Friday, September 30, 2022

A lucky malfunction

Sarah placed her hands on her hips and stared at the way her dress hugged her body. She loved how perfectly it fit as she stared at herself from the sides. Her old body had been chubbier and shorter. She was much taller now. Her breasts felt nice and firm, and the fabric highlighted the curves of her bum. Everything about her body felt perfect as she ran her fingers through Madison’s soft brown hair. Her lips curled into a smile when she heard the defeat in Madison's voice. Days of constant screaming had left the poor girl tired. She constantly fought for control, but Sarah was stronger. "Can we go now?"

"I don't think so," Sarah said. "Your dad's credit card basically has no limit. And I have a lot of clothes I'd love to try on my new body."

Everything about her stolen life felt so wonderful. After her mind became forever trapped on the body swap clinic's server, Sarah's parents apparently sued the doctors for an undisclosed amount. They never tried to retrieve her soul or mind either. Instead, for nearly five years, they lived in luxury after the loss of their daughter. Sarah only learned about it after the clinic messed up again. This time, rather than trap Madison inside of their system, they let her share Madison's body. She was another girl who decided to temporarily swap bodies with her boyfriend to see what it was like to be a guy. Nobody expected Sarah to be floating around in limbo, and nobody had any idea that she was now inhabiting Madison.

After gaining control over Madison's body, Sarah didn't waste any time in exploring her new life. Madison had insanely rich parents, and for the first time in years, Sarah had a chance to really indulge. "You know, your mind would've been stuck in the server with me if I wasn't in there already," Sarah cooed while she ran her fingers along her legs. "In a lot of ways, I helped you out. It sucks that you're stuck as a passenger, but it's better for you than me." She gave the air a quick smooch and grinned into the mirror. "The best part about all of this? They'll never know you're in here with me. Not even that boy toy of yours." The sound of something vibrating from her purse echoed beside her. "Oh! Look at that. Triston's calling me." She brought the phone up to her ear while she grinned into the mirror. "Hi, babe - yup, this is Madison..."

Thursday, September 29, 2022

A night as my boyfriend

Panting and covered in sweat, Alyssa collapsed beside her female body with a satisfied look on her face. Her first male orgasm made her feel drained. She could hear her boyfriend moaning in her body. Just watching him shiver put a smile on her face. "See? That's how you do it. You just have to keep pounding into me when I'm like that." Her boyfriend could barely formulate words. After switching bodies at their local clinic, they experienced what it was like to be as the opposite sex. It was such a weird feeling as they cuddled in bed. Alyssa was so much bigger than Ed. They were both exhausted from their night of love making, so they just enjoyed each other's company and were close to falling asleep in each other's arms when she felt her naked body moving beneath the sheets.

Ed was moaning, and Alyssa realized that he was playing with himself. "I can't believe I can keep going," he whispered. Alyssa smiled and pretended to sleep, her large, muscular arm tightening around her old body's waist while her cock hardened. "Oh, are you awake? Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I just ... I can't..."

"You're horny," Alyssa finished for him. She lightly kissed his cheek. "I think I can go again anyway. Can I finish inside of you this time?"

Her boyfriend turned over, his hand still circling his throbbing clit. His eyes were wide with excitement. "It's your body - you can do whatever you want to it." Alyssa rolled on top of him so he couldn't escape. Planting a kiss against his lips, the couple got ready for another go. Unfortunately, they were in for a terrible surprise. The body swap clinic explicitly stated in their service contract that pregnancies would delay any swap until a birth or termination occurred. This was due to the possibility of being swapped into the fetus. But when Alyssa realized that her boyfriend didn't seem bothered by that, she decided that 9 months of being a guy might actually be kind of fun.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ugly no more

Angelina was a scrawny, flat-chested girl who was always too shy to show off her body. But after months of practicing with her magic tutor, she could use magic to change her appearance. It was such a scary thought at first, especially since it was a long incantation. But she decided to use it to make herself into her ideal woman. She visualized a curvy, beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and a pretty smile. 

She whispered the incantation and immediately felt a gust of wind blowing through her bedroom. Her clothes began to feel tighter and her chest started to swell. She looked down and saw that her body was changing and stretching. She was becoming the woman she had always wanted to be, but the sensations made her want to scream. She had curves in all the right places as a burning pain surged through her body. Her clothes were now fitting her snugly by the time the pain ended, and she realized that she was a foot taller than before.

She immediately went to the bathroom mirror and gasped at what she was looking at. Her soft fingers ran along her silky blonde hair before gently squeezing her new breasts. "I'm actually what I wanted to be," she said with a seemingly sexier voice. A naughty smile curled over her lips. She suddenly had the urge to put on something revealing and go out to the bar, so she went through her closet for her most revealing clothes. Most of her old clothes could barely fit her - she'd gotten lucky with the clothes she was wearing now. Angelina eventually found a tube top and some short shorts before stepping into some comfortable flip flops.

