Saturday, August 20, 2022

Wanting a change - Part 1

Eileen played around with her guest’s slim clothing and admired her pink nails. The old hotel manager was in desperate need of a change. Her hotel was going to close, and when she saw a group of young, potential victims, she decided to take advantage of her situation. She loved how she looked in her jeans. She was enjoying herself so much that she had almost forgotten Celeste’s faint screams in her head. “Quiet, child. Maybe you should’ve considered returning my necklace instead of taking it for yourself. I wouldn’t have your body if you weren’t such a crook.”

Celeste had been staying at a hotel by a farm for half a month with a couple of her friends. During her stay, she found an extremely expensive looking pearl necklace that a previous guest had left behind. Once Celeste touched it, Eileen’s soul flooded into her body where it waited until her guest had fallen asleep. The necklace had to stay on a person’s body in order for control to be gained. Eileen’s soul permanently sealed itself inside of her once she fell asleep, and the next morning, Eileen enjoyed her first glass of wine after nearly a decade. “Get out of my body,” Celeste screamed. “I don’t know who you are, but you can’t just control me like this!”

Eileen smiled and leaned back in her seat. She almost said something out loud when a group of people approached her. The young woman’s friends surrounded her, but none of them could hear her. All the old woman had to do was ignore Celeste’s cries until her magic permanently absorbed her. Once that would happen, all of Celeste’s memories would become her own. And when she started seeing every intimate detail about her private life, Eileen knew that the hotel guest was going to be quiet soon enough.

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  1. Two f2f captions in a row and the latest even promising a second part at some point in the future. Thank you