Laura’s arms wrapped around the back of Annette's neck, she felt strong hands squeezing her waist. She looked at where their bodies intersected and moved her hips faster. Her entire body felt hot and tingly, and the more they fucked, the stronger she felt. 

Her thighs were becoming thicker while Annette's legs seemingly shrank. Her friend's cock glistened with her lust, and Laura felt herself getting closer to cumming when she felt her nipples starting to harden. To her surprise, the curves of her frail body began to expand while Annette's breasts and abs seemingly shrank. 

"It's actually working," Laura moaned with surprise. Her skin crawled and glowed in some spots while she steadily morphed. The more they made love, the more her body changed. "Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." The faint scent of chlorine still covered their bodies while they steadily morphed, but that didn't stop Annette from kissing the side of Laura's neck. Her friend knew when she was close, and she knew it drove her crazy whenever she whispered into her flesh.

"There's just one thing," Annette whispered before staring directly into Laura's eyes. "I can tell you're getting close.  I need you to drink this." She held up the glowing vial from before. "It's the one thing that'll make the transfer permanent." Laura felt her hands on the small of her back, guiding her while she bounced faster.  "Otherwise the attributes just switch back.”

Laura blushed while she steadily watched her flat tummy become chiseled with Annette’s defined six pack. She couldn’t believe her friend was actually doing this for her. She’d never had these types of gains before. "Y-You're absolutely sure about this, right? I don't want you to regret this." Annette abruptly lifted her up, and she let out a surprised gasp as she forced her onto the nearby guest bed. The sheets hugged her body, and the weight of Annette's body squeezed down against Laura while she fucked her in missionary. "Oh god ... okay, give me the vial. Fuck ... I'm about to cum hard."

"Me too," Annette slyly said while she took a big sip. “God, you look incredible with my core. You’re not skinny anymore. Look at yourself!” Just as Laura looked down to admire how perfect her tits and healthy physique looked, Annette gently placed the opening of the vial into Laura's mouth. 

She swallowed the remainder and was in complete awe at how quickly her body had transformed. The more they fucked, the more Annette absorbed Laura’s skinny features. She visibly became weaker, and a wave of exhaustion was starting to wash over her. And just as Laura felt her ass beginning to widen and become thicker, the area between her legs began to seemingly vibrate.

Laura moaned and shivered as the effects of the potion and her orgasm instantly spread throughout her entire body. Annette was beginning to groan while she gripped Laura's hips tight, slamming her pussy against her as hard as possible before she screamed together. 

Laura was unable to contain herself, and as Annette's cock pumped her full of hot juices, she looked at her drenched entrance and observed strange black mist seeping from her. The leftover mist immediately slipped back inside, but before she could ask Annette what it was, she felt two hands on her wrists.

She could feel every fiber of her being become energized, and her body swelled up as the essence of her friend entered her. But there was something else going inside of her, and before she could ask Annette what was happening, a pressure began to build up in her chest as the world spun around them.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 1

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Laura and Annette originally stepped into college life with the eagerness of having the perfect start. Both shared dreams of success and acceptance, yet Laura always had self-conscious thoughts preventing her from enjoying college. Throughout her high school years, she harbored a deep-seated insecurity about her overly skinny and nerdy figure, always wishing she could morph into the seductive fitness influencers she admired on Instagram. Nobody seemed to like her aside from her stepbrother, Johnny, who gave unwarranted and awkward flirty remarks. 

Annette always tried to make her feel better about herself by showing a great interest in her features and helping her work out, and after years of being best friends, they even lose their virginities together. It was that level of trust and closeness that helped motivate Laura to confide in Anette nearly a week ago. However, this wasn’t an ordinary conversation about her body image this time – it was a search for a quick fix, and she knew that her friend potentially had a solution. 

At first, Laura wanted steroids, but her friend had a different fix. Annette was not your average chemistry major. She was a transgender woman with a fascinating talent for potion brewing - an art she had practiced and refined throughout her adolescence. She came from a long line of witches who lost their ability to practice magic, so potion brewing and chemistry were a way to bring a little bit of magic into their lives. Annette listened intently to Laura's plea for a chance to be bustier and curvier. The transgender woman knew every one of Laura’s assets, and the pain in the girl’s eyes made her understand that this was all real.

Personally, Annette had toyed with various body transformation potions in the past, hoping to perfect one that could complete her own transition to cis womanhood, yet the most successful recipe she'd concocted was an attribute transfer potion. This potion could bestow physical attributes from one individual to another. As Laura's desperation became increasingly evident, Annette made a generous offer. She proposed that she transfer her muscular build and augmented breasts to Laura, promising her a curvy, athletic body. “I can always get it back,” Annette insisted with a smirk. “I gain muscle way easier than you. I have enough money for new tits. Besides, I won’t transfer my cock if that’s what you’re scared of.”

Laura was initially skeptical. She thought there would at least be one potion that could make her less skinny. But when the transgender woman showed her the potion book, she realized that the only muscle enhancing potion besides the attribute potion was one that would turn her into a male. Annette reassured her, promising that her private parts wouldn't be included in the transfer, only the athletic muscle and full bust she desired.

Yet, the transfer process was unusual. It could only be activated during an intimate encounter. Laura, so eager to acquire a fit body, agreed, choosing to overlook the unconventional requirements of the potion. It wasn’t like sex was something they’d never done before, and the skinny girl was desperate to look curvier. “I’ll do it,” she whispered. Unbeknownst to Laura though, Annette harbored her own secret agenda. The potion, while potent, was not enough to satisfy her own personal desire to fully become a ciswoman with it. Annette decided to brew an additional concoction, a soul-swap potion. It held the same prerequisites as the transfer potion - activation during sexual activity. She could have done this at any moment, but there were things she didn’t like about Laura. Her tiny frame prevented her from going all the way with this until she discovered the attribute transfer potion. Once the right attributes went into her new body, she’d quickly make the swap to take over her body. Laura had been the only person willing to have sex with her in the past, so Annette saw this as her golden opportunity to truly embrace womanhood. 

