Thursday, June 30, 2022

Flirting in my new body

The lifeguard across the pool was staring back at Chad, and he felt a rush of heat coursing through his female body. He loved the fact that people were actually giving him so much more attention now. He used to be an overweight man in his thirties, but after a car accident nearly killed him, drastic measures had to be taken. His body was permanently broken, which forced surgeons to place him in the brain dead body of the girl who crashed into him.

Aliya was a bubbly blonde girl who had just started college. She actually had a future ahead of her. Now, Chad had to pick up where she left off, and nobody had any idea that he was in her body aside from the surgeon. Throughout his first day, Chad thought he should have been the one to die until her body’s sensations got the better of him.

Since her body was so young, Chad was constantly horny. Eventually, he began to explore his new flesh. Compared to his old body, Aliya’s body was in its prime. It didn’t help that he was unbelievably attractive now. Thankfully, playing with himself was enough to keep him under control, but as time went on, he noticed that he was becoming more comfortable in his new flesh ... until today. As the lifeguard hopped off his chair and began walking over to him, Chad decided to accept his new life as a girl. “Hey, I noticed you seemed a little lost. Did you need any help?” The lifeguard asked.

Chad smirked and ran his slender fingers through his blonde hair. “Yeah - when were you planning on taking your break? I was hoping to get a drink with you. My name’s Aliya”

The lifeguard quickly scanned his female body from head to toe and smiled. He clearly liked what he was seeing. “Roger. I can take my break right now.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Letting my pro friend play for me

When Selina asked Lewis to play her upcoming tennis match for her, he wasn’t expecting to have a hard time. He thought training her body and practicing was all he had to worry about. After using the body swap clinic to switch their bodies, he figured things were going to be easy.

But he had to get used to wearing Selina’s revealing clothing. Between the periods and constant staring, Lewis felt uncomfortable for the two months of training. He also had a hard time keeping away from other guys. Despite him being completely straight in his own body, Selina’s body was naturally attracted to other men. He started noticing things that he hadn’t noticed before.

Thankfully, his friend had a lot of things covered for him to make things easier. She knew that he’d struggle as a girl. Selina had all of his expenses paid for - all she had to do was live life at his home while he prepared her body for her biggest game of the year.

But when Selina’s coach, Adam, started flirting with him two days before the big game, Lewis finally caved in. Selina’s body hadn’t been pleasured in weeks out of fear that he could get in trouble.

But when he felt the man’s arms around his waist, he figured a little bit of fun couldn’t hurt. He only had the day of Selina’s match to really enjoy himself, and he figured he deserved something extra for his troubles before swapping back.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Testing her boyfriend


Aunt Delilah rubbed her neck nervously when she watched the unfamiliar man remove his shirt. Her possession spell was steadily failing, but she didn’t want things to end yet. She used more of her energy to keep controlling Carrie’s young body.

She couldn’t believe how gorgeous this guy was. Every muscle popped out and flexed as he smiled at her. The area between her legs felt alive with desire as she leaned back against the wall. Her niece was sedated in her old body, so they had the house to themselves.

She fought every urge to cave in, but it was getting harder and harder to resist Trent’s body. She had no idea how Carrie met him, but she was definitely seeing him regularly. The guy seemed too calm about all of this. Biting her lower lip, the aunt waited until she could smell his cologne. She leaned forward and planted the first kiss as she fought her conscience.

She originally possessed her niece to test Louise. Louise was a real asshole who seemed like the type who would sleep around. So, Aunt Delilah decided to watch how he acted. She never expected to find herself at a restaurant with another guy.

Aunt Delilah learned that her niece was the one who was being unfaithful, not Louise. But when she felt Trent squeezing her firm bum, she decided that it didn’t matter. She hadn’t slept with anybody since her husband died, and her niece’s body was screaming for a good fuck.

Monday, June 27, 2022

My friend's remote


Jordan looked to his left and immediately frowned when he saw Aaron bringing over the body swap remote. “You fixed it?” Jordan asked a little fearfully. After spending a week as Sona, he was finally used to being a woman. Having an opportunity to live as her opened his eyes - he loved the fact that everybody seemed to be noticing him. Sona’s boyfriend, Aaron, wasn’t happy when he found out Jordan had been playing around with his remote he had made. After the swap, the remote blew up, and Aaron had to repair it himself.

“It’s not actually fixed yet,” Aaron said. “I just need to replace the battery. But I wanted to personally ask you something. It’s a little ... weird. Did you want to stay this way?”

Jordan’s heart skipped a beat. “Seriously?”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot. I feel like you’re actually a lot nicer than Sona is.”

Jordan rose a brow. He knew that Aaron wasn’t talking about how sweet Sona was. The sex they both had was amazing, and Jordan felt things that he hadn’t felt before. “But what about Sona? She’s going to talk.”

“Who’s going to believe her?”

