Sunday, July 31, 2022

My ex-girlfriend's new girlfriend

“And what’ll you do about it?” Bill asked while he smirked at his ex-girlfriend, Melody, across the table. After they broke up, Bill drank himself to an early grave and died in a car accident. It was almost like a miracle when his ghostly figure went to see Melody for one last time three days later, only to discover that she was cheating on him with their slut roommate, Amanda. He always knew there was something weird going on, but he never caught them in the moment.

He knew that he wasn’t going to go anywhere else after he accidentally possessed their roommate. He felt everything. Every kiss, shiver, and scream made him so happy to be alive. He finally had a second chance. Now, he happily brushed his fingers along the cleavage of Amanda’s breasts. “It’s interesting how you finally figured everything out. What gave it away? Me knowing things only ‘Bill’ would know?"

“That’s seriously fucked up,” Melody said. He knew he’d struck a nerve. “You can’t be Amanda. You can’t just take her life like that. How long have you been in there?”

“I possessed her three days after I died. I’ve been her for the past two weeks. I’ve adjusted to her pretty well, haven’t I?” He let out a laugh. “You should probably keep playing along. Nobody would believe you anyway.” He leaned back in his chair and cackled when she saw Melody’s eyes tearing up. “That’s what I thought. Gosh, this is going to be so wonderful...”

Saturday, July 30, 2022

My neighbor's machine

Chester happily licked the chocolate ice cream and felt it melting down his human hand. Alice sat on the sidewalk and helplessly watched her body devour the fourth ice cream cone today. “Is it good?” Brad asked Alice’s old body while he stroked her hair. Chester smiled and nodded. “Good ‘girl,’ Alice. Good ... you need more weight. You’ll love so much better.”

Alice growled angrily while her human body grew more and more attached to him. Brad was her asshole neighbor who loved to do science experiments. When she walked by his garage the previous day, he called her over to test a remote control out on her. She had been walking her golden retriever at the time when she swapped bodies with her pet.

And now Brad was getting on her dog’s good side. Alice dreaded the thought of what he would do once her dog would become loyal to him. Her neighbor was always a weirdo, and she had a terrible feeling run through her dog body when she noticed Chester smirking at her.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Being her girlfriend

Sean felt so free as he walked around in his backyard. The sun felt so nice on his girlfriend’s body as he sat down on his patio chair. His girlfriend had been watching him, and he could tell that she was getting hard just by looking at her. “Breakfast’s ready,” Allison said with a deep voice. In her big hands were two plates of scrambled eggs and toast. She moved across the backyard and set them down on the table before lightly kissing his lips. “You were asleep for ages.”

Sean smiled at that. It was usually the other way around, but after temporarily swapping their bodies at the Body Swap Clinic, he realized that his girlfriend couldn’t help it. She naturally liked to sleep in. Of course, it didn’t help that Allison finally taught him how to please her. He’d been exhausted after that. “See? Waking up is built into my body. I literally can’t sleep in.”

His girlfriend saw down in front of him, and his eyes caught glimpses of his carved chest. He knew that he was jacked, but he thought he was smaller than he really was. Suddenly, he bit his lower lip and looked away. Heat was flushing through his entire body, and he fought the urge to show his true feelings. But when he looked up at his girlfriend in his body, he realized that she knew how he was feeling. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

A Mutual Transition

Bill smirked as his best friend, Dustin, sat near him. Stroking his long blonde hair, he happily watched his friend awkwardly cast glances at him. He could tell that Dustin was nervous. “You okay? This was your idea, you know.”

Dustin nodded. “I’m fine. It’s just so weird. I’ve never seen Cathy in a dress like that before. You know how she is - she doesn’t even let her hair down.” Bill smiled at that. Cathy was an extremely reserved girl who kept to herself. Bill didn’t realize it until two months ago when she confided in him, but she actually didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She wanted to transition, and when her doctor suggested finding a live donor to temporarily swap with to see if this was what she really wanted, she asked Bill if he was interested.

Bill was the complete opposite of Cathy. He was outgoing and feminine. He never felt comfortable in his body. So, when the two of them switched bodies, it was almost like a dream come true for the both of them. Bill had a slender and petite figure that he could dress in practically anything, while Cathy felt strong and confident. 

It didn’t take long for both of them to agree to permanently transfer ownership of their bodies to each other. Now, as Bill put his hand over Dustin’s arm, their lives were going to be so much better.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The New Mom

“I don’t plan on going back,” his deep voice said. Louis stared at his witch friend, Tammie, with nothing but horror on his face as she smirked in his taller, paler body. The thought of being her forever was scaring him. After he voluntarily switched bodies with her so that she could take his math exam for him, he agreed to look after her three kids. Unfortunately, Tammie had other plans in mind. “I’ll have to make a ton of changes, but you already have a feminine face. With some new breasts and some extra work, I’ll be able to pass off as ‘Louise.’ Gosh, you even had the perfect name.”