The next day arrived, and Laura invited Annette to her house while nobody was at home. She and Laura sat across from each other in one of the guest rooms after taking a quick dip in the pool. A sense of anticipation pervaded the air. Annette passed Laura a vial of the attribute transfer potion, a concoction that shimmered with a mystical iridescence. She held onto the soul swap potion herself, a similar vial with an ominous glow that Laura didn’t ask questions about. She didn’t even ask about the faint third potion that stuck out like a sore thumb from Annette’s purse. Instead, upon taking a sip of the attribute transfer potion, she inched closer to her best friend’s face and embraced her.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Her perfect sister


Candice was standing at the fresh edge of adulthood, and she had long admired her older sister, Megan, from the sidelines. Her older sister, with her golden hair and dazzling doe-like eyes, had been a paragon of beauty that Candice could only aspire to be. Everybody loved and wanted her. Her parents gave her everything, and there wasn’t a single guy who could take their eyes off her. In contrast, Candice was a short, overweight girl struggling to get through her first semester of college. Megan was already on her master’s degree despite being two years older. So, when the opportunity came in the form of a magical spell, Candice didn't hesitate to try it out.

An elderly woman had noticed Candice’s glum look on the subway station. She gave her a link and immediately vanished, and when Candice went online to check it out, she found a magical poem that could let her be another person until she decided to end the spell. With a quiet incantation, her spirit plunged into Megan's body. Leaning forward and looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the gorgeous reflection. It was surreal, seeing herself with Megan's symmetrical features, the high cheekbones, the perfect curve of her eyebrows, and those luscious lips that curled into a naughty smile. “I’m actually her,” she whispered in her older sister’s voice.

Her eyes trailed down the reflection, taking in the beautifully curvy body that was now hers. Every contour and every curve were a testament to her sister's beauty, now hers to explore. The body she had admired for so long was finally hers, and she loved every bit of it.

A thrill ran through her as Megan's phone vibrated, the screen lighting up with a message. She picked up the phone, her heart pounding in anticipation. Mark, Megan's newest boyfriend, was waiting outside for her. A spontaneous date, it seemed. A grin spread across her face, and a twinge of excitement began to blossom in her chest. This was her chance to live her sister's life, to explore the world through her eyes. She quickly replied to the message, confirming she'd be down in a few minutes.

Getting ready was another adventure. The dress that hugged her curves perfectly, the shoes that added a touch of elegance to her height, the diamond earrings that glinted with every movement as she playfully swayed her hips. She admired her reflection once again, intoxicated by the beauty that was now hers.

Downstairs, Mark waited, his face lighting up as he saw her. As they drove to the restaurant, Candice was swept away by the exhilaration of it all. The intimate dinner, the stolen glances, the soft touches, and the whispered words of affection. Every moment was a testament to the life she'd coveted, a life that was now hers, if only for a while.

For a while, Candice forgot about the spell, about the body that wasn't hers. She was Megan, living her life, loving her man while the real sister was either locked away or trapped in her mind. But in that moment in front of her candlelit dinner, the younger sister didn’t care. And when their dinner ended and Mark took her back to his place, the feeling of having a real man worshipping her attractive body made Candice decide to stay in her new body for good. The boyfriend was surprised at how willing she was to do anything with him. From foot play to giving him head, she did things that Megan avoided completely. Thankfully, that didn’t make him realize that it wasn’t really her. And even if it did, the longer Candice stayed as Megan, the more memories and secrets that flooded her mind. It wouldn’t be long before she could flawlessly slip into her older sister’s life without raising any suspicions.

Friday, June 23, 2023

She never deserved this body

Lana giggled when she watched Phil's cock explode over her brand new breasts. He was sitting on the couch while she remained on her knees and between his legs. Just seeing his face contorting gave her a sense of power and excitement as she swallowed his erupting tip. The wetness of his shaft slipping out from her mouth caused her to shudder while she playfully prodded at her gaping inner lips. She stood up and slowly wiped away the mess he'd made with a towel. "Fuck," he panted.

Lana smirked and sat beside him. She threw her thigh over his legs while leaning her head against his shoulder. He ran a hand along her nude body and kissed her forehead. "How was that?" she asked.

"You're way better than Mel..."

She rubbed her head against his naked, broad shoulder. After using a spell she found online to possess Mel's body, Lana didn't hesitate to play around with her stepdaughter's boyfriend. She loved how good it felt to have a young man ravaging her folds. Since she was younger now, her horniness easily overwhelmed. It didn't take much to turn her on. A lustful thought and her clit would be begging for attention. As much as she loved playing with her own body, having Phil do it made it ten times better.

Lana never liked the thought of Phil dating her stepdaughter. He didn't seem like the type who deserved to date somebody like Mel. But now that Lana had a chance to fuck him, she understood why the two were together. She also realized how much she was missing out on as a 67-year-old on a pension. She loved how flexible and athletic she felt. She started to rub Phil's chest, caressing his bare flesh with her fingertips while she pictured the things they could do together. Mel obviously didn’t have as much experience as Lana did, and she could tell that Phil was really starting to prefer her. "I can tell how much you liked it. Your cock is hard again. But now that you've had a taste of what I can do, how about considering my offer?"

"What about her, though?" he asked nervously. "You're not serious about stealing her life, right?"

Lana thought that was so sweet. Phil was worried about how Mel would react. But it had been days since she last heard her stepdaughter's voice in her mind. She knew she was still present, especially when she listened hard, but she knew that her stepdaughter wouldn't be able to yank back control thanks to their illicit lovemaking.

"Are you going to tell anyone?"

He shook his head. "We were going to break up anyway. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn't be watching us. That'd be weird."