"Let's see if this actually works," she said as she left her home. She wanted to see how many men would hit on her now that she was finally beautiful. She had to hurry, though. She only had an hour before the spell would wear off. "With this body, I have a funny feeling that's not going to be too hard..."

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

My sweet revenge

Katie happily looked at herself in the shower’s reflection as she ran her fingers through her classmate’s soft hair. After using her dead teacher’s spell book to possess her body, she didn’t waste any time with enacting her revenge plot. She seemed so smug as she listened to Gloria’s screams echoing in her mind. “Oh, stop it. I told you that I wasn’t going to keep things this way, but you’re making that awfully hard.”

“You can’t be doing this right now - I trusted you!”

“I trusted you too.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done. But this is seriously such a bitch move! You know that, right?”

The possessor simply shrugged and leaned closer to the mirror. There was pure spite in her voice now. “I’m going to ruin everything for you by the time I leave your body. Wanna know what else was a bitch move? Stealing my boyfriend was such a bitch move. And now you’re going to pay.”

“Okay, fine, what are you going to do?”

“Sit back and you’ll see,” Katie laughed before stepping away from the shower. “I know all about you and Travis too. You’re seeing three guys at once - can you imagine what everybody will think about you once I tell them all your dirty secrets?”

Gloria screamed with rage as Katie went about her day in her body. Unfortunately, there was a time limit on the possession. If a user possessed a body for too long, they’d be trapped in their body. This wouldn’t have been an issue if Gloria’s body was capable of using magic, but once Katie was trapped in her ordinary body, she was horrified to learn that she’d ruined the social life of the girl she was trapped in forever.

And the worst thing about it? Gloria was going to berate her for this in her head for the rest of her life.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Rewarding my best friend

Just watching his best friend admire himself in his new body made Brendan smile. Six months had passed since he saw his friend’s darkest days. Things were so difficult at the time for “Samuel,” and now everything seemed like the distant past. Life was completely different for the better now. “Samuel” was never confident in his own skin. Ever since they were kids, “Samuel” would come over in his sister’s dress with hair clips in his hair. He never expressed an interest in transitioning, and he always identified as a male. Brendan never judged him for it, but he definitely got bullied throughout high school.

But after taking advanced hormone therapy, “Samuel” progressively changed his body. He was still pretty depressed, and the process was painful to watch. In the first week, nothing seemed to change, and “Samuel” visibly started to lose hope. Brendan was going to call the doctors to call things off, but after his second and third week, his friend’s chest steadily grew breasts, and his bone structure was changing. By the end of the month, his behavior had completely changed, and his male genitals had completely transformed into a functioning vagina.

“Could you call me Sammy from now on?” Brendan’s friend asked while she looked over her shoulder. She caught Brendan’s eyes darting away, but her giggle made him look back at her. “It’s okay, I don’t mind you staring at me.” The new Sammy brought her fingers over her shapely bum and laughed. “I really don’t blame you. I can’t believe how different I feel now.”

“Are you happier?”

“I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Sammy said while she turned to look at him. “Hey, I was thinking. You’ve been by my side since the very beginning. Did you … want to help me explore things?” Brendan wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but as Sammy stepped forward with her suggestive smile, he realized that this was a blessing for him in disguise. The sheer sight of Sammy’s sexy figure made him close the door behind him to get a taste of what was in store for him.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

I want to be her - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Argyle sat alone at his favorite coffee shop staring down at his purse. The morning after pill’s box put a smirk on his face. His entire body was sore after spending an entire weekend with Victor and exploring his new female body. It was a pleasant soreness that made Argyle wonder if he should even take the pills. “We’ve always wanted kids,” he whispered. He felt indecisive, especially since their weekend of lust had felt so perfect. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he could see his boyfriend approaching when a weird tingle rushed down Argyle’s back. They made love without a break, and by the end of it, his boyfriend had filled him so much that he was afraid that he’d been knocked up by now.

He immediately remembered the way his boyfriend caressed his female body. His hot kisses and the way he fondled his damp inner folds made the sheer sight of Victor drive him wild. Argyle fidgeted in his chair and adjusted his hat as heat steadily moved up crotch and chest. When Victor sat down with a quiet grunt, Argyle had to cross his smooth legs. The smell of his musky cologne filled the air, and Argyle found himself leaning forward to take a sniff. “You took a while,” Argyle said sweetly while Victor smiled. “Why’re you so late?

“I was looking into more of that old lady’s magic stuff,” he said excitedly. “We could make a lot more changes.” He pulled out a brochure seemingly from out of nowhere. “Just a few things we can try. What do you say?”

