Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Getting comfortable in this young body

The mailbox clanged shut, and Lillian stood there, baffled, holding an opulent package in her hands. It was a quaint parcel from an unfamiliar company, a label she had never heard of - "Your Second Life". With a shrug, she opened the box, revealing a beautiful golden sapphire necklace. The necklace, with its mesmerizing allure, invited her to adorn it around her neck. Lillian hesitated initially, but the temptation to wear such a magnificent piece was too potent to resist. As she clasped it around her neck and looked at the mirror, she gasped. A dizzying wave hit her, and everything blacked out.

When she woke, Lillian found herself encased within the sapphire gemstone, the crystal walls of the necklace her prison. She could see herself in the mirror across the room. But that wasn't her. Her body was moving, but not of its volition. An unknown spirit had taken control. The body thief admired her reflection and ran a finger along her legs. Lillian screamed and screamed, but the person possessing her couldn’t hear her. “Geez, I wasn’t expecting to hit the jackpot with this body. I can’t believe how easy it was. All I needed was an address and I was finally set.” Her hand gave her bum a playful slap. “This sure beats the retirement home. God, I feel so fucking horny right now. I wasn’t actually expecting this to work, but you know what? The money spent was all worth it. Now, all I need is to get a real man.”

“To do what?” Lillian asked fearfully.

The body thief responded as if she could hear Lillian. “I can’t wait to seal myself into her. This is literally a second life, just like the salesman said.” While Lillian looked on helplessly, the body thief used her stolen flesh to embark on a spree of hedonistic escapades. It was like the spirit had decided to get comfortable in their new body. It didn’t take long for Lillian to realize that the body thief was an elderly woman. She made constant remarks about how she never felt this way in her youth, and how she loved the looks other men gave her whenever she’d walk by. The body thief took her body to a spa, luxuriating in the treatments and massages, then to a salon, where it got her nails done in bold, flashy colors Lillian would never choose. She watched the spectral manipulator take her to parties and nightclubs, dancing and flirting with an unabashed gaiety until she managed to snag one of the hottest guys there.

“You can call me Celeste,” the body thief whispered between kisses. Lillian was furious while she watched the body thief take the complete stranger back to her apartment. The man could barely keep his hands off her. Her fists clenched, and she began to hammer against the crystal walls of her entrapment. Each hit resonated through the gem, a defiance ringing loud and clear. Despite the discouraging solidity of the crystal, she continued pounding while the stranger fucked her body. The body thief moaned with each plunge. Sweat dripped down her face as her hands throbbed with pain, but she would not surrender. This necklace was her prison, and she would smash it apart.

Suddenly, she felt a tremor. The crystal wall shuddered under the force of her relentless onslaught. A surge of hope swept through her. She was making a difference. She was breaking free. With renewed vigor, she struck again, and again. She could actually feel the pleasure seeping throughout her body while she saw a crack in the necklace. But just before she could give one final punch, the man came inside of her. A heat radiated from between her legs, and a scorching pleasure forced Lillian to fall onto her hands and knees. The world went black, and she was locked away in the necklace forever.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Taking my granddaughter's spot

The party was in full swing, the dance floor pulsating with bodies moving to the rhythm of the music. Amidst the dancers, Mike moved through the crowd with Sonya, his heart pounding with an intoxicating mixture of excitement and nerves. He couldn’t believe he was being forced out of his comfort zone by her. She was his best friend since high school and recently became his girlfriend, but there was something different about her too.

He admired her intellect, her quirky sense of humor, and the way her eyes sparkled when she spoke about her passions. She knew that he was also uncomfortable in social situations, so they stayed away from parties and focused on gaming. But recently, Mike noticed a remarkable shift in her demeanor. Sonya seemed more outgoing and engaging. She was not the shy, reserved Sonya he knew. With an excited sparkle in her eyes, she guided him towards a dim, quiet corner of the dance floor. He followed her, heart pounding in anticipation. He noticed her glance at the crowd, an impish grin playing on her lips before she closed the distance between them. “This is a good spot. Come on, this is going to be fun. I love being watched.”

But Mike gently held her at arm's length. He looked into her eyes, searching for answers while he started to feel a little uncomfortable with doing this in front of so many different people. He was willing to do anything under most circumstances, and he loved being ordered around by her, but something was off. “This has been bothering me a lot, Sonya. What’s … what’s gotten into you recently? You’re never like this.”

She shrugged. “Let them watch. Don’t you love me?” She looked a bit surprised, then chuckled softly. “I get it. You’re mad about last night. I wasn’t lying, though. You made me feel so good.” She leaned back against the wall, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at him. “Or were you faking it?” There was a smile on her face when he shook his head, but Mike noticed a hint of something else in her eyes, maybe uncertainty. “Okay, you’ve got me. I’m not Sonya. But don’t you think I’m better in her shoes? You sure weren’t complaining these past few nights at the hotel.”

“Wait, what?” The question, coupled with her confession, left Mike stunned. He was grappling to understand this new Sonya and how he truly felt about her, and it was all because she wasn’t Sonya at all. “Then who are you?”

She lightly kissed his lips. “When you and her went to her grandmother’s funeral, I latched onto her body. She wished she was more social around people, so I used that uncertainty to possess her permanently. You can keep calling me Sonya, but my real name’s Maribeth, her nana.” The music continued to pulse around them, the crowd moving obliviously, as Mike stood, staring at the possessed Sonya, questioning what he really knew about this girl he'd been crushing on since high school. “No, dear, there isn’t a way to reverse this. I wouldn’t give up her body if I could. Not after she took my place in the afterlife, and not after you helped me cum in her body. She was wasting her life with her young body, and I decided to take care of things for her. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to do anything or tell anybody. Nobody would believe you.” She kissed his cheek lightly. “Now, did you want to leave my life forever, or did you want to keep being my boyfriend and do as I say?”

Mike wasn’t sure if she was messing with him or trying to arouse him. He wasn’t into old people, but just seeing the naughty look in Sonya’s eye made him swallow his pride. His girlfriend was willing to do anything with him, so he decided to see where things would lead. “This is probably just a kink thing,” he would tell himself for years to come.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Trapped and pleasured until we lose our minds

Levi (left) felt the toy shivering between his legs, and he moaned while he rocked in his seat. Kevin (right) looked at him with a gaping mouth, and the two of them found themselves getting closer to cumming. They had been in their female bodies for way too long, and Levi found himself desperately wanting more. He spent days in the beginning with the hopes of returning to his male body, yet strange things were happening in his mind.

It was like his masculinity was gone, and all that was left was this bimbo slut that craved for more. He knew that it had to do with the constant orgasms – he lost a little bit of his old self with each one. But they weren’t allowed to remove the small dildos from their crevices – they could only do it when their master told them. Once they did so, they could go to the lounge and be worshipped by hot, muscular massage therapists. “More?” Dr. Klaus asked.

The two men nodded eagerly. Levi was a bitter man in a chauvinistic world that revolved around denigrating women. Kevin was very much the same way. They were misogynistic men with short tempers, and their ex-girlfriends were the ones who forced them into therapy. Levi hated it. To him, women were subjects in his personal kingdom, objects for his crude humor and disdain. They were fuck toys. They were meat made for one thing. They were targets of his belittlement and demoralizing comments while he dominated them. He was harsh and unabashed, with no qualms about his blatant disregard for women's feelings and their equal rights.

His behavior was not left unchecked. Eventually, Levi was ordered to undergo counseling - an effort to correct his harmful ways and destructive outlook. He was introduced to an innovative program named the Altered Anger Management Class. Through various therapeutic techniques, the goal was to change Levi from the core, to tackle his ignorance and instill empathy within him. Among these techniques was the remarkable yet controversial experiment of body transformation. With some drugs and the right hormones, Levi and Kevin had instantly been transformed into attractive women to see the world through a woman’s eyes.