Lana listened and heard her stepdaughter say something. The body thief shook her head. "No, she can't hear a thing." She put her lips to her new boyfriend’s ear. “As long as you want me to stay in this body, we can do anything you want.” Sex had permanently sealed Lana’s soul in her new body. The spell had a clause that required the body’s mutual lover to knowingly sleep with them despite being possessed. And since Phil was so easy to seduce, that wasn’t so hard to do.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Something's different about her

Rich sank back into the plush sofa while his girlfriend, Savanah, curled against him. They were covered in a light layer of sweat, but rather than sleep in their damp bed, they decided to spend the rest of the night watching TV in the living room. He pulled on some underwear while she pulled on the white and pink dress she had worn earlier in the afternoon. His arm was draped around her as her head rested comfortably on his chest. They had sex the entire day, and he was absolutely drained. His mind was constantly on her, but now he was starting to wonder why Savanah had become such a nymphomaniac all of a sudden. “It’s nothing,” Rich whispered when his girlfriend noticed that he was deep in thought.

She kissed his cheek and rested her head against his shoulder. Savanah had always been a free spirit, a whirlwind of energy and spontaneity, but something was different now. Her electrifying personality was drawn to the nightlife. Her energetic joy was palpable as she danced, lost in the music, twirling, laughing, caught up in the sheer thrill of being alive. It was one of the things he loved about her initially, but now she seemed calmer. All of that energy was being directed at him instead. She wasn’t hanging out with her friend at night clubs like she normally did. Instead, she obediently stayed at home with him for the entire intimate week.

She was also infamous for her shitty cooking too. But lately, things had changed there too. Savanah was cooking, and not just cooking, she was creating meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each meal more delicious than the last, a culinary tour-de-force that seemed to manifest from nowhere. Savanah was also notoriously private when it came to her appearance. She was beautiful, but she never showed off her beauty in such an overt way as she was doing now. Lately, she decided to stick with skimpy dresses and revealing skirts.

What changed? He didn't know, but he loved it. Yet a part of him couldn't shake off the odd feeling, that she seemed like a completely different person. His fingers traced idle patterns on her arm, the soft fabric of her dress brushing against his skin. He could feel her breath against his chest, warm and even. As she kissed his lips and snuggled against his shoulder again, he slowly began to fall asleep.

But Savanah had other things in mind. It wasn’t Savanah at all. Cuddling beside Rich was his old coworker, Kelsey. She was an older middle-aged woman who was obsessed with him. They had once worked at the same sales department at a corporation. But after getting warnings from management that she was making Rich uncomfortable, they forced her to leave her job of 20 years. She was close to being kicked out of her old apartment when she couldn’t find a job that wouldn’t discriminate against her age.

Thankfully, when she stumbled upon a fortune teller, Greta, who could grant her any wish she wanted, she decided to test its realism. In that vulnerable moment, she wished for love, and the fortune teller casted a spell that placed her soul inside of Savanah. Kelsey had no idea that he was even dating anybody, and when she checked out her young, blonde body, she realized that she was stunning. She didn’t blame him for wanting to be with a bombshell like Savanah. And despite Savanah’s weak voice yelling at her from inside her head, Kelsey didn’t let any moment get ruined. She loved actually feeling Rich’s love in new body. She didn’t want to give it up. Compared to her old body, Kelsey’s libido was off the charts too. And with Savanah’s voice slowly fading with every delightful orgasm she experienced, Kelsey figured it wouldn’t be long before she could eventually have some peace and quiet with her new boyfriend.

Monday, June 19, 2023

A teacher's second chance - Part 4

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Part 2

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Part 4

Under the warm, twinkling lights of a small trattoria in the heart of Italy, Alex sat across from his fiancĂ©, Rena. The aromas of freshly baked bread and simmering tomato sauce wafted through the evening air, creating a setting that seemed to be ripped straight from a romantic movie. A year had passed since their relationship had narrowly escaped destruction. He couldn’t believe how far they’d come, especially when he looked at Rena's beaming face across the candlelit table.

“There’s a really cute hotel down the road from here,” Rena said. “We can stay there for the night. It’s never fully booked.”

“I’ll do whatever you want,” Alex said while sipping from a glass of wine. The atmosphere between them was far from the stale, monotonous routine they'd fallen into back then. Rena was now a beacon of liveliness. She was an extremely social party animal. She interacted easily with his friends, her laughter filling the air, and her animal-like spirit made sex way better.

Their relationship only got better. They trusted each other more than they did a year ago. They'd begun to explore the world together, venturing beyond the confines of their familiar lives. But Alex wasn’t expecting to learn so much more about Rena – he thought he knew everything. Throughout their travels, Rena had surprised him at every turn. He learned that she was fluent in Italian, Russian, Spanish, and French. She slipped into each language with ease, making friends with locals wherever they went, haggling at markets for cheap souvenirs, and ordering meals in charming eateries. She knew exactly where to go despite not having to research things beforehand.

Their trip to Europe was a perfect example. When Rena had suggested being their translator, Alex had taken her offer with a grain of salt, not knowing her linguistic prowess. But as she navigated through the foreign streets, engaging in fluent conversations, he was flabbergasted. Rena was full of surprises, each one adding a new dimension to her personality and deepening his love for her.

Now, in the heart of Italy, Rena's Italian flowed like a native speaker, her conversations with the waiter bringing a smile to his face. As she translated the menu, explaining the intricate details of each dish, Alex couldn't help but admire her. This was a woman of the world, a woman he was lucky to call his own. He was going to break up with her, but her personality kept him locked in.

It wasn’t just her personality that seemed to get better. She was actually able to finish her business degree, so she was excited to be starting work after they got married. She used to complain constantly about school, especially about Miss O’Neal, her old teacher who passed away suddenly. The abrupt death seemed to have an effect on Rena – she took school more seriously, and she complained way less.

He also couldn’t stop staring at her. Her physical beauty only got better. Rena looked at him across the table, her eyes sparkling with love and laughter. His heart swelled at the sight, gratitude washing over him. What had once been a relationship on the brink of collapse was now one filled with love, trust, and mutual respect.

