Saturday, August 27, 2022

My sister's help

Tyler's sister Noelle helped him get ready for his date. She put on his white dress and did his makeup. Tyler couldn't help but how he looked so pretty with his blonde hair flowing. Everything about his transformed body felt soft as he smiled at himself in the mirror. "He's going to love the way you look," Noelle said happily. Tyler breathed in deeply and let out a stressful sigh, but his sister only shook her head at that. "It's okay, you'll do fine. It's not a big deal. Guys are easy to impress. And with the way you look, Ryan's going to love everything about you. Just focus on getting to know him better."

Ever since Tyler started taking his gender reassignment pills, his body only became more feminine as time went on. His hips widened and his chest grew. He even started getting periods. Thankfully, his family had been extremely supportive over his desire to change his sex, and after ten months of constant pills and doctor visits, Tyler began getting comments from all sorts of men. He knew who to avoid, and when Ryan asked him out when he was shopping for clothes at the local mall, Tyler decided to take a chance with him.

And when he stepped outside to meet Ryan at his car, the man couldn't keep his eyes off of him. Tyler had a feeling that Ryan was more afraid than he was. "Have fun, you two," Noelle said with a playful shove.


  1. Hey i have a request if possible to talk! Loving your work since i found it and have had this captions idea stuck in my head for weeks! Can you email me?

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I'll email you when I get some time to start writing. I think I saw your request in my Google Forms too but I wouldn't mind emailing you for some more details. I'm currently going to school, so I haven't been able to find the time to make more Amazon stories. Hopefully that'll change as my schooling progresses. Until then I'm stuck on just captions for now.