Argyle’s chest tingled, but it was a painful feeling. “You’re not happy with what I have?” He asked. Suddenly, his eyes widened. The painful feeling felt like fear when he saw Victor’s unphased gaze. He’d been against using magic to alter his sex, and he never actually cared about his appearance. “Victor … why? Why are you saying this?” Just before he could get his answer, the world began to glow a familiar bright red.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Skin Suit

 Martin was always curious about being the opposite sex. His wife, Lynda, made his curiosity become a necessity in the bedroom. Thankfully, his wife never judged him for how he felt in his body. She happily let him wear her clothes. A lot of the time, Martin would walk around the house in her high heels and tight dresses while Lynda watched from the couch. It was always an exciting feeling for him. He considered fully transitioning when his wife had a better idea.

On the morning of his birthday, she came home with a box. It was a present labeled for him. He opened it in front of her and didn’t know what to say when he saw the skin-like fabric. “I got you a skin suit,” she said. “It’s got breasts and curves and everything. Try it on.”

“It feels real,” he said while he caressed the skin. He completely unfolded the skin suit and saw that it was a bald female body suit. He slid it over him and immediately realized that this wasn’t some ordinary skin suit. The skin latched onto him and felt hot to the touch. He let out a loud moan as he collapsed to the ground. Every inch of his body pulsated with a strange, horny sensation that he’d never felt before. When he looked down, he could see his cock’s bump poking through the fabric before shrinking into his body. His blonde hair grew down beyond his shoulders as his deep moan became feminine. He was panting, but when he got back up, his wife brought a mirror over. His body had completely transformed into an unbelievably attractive woman. Lynda kissed his lips. “Happy birthday, honey. Your dress is in the kitchen too. It feels real, huh?”

His hands ran along the curves of his fully erect nipples. His breasts felt exactly like Lynda’s, and the area between his legs was actually leaking. He curiously reached down and poked himself, and he immediately shuddered with delight. He couldn’t wait to test his new body out.

Friday, September 23, 2022

I'd do anything for you - Part 2

Sitting in a fancy restaurant for the first time in ages felt so wonderful to Laura. It felt like an eternity before Clarice had said those magic words nearly two hours ago, but once she’d uttered, “I’d do anything,” the girl sealed her fate. The dying woman immediately felt the warmth of acceptance radiating from the young woman’s body. It was the same signal that her witch friend had told her about. Once she could feel it, constant contact would result in two souls switching bodies.

And when Laura felt the pain of her old body completely vanishing, she couldn’t help but let out an excited laugh. She looked down at her young body and swayed her hips. She felt a huge burst of energy. The aches in her joints were gone, and she could actually see. Laura couldn’t help but smile as Clarice tried to sit up in her bed. “Don’t move too quickly, ‘Laura,’ you might pop a joint.”

“B-But … w-what? I don’t … I sound … why does everything hurt?” The poor woman asked.

“You’re in my body now,” Laura answered. “After you agreed to do anything for me, the magic took root and swapped our bodies. Body swapping only works when there’s a willingness to help. Once you felt charitable, it opened up your soul long enough for me to go inside. I’m honestly glad that you came when you did. I was worried that I wouldn’t have a willing vessel in time. Good people like you are harder to come by these days.”

“Does that … mean I’m stuck as you now? L-Laura, wait, this isn’t … w-what I meant.”

Laura reached out and took her husband’s hand. She eagerly pulled him away. “Sorry, honey, but there’s no way I’m going back in that body. Not after being locked away for nearly half a year. Now that I can finally see and feel things, Roger and I are going to go out and have dinner. It was our anniversary a week ago, after all. It’s about time we celebrated, right?” Her husband smiled and hurried after her while Clarice called after her. “Goodbye, Laura! I’ll be back later!” Laura teased. Just thinking about it made the body thief smile at her husband in her new body.

Her second life was going to be wonderful.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

I'd do anything for you - Part 1

Part 2

Clarice always loved her next-door neighbor. Laura had always looked out for her family. Ever since she’d moved to the suburbs, Clarice always felt so awkward, especially right out of high school. But Laura always made her feel welcome whenever she’d visit. Even after Clarice went to college, she kept in touch with her neighbor during her most difficult times.

Laura always provided the best advice. Sadly, because her physical health was deteriorating, she was becoming less and less active. She was only in her fifties, which made it even harder for Clarice to stomach. The calls became shorter, until one day, Clarice stopped getting phone calls. She was worried, and since it was the end of exams, she decided to fly back home just to make sure everything was okay.

What she found made her cry. She stood at Laura’s bedside after her husband let her in. Laura had become a skeleton of what she used to be, but her beautiful blue eyes still had life despite being blind. She smiled and rubbed Clarice’s hand as the young girl sobbed. “This is just life,” Laura assured her. “You really shouldn’t have to worry. I had a good life.”

That made Clarice cry even more. “I just wish there was more than I could do. I’d do anything. Seriously, you’ve been there for me. This isn’t fair.”