“Tammie, you’re starting to scare me. What do you mean you don’t plan on going back?”

“I felt trapped after having my triplets,” she said while crossing Louis’ buff arms. “Then I got stuck with that asshole of a boyfriend. Suffering through family dinners with his parents were pushed me over the edge. I’m just glad you voluntarily agreed to switch bodies. You need consent for that.”

“Well, I’m removing my consent now,” Louis said vainly. “I didn’t agree to be a mom. I took care of your kids just like you wanted me to - I didn’t want this to be permanent!” But there was nothing Louis could do. With Tammie planning on transitioning his body, Louis felt helpless. He was going to watch another person change his body while he had to get used to being a housewife.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Fully transitioned

It was Danny’s last transition injection the day before, and she was feeling incredible as she ran her fingers through her soft, black hair. The final injection concluded the entire process but permanently binding her bodily changes. The cells in her body would maintain her body as if it were naturally her own for her 22 years of living. The clinic told her that she would have to wait at least a day before going back to work, but she was full of energy. When she talked to her doctor earlier that morning, he finally agreed that she could go to work. “You have to call me at the first sign of side effects,” he warned her.

Danny smiled at that. She was supposed to feel side effects throughout her six week course. But after slowly gaining more feminine features with every injection, she knew that side effects weren’t going to be an issue. She was supposed to feel sick to her stomach or have certain body parts morph back, but she stayed petite. Her skin remained smooth and her new vagina gave her a sense of freedom.

Her new sweater hugged her slender body perfectly as she walked down the streets of Seattle. She didn’t have her augmented breasts, but her new breasts were even better. They weren’t fake anymore - they felt receptive and real whenever she squeezed them. She ended up getting a lot of stares as she approached her work building, but she didn’t care. She was excited to enjoy her fully transitioned body and all the attention it came with.

Monday, July 25, 2022

The Old Woman's Emerald - Part 2


Part 1

“Give it back,” Nedra cried. Her mouth was becoming dry. Her heart raced even faster when she saw her body kissing her cute caregiver. Gritting her dentures, Nedra tried to crawl forward, but she didn’t get far. She collapsed in the sand as Anna sat down in front of her with a wicked grin.

The body thief stroked Nedra’s new chin. “Such a shame,” she said teasingly. “I said not for long, but I didn’t think you’d over exert yourself like this. You have to be careful, dear. You don’t have much time left. Don’t let the stress kill you.”

“Give it back,” Nedra said again. She reached forward for the emerald in her young body’s hand, but Anna was faster. “Please ... I ... please.” Her eyes looked to the caregiver’s eyes. His eyes darted away. “Please ... you ... bla ... can... this!” Nedra didn’t know what was wrong. Her speech was starting to slur. It felt like the world was spinning too as her young body’s lips moved closer to her ear.

“There’s no way I’m giving it back,” Anna said. “With a body like this, I can do so much more. Especially when I have a lifetime worth of wealth. Don’t worry, dear, I’ll live life to the fullest.” She pulled away and gave Nedra another wicked grin. “I’ll be seeing you later. Come on, Justin.”

Anna planted a kiss against her caregiver’s lips and stuck her tongue out at Nedra. Before Nedra could call out to the body thief, she felt a group of concerned people surrounding her. They were all yelling to the nearby lifeguard as Nedra lost sight on the old woman who stole her life.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Bullying him again - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bernadette’s bully of a grandson screamed in her new body’s head as she bobbed her head up and down the young man’s cock. Feeling another man inside of her was exhilarating, especially with a curvy body like this. She tricked Adam into using a spell to possess this young woman’s body, and she knew that he’d be sadistic enough to masturbate in it. Most men were like that. Unfortunately, his use of magic darkened his soul and left him open to magical predators.

Bernadette desperately wanted a new body to regain her youth. Unfortunately, permanently taking over another person’s body required two witches. One witch acted as a sacrifice, while the other witch would become the new body’s owner. Adam’s parents were smart enough not to help her out, but her grandson was always such a fool. There was also one other requirement to make the possession permanent. Bernadette could only seal herself by swallowing the seed of another man. Thankfully, Kenny’s lack of self-esteem left him open to magical manipulation. Right after possessing his stepsister’s body, Bernadette used a spell to make Kenny easier to seduce.

And by the time she could feel his cum filling her mouth and throat, Adam’s screams had faded into nothingness. A heat flushed through her as she felt her soul sealing itself in her sexy new body. 

She licked her lips and smiled triumphantly. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Bullying him again - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After Adam felt his entire body shiver with endless delight, a strange thing began to happen. His body slowly stopped shaking, but his arms and legs felt numb. The only thing he could feel was his face twisting into a smile as Cynthia’s body sat up.