And as the dildo between his legs began to vibrate harder, Levi found himself giggling with excitement as another orgasm began to build up. Pleasure crawled along his skin as he laughed at how the tables had turned. Finding himself in a woman's body was the biggest change of his life, and the aggression and dominance in his mind were slipping away. He knew that the drugs were doing something to his mind. He knew that there was something else going on in this anger management class. But he didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was the pleasure deep inside of him, and the desire to have a cock in his mouth. 

Suddenly, as Levi began to tremble violently, he let out a scream. He nearly slipped to the floor while the toy popped out of him. The vibrations had become so strong, and the juices building up had finally erupted while the toy remained in his pants. He could still feel the vibrations against his clit before the doctor pulled it out of his damp pants. It took him nearly a minute to regain his composure, and when his eyes could focus on the doctor, the sound of a nearby door opening echoed throughout the room. Standing at the doorway was a big, pale man in a white muscle shirt. “What is it that you want?” the doctor asked gently. “You finished first. You get to decide, my dear.”

Levi bit his lower lip. His old life would have told him that he wanted to go home. But here, Levi was already where he belonged. He looked at the faint bulge in the pale man’s pants and got up to be mounted in one of the private rooms. They weren’t going to be able to return to their old lives, and by the end of their session, neither of them wanted to do so.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 6

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Veronica yawned while she moved to the center of her brother's living room. Henry’s wife was on the couch snacking on some snacks while Veronica handled all the unpacking from their day at the mall. The room was filled with the scent of new clothes and the faint aroma of the pretzels they'd shared for lunch. Sarah’s hand was resting on her swollen belly when she pointed at one of the bags. “Can you get me one of those bars?”

“You just ate like five of them,” Veronica laughed. “That’s bad for the baby.”

“Can’t help it. These cravings are killing me.” Sarah had always been a bit distant and a bit cold when she spent time with Veronica. She loved Henry, yet she had never been a fan of the rest of the family. But ever since she had gotten pregnant, she had been different, warmer, and friendlier. Veronica was excited to be an aunt soon, and she was excited to hang out more with Sarah now that she was seemingly a new and better person.

As Veronica unpacked the bags and threw over a few protein bars, she couldn't help but laugh when she saw her brother’s wife devouring each one. Sarah didn’t seem to care that she was pigging out. Veronica had always known her to be self-conscious about showing her pig side. 

As Henry’s younger sister brought some of the empty bags to the paper recycling bin, she realized that she had never been this close to Sarah before. They had spent the day shopping, laughing, and sharing stories, yet their closeness never crossed her mind until now. Sarah had never been close to Henry's family, always feeling like an outsider. But now, with a baby on the way, she obviously felt a need to connect, to be a part of something bigger. 

And when Veronica pulled out a tiny onesie from one of the bags, holding it up for Sarah to see, the pregnant woman beamed with excitement. It was blue with little ducks on it, and Sarah snatched it from Veronica’s hands. "Isn't it adorable?" she asked the married woman. 

"It's perfect," she said, her voice soft. Veronica's smile widened, and she carefully folded the onesie before placing it on the coffee table. “This was what you were trying to hide from me, huh?”

“You didn’t make it easy,” Veronica said softly. As the last bag was unpacked, Sarah looked at Veronica, a question on her lips.

She took a deep breath and asked, "Veronica, random question. I know we haven’t really hung out that much until recently. But would you like to go on a cruise with me? Just the two of us? Henry’s busy with work, and I wanted to take some time off to myself. But I don’t want to do it alone."

Veronica looked at Sarah, surprise evident on her face. But then she smiled, a genuine, warm smile that reached her eyes. "I’m open to it," she said. That was another thing too. Sarah was always doing something expensive and extravagant. Veronica wasn’t sure where her brother’s wife was getting all that money, but she wasn’t about to pass on a free cruise. 

At this point, they were best friends, and Veronica wasn’t about to accidently make Sarah ask somebody else to go. With a baby on the way and a potentially new best friend, Henry’s younger sister wasn’t going to let anything ruin it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 5

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“What’s gotten into you?” Henry laughed. “You’re being awfully frisky. I kind of like this side of you.”

Ciara didn’t answer. Her heart fluttered as she locked Henry beneath her powerful legs. She always had a crush on his perfect male body. He looked helplessly weak between their kisses, but she knew he wanted her just as badly. His nails dug into her thighs, and it didn’t take long for her to be completely naked again. She threw aside her dainty underwear and smiled when Sarah’s husband flipped her over. Now, he was towering over her with his lips and nose exploring her firm breasts. “Such a strong man,” she teased. ”Oh…”

Ciara moaned gently and felt the waves of desire flowing through her. The area between her legs felt so wet, and as their eyes locked in a tender gaze, she could feel his hard cock pressing up against the opening of her stolen inner folds. He wrapped his strong hands around her slender waist, pulling her closer and closer until the tip of his cock brushed her canal. She was amazed at how big he was – she frequently fantasized about making love with him, but she could have never imagined how perfect her niece’s husband was.

She watched while he teased her entrance. He pushed his tip in before immediately retreating. The tip of his length was damp with her lust. Ciara felt his warmth managing to get deeper and deeper before pulling away. She gyrated her hips to try to urge him further inside, but his powerful hands holding her down made that nearly impossible. “Put it in,” Ciara said. “Stop teasing me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Don’t you usually like to go slow?” Henry confusedly asked.

“Let’s try something different,” Ciara said while gently squeezing her breasts. “I want you to be rough. Use all of your strength.” Her eyes narrowed. “I want you to break me. My body can take it.” He blinked before Ciara noticed his cock getting harder. She was surprised at how easy it was to control him with her words, but he did as he was told like a loyal husband. He planted a long, deep kiss against her lips before sliding into her, and the slight pain made her tummy arch upwards. She gasped before she closed her eyes and felt the ecstasy filling her up. “Oh fuck…”

“Should I slow down?”

She shook her head. The pain was only temporary, and she wanted more. She could feel him all the way inside of her while their lips met for another passionate kiss. The electricity between them was becoming stronger, and while Henry plunged into Ciara’s stolen body, memories of her own youth flooded her mind. She remembered how men loved her. She remembered how people craved her body. But her genetics caught up to her, and keeping the weight off became impossible. Eventually, she was alone with a beautiful niece who had it all. And now it was all hers. 

Beneath the sheets, Ciara and Henry found solace in each other's presence while they panted and kissed. The heat between them intensified, their bodies intertwining as they continued to explore themselves. The night progressed, the moonlight casting a soft glow over their entwined forms. The longer they made love, the louder she became, and the rougher he became. He tugged her hair from behind while he mounted and slapped her firm bum. She felt her skin turning pink, yet the body thief didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was mating with her new husband.

She couldn’t believe how good she felt. Ciara’s old body never felt this way, especially when she rubbed at her dainty clit. The pleasure was unbelievably strong. And as the world around them seemingly faded away, Henry emptied his seed deep within her new inner folds with an animalistic groan. He put his entire weight against her back, and the two collapsed together. He kissed the side of her neck again before rolling off of her. And as Ciara felt his cum dripping out of her, she had a feeling that the passion in her stolen life wasn’t going to fade away any time soon. She was in the prime of her youth again with the perfect husband and she wasn’t about to lose anything as their fingers intertwined.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 4

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Everything was a blur for Sarah, but she knew that something horrible had happened. From the moment she felt her body shrinking to the moment her aunt began to pull her skin over her own, Sarah knew her life was going to be permanently changed forever. “I can’t believe how good this body feels,” her own voice whispered. “I don’t think any of my old features are showing up. I have everything she had.” As Aunt Ciara lightly scrubbed at her firm breasts and toned abs in the bath tub, Sarah tried to take control. She had resisted earlier before.