A naughty smile crept across Jordan’s lips. He fought the urge to do the right thing, but when he felt Aaron’s arms wrapping around his lower back, Jordan decided to stay this way forever.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Callum's Stepmother Part 2


Bree returned to her bedroom upstairs when she knew her body was completely out cold. After a few more hours, her old body’s brain was going to be permanently damaged from the lack of oxygen. Obviously, she couldn’t afford to have her old body die yet. She still had certain assets that needed transferring, but once all of that was done, she’d be able to forget about keeping Kate alive in her old body.

Bree originally wanted to test her stepson’s daughter. Their family was an incredibly rich one, but Kate was a huge red flag. She spent way too much money, and the upcoming wedding was way too expensive. Callum was blind, but Bree and her husband Conan weren’t so dumb. When she returned to her bedroom, she saw her husband lying on the bed. “Bree?” He asked suspiciously. A smile stretched across her new body’s face. “Wow, so it worked.”

Bree excitedly joined him in the bed and planted a kiss against his lips. “Are you surprised?”

He tugged her closer and locked his lips against her own. His kiss was deeper as she felt a hand around her waist. He turned her over and let her rest over his lap as he sat up. “No. I’m not. What about her, though? She won’t fight back?”

“Not after I drugged her,” Bree said. “She’ll never know what happened.”

“What about my Callum, though?”

“Who cares?” Her husband looked at her with a worried look, but when his lips landed against the side of her new body’s neck, she just knew that he was fine with all of this. The hardness of his cock through his shorts felt wonderful as her throbbing nub demanded for more than just his warm touch. They were going to explore her new body and worry about breaking the bad news to Callum later.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Callum's Stepmother Part 1

When Kate sat down in front of her boyfriend’s stepmother, she wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. They had their morning coffees together and talked about Kate’s work as a yoga instructor when her head started feeling funny.

“Everything okay?” Bree asked knowingly. Kate wasn’t sure why there was a smirk on the older woman’s face, but she definitely knew something was wrong. Callum’s stepmother helped her back to her bedroom so she could lie down.

Bree disappeared from view and returned with a glass vial or orange liquid. “This should make you feel better,” the older woman said while she helped bring the vial against Kate’s lips. “Drink it slowly. It should taste like lemonade.” Kate did as she was told, and something else started happening. A strange heat started to spread across her body as she quietly moaned to herself. She tried to speak, but when she looked over at Callum’s stepmother, she noticed that she was also starting to drink the vial.

“Bree, what’s going o-” Kate suddenly whimpered. A pain throbbed deep within her chest until some sort of gas shot out of her lips. Her body shivered violently as Callum’s stepmother collapsed beside her on the bed. The world went completely black until she heard an evil giggle from across the room.

She twisted and turned on the bed until her eyes managed to open. She looked in horror as she saw her young body walking towards her. When Kate looked down at herself, she realized that she was in the stepmother’s overweight body. She let out a horrified cry. “It actually worked,” her body said after retrieving something from a nearby dresser. There was a vial of green liquid in her hands. Before Kate could roll away, her young body shoved the vial against her lips. Every inch of her body felt numb as Bree laughed in her body. “Good. Good girl...”


Friday, June 24, 2022

Trapped with the witch


“We need to find a way to separate ourselves,” Yvonne whispered in his mind. “God, this wasn’t supposed to happen. This was supposed to be MY body.”

“Maybe after I get settled. No need to rush things. Besides, you kind of tried screwing me over. I’m not in a rush to help you.”

“Andrea? Who’re you talking to?” A voice suddenly asked from behind him. Wayne looked over his shoulder and rose a brow at Kelsey. She was still just barely getting out of bed when she saw him standing by the window talking angrily to himself. His heart dropped, but he still managed to keep calm when she inevitably asked who he was talking to.

After he possessed Andrea’s body to start a new life, he noticed a lot of strange side effects to the old woman’s spell. His old work friend, Yvonne, had magically placed his soul inside of Andrea in exchange for her soul. Since Wayne was about to go to jail for murder, he needed to get a second chance.

Yvonne was the answer. Upon consuming Andrea’s soul, Wayne’s soul completely took over her young 20-year-old body. Everything worked out perfectly until a few minutes ago. The problem now was that Yvonne was trapped inside of the girl’s body with him. The old woman successfully absorbed Andrea’s soul, but her soul latched onto her body when Wayne foolishly triggered the spell too soon. The witch had been dormant inside of Andrea’s body until the night after Wayne slept with Andrea’s girlfriend.

“Sorry, I’m just singing to myself,” Wayne lied as he joined his new girlfriend on the bed. It was going to be annoying having Yvonne screaming in his mind, but he wanted to get comfortable with his stolen life first. After all, how many criminals actually had a second chance at life?

Thursday, June 23, 2022

My girlfriend's potion

When Zach woke up, things felt so different. He sat up from the bed and realized that he was skinnier than usual. He looked down and felt his stick-like legs and knew that Carrie’s spell had worked.