In the glow of the candlelight, their glasses clinked together, a toast to their future. Despite their rocky past, Alex felt nothing but anticipation and excitement for what lay ahead. In less than a year, he would be calling this remarkable woman his wife, and the thought brought a broad smile to his face. With Rena, he felt at home, no matter where they were in the world. 

Sunday, June 18, 2023

A teacher's second chance - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

As the cold earth swallowed the small key that held Rena's last hope, she felt a part of her break irrevocably. It was a profound sorrow that sank into hopelessness while the key to the body possession remote’s box became buried by soil. Rena was a prisoner within her own flesh and bones, forced to watch as Miss O'Neal played out her life.

The teacher’s control was untouchable with the body possession remote out of reach. She savored every moment of youth, every drop of vigor coursing through Rena's veins while she permanently severed the young girl’s only hope. She even went as far as tracking all the emails related to the body possession remote so that nobody could see that Rena had even purchased it. She further exploited Rena's relationships, her academic standing, her youthful charms - all to her advantage while she lived her life.

Alex had no idea who she really was. He had no idea that the woman he loved had been replaced by an imposter. The changes in Rena's behavior seemed to him a natural evolution of their relationship - she was bolder, more passionate, more engaged in her helplessness. Rena could only watch helplessly while the new Rena became accepted happily by everybody. 

Miss O’Neal alienated her friends with her abrupt personality shift and inevitably gained new ones. She made choices that the shy Rena would never dream of making. And the worst part of it all was the agonizing silence - the inability to communicate, to scream, to cry for help. Rena's life was unfolding before her very eyes, yet she was only a silent observer.

It was a cruel existence, the days blurred into weeks, and weeks morphed into months. Six long months of relentless torment while the pleasure slowly faded away. She couldn’t feel the ecstasy Miss O’Neal felt whenever she slept with Alex. Rena's spirit slowly started to fade into the background. Her hope dimmed, her strength dwindled, and her fight waned.

The worst thing about this was that the teacher was making all the right moves. It was almost like she was doing a better job of living her life. Miss O’Neal had succeeded in making a life out of Rena's body after finally graduating. She eventually became a successful businesswoman, having capitalized on Rena's impeccable academic record, and her relationship with Alex had grown stronger with each passing day. She enjoyed the heady rush of young love, something she hadn't experienced in decades, and reveled in the admiration and envy her newfound beauty attracted.

At times, Rena's anger would resurface. She would claw and fight against the chains that bound her, screaming out in a voice that no one could hear. She yearned for freedom. But each rebellion was met with nothing more than Miss O'Neal's mocking laughter echoing within her own mind, a chilling reminder that the older woman was never going to leave her body.

Rena’s hope continued to wane, shriveling like a flower under a scorching sun, until all that was left was a husk of despair. The mirror of her life reflected nothing but an endless void, a pit of helpless silence. The vivid colors of her existence had been leeched away, leaving only shades of gray in their wake as Miss O’Neal completely replaced her.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

A teacher's second chance - Part 2

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Part 4

When Jen O’Neal devoted her life to teaching, she wasn’t expecting to be so disappointed. Nobody appreciated her teaching style or dedication. Now that she was in her fifties, she was desperate for an escape. Unfortunately, going back to school wasn’t feasible, and she was close to retirement. But when she found an opportunity to start over, she took it right away.

All of it was so sweet – she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to run into the student’s boyfriend. Rena remained trapped in her head while Miss O'Neal made all the right moves with their naked bodies. The older teacher spread her legs while Alex planted kisses against her inner thigh. She moaned gently while his tongue teased her front entrance. Waves of pleasure coursed through her while his tongue slipped inside her cunt. His mouth felt amazing against her clit, sucking and licking as he slid two fingers deep into her dripping hole. She writhed on the bed, her voice trembling as she moaned.

As the young man drove her to a series of explosive climaxes, she grew weaker and weaker. Her resistance crumbled under the weight of Miss O'Neal's domineering control, and her consciousness faded into the darkness, fading into nothingness. By the time Alex's cock was pressing up against Jen O'Neal's front entrance, the body thief had completely taken control of her young body.

Miss O'Neal wrapped her young legs around Alex's lower back. He thrusted, pushing deeper and deeper, stretching the girl's tight pussy out. Her entire body rocked, her long red hair flowing wildly about her head. She threw her head back in ecstasy, gasping with pleasure. Her thin, slender frame bounced, her soft breasts flopping with every movement.

As Alex continued to fuck her, Miss O'Neal turned her head to look at her own face in the mirror. Her smooth, fair skin, her bright eyes, her youthful features ... it was beautiful. And it was hers. Her body felt amazing as the pleasure intensified. Her toes curled the moment Alex began to plunge harder into her. She screamed in delight, her eyes wide with surprise and wonder. The way he moved his hips was perfect, his cock sliding in and out of her effortlessly while Rena tried to repossess herself. The teacher moaned even louder. "Fuck me, Alex! Harder!" she pleaded.

"I'm getting close," he groaned.

"I want it inside of me," Miss O'Neal told him. "I want every drop."


Alex grabbed her slim waist and picked up speed, his thrusts moving with such a furious intensity that she was left speechless. Jen O'Neal's new body came again and again, each orgasm sending another surge of pleasure that coursed through her. She couldn't remember ever being this wet or this aroused. Jen O’Neal’s new body surrendered completely, her breathing erratic and her body trembling with the force of each climax. Her cries of pleasure filled the room until Alex finally emptied himself inside of her. He lay atop her, his chest pressed against her firm breasts as his cock pumped one last load into her.

Alex pulled away with a satisfied grin and sat up on the edge of the bed. "You've never let me do that," he said, admiring his handiwork. A gush of his seed flooded out of her the moment his tip teased her entrance. "Are you sure that was fine?"