A strange, ominous smile stretched over Laura’s shriveled lips. A warmth spread through Clarice, and before she could pull away, she felt something fizzing in her chest. Laura opened her mouth, and a pink gas emerged and circled in the air. Clarice’s mouth opened too, and before she knew it, a red gas shot out of her mouth. The last thing she could hear was her young voice laughing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I want to be her - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The world darkened, and Argyle found himself falling through a black void. His cries echoed all around him while a surge of pain forced his body to curl into a ball. “Victor!” He cried when he felt his skin stretched and split. Argyle’s body felt like it was on fire as he twisted and turned. The sound of boiling water flooded his ears while his deep cries became higher pitched. Suddenly, the darkness faded away when a crack shot through the blackness, and he found himself in his bed covered in a layer of sweat.

“You’re finally awake,” Victor said as he rushed to the side of the bed. He kissed the side of his cheek. “It’s okay, you’re okay. I brought you home. I was scared that you weren’t going to wake up from the procedure.” Argyle was panting while he sat up. His white blanket fell to his side, and when he looked down, he let out a surprised gasp.

His chest had perfectly rounded breasts with dark, hardening nipples. His waist looked wider, and when he completely pulled the blanket off of him, he could see long, soft legs. His entire body was different, and as he ran his fingers along his skin, a wicked smile stretched across his lips. “I’m actually her,” he said while running his hands through his long, brown hair. He breathed in deeply. “Did you put perfume on me while I was asleep?” He couldn’t believe that his body had transformed into a copy of the girl in the picture.

Her boyfriend shook his head and rested his hand on his leg. “Nope, but I’m amazed how close you resemble her.” A foreign wave of pleasure shot through him, and he caught himself biting his lower lip. He looked down at the area between his legs and saw that his dick was gone. In its place were moist folds and a clit that throbbed with a sensual sensation that worsened when Victor stroked his leg. “Do you want to test it out?” Victor asked in his deep, smooth voice. Argyle turned over and pushed his boyfriend onto his back and planted a long, deep kiss against his lips. Tonight was going to be an incredible night of exploration for Argyle.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

FtF Erotica 2: Four Body Swap and Possession Short Stories


Available on: Amazon & Smashwords

Enjoy 4 previously released female to female body possession and body swap short stories (F2F / FTF). Dark and twisted themes are in this strictly female to female oriented bundle. Themes of age regression, age progression, body theft, and other dark topics are scattered throughout this bundle.

Story 1: Tribal Masks

Rachel Lee is a young and attractive college student with a broken heart and crippling self-esteem issues. An old teacher with a dark past plans on permanently swapping bodies with her. With assistance from a young man lusting for them both, the old woman prepares the girl in secrecy as her next vessel. A combination of an ancient ritual, deceit, and demonic artifacts provide the parties with the tools and the means to conduct the swap. Can Rachel break free and stop the old woman from completely succeeding, or will the old woman successfully steal her body forever?

Story 2: Sexily Young Again

Elinor is a caregiver that takes care of Michelle with her daily needs. When a salesman sells the elderly Michelle a soul relaxant potion and a ruby that can help her possess a new body to extend her life, Elinor gets asked to help execute the transfer. She accepts the deal for cash to be paid afterwards. Unfortunately, the old woman's sweet granddaughter, Angel, is the target, and the caregiver hesitates with the mind transfer after seeing how good of a person she is with her stud of a boyfriend. Elinor begins having second thoughts on the transfer and tries to sabotage the body theft. But when the salesman suddenly appears on the night before the soul transfer, she fearfully struggles against the dark magic consuming their lives.

Story 3: Fountain of Youth

The Northern Springs Resort has been a popular tourist attraction for years, and Polina has cleaned its halls and rooms for decades. Equipped with healing and invigorating hot springs, they've attracted all sorts of people. Caitlin and her boyfriend, two competitive college tennis players, get the chance of a lifetime when they're given restricted pass access to their own private section of the resort. Unfortunately for little old Polina, Caitlin bullies and threatens her throughout her visit. The cleaning lady glumly watches them enjoying the many amenities and a private hot spring together during their stay. Day by day, Caitlin's body loosens and relaxes, and so too does her soul. Eventually, a middle-aged chef sets her sights on the young woman's body as her new vessel, and the only person who can save Caitlin is the cleaning lady who she hates so much.

Story 4: My Slut Wife

Kate's wealthy husband is cheating on her, and so her marriage is falling apart. To make things worse, she has started sleeping with a coworker to get back at him. Her best friend forces her to take on marriage counselling, and so she begins seeing an old woman named Audrey for advice. Unfortunately for Kate, her counselor wants to do more than save her marriage. Audrey is heavily in debt, and she is literally dying for another shot at life. Kate's beautiful body and wealthy lifestyle leave the old woman jealous and desperate as a witch offers her services to get what she wants.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Helping my girlfriend

Stanley was a scientist who had been working on his potion for weeks. He was determined to adjust his coworker's body transformation formula to make his girlfriend, Sheila, more beautiful. He already knew that the transformation potion would work, but in order to target certain parts of Sheila's appearance, he needed to adjust the ingredients properly. She was an average girl who had self-esteem issues, and while Stanley was happy with how she looked, she was constantly talking about how she wanted to get plastic surgery. His big fear was seeing her become obsessed with surgery, almost to the point where she'd become irreversibly ruined. So, he made a potion that would help ease her personal defects. She hated her flat chest and overly narrow nose. She hated how chubby her tummy and legs were. But most of all, she hated how her smile looked.