There was a strange warmth emanating from between his legs. When he thought about what he’d do to his new body, he could feel his body reacting in a strange way. He couldn’t explain it.

Suddenly, he could hear her laughing from the corner of the room as he got off the bed. She was standing beside his unconscious body while she crossed his arms. He would’ve snapped at her if it weren’t for the mirror by the bed. His eyes widened as he quietly admired the curves of his breasts.

“I can’t believe it worked,” he said.

“It feels different, doesn’t it?”

Zach sighed and hugged his arms reassuringly. His girlfriend had a potion that could temporarily swap bodies between users, and when she mentioned that he could become anyone, he jumped at the opportunity to test it out. He hired an extremely cute escort and convinced her to drink the potion.

After he drank his own dose, they immediately swapped bodies. Of course, Zach purposely took extra sleeping pills to keep his body asleep. He wanted to have as much time as possible to explore his new body. He wasn’t even sure where to start, but when he saw Carrie starting to undress, he realized that he was in good hands.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

My best friend's girlfriend


Trey slowly put on Emilia’s cute little hat. Now air still felt a little warm, but the A/C was finally starting to cool things down for him. “Sorry, are you already ready, Emilia?” A deep voice asked.

Trey looked across the room and smirked when he saw Martin coming down the stairs. “Yeah, I just finished up in the washroom downstairs. Are you ready?” A faint ripple of heat rushed through him as he watched the fit man tower over him in the living room. Trey still felt sore from the last few nights, but after getting really comfortable with his best friend, he didn’t really care about the aching between his legs. He actually wanted more, and he was going to get some later that afternoon at the beach.

“I packed everything in the truck,” Martin said. “Got the right lube this time.”

Trey smiled at that. “Good, I can’t wait until we get there. We’re still staying overnight, right?” Martin nodded as Trey happily took the man’s hand. He realized that the mistake wasn’t so bad. The sex in the girlfriend’s body felt incredible. Trey had accidentally possessed the woman with his spell a week ago - the magic was intended for Martin. Trey wanted to have Emilia so badly that he did the unthinkable. He asked a spiritual healer to permanently place his mind inside of Martin. But now that he was inside of Emilia, he realized that this was actually a blessing.

He was going to love being Emilia, and the best part about it was that Martin had no idea that he was his new girlfriend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Fun at the swap resort


“Cheers,” Tianna (left) and Mark (right) said before sipping from their wine glasses. After a week exploring the countryside, they were spending their final day at the Swap Resort.

They were a hardworking couple that wanted to take a break from it all. Mark was a surgeon, and Tianna was an account manager at a busy food distribution company. The crappy thing about being middle-aged was the fact that they couldn’t do anything too physical anymore. Mark had been an avid hiker and swimmer, so when they were looking at resort destinations, they didn’t have many options.

When they were told that they could borrow willing bodies to take part in outdoor physical activities, they both jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, there weren’t anymore male bodies to use, so Mark had to use a young woman as his vessel.

After a little bit of adjusting, he realized that he preferred things this way. He got a discount since his female body was going through her period, but once the bleeding stopped after a few days, he got really comfortable and curious.

They explored the forested regions around the resort and had a chance to relive their youths. And with a supportive wife like Tianna, Mark was able to get pointers on how to really get the most out of his feminine body. After a night together in their young bodies, they both decided that they were definitely going to do this again.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Forever a woman


When Kevin told his boyfriend that he was going to transition, Chuck was extremely supportive. He helped get research and financing out of the way so Kevin wouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed.

When they discovered a facility that manufactured experimental drugs to alter a physical male body, Chuck jumped at the opportunity and convinced the company to test hem out on Kevin.

Kevin was hesitant at first, but after seeing brochures and studies on the experimental drug, he decided to give it a shot. After taking pills for thirty days straight, he realized that his physical body was starting to change.

His chest slowly grew breasts, and his hips widened. It was a stretching sensation that woke him up in the middle of the night, but the physical changes were definitely happening. They weren’t just in his head.

By the end of the month, his body had completely changed. His skin became softer, and his waist became narrower. Eventually, his cock shrank, and a vagina grew from between his legs like magic. The sex was mind blowing too. The scientists told them not to test things out sexually, but Kevin was glad that he had a hung boyfriend like Chuck to make love to his new body.

Kevin’s mind slowly changed, though. The more he had sex, the hornier he became. Soon, sex was the only thing he could think about. But with a body like this, Kevin was more than happy to take his boyfriend’s cock.

Sunday, June 19, 2022


 Hey everyone!

I got a few messages asking about my writing schedule, and I just wanted to keep everybody else in the loop since I've noticed that I'm repeating the same stuff. I'm currently finishing up with a ghostwriting request, but the past 4 requests have been requests for private rights (meaning I don't keep the rights - I pass on the rights to the one commissioning the project). Most of my ghostwriting in the past have allowed me to keep the rights, but I decided to charge extra for these past few requests. I'm also back in school.