Jen O'Neal nodded eagerly and climbed on top of him, eager to have him again while she planted kisses against his chest. It wouldn't be long before he was hard and eager to go again. Thankfully, the new Rena was more than eager to satisfy him.

Friday, June 16, 2023

A teacher's second chance - Part 1


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

In the mid-afternoon haze, Rena lay languidly on her worn-out couch. Her heart pounded as she stared at the nondescript remote control on the table in front of her. It was no ordinary gadget. With its sleek design and an array of enigmatic buttons, it was an instrument of fantastical manipulation. “Let’s do this shit...”

She'd left the corresponding receiver in the teacher's lounge earlier in the day, close enough to her business teacher, Miss O'Neal. With a deep breath, she pressed the button on the remote, and the world around her blurred. Suddenly, she was in a different body, in a different room.

Inhabiting Miss O'Neal's body was an experience that sent ripples of excitement coursing through Rena. She moved to the college's system and effortlessly changed her grades. The thrill of power, the forbidden control, sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine. With the deed done, Rena quickly pressed the button on the side of the receiver to return to her body. Back in her living room, she ran her fingers along her slender, soft neck. But something felt off. The sensation wasn't her own, it was as if someone else was controlling her movements. To her horror, she realized that she wasn't alone in her own body.

Miss O'Neal's consciousness had hitched a ride back, and was now sharing space with Rena in her own body. The woman's voice echoed in her head, scathing and mocking. "Cheat your way through school, did you?" she sneered. “So … this is how you did it, huh? I watched everything.” She held up the remote and read the “body possession” text on its side. She opened it up and popped out the batteries.

Fear and horror gripped Rena as her teacher took over, paralyzing her into a helpless observer in her own body. Miss O'Neal reveled in the unexpected turn of events. As she began to navigate Rena's life, she quickly found it thrilling. The doorbell rang, pulling her out of her thoughts. Moving with Rena's agile grace, she strode to the door, a cruel smile playing on her lips. As the door swung open, she found herself looking into the eyes of Rena's boyfriend, Alex, who was waiting outside with an expectant smile. A predatory glint sparkled in Miss O'Neal's eyes as she saw the young man, and a naughty smile spread across her face. This unexpected twist was an opportunity she hadn't expected, but one she fully intended to enjoy.

The sight of Rena's boyfriend standing on the threshold, utterly unaware of the predicament, sent a wave of cruel amusement and desire coursing through Miss O'Neal. Her young body was reacting to a man it desperately loved. She remembered his face from the college, another one of the aimless young men that passed through her classes, barely leaving an impression. But now, viewed through Rena's eyes, he seemed much hotter. 

The situation was rife with a potential she hadn't considered before, and her mind started to race with the possibilities. As she led Rena's boyfriend into the apartment, she could feel Rena's consciousness screaming in protest. But it was a faint sound now, barely a whisper against the thrill of this new reality. She was in control now. She had the upper hand, and she was going to relish it.

The cruel smile never left Miss O'Neal's face as she made small talk, her voice carrying Rena's soft tones but holding an edge that was uniquely hers. She flirted, played coy, teased, and made the young man visibly harder. It didn’t take long before the teacher took his hand and guided him to the bedroom for some fun. Back in the recesses of her mind, Rena could only watch helplessly, her mind a swirl of fear, anger, and confusion. Her desperate pleas for control were ignored, drowned out by the malicious moans of Miss O'Neal. The teacher, relishing the delicious taste of revenge, had no intentions of giving up her control anytime soon. Her old body was 56 years old, and she wasn’t planning on looking like an old hag any time soon.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

This wasn't just a transformation spell

Dimitri’s heart pounding as he glanced down at his transformed body. Where once he'd seen the familiar rugged features and toned muscles of a man, now he was greeted by the soft, curvaceous body of a woman. His senses were in overdrive, overwhelmed by the seismic shift in his reality.

Moving around the apartment felt different, the sway of his new body making him stagger slightly. His movements were punctuated by the swish of his long, wavy hair, now falling to the middle of his back. He paused in front of a window, his reflection catching his eye.

The face staring back at him was the same one he'd admired from afar, a face that had frequented his dreams. He was Penelope, his crush, roommate, and muse. She was at work, and he was curious about seeing things in her shoes. He used to work at the same retail store that she did, so seeing his old coworkers was supposed to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the spell he'd cast to possess her had taken an unexpected turn. He remembered holding her soft strand of hair and how hard he focused. Instead of transferring his mind into Penelope's body, he had morphed into another copy of her. He felt his pulse quicken as the gravity of the transformation hit him.

“I thought this was a body swap spell,” he whispered in Penelope’s sweet voice. Dimitri moved to the washroom, his bare feet making soft sounds against the wooden floor. The bright lights offered a clearer image of his transformation. His reflection was perfect, an exact replica of Penelope's features. Her high cheekbones, deep-set eyes, full lips, and perfectly curved body were now his.

Shock morphed into a grin, a naughty smile stretching across his face. His gaze traced the contours of his new body, his mind filled with a curious excitement. The womanly curves, the softness of his skin, the way the fabric of his clothes hugged his body - everything was new, a world waiting to be explored. There was a captivating beauty about his new form. As he moved around the apartment, he admired the sway of his hips and the gentle rustle of his hair. Every movement, every breath, felt different - fresher and more feminine. The sensation was intoxicating and liberating.

Driven by an unfamiliar desire, he hurried to his bed. There was so much to explore, so much to understand. The spell may not have worked as he had intended, but it had given him something more exciting and more intimate. Now he could explore Penelope in a way he'd never thought possible. The intimate exploration of his freshly transformed body was an exercise of self-discovery that provoked an array of emotions in him. He touched, felt, and explored with a level of fascination that was almost child-like, yet undeniably sensual while he brought his transformed body to orgasm.