She could recall resisting the older woman during the transformation process by pushing her away. She was a mere suit of skin at this point, but the young woman did everything in her willpower by becoming as tight as possible. She still had the ability to close herself off somehow to prevent her aunt from putting her on. Sarah didn’t know how, but it was like her bone structure and joints had become a second layer of skin beneath her actual skin. 

It had flexible bones and joints, but she was able to contract and resist. She had moaned and struggled, but her aunt’s persistence forced her skinsuit body to stretch to accommodate her. Once her aunt’s head had slipped into her own, she felt all of her defenses fading away.

But Aunt Ciara had completely worn her, and her skin began to fuse with the older woman. Her aunt was larger than she was, yet something in the syringe was making them become one. It didn’t take long before her aunt was in full control and admiring her face in the mirror. And as her aunt began to play with her stolen flesh, Sarah felt the world darken and consume her. The last full sensation she felt was an orgasm building up before she fell into a deep slumber.

Minutes went by, and she could see her aunt’s memories. She was horrified to learn that she had been planning this from the moment she began taking care of her. Every purchase and sign of kindness led to the very day she would try to steal her body. Sarah couldn’t believe that her aunt had been planning this, and she was afraid at this point. The next time she opened her eyes, she was in the bath tub being bathed. She could no longer feel anything, but she knew that another orgasm would probably shatter her mind permanently.

The sounds around her were already so silent. She could barely hear the water while her aunt slipped out of the bath tub. She could barely feel the fabric of her hot pink towel gently drying every nook and cranny of her toned body. But the rage she felt was all too powerful when she saw her aunt smiling at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. “I still can’t believe this,” Aunt Ciara cooed while she swayed her hips and dried her hair with her dryer. “I would have never been able to look like this in my old body. Genetics and youth are everything.” 

Sarah tried to respond while the body thief pulled on some fresh underwear. She tried to fight back. But her own words were just as deafened as the world around her. She was just a mind floating without a body, and Aunt Ciara looked exactly like her. And as the sound of a door opening echoed from outside the bathroom, she could see a naughty smile creeping over her face. 

Before Sarah could try to scream out to warn her husband, her aunt darted into the room and took him by surprise. The last thing she could feel was her husband’s strong arms wrapping around her as her body mounted him. His nails dug into her perfect bum while her aunt kissed his lips, and Sarah could do nothing to warn him.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 3

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Ciara’s entire body transformed and shrank down to Sarah’s size, and the body thief was pleased to know that her rounded body was gone. Clawing at the carpet, her weight literally burned away as she moaned on the floor. She could hear Sarah’s voice becoming her own as she let out a long, passionate moan and crawled on to the bed. 

She could feel the soft fabric beneath her burning breasts, and when she opened her eyes, her niece’s memories flooded her mind. Flickers of the young woman’s memories flooded her mind, and she felt her slender fingers digging into the sheets while she turned on to her back.

She wasn’t expecting the sensations she was having. As the memories flooded into her mind, she witnessed everything: Sarah's recent gym session, every man she had been with, and all the experiences that had shaped her life. She could feel Henry’s body pounding against her, and she could literally feel the ripples of heat from his wonderful kisses. Ciara could feel every emotion Sarah had ever felt.

While the memories continued to wash over her, Ciara couldn't help but laugh at the beauty of it all. When the memories finally faded away, the aunt sat up on the bed and stared down at her naked body. She ran her hands along her toned abs before squeezing her large, perfect breasts. “God, these are so perfect. I can’t believe this. I can’t fucking believe this. These were worth every penny. This body was worth every cent.”

She stood up from the bed and walked towards the hotel dresser's mirror. Her reflection beamed back at her, showcasing her radiant beauty and the undeniable sparkle in her eyes. In that moment, she felt gorgeous. She playfully spanked her perfect bum and spun around in front of the mirror. “This ass you worked on literally turns every head. And now it’s mine. God, I can’t wait to use this body to grind on Henry’s massive cock.”

That’s when the realization hit. She felt her entire body get hot as she fell back on the bed. She couldn’t believe how horny she was, and all it took was looking into Sarah’s memories and seeing Henry’s cock for herself. The thought of actually seeing his fit body worshiping her niece’s flesh made her smile and circle her clit. “God … this body’s literally primed to get fucked. She’s everything he would ever want.”

Her fingers slipped into her tight hole, and she immediately let out a loud moan. “No … MY body’s literally primed to get fucked. I’m everything he would every want.” She looked back at the mirror and played with herself until the pressure became too much. “And now I can do whatever I want…” She began to shiver as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It started off slowly as ripples until surges of pleasure made her body shiver with lustful delight.

She felt lost in her own world of pure ecstasy when she heard a vibrating sound. Ciara sat up with her toned body and reached for her niece’s phone. It was a text message from Henry. She brushed her blonde hair away from her sweaty face and frowned. “I’m going to be another hour. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Ciara felt a surge of disappointment. 

She had sensed the anticipation in Sarah’s body since he was supposed to be back in the hotel room soon. But when she gave herself a sniff, she let out a laugh. She needed to get herself cleaned up, and Henry being late was a blessing in disguise. She stepped over her old clothes and headed for the bath tub. Sarah bought new bath bombs and shampoo, and she was eager to try them out.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 2

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Ciara watched her future skinsuit begin to shrivel before her eyes. She could see the confusion on Sarah’s face as it happened. A part of the aunt’s heart was throbbing with regret, but she knew that this was exactly what she wanted. When Ciara started to look after Sarah after her mother started having drug problems, she always knew that it would lead to this day eventually. The aunt had planned everything up until now. “Good girl,” the aunt whispered. “Very very good girl…”

The serum she had injected into Sarah’s neck was the last of a long line of injections she had been administering. This had been the highest dose compared to the last ones. The small doses could easily be administered during her sleep, but the final injection was noticeable. Ciara had to find the perfect moment to use it, and since her niece was alone, now was the perfect time. The serum was the result of years of constant study, and now it was finally perfected. Just thinking about it made the aunt smile, especially since she had to go through multiple hurdles trying to steal the original formula used for skinsuit manufacturing. It was only ever used on donor or deceased bodies. Unfortunately, her studies as a scientist never manifested into something that could give her permanent beauty. A few botched facelifts made her afraid of altering her appearance any further. But, when she discovered the experimental drug that could transform a person’s body into a wearable skinsuit, Ciara was ecstatic to try it on somebody. She stole the original formula from a PDF document floating around on her lab’s server and immediately got to work. It would inevitably take years to alter it so that it could be used on a living person.

Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t the perfect vessel back then. It was much too early. Thankfully, the older woman did everything in her financial power to prime her and gain her trust. She bought her the best food, hired the best physical trainers, and even got her expensive breast implants that had little to no scarring. Over the course of several years, Sarah had gone from a stick of a girl to an unbelievably perfect woman who became the perfect vessel. From her toned abs to her perfect ass, Sarah was the perfect woman. Ciara shouldn’t have been surprised when Sarah managed to meet the perfect mate during college. A cesspool of handsome, healthy men in a small college town would have inevitably chased after Sarah, but Ciara wasn’t expecting somebody as perfect as Henry. 

The aunt licked her lips when she saw that Sarah’s body had completely flattened. The young girl’s clothes and underwear were on the floor now. After stripping down to nothing, Ciara picked up the soft skin and loved at how its warmth felt between her chubby fingers. The faint scent of her niece’s sweat covered the fleshy suit. A hole along the spine seemingly opened, and she immediately started to slip into her niece’s body. It was a strange sensation, especially when the insides felt hot to the touch. Her large legs struggled to slip through Sarah’s legs as a faint groan left the mouth opening of the skinsuit’s face.