It took ages, but he finally found the right combination of ingredients and mixed them together. He couldn't wait to see the look on Sheila's face when she saw her new, transformed body. He met Sheila later that day and handed her the potion. She hesitated for a moment, but then downed it. Almost immediately, her body began to change. Her tummy shrank while the rest of her body fat dissolved into nothingness. Her breasts grew larger and her skin became smoother. 

Her hair became a dark, luxurious brown. She was absolutely stunning. Sheila was amazed at the transformation. She couldn't believe how different she looked. She felt more confident and beautiful than ever before. Stanley was happy that he could make her so happy. They spent the rest of the day celebrating her new look by going out to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, Sheila ended up getting hit on by a guy cuter and funnier than Stanley, and he was sad to find his girlfriend leaving the bar with another man.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The girl across the hall


"That’s all you need to make it permanent?" Alexander asked.

"It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?" Zoey said. "I’ll let you do anything to me if you help me keep it." Her voice became a suggestive whisper. "Anything." Alexander stared with a lost look in his eye, but when Zoey spread her young legs apart, she watched with glee as the girl’s roommate got down onto his hands and knees. "And then I’ll let you do more than just eat me out. But that’s all I need first. Once I orgasm in this body, my soul will permanently fuse with hers. And I’ll remain the dominant one in control."

Zoey moaned while the roommate’s tongue explored her new body. "God, yes," she moaned. "That feels so fucking good!" She couldn’t help but feel a sense of triumph when she looked back at what was going on. Zoey was an elderly witch living across from Alexander and his cute roommate, Jessica. The two weren’t anything special together, but there was always a sense of sexual tension radiating from Alexander.

So, when Zoey started falling behind on rent payments because her pension was too meager, she decided to transfer her soul into Jessica’s young body. The young woman wasn’t exactly rich, but she had a body healthy enough to work and make an income. Once inside her young body, Zoey had a funny feeling that she could easily get the male roommate to help her make the possession permanent. The only way to make her possession permanent was through making love. 

With Jessica’s fit body, Alexander was more than easy to seduce. And as her memories flooded her mind, she could feel her soul taking over Jessica's as the orgasmic pressure inside her started to make her body shiver violently.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Stealing her boyfriend's body

Brendan felt incredible in the escort’s body while he squirmed in the bed. Waves of pleasure made his toes curl while he let the sensations overtake him. After agreeing to have a threesome for Jade’s birthday, he and his girlfriend picked out an online escort named Nadiya. Jade seemed extremely eager about this, but Brendan was personally a little into this. He was more excited about this, especially since the sex was getting a little stale between the two of them. 

A night with Nadiya had been incredible. It’d been months since Brendan heard Jade moan the way she did, and by the time they were all done, they cuddled together and fell asleep. But by the time Brendan opened his eyes, he found himself alone in bed. He got up and looked down, and to his shock, he was in Nadiya’s busty body. He reached down and groped himself out of curiosity before prodding his dainty nub between his legs. He explored his female body until a sudden fear hit him. “Wow, that feels … really good. Jade, are you here?”

He looked around the hotel room and realized that their bags were gone. All he could find was a note on the dining room table that read, “Sorry, enjoy yourself while the transformation potion’s still active. Thanks for the trust fund!” 

Brendan was confused, so he made his way to the bathroom only to collapse over the sink. A fizzing pain surged through him, and when he looked into Nadiya’s pretty face, he let out a horrified scream. His body shifted and morphed. His feminine voice became deep as his breasts shrank and his waist cracked. His perfect skin became dry and hairy, and his golden hair fell to his feet. His body had transformed into a bald, overweight man. Brendan didn’t realize it, but Jade and Nadiya had been working on gaining his trust for nearly half a year. They wanted his body so Nadiya, or whoever Brendan was now, could restart his life.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Magically feminized

Everything about his new body felt incredible while the nameless man kissed the side of Kale’s neck. He moaned while they moved across the room. Looking back, Kale didn’t think he’d get this far with a complete stranger. For years, he’d struggled to land a date. Most men weren’t interested in a feminine guy. After struggling to find a partner, he decided to transition. But he didn’t go down the traditional path. Rather than go through physical surgery, he opted for a less traditional approach.

