Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Showing the real her


Howard pulled himself out of the water and sat along the edge of the spring. His entire body had changed by the time he realized how fast his heart was racing. His breasts were at their fullest, and his nipples were hard and buzzing with life. He watched Edward look at him in disbelief. “You’re actually her,” he said weakly. “I thought you were fucking around with me.” After Howard had confessed that he was actually Howard and not his alias “Elizabeth,” the body building boyfriend didn’t believe him. Howard was afraid of how he’d react, but the other man looked curious now, and that gave “Elizabeth” hope.” He was expecting Edward to still be mad.

“I had to show you so you knew what you were getting into. I couldn’t keep leading you on unless you knew who I really was.” The energy pulsating from the cold wetness around his body was so intoxicating that he almost forgot the fear running through his head. He bit his lower lip while his cock slowly shrank in front of Edward. In its place were moist folds that pulsated with desire as he stared back at his boyfriend. It was the last hint of his masculinity as the magical spring temporarily transformed his body back into “Elizabeth.” He had to come here at least once a week, but when Edward proposed to him, Howard needed to be transparent. “I hope this doesn’t change anything. I didn’t want to seem like I was hiding who I was.”

Edward smiled, shook his head, and lightly kissed Howard’s lips. “No, I think this is awesome. You weren’t lying to me ... this is who you are. I’m sorry for doubting you, Elizabeth.” The boyfriend smirked as his eyes gazed down at Howard’s cleavage. “Now, I’ll ask you again. Don’t run off this time - will you marry me, Elizabeth?”

Howard let out a sigh of relief and giggled. He hugged his boyfriend and rested his head against his wide chest. He didn’t have to hide it anymore now that Edward had truly accepted him for who he really was. The weight lightened around his slender shoulders as he planted a kiss against his lips. “I’d love to,” he whispered.

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