But it didn’t take long before Penelope stormed into his apartment and yelled at him with her deep voice. He soon discovered that the backfired possession spell had not just transformed his body. It wasn’t his mind that was being transferred – it was his body’s physical being. His male body was transported to Penelope at work, and her body morphed into his male body. “How and why did you do this,” Penelope hissed. “Why are you naked and playing with my body?”

Dimitri was shocked and immediately apologized, but when they tried to use the spell to transfer their bodies, he realized that things were getting worse. Orgasms unfortunately made the swap permanent, and Penelope had curiously rubbed one out before returning home. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

I can technically stay in this body forever

Allison found herself gazing into the tranquil waters of the pool that morning. The still surface mirrored her appearance, an image of a youthful woman belying her six decades. She was struck by the sight of herself, a 60-year-old woman in a fit 20-year-old body. This was her last day at the Swap Hotel, a place that could turn the fantastical into reality, where clients could experience life in a body of their choice. The thought of it seemed so surreal to her – she loved how she was.

Each reflection that danced upon the pool’s surface was a testament to the breathtaking technology and the extraordinary encounters she'd had in the hotel. The place was staffed by people who had consented to lend their bodies for specified durations in return for substantial compensation, a choice they had made willingly. The arrangement allowed Allison, and many others like her, to relive the youth they had once taken for granted. She could leave the hotel to visit the surrounding countryside, or she could stay put and get full body massages at the in-house spa.

Despite the allure of youth, the notion of extending her stay had never truly crossed Allison's mind until that moment of solitude by the pool. As she looked at her reflection, she found herself pondering the possibilities. She pulled out her phone, accessing her bank balance and investment portfolios, a life's worth of diligent saving and shrewd investments. The numbers made her realize that retirement was a plausible choice, but the numbers gave her another opportunity by extending the swap.

The thought of residing indefinitely in the Swap Hotel, experiencing an endless array of lives, initially made her heart race. Here, she was not bound by the constraints of her age. She was free to explore and enjoy a reality that most people could only dream about. All it took was a physical transfer of her mind through a machine, but it was quick and easy.

She placed her phone aside, letting the idea settle within her mind, allowing her gaze to return to her reflection in the pool. It was surreal, this opportunity she had to hold onto this ageless image, to stay in a place that allowed her to be youthful, energetic, and carefree. 

After a moment of contemplation, she reached a decision. She would retire permanently, not to a quiet life of solitude but to an existence of excitement and endless opportunities at the Swap Hotel.

As the sun began to peek over the horizon, casting a warm morning glow across the pool, Allison finalized her choice. Thankfully, when she asked management if she could do this, there was nothing in the contract that forced her to relinquish control. Amy, the original owner of her body, remained trapped in her significantly older body and could do nothing but watch in futility.

She contractually signed her bodily control away, and despite her whining, Allison had no plans on giving her young body up any time soon. The hotel was filled to the brim with attractive massage therapists and handsome young men. All she had to do was keep paying for extensions, and she definitely had enough for the next few decades. She now had Amy’s horny flesh, and she fully intended on enjoying her time inside of her.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Stole my boyfriend's love

Nikita's jaw dropped when she saw Lea smirking at her in an overly tight bikini. She stretched along her chair and crossed her bare, smooth legs. "I saw everything," Lea said. "You posted videos all over the place to ruin my reputation. I always found it weird how eager you were to switch bodies with me. Especially since you were so much prettier than me. But Jon told me everything. I wouldn’t have known thanks to my new boyfriend. Now we can finally be official.”

"Sorry, Nikita," he said in a low voice. "But I couldn't let you do all of that unpunished. You took things too far, and now it's backfired."

Lea stuck her tongue out. “I can understand why you’re such a nymphomaniac, by the way. This body’s constantly horny. It sure helps that it’s me inside instead of you. People actually like me more now that I’m in here.”

Nikita couldn't believe what was happening. After convincing Lea to voluntarily swap bodies for a day, Nikita did everything in her power to ruin her friend's life. She discovered that she was sleeping with Jon behind her back. When she confronted her boyfriend about it, he promised that he'd stop. Nikita couldn't forgive him until after he agreed to distract Lea long enough for her to do what she needed to do to ruin the bitch's life.

Nikita sent photos of Lea's body in provocative positions. It started off with sending them to her family and friends, but she eventually got naughtier. She began flirting with boys who she knew had a crush on Lea. It didn't take long before sex videos were being shared throughout the college campus. Nikita was expecting to return to her body automatically, but when the sun began to set, she realized that she was in her friend's body for longer than she expected.

That's when she found Lea and Jon making out near her family's pool. Nikita was enraged, especially when she finally learned the truth. Lea knew everything because of Jon. "He wants me regardless of the body I'm in," Lea said while Jon massaged her shoulders from behind. "He told me everything you were planning on doing. But since I'm in your hot little body, I preferred staying around. He showed me where you hid your spell book, and we ended up finding a spell that could make the swap permanent." When Nikita screamed in rage and demanded what spell she used, Lea began to untie her bikini's bottom. "It was the one that strengthens a soul's position in a person's body. Now that the soul tethers are stronger, my soul's not automatically switching places with you."

"No," Nikita cried. "Please let me switch back. You can't do this. I can make things right. I’ll find a way.”

Lea stopped untying the strings and placed her hands on her hips. "You shouldn't have been so eager to ruin my life," she cooed. "Now you're stuck in a body with more videos circling the web than a porn star." Jon leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck. "If you had been nicer, Jon would have stayed loyal to you. But you've always been such a bitch. Now, you’re going to have to live with your decision. Now get the hell out of here before I call the police on you.”

Nikita stared in horror at the betrayal unfolding before her eyes. She did everything she could to ruin Lea’s life, and she actually succeeded. But now she was going to have to suffer the consequences of being the nerdy girl willing to suck any lucky guy off. Tears flooded her eyes, and as she watched Jon and Lea making out with her body, the former witch knew she was going to regret her thirst for revenge.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Becoming her jock boyfriend - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Olivia could feel Chad's warmth pressing against her back, his strong arms enveloping her in an embrace while they waited at the movie theater’s lineup. She beamed, her eyes sparkling as she faced her friend Kylie, who was busy focusing her camera. Click! The memory was captured in a moment of genuine happiness. “How’s this?”