He went to a sex therapist who was rumored to know magic. When Kale met Richard, he didn’t expect much, but the more they talked, the scarier things became. Kale could hear whispers and dark voices echoing in his mind the longer he spoke to Richard. But the fear didn’t force him away – he kept pushing onward until he finally asked Richard if he could use magic to turn him into a woman.

And for a meagre $5,000, Richard placed a curse on Kale. It took nearly a week for the magic to take its hold over his physical body, but every inch of his body began to change. His chest grew larger, and his nipples became wider and more pronounced. His hips widened, and his skin became noticeably smoother. His brown hair grew longer and softer too. The longer he stayed at home, the more his body changed, until finally his male genitals transformed into quivering, feminine lips.

He spent the next few days trying on all sorts of clothes and makeup. Everything looked perfect on his new body. And as the stranger began to undress him at the center of his bed, his lust began to overtake him as he became eager to sexually test his new body.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

An evil scientist

Once Shana tried to possess Brad’s new girlfriend with her stolen mind controlling tiara, she quickly began formulating a plan to ruin her life. Victoria was an unbelievably bitchy girl, and Shana hated her guts. The fact that Brad was dating her now made her thirstier for revenge. Shana was at her software engineer father’s work when she swiped a mind control prototype from one of the back rooms. She planned on putting it right back after getting her revenge, but she wouldn’t do so until she was successful.

After what felt like hours of sitting in her living room, Shana found herself looking through Victoria’s eyes without any control. She tried to move, but Victoria was doing things on her own. She sipped from her cup of coffee and watched television while Shana tried to control her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. “Why can’t I do anything?” She thought while he took the mind control tiara off her body. She found herself back in her own body, but something was wrong. Her body stood up on its own. Her body walked up to the nearest mirror and observed itself from the side.

“Wow, so you’re the one who stole my tiara. I was worried it was one of the other boys – thank god it was a pretty girl like yourself. I much prefer being in another female body.” Her body leaned forward and smirked evilly while her fingers played with her soft hair. “It feels so nice to be a young girl again. I don’t think I was ever as attractive as you at the same age. But I guess every girl’s young and pretty when you’re a 62-year-old woman. Thank you for giving the prototype a test run. We needed a willing body to serve as a vessel for future experiments.”

To Shana’s horror, her body was being controlled by one of the scientists, who made it clear that Shana would probably be her next body for life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Stuck this way

"What do you mean this isn't reversible?" Blake asked while he looked at his doctor fearfully. "I thought I could reverse this after trying it out for a day."

"Well, it's not completely reversible. You'll look different when you transition back into a male."

Blake couldn't believe what was going on. When he read the brochure, he was under the impression that he'd be his same old self if he decided that he didn't like being a woman. This was originally for a school video assignment for his college drama class, but now he was going to have to change a lot of things. Even if he turned back into a guy, his physical appearance would be different. That only meant updating his driver's license and making sure his identity matched his name. It seemed as if he would have to live with the results of his experiment for the rest of his life or play Russian roulette with his body to hopefully get closer to how he looked before. "And you said that the body randomizer is completely random, right?"

"Look," the doctor said, "I know this is a lot to take in. But you should go home and think about doing the procedure again. It's dangerous to randomize your body with our machines multiple times. This is normally a once in a lifetime thing. If you decide that you want to go through with the procedure again, we can do it tomorrow. Just sleep on it."

Blake wanted to argue with the doctor, but he knew he had no choice. He had to wait and figure out how he felt after all of this. But as he squirmed in his bed and felt the faint throbbing nub between his legs, he realized that it might be a lot more fun to stay as a girl. And once he felt the waves of pleasure surging through him, he definitely made his choice.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My pregnant husband

When Arthur agreed to take part in a Pain Transfer Program to feel the pain of Bessy's labor, he wasn't expecting to swap bodies with her a few days before her due date. All it took was an injection in both of their arms, and their minds immediately swapped. He struggled to get around with the baby bump on his belly, but when he finally got a chance to see Bessy relaxing in the living room, he was alright with the transfer. His wife wouldn't have agreed to bearing any children if it meant pain, so he signed an agreement over a year ago saying that he would be fine with this anyway. He'd be swapped back days after giving birth, and Bessy could be back in her tired body to rest and relax.

But when he started feeling the contractions, Arthur immediately regretted it. He thought he could soldier through the pain. Giving birth was the most painful thing he could have imagined, though. He immediately understood why his wife didn't want it. He felt like his insides were being split open while he screamed. Thankfully, Bessy was in the room with him to encourage him to keep pushing.