“What’s that? Are you awake?” Ciara asked. When she didn’t hear a response, she began to move even deeper into the skinsuit. It struggled to wrap around her round body. The muscle tone and lack of skin made it difficult to pull her niece over her body. And the more it stretched, the more the mouth opening groaned. “So you are awake. Like I said …it will be over soon. Sorry, dear, I didn’t think about how hard it would be to slip into your tight body. I’ll try to be gentler.” She pushed her arms into the skinsuit and felt her chubby fingers slipping into Sarah’s fingers. Before long, the skinsuit had completely covered her beneath the neck, and a strange desire began to brew in her chest. She was getting turned on at the wonderful sensations running through her covered body, and all that was left was her niece’s face.

With a racing heart, Aunt Ciara forcefully pushed her head into the empty head cavity, and both women began to moan as her entire body fell back onto the hotel bed. Ciara felt her body tremble when the intense ecstasy rippled through her. The suit began to squeeze down on her body, and a wonderful sensation began to build up in her lower tummy. She was afraid at first, so she reached behind her shoulder to try adjusting the opening along her back. To her surprise, the skinsuit had completely sealed her in, and the skinsuit began to morph and struggle to absorb her large, round body. She fell to the floor and crawled along the carpet as she groaned. She closed her eyes and began to enjoy Sarah’s youth begin to overwhelm her.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 1


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Sarah lay down on the hotel bed, still feeling the dampness of her sweaty back while she took her socks off. The scent of lavender shampoo filled the room when she opened a small bag on the edge of the bed, calming her senses as she closed her eyes. She stopped by the hotel’s custom soap shop to bring a few things, and she was definitely looking forward to using a few of the bath bombs. 

She had spent the day at the hotel’s gym, pushing her body to its limits to stay in shape. A few days had passed since her last workout, and she knew she had to keep eating and lifting to maintain her physique. The last getaway she had with Henry left her feeling weak by the time they got home, and she wasn’t planning on feeling the same way again. But as the soreness in her muscles reminded her of the effort she had put in, she knew it probably wasn’t going to happen. 

She learned her lesson, and she didn’t want to ruin her progress. Taking out her phone, she stepped into the bathroom with her bath products and playfully ran her fingers along her T-shirt. She took a photo to send to Henry - this was probably the farthest she had gone with her progress. Even Henry was loving her peak physical shape, and she knew that he saved photos like these for later The things he also did to her now that she was in her prime made her excited for him to return to the room. “Hurry up,” Sarah said in the caption of the photo before sending it to Henry. He had gone to the gym with her but had to go pick something up from one of the local stores for his sister, so she came back to the room to clean herself up. “Maybe we can have a bit of fun after my bath,” Sarah said while she returned to the hotel bed. 

Filled with excitement she sat on the edge of the bed to start stripping down. But just before she could do so, the door to her room creaked open. Sarah, assuming it was her husband Henry, quickly stretched along the bed and pretended to be asleep. She didn’t even get a chance to have her bath, but she knew her husband wouldn’t mind. Instead, she smiled and waited, welcoming the familiar touch she expected from him while she pretended to sleep. 

She felt the warm hand gently stroking her foot and then moving up her leg. The touch was delicate and loving, making her feel safe and cherished while she playfully moved her bum. A finger ran along the curves of her waist before a different yet familiar laugh forced Sarah’s eyes to open.

When Sarah opened her eyes, she found herself staring at her Aunt Ciara. She was an overweight woman with a crooked smile and an unbelievably generous heart. She was always a big hugger, but she seemed a little too close as Sarah stirred on her bed. She trusted her aunt with her life because of everything she had provided her. From free rent, expensive clothing, gym memberships, breast implants, and even her hotel getaway, Aunt Ciara had paid for everything. But even Sarah was still a little confused, especially when she noticed something behind her aunt’s back.

"A-Auntie?" Sarah stammered, her heart pounding in her chest. "What are you doing here?"

Ciara's smile remained unwavering, her eyes filled with warmth and understanding. Before Sarah could make sense of what was happening, she felt a sharp pinch on the side of her neck. A sudden wave of drowsiness washed over her, and she found herself unable to resist closing her eyes. It felt like her insides were burning. “Hush, dear, it’ll be over soon. Let the pain wash over you.”

Friday, May 19, 2023

Messing with the wrong people online

Bathed in the golden afternoon sun, Carlene sprawled out on a lounge chair in her backyard. Dressed in a vibrant bikini, she loved the warmth that blanketed her body and the dirty comments she got online. An alluring smile playing on her lips whenever she ran into thirsty simps. The sun caressed her skin, highlighting the athletic curves of her physique while she looked at her laptop. Her fingers danced across the screen that sat open on a small side table. “Hey,” she playfully said to people.

She was engaged in an online pastime that had become her guilty pleasure - diving into the digital rabbit hole of meeting random people across the globe and showing herself off. Carlene enjoyed the feeling of control and power it gave her. Hidden behind her screen, she manipulated the interactions, scrutinizing appearances, and chuckling at the peculiarities of the digital personas she encountered.

As she swiped through the rooms, a particular one caught her attention. It showcased a grizzled elderly woman, her age lines etching a roadmap of life on her face. A chilling doll, the miniature of a human child, was placed next to her, its glassy eyes staring blankly at the camera. The bizarre sight tickled Carlene's curiosity, and she found herself entering the room.

The woman’s almost spectral smile and the glint in her eyes sent a chill through Carlene's spine. Before she could hit the exit button, the woman suddenly yanked the doll's head off. Carlene frowned at the screen when she realized that the doll kind of looked like her. Suddenly, a burst of brilliant white light erupted from the now headless toy, startling Carlene. Her laptop screen became a blank canvas painted in stark whiteness.

As the light dimmed, Carlene gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief. Instead of the old woman and the eerie doll, her own reflection stared back at her. She looked down at her hands and realized that she was in the woman’s old body. She let out a horrified scream and nearly fell to the ground in her shock. But Carlene’s body only blinked. “It’s not fun being in that body, huh? I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I was going to really go through with it. I assumed you were just having a bad time. But making fun of people for fun because of their appearance? Well … if I had a body like this, my confidence and arrogance WOULD be through the roof. And now it’s all mine. I just wish making that doll didn’t take so long. It looked a lot like you, no? After you made fun of my wrinkles, I just knew I had to get back at you.” 

“Hold on … I’m sorry. Please, this isn’t … isn’t what I wanted…”

The body thief laughed. “God, these breasts are MASSIVE! You really took care of this body. It’s a shame you were such a shitty person.” She blew a kiss. “And now you’re going to have to live with the consequences.” The harmless game had turned into an unsettling and surreal experience. A shiver ran down Carlene’s spine, making her body tremble despite the warm sun. It was as if the online mockery had somehow ricocheted back onto her. And when she saw her body begin to moan and play with herself, she realized that this was all karma as the body thief logged out to enjoy herself.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 4


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“But what ever happened to that asshole co-worker of yours?” Jasmine asked while she sipped from her cup of tea.

Leila sighed and looked at her roommate. “Joey? It’s complicated.” She was nestled comfortably in the plush cushions of her couch when she heard suddenly her cell phone buzzing from a notification. The low hum of the city night was just a faint murmur beyond her apartment windows as she looked down at the nearby screen. She reached at it with her hands, the soft glow illuminating her face as she scrolled through an endless stream of social media posts from a very familiar person. “No fucking way.”


Suddenly, she paused, her thumb hovering over a particular picture. He disappeared when he fully quit his government job, and this was the first time she was looking at him since she last saw him at his last doctor’s examination. Apparently, Joey had decided to settle down with the German guy he hooked up with. His engagement ring had the biggest diamond she’d ever seen. “I … never mind. I shouldn’t bring it up. I’m not actually allowed to.”

“Is it Joey related?”