“It’s perfect,” Chad said gently. For the past four months, Olivia had seen a complete change in her boyfriend’s aggressive personality. He had transformed from a coarse, wild individual to a tender, devoted boyfriend. His smiles were softer, his words kinder, his actions brimming with affection exclusive to her. She couldn't help but contrast this version of Chad to the person he had been during the turbulent times of their relationship, a time when Olivia was convinced their bond was tearing at the seams. 

He had been with at least ten other sexual partners before going out with her, while she felt inexperienced. He often took control and made her do whatever he wanted. Everything was about him. Olivia was fine with it in the beginning, though as time went on, she found herself feeling distant. Their relationship was becoming stale. Now, he was letting her take the lead, and she felt like she was becoming more confident as time went by. 

Her boyfriend was a lot more submissive, and she especially liked how he could barely last as long as her. While most girls would have hated that, she enjoyed being liked that much. He even started going out with her friend groups. In the past, he preferred staying at home or hanging out with the boys. Now, Chad’s life revolved around her, and even Kylie was noticing how friendly he was these days.

The sudden change left Olivia thinking, though. The catalyst for this change seemed to stem from Cameron moving away. In his absence, Chad seemed to have shed an unsightly layer of aggression and superiority. Cameron, who was often at the receiving end of Chad's ruthless bullying, had departed four months ago to travel the world as a Mormon missionary. Coincidentally, that was when Chad started changing.

Chad’s newfound gentleness brought romance back to their relationship. The intimacy was something that Olivia hadn't experienced before with her boyfriend. It made her hopeful, excited about the future and what it held for them. The love she had for Chad, which once felt strained and uncertain, now bloomed more prominently in her heart.

And as she stood there, lost in thought, a soft peck on her cheek brought her back to the present. Chad was gazing at her, his eyes warm and affectionate. His kisses had always been passionate, intense, but this was different. His strong hands were holding her in place, and he was gently embracing her as Kylie let out an exaggerated cough to get their attention. 

The couple broke apart almost immediately. "Shall we head to the movies?" Chad asked, taking her hand in his. Olivia nodded, squeezing his hand reassuringly as they walked hand in hand towards the movie theater with Kylie.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Becoming her jock boyfriend - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Being tall and wide felt so weird for Cameron. He swayed awkwardly towards Chad’s bathroom counter and stared into his bully’s eyes while he placed the freshly used costume gun on the counter. “I can’t believe this actually worked,” he said with his deep, booming voice. “Those guys at the engineering department really made something this advanced.” A twinge of guilt flooded his chest, especially since he had stolen the invention without permission. He was originally going to use it as a way to actually become his best friend, Olivia. But after spotting an opportunity to make Olivia happy for once, he decided that he needed to teach Chad a lesson and to finally have a chance to be somebody Olivia wanted.

Cameron had the biggest crush on her since high school. He tried to profess his feelings once in the past, and she put him down without hesitation. She wasn’t into the skinny nerd type – she strongly preferred men like Chad, her overly manipulative and abusive boyfriend. After using the costume gun to wear the boyfriend’s skin, Cameron had gone from a frail, short, and nerdy computer science major to a tall football player with unrealistically carved features. When he used the costume gun and injected Chad with a deflation bullet, he wasn’t expecting the process to be instantaneous. He saw the rage in his bully’s eyes before he immediately shrank into a pile of skin.

Cameron understood the instructions that the engineering department left behind, but the fact that he just altered another person’s body permanently left him feeling conflicted. He wasn’t sure if Chad was dead, or if he was going to know what he was doing while he wore his skin. It also didn’t help that pulling on the warm, freshly deflated skin grossed him out. Cameron wasn’t 100% sure that this was going to work, so if Chad was going to be a flattened costume forever, he was going to need to somehow dispose of the remains. 

But while he timidly pulled the jock’s skin over his legs and over the rest of his body, he felt his body morphing almost immediately. A warm, tingling energy started at his toes, washing over him like a summer wave. He shivered while an intense heat wrapped around his legs and began creeping up his torso. His skin tingled under the pressure while his hands gripped the bathroom counter. His legs first began to change. His calf muscles bulged, quivered and reformed, shaping into solid, chiseled structures while something in his back cracked. His thighs followed suit, the heat pulsating and twisting his muscles into firm, powerful limbs.

The sensation crawled upwards, warmth seeping into his abdomen and chest. His frail torso started to convulse slightly, muscles he didn't know he had begun to twitch and flex. He could feel his body expand, his stomach tautening, his shoulders widening. His arms, once skinny and weak, started to throb and enlarge, biceps and triceps taking form. Feeling a strange tugging sensation on his scalp, he looked into the mirror, gasping as his thin, wiry hair thickened, becoming lush and wavy. His vision blurred for a moment as the heat enveloped his face. 

The area between his legs hardened and lengthened, his shoulders broadened, and his spine cracked even louder now as he visibly grew taller. Before long, he looked like an exact copy of Chad looking into his eyes in disbelief. He paced around the jock’s apartment and felt a sense of confidence overwhelming him. He was actually strong, and when he looked at how long his manhood was now, the thought of what he could do in his new body made him hurry to the bedroom to text Olivia with Chad’s phone. There were a lot of things he could do now, and he fully planned on treating his new girlfriend like the princess she deserved to be.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Taking my bully's place

A sudden burst of heat punctuated the room as Ken, with a seemingly uncharacteristic act of defiance, allowed the ancient spell book to slip from his grasp and into the roaring fireplace. The worn leather cover crackled and the archaic pages curled within the fiery jaws as if submitting to their fate. Olly, his childhood friend and reluctant partner in these adventures of the arcane, watched in stunned silence. He hadn't expected this from Ken. After all, it was that very book which made Ken into what he was now: Tianna.