I'll still be reading the requests in the Google Forms surveys. So far, 100% of the ideas brought forth are ideas that I can do. But since I'm just by myself now, I'm really really slow. I'm also looking to write longer stories, which will hopefully incorporate a lot of the smaller requests at the same time. Unfortunately, this means my writing schedule will go from 1 story per week to like 1 story per two months.

In the meantime, I'll continue writing captions and looking for free content to share with you all. There was growing interest in my Comic Stories, so I might try making something out of that. My hope is that I can keep contributing to our niche despite not writing as often as I'd like. I might still release some bundle packs but most of my focus will be on finishing up my latest ghostwriting request and working on my longer story.

I might also be posting polls throughout the next few months. You'll be able to vote on certain actions and storylines to help me figure out where I'm going with my longer stories. It's not something that I've done in the past, but I'm excited to try tackling my next novel. It's going to be similar to Prepare Her Body, where technology meant to help people gets used for malicious purposes. My next novel probably won't be for everyone, but it's where I'm trying to take my future stories.

Of course I might change my mind. If you start seeing short stories getting released every week, you'll know that I abandoned the idea.

Too late, babe

“You were a little too late,” Alice said while Arianna’s boyfriend demanded that she stop possessing his girlfriend’s body. “I can’t just undo it.”

But it was all too late - Randy couldn’t do anything now. Arianna’s soul was completely absorbed into Alice’s mind. There was no way to separate them at this point. After weeks of possessing her body, Alice had become her bully.

But she didn’t mind that. After suffering for so many years, Alice saw this as justice. Sure, she had to sacrifice her original body in order for her dark magic to work, but it was all worth it in the end.

“I’ll tell everybody about this,” he said threateningly. “You’re not going to get away with this.”

That made Alice laugh. “And who’s going to believe you? You do realize how crazy that sounds, right?” She kissed the air and leaned forward. She rubbed her chin and lower lip inquisitively and winked at him. “Don’t you think I’m a better version of her, though? You were having a lot of fun until I finally came clean. Do you really want to throw all of this away? She was a bitch. The new Arianna’s way better, no?”

Randy grimaced but stayed quiet for the rest of the night. He didn’t leave her side or argue with her. He accepted her as the new Arianna, and that only made Alice gush with glee.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

My silly niece

Lindsay always loved her aunt. Aunt Becky had always supported her through difficult times. She even let the young woman stay at her place for months when Lindsay had issues at home with her dad and mom.

Sadly, because her cancer had dangerously spread throughout her body, she couldn’t go do things that she used to do. Three debilitating strokes rendered her unable to speak clearly.

So, Lindsay offered to swap bodies for a day using their local body swap clinic. Her aunt agreed with a frantic nod. It was an experimental procedure, but tons of people had used the facility without any issues. The facility even went as far as bringing a full unit to the hospital so they didn’t have to move Aunt Becky anywhere.

Unfortunately, the dying aunt had other plans in mind. Everything about her new body felt amazing. The pain around her body was gone, and she felt fit. She was the healthiest she had ever been in years, and it was all thanks to her lovely niece. But after the swap was finally a success, she left her dying body and ran as far away from the hospital as possible.

It took three days before Lindsay realized that everybody had turned on her. Her aunt had bribed the body swap clinic with the last of her savings to destroy their paperwork. All records about the swap were destroyed, and when Lindsay tried to ask the hospital staff for help, nobody could understand her.

All she could do was wait for her time to come.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Enjoy four published short stories in the tenth body theft erotica bundle compiled by Jimmy Zappa. This is a compilation containing female to female and male to female body swaps and possessions with dark twists and turns in every story. There are themes of magic, age regression, age progression, and gender swapping.

Living Inside Me (F2F Body Swap)

Two best friends use a body swap potion to temporarily switch bodies. Emily and Eun-jee transfer all willingness and consent to live as each other for several days with the help and guidance of Doctor Susan Richter. After a few days of getting used to their new bodies, Emily attempts to do the unthinkable. She tries to convince Susan to make the swap permanent. Eun-jee comes from a wealthy family of billionaires, while Emily works in retail and struggles to pay for her student loans. Doctor Richter agrees and decides to try helping her - but there's a catch. One of the two girls has a sexy body to die for, and this particular doctor has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

My Husband's Girlfriend (F2F Body Swap)

Maggie is a college girl who has been sleeping with a married man for months, and his transgender wife, Tatiana, happily accepts it. On their potentially final night, Joshua introduces the young woman to an extremely kinky sex dungeon with shackles and a mask. She thinks it's all just part of his fantasies until the mask's magic becomes triggered. The couple has been planning on using the cursed mask's magic for years, and Maggie ends up being the only person willing enough to keep their sensual relationship going. Unfortunately, sex and love are the two things required for the mask to work, and those are two things that Maggie and Tatiana both have for Joshua as he triggers the mask's dark magic. Before Maggie knows it, she finds herself slowly losing everything from her thirsty lust and desire for Tatiana's perfect husband.