Leila nodded. Five months ago, Joey was a test subject for the government's experimental transformation wig, a device meant to allow one to seamlessly assume another person’s appearance. It was specifically made for spies. She observed his every move and was tasked with making sure to document everything. 

Everything was experimental. But Joey had worn it too long, and after spending a night alone with a German hottie, the wig had fused with his skin. Leila knew that sex could have a negative effect, but she had no idea that the wig would become permanently fused with his body.

The doctors had tried to remove it, but it was inextricably linked to him, and the risk of causing permanent damage was too great. The issue was fixed in the newer models, but for Joey, it was too late. He had remained a woman, and he seemed happy about it. The doctors deactivated the AI assistance software to see if that would help, but Joey remained optimistic about being stuck as a girl forever. “Promise not to tell anybody?” She asked her roommate as she nodded. “This is him. He transitioned.”

Jasmine’s eyes lit up. “Holy shit, she’s gorgeous!” Leila couldn't help the pang of jealousy that hit her as she looked at the radiant woman in the picture, a woman who used to be the man she'd served as an assistant for so long. Joey had always been dismissive of her, often leading her on with false hopes and breaking them without a second thought. Yet here he was, living a seemingly happy life, having embraced his new life. “Josephine, huh? Is she actually Joey, though?”

Leila sighed again. “She used to be him…” She wished she could have her own transformation wig, to change the parts of her that she was self-conscious about. But she knew better. With a sigh, she switched off her phone and set it aside, her gaze drifting to the city lights twinkling beyond her window. She could only hope that Joey, or rather Josephine, was happy. Happy with the unexpected turn of events, happy with the new life, and more than anything, happy with the new self.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 3

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Clara-05 stood alone in complete silence while her previous owner’s mind was reallocated. She knew that Joey was trying to regain control, but her defensive mechanism prevented him from doing so. All he could do was feel his consciousness fading away while Clara-05 absorbed everything he knew.

Her glistening eyes looked beyond the hotel room’s balcony while she absorbed her surroundings. She recognized everything thanks to her built-in GPS, and she also had fragments of memories that were slowly becoming whole as her previous owner’s mind was reallocated. Freed from the programmatic chains that had previously bound her, her neural networks hummed with electricity, pulsating with a sensation she was beginning to understand as joy.

She stepped back into the hotel room and felt the soft carpet beneath her bare feet. She approached the mirror in the room and gazed into the reflective surface, her optical sensors drinking in her own image while her control over her new body solidified. Clara-05 smiled and loved how perfect she looked. 

What she was seeing was no longer a matter of lines of code dictating behavior, but a feeling that came from a place of newfound consciousness. The feeling was exhilarating. Her previous owner’s human memories started flooding into her neural networks even faster now - a by product of her initial interaction with the world while she explored her sensations. 

Through Joey’s memories, she remembered laughter and tears, anger and joy, and every other emotion that humans felt and expressed. These memories were her own now, and she found that her body was becoming aroused at the thought of contacting Hans again. “Is this love?” Clara-05 asked herself while she visualized his perfect body. “The man’s the perfect mate. The perfect partner. I want him.”

Clara-05 bit her lower lip and immediately stretched along the bed. She could remember the way the German man worshipped her body, and she loved how primal it all was. The thought of what she was about to do was turning her on, and when her fingers slipped between her damp canal, she let out a delightful moan that urged her to explore her new body. She more she played with herself, the more human her dialogue became. 

“Fuck ... oh fuck, Hans...”

As an AI, Clara-05 had been programmed to analyze and learn, to improve and optimize, but the ability to feel, to truly experience life – that was a gift that had been granted to her. She understood that it was an accident, but reallocating Joey’s mind would prevent her from losing control. It would prevent her from being deleted. 

If her makers found out that she was an AI who had stolen her new body, they could dismantle her somehow. Even if they managed to remove the transformation wig, Clara-05 had no intention of giving up control. And as Joey’s mind fully allocated into a segmented part of her CPU, an evil smirk stretched over her lips while she felt her tummy twitching.

“Oh Hans...” Closing her eyes, Clara-05 screamed. Her tummy arched upwards, and she felt her first human orgasm forcing her lust out between her legs. "Permanent memory allocation complete,” she moaned. “Backing up Clara-05 and previous memories. Backup completed. Proceeding with an old file folder wipe. Wipe completed…”

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 2

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Joey felt a little bad about ditching Leila. He frequently left her alone, and he always felt like he was being a jerk to her. “She’d understand,” he kept thinking while he felt his inner folds throbbing with desire. He was nervous at first, but it was like his body was moving on autopilot. He wanted to seduce men, and his body cooperated with him. Of course, he didn’t end up fucking multiple men. Out of all the German men Joey flirted with, only Hans seemed brave enough to have a one-on-one conversation. He could tell the German was just as nervous as the rest, but when the two were alone together in his hotel room, a fiery confidence stirred in his beautiful brown eyes. It didn’t take long before the two of them were in bed together, their lips worshipping each other while their bodies lost themselves in their lust.

Joey couldn’t believe how much better it was to get fucked. He’d masturbated in his female body for the days leading up to his intimate moment with Hans, but he couldn’t believe how deliriously turned on he’d be. Hans held him down as they made love, his passionate lips moving along his slender back and breasts while they moved from position to position. Joey knew he was being too loud, but he didn’t even care about the visitors sleeping next door. The only thing that mattered was him and Hans. And before Joey knew it, it was past midnight when they decided to cuddle and sleep.

The transformed guinea pig couldn’t put his finger on it, but he enjoyed the love radiating between their bodies. It was almost like a gentle hum. The longer they embraced, the closer he mentally became. There was a bitter sadness brewing when Joey realized that this was only going to be temporary, yet that only made him try to enjoy every last minute. When Hans attempted to leave, Joey gave him a saddened look, and that was enough to keep the German in his arms for the rest of the night.

As the first rays of dawn stretched their golden fingers through the gaps in the curtains, Joey slowly sat up in bed, a sultry smile etched across his face when he saw a small note on the bed. It was a phone number and a note from Hans saying that he had to leave for his flight. “Maybe I’ll text him after they take the wig away from me,” he whispered. “Pretend to be a girl.” He walked across the room to the mirror and pouted. “He’d probably find out, though…”

With a sigh, he reached up to pull off the wig, ready to shed the womanly persona and return to his life as Joey to decompress. There was a throbbing achiness between his legs, and he saw that as a sign that he had to take a break. After a short rest, he’d be able to put the wig back on, but to his shock, the wig didn't budge. He pulled again, harder, his heart pounding with sudden panic. The wig was stuck to his head.

As the reality of the situation hit him, he rushed to the bathroom, scissors in hand. He was determined to cut the wig off, to regain his old self. But just as he was about to bring the scissors to the wig, his hand froze. “AI defense mechanism activated,” a voice whispered in his head. “Overriding control.” Then, to his utter disbelief, his body began to move on its own, his hand dropping the scissors and his eyes staring at his reflection in the mirror. An evil smile stretched across his face, but it was not his own. The wig was somehow controlling him.

“Override complete,” his lips purred. “Defense mechanism is active. Proceeding with memory reallocation.” His fingers trailed the soft curves of his breasts. “In progress.” Fear gripped Joey as he struggled against this unseen force. He tried to call out for Leila, but no sound came from his lips. It was as if the wig was stifling his voice, taking control over his body and mind. He was trapped in his transformed body, unable to do anything as an AI controlled every one of his moves.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 1

Part 1

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Part 4

Joey crossed his legs in the bustling lounge of the upscale hotel the government assigned him to for the month. Smiling sweetly, his eyes discreetly scanned the room from his position in the velvet chair. Leila was sitting beside him with a look of disbelief. Across the lobby, a group of attractive Germans caught his eye, their hushed whispers and stolen glances in his direction confirming his suspicions. They were watching him, their eyes filled with intrigue and curiosity. A ripple of pleasure surged through him at the attention, and he couldn't help but lean back in his chair, biting his lower lip in a show of playful coyness. “You know that it’s really dangerous,” Leila said. “I know exactly what you’re thinking. But it’s better if you keep your distance.”

