Wednesday, August 31, 2022

My supervisor's body

Samuel pulled down the straps of his coworker’s black clothing and slowly exposed his large breasts. He was in Chantelle’s body, his bitch supervisor. Light pink nubs emerged that hardened from the cold air as he curiously explored his borrowed flesh. He grasped them curiously and squeezed his new breasts, wondering if he should even bother trying to ruin the girl’s life. Chantelle embarrassed Samuel, so the witch was planning on doing worse things through body possession magic. “But I could always just hop in and give this body a test run. I wouldn’t make this permanently mine, but I could definitely play with her for a long time…” 

Tingles of pleasure ran through his slender frame as he moved onto Chantelle’s bed. He felt so light and fit as the sound of a nearby door made him quickly hide his breasts. Standing at the door was an extremely tall white guy with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He smiled at him while he stepped into the room. He was shirtless, and he looked like a Greek god. The area between his legs throbbed with desire. “I wasn’t expecting you to be naked for me already. I literally just got home.”

The sight of him made Samuel unknowingly bite his lower lip. He couldn’t believe that his body was becoming overwhelmed by Chantelle’s hormones. He tried to focus, but the only thing his body cared about was feeling Chantelle’s boyfriend inside of it. Samuel spread his legs and got ready to have a fun time with the stranger. “Just this one time,” he thought quietly to himself.

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