Fixing Tara's Marriage (F2F Body Possession)

When she realized that her husband was seeing another woman, Tara didn't know what to do. She's afraid of confronting him about it. Thankfully, her coworker has an idea. According to her, a storeowner down the road helped fix her marriage. Donna gave the witch full permission to use dark magic to confront her own spoiled husband on her behalf. By temporarily possessing Donna, she gained the confidence to confront her own husband, ultimately fixing her marriage by allowing Alexa to do as she pleased. Her friend suggests seeing the woman, and Tara agrees when she realizes that she has no other options. Unfortunately, Donna and Alexa are tight on money, and Tara soon discovers that they're willing to do anything to get what they want.

The Teacher's Pet (M2F Body Possession)

Two college girls, Alyssa and Hannah, have been learning magic together for a year, but when their magic teacher is unable to finish their final lesson together due to work, they take their learning into their own hands. Alone in their teacher's library, Alyssa leaves to use the bathroom when the other girl tries a spell. She accidentally grows a real, throbbing penis. Initially afraid at first, her crush and friend returns from her bathroom break and decides to test it. All of it seems like hot fun as they lose themselves in their lust. Just as it's about to end, Hannah finally confesses her real feelings, but Alyssa is conflicted by all of this. Lurking in the shadows, a dying Mr. Wolff waits for a chance to use his own dark magic. Alyssa is his secret assistant and girlfriend, and she's willing to do anything to physically and mentally prepare Hannah as his new body.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Becoming his new girlfriend

George looked over his shoulder and smirked at Wendy’s boyfriend, Tom. “Babe, what’s gotten into you? You seem a little different.”

George laughed quietly to himself. “Don’t you like the new me?” 

“I’ve never seen you so risky like this before. You never take risks! If the neighbor sees us using their pool, they’re going to get mad at me.”

George winked. “Don’t worry about it. I made sure they weren’t home. They aren’t going to be back here for at least another five hours.” 

“If you say so...”

It all started off as a prank, but after getting to know what it felt like to be a woman, George wasn’t really willing to leave. And after feeling Tom between his legs, the witch didn’t feel like giving any of this up.

Wendy had voluntarily given him a chance to be her for a day. He used an incantation from their teacher’s spell book to make it happen. What he didn’t tell her was that he had to be willing to give her body up at the very end.

George didn’t plan on going back. He’d been wanting to transition for a really long time. Now that he had a body of his own, he wasn’t willing to go for any other alternative.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tricked by my boyfriend


Jade watched helplessly from across the pool and watched her boyfriend wave at her. Gordon convinced her to swap bodies for a day through magic, and since it was his birthday, she was more than willing to try it.

It intrigued her, especially when he mentioned trying out a threesome with one of their close friends. What Jade wasn’t expecting was for Gordon to ask Kelly to join in.

Kelly used to be her best friend until she naturally drifted away. Eventually, the two girls grew resentful well beyond their high school years. Suddenly, Kelly was all smiles when Gordon wrapped her arm around her neck.

Jade couldn’t believe how quickly he repaired their relationship. It was almost like they’d been friends for years. But Jade understood why Kelly seemed so eager to become friends with her. “He’s hot, isn’t he?” Gordon asked in Jade’s voice.

Kelly couldn’t help but bite her lower lip and nod. They made their way back to their apartment and got ready for an incredible night. And when the three of them had sex, Jade noticed just how much more attached Kelly was to her. Sex as a man felt incredible, especially when she finally felt her first male orgasm. That was when she made the realization that she was doing this to get into Gordon’s pants.

And when Jade swapped back, it didn’t take long for her to realize that Gordon had done this all on purpose. He left her for Kelly, and Jade only had herself to blame.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I'm so much better now!


Tom brushed his red hair back while his friend struggled to speak. Maggie’s face was completely red after Tom asked her out for coffee, but after a few seconds of struggling to form words, she finally said yes.

Of course, Maggie had no idea that Tom had taken transition pills to transform his body. She thought a pretty girl had finally asked her out. Tom secretly knew that she was a lesbian, but she was always afraid of what people might think. Tom wanted her so badly that he decided to try getting her out of her shell. It was a new drug that he was doing for his job. College was expensive, so he had to find a way to fund his studies without going into insane amounts of debt.

He couldn’t believe how real everything felt. He also couldn’t believe how confident he was. Tom was always plagued by low self-esteem. Now, things were different. He took the pills for two weeks straight, and his body and mind steadily changed. His chest grew breasts, and his cock became smaller and smaller until he woke up to a vagina of his very own. By the seventh day, his hair had grown so long that he had to get it trimmed.

His newfound beauty was a positive surprise too. He felt so ugly his entire life. Now that he was wearing his little sister’s dress, he felt elegant and free. Even the doctors were amazed at how quickly his body had changed. They couldn’t promise that they would be able to change him back, but Tom didn’t care. He loved being a woman. “What t-time did you want to go?” Maggie asked.