After what felt like hours, Arthur finally delivered the baby. He was exhausted, but he couldn't help but feel a wave of pride when he saw his child for the first time. It was all worth it in the end, and when he felt his first born child in his arms, he began to cry. He wasn't sure if it was because his wife was normally emotional or if the moment felt so perfect, but Arthur wouldn't have minded doing this a second time around.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

I want to be her - Part 1


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“You can bring a friend if you’d like,” the old witch’s voice echoed again in Argyle’s mind. “My body transformation services are safer than modern methods.” Argyle was afraid about the entire procedure after finding out about it online, especially since it involved something he wasn’t familiar with. He was also afraid of what his closest people might think. He was riddled with anxiety when he had a one on one conversation with his boyfriend, Victor. They’d been dating for nearly two years, but Argyle had never voiced his desire to be the opposite sex. All Victor knew was that he loved to crossdress during their most intimate moments.

Thankfully, Victor was open to it since he was bisexual, but he was genuinely worried about using magic to alter one’s sex. “Are you sure it’s even safe?” His boyfriend had asked on the morning of his transformation. “Even if it’s real, wouldn’t it be safer to have a doctor help you through this?” But there was no budging Argyle on this – he was going to go ahead with a magical transition, so Victor simply accepted it and offered to come with him to the procedure.

They arrived together at an old woman’s house on the edge of town with $10,000 in cash and a photo of the type of girl Argyle wanted to become. Vanessa was an old witch who had advertised her body transformation services online. She invited the two men in, Argyle and Victor entered her home and entered a room whose walls and floor were covered with chalk-drawn circles. Ominous whispers echoed from all four corners of the room as the old woman closed the door as her eyes fell upon Victor. “You can take a seat to the side here. We can start the procedure in a few minutes. When you feel ready, Argyle, come with me to the center of the room.” Argyle and Victor exchanged looks before the patient stepped closer to the old woman. She took his hands and whispered something, and a bright red glow filled the room.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Becoming his niece forever

Jon couldn’t believe how perfect his new body was. He was young, pain free, and free. Danica had been on her way to the store when the possession took hold. Now, he walked down the road without any assistance for the first time in ages. After getting dressed in Danica’s red dress, he sauntered around town and took the time to visit all the clothing stores he could. He’d always been curious about being the opposite sex, and for once in his entire life, he could live without being judged. 

After convincing his niece to wear the cursed pendant he bought from a door-to-door witch salesman, Jon used the accompanying spell book to latch his soul onto the wearer’s body. Danica’s soul would become consumed to make the possession permanent, but Jon was more than willing to sacrifice his attractive niece if it meant having a second chance at life.

And when Jon began to squeeze his new breasts in one of the changing rooms, he felt a rush of excitement and triumph. “Everything worked out in the end,” he said as waves of pleasure jolted through him. 

His sultry eyes looked into themselves while he stared at the changing room mirror. He accidentally let out a moan when he decided to test out the area between his legs, but when nobody came to knock at the door, he simply continued.

Suddenly, the phone in his purse began to vibrate. He hesitantly picked it up and immediately noticed that it was Roy, Danica’s boyfriend. A naughty smile crept over his lips as he began to call him. “Time to test out my new body.”

Monday, September 5, 2022

My professor's body

Darlene wasn’t very happy with how things were turning out in her college math class. She had been studying hard, but Mrs. Nay was the worst teacher she’d ever had. She looked young compared to other teachers, but the only good thing about her was her appearance. 

Mrs. Nay was an unbelievably beautiful Mexican, and Darlene found herself becoming jealous as the semester went on. But her infatuation became bitter when the older woman pointed out every single flaw in every single assignment, project, and presentation. Mrs. Nay humiliated Darlene whenever she could.

Josh, her boyfriend, suggested using his grandmother’s magical heirlooms to enact revenge. With two magical necklaces, Darlene could possess the body of any person she wanted as long as the other person was wearing the necklace. She anonymously gave Mrs. Nay the necklace at the end of the semester as a student-teacher gift. 

Darlene extensively planned on using the opportunity to ruin Mrs. Nay’s career as a teacher. It took about three days, but her teacher eventually tried the necklace on, and Darlene found herself in Mrs. Nay’s bedroom.

She looked down at herself in front of a mirror and couldn’t believe what she was staring at as she took her necklace off. A soft pink gown hugged her curved body, and when she undid her sash, Darlene felt a rush of heat crawling throughout her body. 

“I can’t wait to test her out with Josh,” she said with her teacher’s voice. She smiled devilishly into the mirror. She let the gown fall to her bare feet and explored herself. “Or maybe I’ll just keep her body…”

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Helping my best friend

Chantelle couldn’t believe her best friend’s boyfriend was constantly sleeping with other women. When Madonna had told Chantelle that he was being a complete dick, she was on his side until Madonna explained that Vinny was unsatisfied with the sex. She begged her to make things seem fresh to save the relationship, so Chantelle used a magical spell to possess her friend’s body. Madonna looked incredible with her fit body, but none of that mattered if she wasn’t flaunting it correctly. Chantelle’s best friend was too conservative when it came to relationships. 