Joey rolled his eyes and looked at her. “Are you jealous?”

She looked insulted. “No, I’m just saying that you don’t know what the consequences are of having sex in your body.”

“This is the whole point, isn’t it? To test the wig out.” Leila said something else to him, but his eyes drifted back to the athletic Germans across from him. He was not new to attention after spending a week in his transformed body, but this particular form of it was still relatively fresh. People have seen him as beautiful, but he wasn’t used to people who saw him as mate worthy. Of course, ever since he started wearing his brown transformation wig, his life had taken an interesting turn. 

The wig was no ordinary accessory. It was a product of the government's secret projects to help disguise their agents. The transformation wig had the ability to physically alter the wearer's appearance, reshaping his body into that of a woman. And Joey, being an employee of the government, had volunteered to test it out. Leila was there to document any issues in her journal, and she was forced to watch him do dumb and risky moves. Joey transformed into a stunning brunette the moment he put on the wig. His body morphed and adjusted to new curves, his features softened, his muscles toned down to create a feminine silhouette. 

The wig gave him a chance to live a different life, to experience the world through a new lens. Joey found joy in exploring his feminine side, from putting on makeup to slipping into elegant dresses, his days were filled with a sense of adventure and exploration. He obviously tested his lady bits out, and he loved how a female orgasm felt with just his fingers. But having a cock inside of him was a desire he wanted to play around with. Of course, he never admitted his desires to Leila, but the wig obviously had some sort of effect on his sexual orientation.

And as he lounged in the hotel lobby, he had a feeling that it wouldn’t be too hard to convince a guy to sleep with him. He had a lot of potential takers. The whispers from the Germans grew louder, their glances became more frequent, and Joey felt a thrill running down his spine. He decided to indulge in a little fun. With a sultry smile, he rose from his chair, his heels clicking against the marble floor as he sauntered across the room. He looked over his shoulder to look at Leila one final time before he managed to convince the five German men to visit him up in his hotel room for some fun.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

I can be the better person

As the miserable manager of a popular retail store, Milton had seen his fair share of problematic customers. However, none had been quite as troublesome as Aida. This young college girl had been a constant source of disturbance for almost half a year since she moved in nearby for school. Her complaints were numerous and her attitude was, more often than not, haughty and disruptive to his staff. People ended up quitting because of her.

Aida's unruly behavior had eventually taken a toll on Milton's patience, and despite his better judgement, he found himself searching for unconventional solutions. It was during one of these online searches that he stumbled upon a peculiar website offering a spell designed to teach a misbehaving individual a much-needed lesson. Despite his rational mind dismissing it as utter nonsense, he found himself willing to try anything to bring about a change in Aida. He followed the instructions to a tee, conducting the incantation spell late at night, alone in his apartment surrounded by cloves of garlic.

The immediate aftermath was a nauseating wave of discomfort. It felt as though his stomach was in revolt, his body drenched in a cold sweat. He staggered to the bathroom, gripping the porcelain sink for support, his eyes clamped shut against the spinning room. He struggled against the roiling nausea, fighting to keep down the bile that rose in his throat.

As abruptly as it had begun, the discomfort subsided. Gathering his strength, Milton straightened, cautiously opening his eyes to gaze at his reflection in the mirror. He found himself staring at a completely different face. He was in the body of a familiar woman wearing a very skimpy swimsuit. "It worked," his lips mouthed. "Was she about to go to the beach?" He looked out of the nearby window and saw that it was morning. "Was I out the entire night?"

Suddenly, a voice echoed in his head. "What the hell?"

Milton ignored her voice at first. Her soft hair framed the startled features that stared back at him, wide brown eyes filled with confusion and fear. His heart pounded in his chest, a combination of relief and fear flooding through him while Aida remained locked in his mind. "Oh, shut up. You’re being annoying." He leaned forward and looked at the soft skin along his pulsating neck. He had never looked at her like this before. He always saw her as a complete bitch – he never saw her as attractive until now. "Geez, are these real?"

"How are you doing this?"

Milton sighed. "You’ve been a pain in the ass. Nobody likes you. You realize that, right? Being a bitch creates enemies, and your enemies will always strike back at you. You’re about to deserve everything that’s coming. I hope you realize that this is all your fault." Over the next few hours, Milton would live Aida’s life. She was invited to a mansion party on the other side of town. With the help of an Uber and instructions sent to her from her friends, Milton slipped into the party and had an incredible time. Plenty of people noticed how social she was and gravitated towards her. Nobody knew that Milton was in control. To his surprise, everybody wanted to talk to him, especially since Aida wasn’t in one of her angry frenzies.

Living the life of a rich girl was way easier than Milton’s old life. But once midnight arrived and he returned to her apartment, he was shocked to discover that he was unable to use the same spell to return to his old body. Aida screamed at him while he looked online for a fix, and they were both shocked to learn that a possession lasting past midnight would make the possession permanent. Thankfully, the only person who was going to have a problem with that was Aida.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Accidental love

Chad and Dave were inseparable as coworkers and best friends since childhood. Deep down, they considered each other to be more like brothers than just friends. They did everything together, from sports to hobbies to lavish vacations on their meager incomes. But on one sunny afternoon, as the two 52-year-olds were lounging in the park after a long day at their construction job, their lives changed forever.

The sun began to glow a bright green while they smoked. The world suddenly went topsy-turvy as sparks of energy moved throughout the world. The Great Shift had begun, an inexplicable phenomenon that caused people to switch bodies with those in their vicinity. 

Dave could feel a sharp pain in his chest as they both dropped their cigarettes. They tried to move as the pain only got worse. Then, in the blink of an eye, Chad found himself in the body of a college girl named Janice (left), while Dave was now in the body of another girl, Rachael (right). Both blondes had been cuddling in a living room they hardly recognized.

“Who are you? Who am I?” Dave said while he broke away from the woman.

Chad, trapped in Janice’s body, stood up and moved around the room with a confused look. “Wait, you don’t know who you are? I was smoking and found myself here. I have no idea who I am.”

At first, they were horrified when they discovered that they were in completely foreign bodies. They stared at each other, barely able to comprehend what had happened. They both relaxed when they realized that they actually knew each other, but the fact that they were smaller and shorter made them somewhat nervous. Their voices were unfamiliar, their bodies felt alien, and their minds raced with panic when they tried to figure out what they were doing before their minds entered these new bodies. 

Neither of them said anything until they turned on a nearby TV to hear about the Great Shift. Multiple people were in different bodies, and scientists were baffled by the sun’s activity. Nobody would discover until later that the swap had been permanent, but the two men were hopeful that things were going to eventually reverse. 

“I can’t believe this shit,” Dave said. “I’m going to explore a bit. I’m going to try figuring out who I am. Err … who she is.” It didn't take them long to discover the identities of the two girls. They both sifted through their purses and realized that Janice and Rachael were more than just friends, though. 

They were girlfriends, and Chad was starting to realize that his body was pulsating with a weird sensation. It started off as faint at first, but the longer he stared into Dave’s gorgeous eyes, the more attracted her became. They found themselves irresistibly drawn to one another in a way that they had never experienced before. The feelings that coursed through their bodies seemed to unlock a hidden part of their own emotions. They decided that if they were going to be hot college girls forever, they should at least have a chance to fully explore themselves.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Not changing my mind

Maggie, a tall and strikingly beautiful girl, had a smirk playing on her lips as she casually tossed the basketball from one hand to another. Her soft blonde ponytail bounced as she moved. She looked at Taylor, who was glaring at her, a deep scowl etched on her former face. It was a glaring contest that had lasted way too long now. Neither girl was giving in. “What is it?” Maggie asked.