He took her hand and pulled her along. “Let’s get some coffee now.”

Monday, June 13, 2022

Sisters swapped


Courtney couldn’t stop smirking when her older sister started freaking out in her slightly younger body. Sydney had agreed to swap bodies with her for a day, but she didn’t know that Courtney had other motives. Sydney just assumed that she wanted to try out her boyfriend, which she was perfectly okay with. Courtney was also bound to a wheelchair for her entire life, so she wanted a chance to see what it was like to be able to walk.

“We need to switch back, Courtney. NOW!”

Unfortunately, it seemed like Courtney had other plans. Since the two sisters were learning magic from their grandmother, it was like Courtney’s mind was being warped. They’d been learning for the past three years, but Courtney had been learning so fast that she started trying out the more advanced spells.

Their grandmother’s body swapping spell required a willingness to switch and trust. Courtney told her older sister that they would swap back automatically after a day, but Sydney knew that something was wrong when the second day rolled around.

When she finally confronted her little sister, Courtney finally told the truth. “We both have to want to switch back,” she said softly. “And I don’t want to.”

“What do you mean you don’t want to? You told me that you only wanted to do this for a day.”

“Welp, I lied. I’m not becoming a cripple again.”

Sunday, June 12, 2022

My dad's machine gave me her body


Jordan smirked as he sat on the stairway. Travis stared down at him with a look of shock and horror as he took a step back. “How? Why?”

Jordan couldn’t help but laugh. “If you were dying, then you would‘ve done the same thing. Yeah, kinda weird how I chose to be a girl, but she was the only willing body at the time. And I don’t regret any of it.” After pretending to be Travis’ girlfriend for the past month, the truth finally came out with the body thief decided to come clean. Everything had worked out perfectly for him, and he wasn’t afraid of Travis telling people about the fact that he now controlled Cassandra. “Nobody will believe you,” the body thief had laughed. “Don’t even try it.”

Cassandra had been willing to help Jordan with anything he needed. He was dying from cancer, and since they’d known each other since childhood, she was fairly comfortable with her.

What Cassandra didn’t know was that Jordan’s father was working on a machine in the basement for his company. His father wasn’t willing to let his son die, so he decided to ask Cassandra if she’d be willing to try out his latest invention. He didn’t tell her what it was going to do, but Cassandra agreed. She trusted the both of them.

Her trustworthiness proved to be her downfall. Now, Jordan had her slim body, and he was looking forward to every day of his stolen life. 

And there was nothing Travis could do.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

My little sister


It was Danica’s first time at Rick’s place in her older sister’s body. Kylie agreed to lend her body to Danica for educational purposes, but the younger sister had other plans in mind. After they switched bodies at their local body swap clinic, Danica eagerly called up Rick.

After hanging out with him all afternoon, they were finally at his apartment sipping wine and watching Netflix when he finally started coming onto her.

She’d been flirting with him all afternoon, and now that they were finally behind closed doors, he was finally comfortable enough to reciprocate her advances.

It all felt so naughty, but Danica desperately wanted to know what it was like to have a guy like Rick inside of her. She and her own boyfriend were first year college students, and neither of them had very much experience.

And when Danica got a taste of what it was like to be treated like a queen, she understood why her sister was dating him. He knew every inch of her body, and he was more than willing to keep going when Danica asked if she could stay the weekend.

Unfortunately, Kylie got a horrible surprise on Monday when she learned that her little sister had gotten her pregnant.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 9

Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Enjoy four published short stories in the ninth body theft erotica bundle compiled by Jimmy Zappa. This is a compilation containing female to female and male to female body swaps and possessions with dark twists and turns in every story. There are themes of magic, age regression, age progression, and gender swapping. The stories in this bundle contain sexual subject matter not suitable for younger audiences.

A Feminized Agent (M2F & F2F Body Possession)

Edward is a sexist agent who belittles women, but a female empowerment event forces him to use the body of a beautiful woman to do his work. Using technology, he becomes what he hates the most in order to steal corporate information at an IT firm. He struggles to adapt to his feminine habits, and the longer the mission goes on, the more he feels his mind warping. He begins to enjoy the dresses, makeup, and boy talk with the other girls. Slowly but surely, Edward begins to lose his masculine side, and he fearfully realizes that he's having a little too much fun when a married man falls in love with him.

Fountain of Youth (F2F Body Swap)

The Northern Springs Resort has been a popular tourist attraction for years, and Polina has cleaned its halls and rooms for decades. Equipped with healing and invigorating hot springs, they've attracted all sorts of people. Caitlin and her boyfriend, two competitive college tennis players, get the chance of a lifetime when they're given restricted pass access to their own private section of the resort. Unfortunately for little old Polina, Caitlin bullies and threatens her throughout her visit. The cleaning lady glumly watches them enjoying the many amenities and a private hot spring together during their stay. Day by day, Caitlin's body loosens and relaxes, and so too does her soul. Eventually, a middle-aged chef sets her sights on the young woman's body as her new vessel, and the only person who can save Caitlin is the cleaning lady who she hates so much.