But as Chantelle and Vinny made love, she knew that there was a change in the unfaithful boyfriend’s eyes. Now, they were about to leave to go out when Chantelle got a bright idea. “What’s gotten into you?” He asked in the hallways leading to their apartment. “You’re so horny. We literally just had sex. What if somebody catches us?” She could only smile at the way his face twisted when she went down on him and gurgled.

Chantelle was having just as much fun as Vinny was. In her old body, she was skinny and flat. With Madonna’s body, she was actually curvy with her natural breasts and symmetrical face. She loved how Madonna’s inner folds leaked with her lust when Vinny took handfuls of her long blonde hair. He gently tugged her mane while she worked his shaft.

“I don’t know, I just feel really turned on right now,” she said with faked innocence. It turned out that the only thing Madonna and Vinny needed was some risky excitement. When Chantelle moaned into his length and stared into his satisfied face, she had a feeling that she was going to use her friend’s body a lot more often.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Trapped by the dog

Thomas felt helpless as he stared up at his girlfriend’s body. “It’s not fun with the bark collar on, huh?” Kelci’s dog giggled as she looked over her shoulder. She playfully smirked at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll feed you eventually. But I’m going to have to lock you in your cage once your body comes home.”

Thomas hated this. Kelci’s dog, Shadow, was 17 years old, so he felt sore and tired. He knew he had to fix this before his girlfriend would come home. After Kelci and Thomas voluntarily swapped bodies using a body swapping remote prototype, they eagerly documented every little change in their personalities. They had headaches for the first day, but after the second and third day, they were able to relax and ease themselves into their new bodies. Kelci had to go to work in his body, so Thomas stayed behind and explored his female body. He explored every nook and cranny, and he found himself wanting to extend the swap.

He didn’t expect Shadow to have sinister plans in mind. When the golden retriever used the remote to switch bodies with Thomas, he was dumbfounded at the intelligence of the animal. “Being human’s amazing. I can’t wait for Kelci to switch back so I can have your male body.” Shadow easily dragged Thomas into his cage in the other room and locked the door. The ex-human struggled to break free, but when Kelci finally came home, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop her dog from stealing his life.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Punishing my sexist coworker


A month in his female body nearly made Alphonse go insane. He agreed to take temporary gender reassignment pills for an entire month after he made transphobic and misogynistic comments around his boss, Kevin. The two scientists regularly helped people interested in transitioning, so when Kevin learned that Alphonse only had his job for the money, he decided to teach the jerk a lesson.

But he didn’t think Alphonse would fall in love with being a woman. He expected him to struggle a lot more than he actually did. He watched the last bit of masculinity fade away when Alphonse started coming into work with dresses and skimpy outfits. Kevin didn’t realize it, but the reassignment pills were extremely effective. Alphonse’s breasts were larger, and his hips were wider a lot faster than expected. Eventually, Alphonse and Kevin began spending more time together on assignments. Once he was certain that Alphonse had finally learned his lesson, he finally offered to change him back. “Here are the reversal pills like I promised. I think you’ve learned your lesson.” 

Alphonse shook his head. “If it’s fine with you, I’d rather stay this way. I’ll only switch back if I take the reversal pills over a week, right? Let’s just keep things the way they are. I think I prefer being a girl.” He ran his fingers through his soft, blonde hair. “Don’t worry. I’m okay with all the extra paperwork. Call me Allison from now on.”

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Using his ex-girlfriend

At first, Rebecca was horrified by the fact that she was now in an unfamiliar girl’s body. After using magic to release her soul, she decided to use her newly attained powers to terrorize her ex-boyfriend. George had cheated on her with a bunch of other women, and now she was going to ruin his life. At least that’s what she thought. Instead, she accidentally possessed a young woman undressing in George’s apartment. 

The girl’s body jerked and fought against Rebecca’s magic, but she easily overpowered the random girl. She had no choice – it would be hours before she would be able to return to her original body, so she had to make do with what she had. But she had no idea who this was as she took full control. She looked across the room at the mirror by the dresser to take a closer look. Slowly but surely, she realized who it was. “This fucking bitch,” she whispered after realizing it was Kayleigh.

The girl’s blue eyes looked back into her as she laughed. “Oh, this is too good. I’m going to ruin this bitch’s life.” She was slim and smelled so good. She ran her fingers through her long, silky hair and laughed at the possibilities. “Oh this going to be FUN!”

Suddenly, the door behind her opened. Standing at the doorway was a tall, naked man. Rebecca didn’t notice him at first, but when she took a closer look, she recognized his light green eyes. It was George, except he’d shaved his head completely bald. “You still have your clothes on. Do you honestly need my help for everything?” 

Rebecca didn’t hesitate when he got closer. Instead, her borrowed body became alive with horny desire. She was in the body of her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, and she was about to make love to a man who’d abandoned her. He slowly removed his towel and began to help her undress, and the sight of his long cock made Rebecca realize just how much she missed him. “Oh George,” she moaned as his lips explored her neck. 

Tonight was going to be a wonderful, nostalgic night.