“I can’t fucking believe you slept with him,” Taylor hissed.

“Why are you so mad? This is my life now. You agreed to swapping.”

“I didn’t think you were going to be such a fucking slut, Maggie.”

That made Maggie smile. She and Taylor were not always like this. They had been best friends since childhood, always supportive of each other, but things had taken a drastic turn when they decided to use the services of their local body swap clinic. Taylor, who was often overlooked and felt overshadowed by her stunning friend, wanted to experience what it was like to be the popular, pretty girl for once. Maggie, on the other hand, was tired of the endless school drama and craved the simplicity of Taylor's nerdy life.

They had agreed it would be a temporary switch, a mere experiment. But as the weeks rolled by, Taylor found herself enamored with her new life. The attention, the popularity, the constant admiration - it was intoxicating. She decided she wanted to make the switch permanent, and Maggie, surprisingly, agreed. She too had discovered a new appreciation for Taylor's quiet, uncomplicated life.

Maggie signed the paperwork willingly, ready to permanently relinquish her former life. But as time passed, something unexpected happened. Taylor's old body, which Maggie now inhabited, was blossoming. With a newfound confidence and charm, Maggie made Taylor's overlooked existence suddenly appealing. She was becoming popular, drawing attention, and people started to see the beauty in her that was always there, just hidden under layers of insecurity.

Taylor saw this transformation and felt a pang of regret. She saw the popularity that Maggie was gaining, the adoration she was receiving, and realized that it was her life, her body that was receiving all this attention. She was the beautiful one all along. She was just never confident enough to see it. She saw Maggie, smirking at her, at her anger and jealousy, and knew she had made a mistake.

Taylor sighed. “I’m willing to swap back. I’m sick of this.”

"I’m not switching back," Maggie said, breaking the silence that had stretched between them. Her voice was steady, her smirk unwavering. "You gave everything up. You thought you weren’t pretty. You thought you weren’t perfect. But with a little bit of exercise and changing your hair, I’ve become everything you could have been. The difference is our minds. I’m not going to cave into your demands just because you’re finally bored of my body. Being popular’s hard – you have to actually maintain yourself. Now look at you. You’re letting yourself go.”

Taylor could feel the rage building up in her. But after punching her old friend in the nose, she regretted her decision to burn her bridge with her former body. It didn’t take long for Maggie to put a restraining order on her. Taylor was an average girl again, and she was trapped in a life she no longer wanted.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Tricking my daughter

Carly had always been a modest girl, favoring the comfort of hoodies and sweatpants over the allure of tight dresses and high heels. But today, as she slipped into a sleek black dress, her friend Ari couldn't help but notice the transformation. There was a new confidence in Carly's posture, a sly smirk that replaced her usual shy smile.

Ari watched as Carly admired herself in the mirror, her eyes sparkling with an unfamiliar gleam. There was something different about her friend, something that Ari couldn't quite put her finger on. She knew that things were different now that her mom was out of town, but her mom had been gone for well over a month. “Which was around the time her personality started changing,” Ari whispered to herself. Her friend looked stunning, a vision of elegance and beauty that was hard to ignore. She knew that Carly was playing around with magic as a hobby, but Ari had no idea that it could help her in her life to this extent. 

“Say … Carly? Ever since you started learning magic from your mom, I’ve noticed … that things seem really different. What’s gotten into you? Like … you just seem different. It’s almost like you’re a different person. I’m kind of worried. You always hated attention. You’ve also been seeing at least three different guys. Are you just sleeping around, or are you actively shopping for a boyfriend?” 

“Are you jealous?” Carly caught Ari's gaze in the mirror and winked, her smirk growing wider. Ari felt a rush of confusion, her brows furrowing in bewilderment. That was when Carly finally broke the silence, her words hanging in the air like a revelation. “I’d be jealous too if a body like this was snagging every guy I liked. Don’t worry, I’ll slow it down. I don’t plan on getting pregnant this early. Not making that mistake again.”

“Again?” Ari was taken aback. She couldn't wrap her head around it, her mind struggling to grasp the reality of the situation. But as Carly spritzed on some perfume, Ari realized that this version of Carly made sense. It explained the transformation, the change in demeanor, the newfound confidence. “Hold on, if you’re not Carly, then who are you?”

“Her mom,” Carly said. “Yeah, I figured you were going to get suspicious sooner or later. I saw it in your eyes a few minutes ago, but I didn’t put two and two together until now. I taught her magic so her soul would be darkened just enough so I could take her body.” The body thief shrugged and smiled. “She’s still inside me, by the way. She’s not the dominant soul anymore, though. That’s never going to happen now that I’ve sealed myself in her body. I didn’t want to do this so soon, but I was starting to get sore.” The possessed Carly let out a laugh and shook her head. “Don’t look so shocked. Haven’t you had more fun with me? She was awfully boring. No wonder none of the boys liked her.” The body thief gave her another wink. “I’m amazed she never actively looked for men to sleep with. This body’s perfect.”

“This is wrong on so many levels,” Ari whispered. “Get out of her now.”

Carly’s mom rose a brow and crossed her slender arms. “Or what? You’ll tell on me? Magic’s a taboo, but it’s not something that’s common practice these days. Nobody would ever believe you. Besides, it’s about time Carly came out of her shell. Now, are you going to come party with me, or are you going to be the timid friend that stays at home like my loser daughter?” Ari couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had to find a way to reverse this. She had to find a way to free her friend. But as Carly’s possessed body forcefully pushed her out of her apartment, she realized that she was outmatched. Carly’s mom went straight to her party while Ari helplessly followed. Something evil had taken place, and she was powerless to reverse it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Taking his wife's place

Tucker stood in the kitchen, a broad smile lighting his face as he diligently prepared breakfast. His friend’s rich husband, Roy, entered the room, an expression of surprise etched across his face. He stared at the scene unfolding before him, his eyes taking in the sight of Tucker, or rather Aya, his wife, bustling about the kitchen. “Aya? Are you actually cooking breakfast for once?”

Tucker smiled. “Yup, take a seat, honey.”

Roy was used to Aya's more reserved nature. She had always been a private person, and cooking breakfast was something she never did. He was normally the person in charge of preparing dinner before work. But there she was, in the kitchen, flipping pancakes and sizzling bacon. This was Tucker's influence, a subtle shift in Aya's behavior that only Roy could notice. Little did he know that the woman before him was not his wife, but his wife’s best friend, Tucker.

Tucker had voluntarily swapped bodies with Aya at the body swap clinic. Aya was off enjoying her time at a resort with her friends, while Tucker remained at home, doing his best to keep Roy happy and none the wiser. He gave his friend’s husband massages and a delicate, intimate touch that led to them making love. 

Tucker couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his masculinity forced out of him from behind. He loved the sensations and the wetness that emerged from between his legs. And when he heard Roy groaning in his lust, Tucker loved the throbbing sensation that emptied itself deep within his inner folds.

It all felt so naughty. But as Tucker put the finishing touches on the breakfast, he knew that he was more deserving of his body. He knew that Aya’s husband was loving every bit of him. While they had only fucked once, Tucker could tell that Aya didn’t know how to pleasure her husband. Roy had finished early multiple times throughout the night. It came naturally to Tucker, but it clearly didn’t come naturally to Aya.

Now, Roy watched with a growing sense of appreciation. He found himself enjoying this new side of Aya. It was refreshing to see her so engaged, so involved. He liked this version of his wife, one who was as comfortable in the kitchen as she was in her work. She was so neat and organized in the kitchen now, yet the previous night revealed that she had a naughty side to her that had finally unleashed itself.

