Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My best friend's job

The sun felt amazing to Rick as he stretched along the white blanket. The resort literally had everything he could have ever wanted. He spent hours at the bath and spa getting pampered and ate as much as he wanted. The only catch was that he had to pretend to be Arthur's girlfriend, and that was more than easy for him to do until the previous night. "No regrets," he whispered happily to himself while he waited for his new lover. A day ago, he would've hated the very thought of being around another guy, but after he swapped bodies with his best friend Kelly for a week to help her with a client, he immediately understood why she loved being an escort.

Arthur was unbelievably good looking. Covered in ripples of muscle, he looked like a Greek god wherever they went. He was tall and surprisingly made him feel safe. There were so many opportunities to have sex, but Kelly specifically told Rick to control himself and to focus on what Arthur had hired him for. "Arthur doesn't want to actually have sex with you. Kiss him, make out with him. But stick to the plan. He knows we're switching bodies at the clinic so don't try anything dumb." The plan was to help Arthur make his actual ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, jealous. The girl worked at the resort five days a week, and he wanted to show off his supposed girlfriend. Kelly couldn't bear to do it because she personally knew Tiffany from high school, so she swapped bodies with Rick to make her life easier.

The problem was that Tiffany was gorgeous. She had long legs that seemed to go on for days and fiery red hair. Her curves were perfection, and her eyes were mesmerizing. In the end, Rick couldn't control himself in his friend's body. Rather than make Tiffany jealous, he ended up attracting her. Tiffany eventually seduced Rick and did the reverse of what Arthur had wanted. Arthur was outraged at what was happening, so he reversed his PayPal payment and told Rick that the deal was off. It didn't take long for Kelly to find out what had happened, When Rick started seeing angry text messages, he could only giggle to himself as he snuggled up beside Tiffany. "If you're not happy, then maybe I'll just keep your body. You aren't happy with my new girlfriend."

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