As the flames consumed the spell book, an eerie hue of purple danced its way into existence, pulsating around the hearth, creating an ethereal spectacle. It was the signature color of the dark magic they'd dabbled in; the magic that had transformed Ken into Tianna. With each oscillation, the aura seemed to grow weaker and with it, the safety of Ken being returned to his previous body. Without the spell book, Tianna would never be able to use magic to fix things. Olly watched wide-eyed as the final tendrils of magic dissolved into the air and the fire returned to its natural amber glow.

Having been best friends since childhood, Ken and Olly had shared countless adventures. But this latest escapade had pushed their friendship into new territory. When Ken had initially used the spell book to become a woman, he'd done so out of curiosity and a sense of rebellious daring. He hadn't expected to feel so comfortable in Tianna's body.

Tianna had been a willing participant and the original owner of the spell book. She wanted to try it out in the first place. She was extremely pushy and was a bit of a bully whenever she spent time with them. The bossy girl wanted to know what it would be like to have a cock, and Ken had always been uncomfortable in his own skin. 

Now trapped as Tianna, he experienced a profound transformation not just physically, but emotionally as well. He loved his newly refreshed wardrobe, the femininity of it, the grace, and the confidence he got from it. He enjoyed the newfound attention he received, the looks of admiration from strangers who saw not just a beautiful woman, but someone confident and comfortable in their skin. It felt more than just right; it felt like home.

Olly had been supportive but cautious, always the voice of reason amidst Ken's whirlwind of excitement. "She’ll never forgive you,” Olly had warned, his voice layered with a concern Ken could barely acknowledge amidst his newfound joy. 

But Ken, standing in front of the dying fire, his features reflecting the pulsating glow, didn't look concerned. Instead, a gentle smile tugged at his lips. Deep down, this was what he wanted. He wanted to be beautiful. He wanted to be feminine. And most of all, he wanted to have a family, and as he turned to Olly, his desire only intensified. They had sex once, and that was all Ken needed to desperately want more. Ken finally spoke, his voice soft but resolute, "All of this is worth it if it's with you. Besides, she’s a bitch. A bully. She never deserved this body."

Olly, standing by the fireplace, was struck by the depth of Ken's conviction. Despite the uncertain future, he couldn't help but smile back at his friend, a silent promise echoing in his heart as they kissed each other. They’d face the wrath of Tianna eventually, but they still had each other to pull them through it. With the spell book gone, the bully would never get her body back, and all Tianna would be able to do is watch Ken live her life.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Breeding him

The light from the city glowed through the curtains, casting long shadows across the plush carpet. Thomas was sitting on the edge of the bed, his new body feeling strange and unfamiliar while he became hornier and hornier. He watched as Andy Jones began to undress, the reality of his plan settling heavily in his chest while he bit his lower lip.

Everything about his female body was becoming alive while he watched the married man undress. Thomas ran a finger along his exposed, leaking slit and moaned softly when the rich law partner went back to him to kiss his thighs. Andy’s eyes looked up into his own when he reached his throbbing clit, a small smile playing on his lips. A blush spread across Thomas' new features, his heart pounding in his chest as he struggled to keep his composure. After seducing his former boss at the office party downstairs, he had so many other steps to his plan. But the more intimate they became, the more Thomas wanted to keep Andy for himself.

Andy planted a moaning kiss against his inner folds, and Thomas’ fingers dug into the sheets. He gyrated against the former boss’ face while pleasure flowed through him. Before this all began, he wanted to see Andy ruined just as he himself had been. Thomas was having difficulties with paying for rent, so he stole money from the law firm over the course of several months. His boss found out, and getting fired ruin Thomas’ career prospects. So, the whole revenge scheme had been expertly planned. He spent the last of his money for a magical spell that would give him the ability to transfer his mind into any body he wanted. Thomas was on the verge of homelessness since he couldn’t get a job, and he was desperate for an escape when he bought the spell from an online magic store. It was an incantation on a magical piece of paper that could be used a total of three times.

Thomas used the possession spell to take over Angela’s body, a young receptionist who worked in a department on the same floor as Andy’s office. He went from a tall Hispanic man to a petite Caucasian woman, knowing full well the type Andy was drawn to. He wore provocatively short shorts to the party, his new body curving and arching in just the right ways to attract Andy's attention. “This isn’t going to be permanent,” he promised himself while he seduced Andy. “I’m not being a chick. I’ll go to a better male body right after. I just need the video clips.”

The hotel room was rigged with hidden cameras tucked away in every corner to catch every incriminating moment. With Andy's marriage on the line, Thomas was sure that the man would crumble, leaving him with the money and power he so desperately needed. But as the night progressed, a strange sensation began to bubble within him. His hatred began to melt, replaced with a newfound affection for Andy. He found himself falling for the man he once resented, his heart aching in a way he never thought possible.

And as Andy began to slide his massive cock into his stolen body, Thomas realized that he didn’t want to make this a temporary thing. He didn’t want to do this for revenge. With each thrust, he threw away the desire to ruin his former boss’ life. Andy’s cock plunged into him, his powerful hands wrapping around Thomas’ wrists while the two made sweet, illicit love. The body thief loved how his hot body felt, especially after he felt Andy‘s cock emptying itself inside of him. With every touch and kiss, he realized that being Angela was so much better. In the end, rather than using the video tapes to ruin Andy’s marriage, Thomas decided to use it for another useful piece of evidence. He would tell Andy that he wouldn’t destroy his marriage as long as he kept seeing him in secret. It didn’t take long before Thomas decided to permanently keep his female body. He replaced his former boss’ wife as Angela Jones, and he inevitably became a much better stay-at-home housewife. Thomas decided that he would save the other two incantation uses once his current body grew too old. Thankfully, that wouldn’t happen for decades.