Monday, August 8, 2022

My Boss' Assistant

Jordan’s heart was racing when his eyes opened up. All he had to do was ruin his boss’ assistant‘s reputation to get her fired. The bitch had given him enough attitude, and he needed to teach her a lesson. The last thing he was looking at was his girlfriend, Becka, as she toyed with her newest invention. A bright, blinding light made him shut his eyes until he found himself in his office manager’s office. 

“We’ve got the entire office to ourselves,” a familiar, deep voice said across the room. Jordan felt dizzy, but he eventually realized that he was in Tristana’s body, but he wasn’t expecting to be in such an awkward situation. Biting his lower lip involuntarily, he watched as his boss smiled at him. It was a weird feeling, especially since he hated his boss, but Jordan couldn’t help but lean back into the table behind him. 

As Mr. Smith started to undress right in front of him, Jordan couldn’t believe what was happening until his body started moving on its own. “Wait, I’m not in control,” he realized as Tristana giggled naughtily. “Hello? Can you hear me?” He tried to move, but it was like his mind was just a passenger.

But as Tristana and Mr. Smith began to make love right on his desk, Jordan couldn’t fight the urge to resist the pleasure radiating through Tristana’s body. Her moans became his own as he felt his mind slowly taking full control. He suddenly found himself making every move, but he didn’t pull away or stop having sex with his boss. Jordan pushed Mr. Smith onto the desk and rode him, his inner folds squeezing the man until they both reached the edge of no return. Jordan could feel his boss attempting to lift him off, but the body possessor held himself down until he milked Mr. Smith dry.

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