Inside My Head (F2F Body Swap)

Doctor Tran is an ex-surgeon that helps socially anxious people through his Life Simulator technology. By placing patients inside of a virtual world where nobody judges them, he sees record numbers of successful treatments throughout his career. So, when Kyra gets referred to him for treatment, she's more than excited once she actually explores the simulated tropical paradise. The longer she stays, the happier she becomes. But, not everything is as it seems. Slowly but surely, her ownership over her body withers away. To make things worse, a transgender wife is extremely interested in getting Kyra's young body for herself. She wants an upgrade, and Doctor Tran is more than happy to make the transfer permanent once certain conditions are met.

Make Her Naughty (F2F Body Possession)

Annie is a young witch learning magic from her neighbor, and she has become hell bent on revenge. She sets her sights on ruining her coworker's life with her newfound abilities. Urged by her loving boyfriend and magic teacher, she takes possession of the troublesome supervisor and irreparably ruins her life for good. But she realizes that the more she uses magic for evil, the more taxing it is on her body. Her soul slowly darkens with every spell, and that's exactly what her weakening teacher wants. Carlene is an aging witch whose body is falling apart, and a corrupted soul is the perfect gateway into her new body.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

My best friend's girl


Lee opened the balcony window to another beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. He peered out and grinned to himself as the afternoon sunlight fell upon him.

Harry was still fast asleep. After a night together, Lee was still feeling really sore. It was his first time as a girl, and he was loving every moment of it. Harry’s girlfriend, Vanya, was taking up all of his free time.

Every inch of his body felt so real as he walked around with his playful, swaying hips. After using a possession spell to take over his best friend’s body, he lost himself in his feminine lust. He wasn’t going to sleep with him until he started flirting with him.

Lee immediately fell for it. And now that he was starting his second day as a girl, he was wondering if he should even try going back.

“It sucks that this spell’s only temporary,” he whispered to himself sadly until he smirked. “But the spell book didn’t mention a limit to how many times I can do this.”

He decided that this was going to be a regular thing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

My auntie's stone

A week had passed since Auntie Darlene stole Chrissy’s body. She was originally staying over for the aunt’s funeral, and Chrissy had been staying in Darlene’s room for the entire stay. What the young girl didn’t know was that her aunt wasn’t actually dead. The 55-year-old woman’s ghost was still lingering, and with her niece sleeping next to her cursed stone, the older woman stole Chrissy’s body without much effort.

Of course, Chrissy knew exactly what was going on. She desperately tried to fight for control, especially when she realized that the ugly looking stone on Darlene’s dresser was actually the cause of the transfer. Every few minutes, the young woman would be able to overpower the body thief. She could move her arms and legs momentarily, but whenever she’d get too close to the stone, Auntie Darlene would regain control.

Unfortunately, the more Chrissy did this, the stronger the spell became. By the time a week had past, Darlene had permanent control, and all Chrissy could do was watch her aunt run away with her life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

My successful experiment


It took about two weeks, but Mitchell Tsai was pretty happy with how things turned out. He had been taking gender swapping pills five times a day while he documented the side effects for his company.

Regulations made it difficult to get test subjects, so he decided to experiment on himself. By the third day, his cock had transformed into a vagina. He poked it a few times and realized that the sensations were completely different - there was a strange warmth and tingle that made him curiously play with himself.

His body shifted and morphed at the end of the first week, and he noticed that his skin felt smoother. He continued to play with his new inner folds until he accidentally triggered his first female orgasm.

By the middle of the second week, his hips had widened, and his chest grew small but firm breasts. With his notebook full of notes, he decided that it was time to stop, only to learn that abstinence was turning him back.

But when he finally accepted his womanhood, he decided that he didn’t mind. He’d continue to document his transition into a biological female. There were tons of people who could benefit from this simple transition, and with his experiment a landslide success, he had a funny feeling that he was going to get a lot more praise now that he was a girl.

Monday, June 6, 2022

My Coworker's Girlfriend: Body Theft (FtF Body Possession)


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

A caregiver has a massive crush on her coworker. Thomas is a butler who works for an elderly woman on the outskirts of town, and Nedra fantasizes about him constantly while she works. The problem is that he's dating Jasmine, a gorgeous model who lives with him, so he's off limits. Nedra accepts this until she discovers a body possession spell. With magic at her disposal, she decides to become Jasmine. She wants to see and feel what being his girlfriend is really like.

My Coworker's Girlfriend s an erotic short story with a length of 12,000+ words. It has themes of body swap, body possession (female to female), age regression, dark magic, and cheating. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

My hot teacher


Angie couldn’t believe her luck when she watched her teacher undress. Every inch of his body looked ripped as he approached her. Mr. Craig’s hands grabbed the curves of her borrowed waist as he planted kisses against her cheek and neck. Angie moaned quietly to herself while he trapped her beneath his body.