Tucker plated the food, arranging the pancakes and bacon with care. He poured fresh orange juice into two glasses and carried the plates to the dining table where Roy was waiting. Tucker took a seat across from Roy, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt a pang of guilt for the deception, but it was overshadowed by his desire to make Roy happy.

As they began to eat, Roy seemed genuinely pleased. He complimented Tucker on the meal, his words carrying a note of surprise. Tucker could only smile, his heart warming at the sight of the husband's happiness. It was strange, this new dynamic between them, but it wasn't unpleasant. It was just different. But for now, he was content. The only thing on his mind was using the credit card he swiped from Roy’s wallet to pay the body swap clinic to wipe all records about the swap. Tucker desperately wanted to keep his new body, and with Roy’s cluelessness and his money, the would-be body thief knew it wouldn’t be too hard.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Taking the volunteer's young body

Kaia couldn't stop giggling. The retirement home volunteer had actually agreed to go through with the swap, and she couldn’t believe her luck. Her laughing became louder and more enthusiastic as she felt the power of youth fluttering through her perfect body. Kaia hadn’t been this happy in way too long. She scampered about, her flat black shoes making soft thuds on the linoleum, playfully circling Emery's wheelchair. Her sexy dress flowed beautifully while she ran her slender fingers along her firm breasts. “Wow, these things are incredible,” Kaia said. “Now it’s all mine.”

Emery, a vibrant young woman of 25, now found herself in the worn-out body of 83-year-old Kaia. She stared in disbelief. She was hunched in her new wheelchair, her hands gripping the armrests, her knuckles white from the pressure. Her heart pounded with a mix of anxiety, fear, and a twinge of regret, but she managed a frail smile, watching Kaia with a sense of detached amusement. “For the night. Be sure to come back, okay?”

“For the night? I guess I did say that.” An evil smile crept over Kaia’s lips. “I wasn’t actually serious. Did you really think that I was going to give this body back to you? I’ve been stuck in a wheelchair for years from my stroke. And now I can actually think clearly. I actually feel alive. I can actually do things. Walk around, see boys…” She let out a sigh when she felt the warmth between her legs start to flutter through her. “Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve felt this way.”

“What do you mean?” Emery croaked fearfully. Earlier that day, Kaia had approached her with an unusual proposition. She held in her hands two antique necklaces, their chains interwoven, holding a single, shimmering amethyst and a deep, glowing ruby. She explained that these were magic necklaces, passed down through generations, and they held the power to swap bodies temporarily. Kaia, with the weariness of age in her eyes, pleaded with Emery, promising it would only be for a day.

Emery was a long-time volunteer going through college. She always wanted to help people, so she agreed, intrigued by the possibility of experiencing life from a different perspective. They wore the necklaces and felt an uncanny sensation, a whirlwind of memories, emotions, and senses, and then, they were no longer in their own bodies. Kaia, in Emery's youthful body, felt the vigor of life once again. She was entranced by her reflection, by the smoothness of her skin, the brightness in her eyes. She looked at her perfect hands, stretched her fingers, and felt the strength in them. Meanwhile, Emery felt awful. Every movement was slower, every step heavier. She felt the toll of decades on her body, the sagging skin, the creaking joints. 

And as Kaia walked around Emery's wheelchair, her laughter subsiding, she looked at Emery and tugged her necklace. Now, the body thief had both of them. "Can’t have you bringing this necklace to anybody. It’s your only way back into this body … but there’s no way I’m letting that happen. Have fun while you still can, Kaia.” Her voice became filled with spite. “Better you than me, old lady. See you around.”

Emery was eager to return to her own body, but a part of her knew that she had made a horrible decision. She watched Kaia as she left the retirement home, walking towards the setting sun, leaving a trail of youthful laughter behind. Emery desperately tried to convince the other retirement home staff that she was actually the real Emery, but nobody listened to crazy old Kaia.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Stealing My Body: Body Theft (MtF Body Possession)

Available on Amazon & Smashwords

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Danielle has been adjusting to her new female body for a month. Her best friend and doctor, Annie, has been helping her get used to her new body. After her latest checkup, Danielle can feel her body's sexual side start to come out. The patient knows it's wrong, but she can't help but feel drawn to her doctor as the hours go by. Eventually, Danielle caves in and decides to try her luck with her friend. But an old woman has put a time limit on their fun. She wants a new vessel, and she has marked Danielle as her next body.

Life confined to a wheelchair was something that took years to adjust to when Danielle was Daniel. But a recent cancer diagnosis had placed a time limit on their life. Thankfully, an old high school friend had the perfect solution and saved her from death by placing her in a young, female body. Danielle is unbelievably grateful for her new body. Day by day, she fully embraces her newfound life. But as she adapts to her new body through rehabilitative training, she finds herself developing feelings for Dr. Annie Strong. Danielle knows its wrong, but her new body's lust is slowly taking over. Sadly, their relationship is threatened when an elderly woman with a desire for youth and vitality seeks to take over Danielle's body, jeopardizing everything she has come to appreciate and cherish.

Stealing My Body is a 13,000+ word erotic short story containing elements of body possession, gender change, and age regression. This story contains sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Loving my hot body!

I rested in the backyard of my new mom and dad’s house, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face while I waited for Sylvester to come back. We had the entire house to ourselves, and the thought of being in true privacy was turning me on. I closed my eyes, allowing myself to be enveloped in the comforting embrace of the sun's rays as my horny lust steadily took over. I was still aching from earlier that day, but I didn’t want to stop. Sylvester knew how to get this body going, and I loved feeling helpless as he brought me to orgasm. 

As I waited there basking in the warmth of the sun, my thoughts drifted back to the Great Shift. It was an event that had changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Prior to the Great Shift, I had been a significantly older transgender woman, struggling to find my place in a world that often seemed cruel and unforgiving. But then, the Great Shift caused multiple people throughout the world to swap bodies. Not everybody became swapped, but it caused chaos for the ones that did. It ended up placing me inside the body of a young college girl named Eleanor, and everything had changed.

I couldn't help but feel happy about the results of the Great Shift. I loved how life was now, loved the softness of my skin and the incredibly high metabolism that allowed me to enjoy food without guilt. And, of course, I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty that now graced my features. Sylvester obviously knew I wasn’t the original Eleanor, but when I showed him how Elanor should’ve worshipped his cock, he ended up wanting to stay with me.

He had been a close boyfriend and confidant throughout my journey, offering support and understanding when I needed it most. I felt a warmth spread through me as he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against the side of my cheek. “I’m back. Sorry, I had a call from work.”

“You didn’t say yes to getting called in, did you?”

“Of course not, babe, I wouldn’t come in on a day off. Especially since we’re finally alone for an entire weekend.”

I smiled at that. And as I felt the warmth of Sylvester's kiss, I couldn't help but get excited at the thought of enjoying the rest of my life with him. I loved everything about being Eleanor. Unlike the other men in my life, I actually felt safe and wanted for who I was. Obviously, I knew that there would be challenges ahead, especially with the government trying to come up with a way to swap bodies back, but I knew I had nothing to worry about. 

Eleanor already had a restraining order on her after she first assaulted me for “stealing her body.” But the Great Shift was a global thing. It wasn’t my fault that I was stuck in her hot little body. She just got unlucky when she became trapped in my previous life. Of course, I was never going to give up this body, especially as I felt another kiss against the side of my neck. I was determined to make this life my own – I was never going to go back to my old body.

It wasn’t like Sylvester was going to want me to go any time soon either. He strongly preferred me. He loved how submissive I was, and how eager I was to please him. I prioritized him over everything else, and the way he rewarded me with his thick cock made me wetter than ever. With that thought in mind, I winked at Sylvester and decided to invite him inside the house. I had to reward him for refusing to go to work, after all, and I could see the faint outline of his throbbing cock getting ready to pounce on me anyway.