She only had an hour left before her body possession potion wore off. After sneaking a few drops into Mrs. Craig’s body, she didn’t waste any time in activating the spell. Her soul became a cloud of smoke rushing out of her mouth and sliding into every pore of Mrs. Craig. Now, she had blonde, soft hair and unbelievably smooth legs. This girl was high maintenance, and Angie found herself feeling a little curious about exploring the girl’s body. Everybody at school knew that Mr. Craig had married an unbelievably young girl after his wife passed away.

Angie loved the thought of pretending to be her for a day. What she wasn’t expecting was the way her body repeatedly betrayed her. Every word her teacher said made her legs go weak. Angie always had a crush on Mr. Craig, but she didn’t think of him sexually like this until she borrowed Mrs. Craig’s body. As the teacher disappeared between her stolen legs, Angie let out a surprised moan as sparks of hot fire ran along her body. She decided that she was going to enjoy her last hour as much as she could. I’ll have time to do this again, she thought naughtily.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Are you serious?

Lewis couldn’t stop looking back at his girlfriend with a disappointed look. She recited the spell over and over again, but nothing was happening. She flipped through the spell book and searched for a reversal spell with no luck.

After the two swapped bodies “temporarily,” they didn’t waste any time in exploring themselves. The erotic sensations Lewis felt as a girl were really strange to him. He couldn’t control himself when he really got into it.

And when Anne showed him how to really play with himself, she finally pushed Lewis over the edge. He wanted more, and his girlfriend was more than excited to try her new penis out.

They decided that they were definitely going to try this out again, but it didn’t take long for them to find out that sex had made the swap permanent. 

Friday, June 3, 2022

Transforming my boyfriend

“Come over here,” Carson rushed across the balcony to watch the sun set. They sat on a blanket naked together while they gazed out into the horizon. “Show me what I need to do.”

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this,” Eva said with her cheeks reddening. “You’re going to be really loud. You seemed so hesitant about trying this out.”

He wasn’t sure why his attitude had changed. He hated the thought of being the test subject, especially when his girlfriend sounded so unsure about everything. After getting comfortable in his new skin, weird things started happening. Carson felt so elegant in the blue dress. It fit perfectly around his tight little body. Eva was so excited about all of this that she forced him to try on her entire wardrobe.

After taking a transformation potion to become a woman temporarily for a science experiment at school, the couple were enthusiastic about the possibilities. They wrote down everything. Carson talked about his emotions and how he physically felt. Having breasts felt weird to him. Carston wasn’t expecting to feel the way he did. Initially, he was bummed out that his breasts weren’t massive. He expected wider hips too. But the longer he stayed like this, the more he loved his slimmer look.

Carson’s first day as a woman wasn’t actually that bad, especially when Eva taught him how to really please himself properly.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

My girlfriend's body

Bryce happily squeezed his girlfriend’s breasts while he enjoyed the summer sun with her. He and Jane had voluntarily swapped bodies for a week with the help of their local body swap clinic.

At first, Bryce wasn’t sure how to feel. His girlfriend was on her period at the time, so he had to deal with pads. But after the bleeding stopped, things got a lot better.

He explored his temporary body with his girlfriend’s help. They went as far as having sex, and that was a real eye opener. Jane couldn’t last more than thirty seconds for their first time. But after they had a few extra days of practice, they really settled into their new bodies quickly.

Bryce picked out new tops and bathing suits for his girlfriend. Trying them on at the mall was another fun experience for him. He felt like there were a lot more clothing options for girls - he never cared about what he wore until he had a chance to be inside of Jane.

Now that today was their last day, Bryce knew that they were going to have to do this again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

My nervous niece - Part 1

Part 2

“Sorry sweetie, maybe in a few days,” Auntie Barbara told her niece while they picked out their lunch. “It takes a few days before we can safely switch back. We’ll swap the moment I think it’s safe, okay?”

“I thought it was only going to be for the one day, though...”

Barbara nodded her head. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I promise it’ll work out.”

Of course, that was all just a lie. The longer they stayed swapped, the harder it would be to switch back. After experiencing her niece’s young body, Barbara had no plans on going back. Her flowing red hair, large breasts, and shapely hips oozed with sexuality that Barbara hadn’t felt in so many years. Men watched her every magical move, and her smile was just so perfect.

Rianna had asked her political activist aunt to swap bodies with her for a day to get through her last public speaking class. It was a major group presentation, and Rianna still wasn’t confident enough to tackle it. She’d presented at least 20 times in front of people, and she unfortunately wasn’t getting better.

Barbara had the best solution. With her husband’s magic, she convinced Terry to switch their bodies. A body swap requires consent, so after asking Rianna if she was absolutely sure, the young woman sealed her fate.

And after having sex with Terry through her niece’s body, she knew that he wasn’t going to help Rianna get her body back.