“My ... are you hard right now?” Cynthia’s mouth purred. Kenny only stared in horror at first as he took a step back. Cynthia crossed her legs. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“None of this makes sense,” Kenny said. “You were talking a lot like somebody I knew. Are you seriously flirting with me after trying to hurt my feelings?” When Cynthia shook her head, Kenny’s face softened. Before he could say anything else, Adam felt the girl’s entire body shifting and moving across the room. Cynthia got onto her hands and knees, pulled her stepbrother’s pants down, and giggled with surprise when Kenny’s hard cock sprang to attention.

“Oh wow, I didn’t think you were so big!” Cynthia cooed. “This is probably the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Young people are so different these days...”

Kenny didn’t seem to notice the weird statement coming out of his stepsister’s mouth, especially when her lips swallowed him whole. But Adam could only realize in horror that his grandmother was controlling him somehow. He could feel everything, but the old woman was in control. “Stop,” Adam thought. “Stop!”

Friday, July 22, 2022

Ruining my ex's new relationship

Saul brushed his fingers through Rachel’s soft brown hair. He hadn’t been this close to her since they broke up all those months ago. Everything felt real as the sun’s warmth covered his body. The water felt cold around his ex-girlfriend’s legs as he looked around an unfamiliar sight. He knew that Rachel was cheating on him, but he didn’t realize that she was seeing a rich middle-aged man behind his back until he saw the photos online.

Saul wasn’t normally this vengeful. He hadn’t practiced possession magic in over ten years. He stopped practicing when he decided that Rachel was worth abandoning magic. It was an evil art that could lead to problems down the road, so he voluntarily stopped until she betrayed him. Ten years of dating resulted in nothing but a broken heart.

He rapidly shook his head and fought the urge to obsess over this. “This guy’s loaded,” he finally said while he kicked at the water. The smell of BBQ was in the air when he noticed a shirtless, bald man flipping burgers at a grill. Saul didn’t know why at first, but his eyes were locked onto him. “That’s Chris. That old fuck face ... that ... fucking...” Saul stopped himself when he noticed a weird feeling between his legs. His heart was racing, and a strange heat was engulfing his body. “Oh god, am I being turned on right now?” He shook his head and fought the urge, but just staring at Chris was making him bite his lower lip. “I’ll break them up after I have a little bit of fun...”

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Taking his money - Part 2


Part 1

Greg stared at his brand new wedding ring and sighed. He couldn’t believe how much could change over the course of half a year. After having sex with Eric and realizing just how much better it was to be a girl, he decided to maintain Crystal’s relationship with Eric. Eventually, Greg’s old boss became infatuated with Crystal’s body. The two made love constantly. Little by little, Greg’s masculinity faded away, and all that was left was his submissiveness and willingness to please Eric. Greg loved him as time went on, and when he became pregnant with his former boss’ child, he gave up all hope of revenge.

Instead, he convinced Eric to be his husband. He was afraid of asking the drug dealer at first, but when the man rubbed his swollen belly, Greg could see his softening gaze. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents,” Greg said softly.

Eric kissed his lips and sat beside her. “I was worried when you told me. I’m not going to lie. But I love the thought of settling down with you.” He squeezed Greg’s thigh with a free hand while his eyes locked onto the swollen belly. “I might actually get a safer job because of this. I don’t want to risk not being here with you and the baby.”

Greg smiled. “The baby? It’s triplets.” There was a surprised look on Eric’s face at first, but when he finally processed what Greg was talking about, he kissed him one more time and laughed.

“Even better.”

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Trapped as my teacher


Kyle raised his slim leg with ease and admired the softness of his freshly shaven legs. He couldn’t believe how nice it was to be a woman. At first, the heat between his legs was bothering him. Once he fondled Miss April’s crotch and relieved the pressure, he was curious about what else was different about being a female.

“I can’t believe I’m getting distracted,” he said shamefully as he moved across her apartment. But that didn’t stop him from looking around. He messed around and tried out her sexy lingerie in her closet for nearly half an hour. He felt bad about all of this, especially since he was supposed to be changing everybody’s grades. He used his grandmother’s spell book to possess Miss April, but he didn’t realize how much fun he would have as her. Nobody liked the English teacher, especially since she had such a bitchy temper.

He only had an hour before the spell would wear off, so after playing around in his teacher’s body and getting a chance to explore her life, he got onto Miss April’s laptop and began to change everybody’s grades. He kept a close eye on the time to make sure he could time everything right. Once he was done, he returned to Miss April’s bed and waited to be swapped back.

Unfortunately, the spell book’s mention of a one hour possession was misread. In reality, he had an hour to use the spell again before it would permanently seal him in his possessed body. It wouldn’t be another two hours before Kyle realized his horrible mistake.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

His Asian Escort


Sebastian stretched along the bed and watched his former boss, Trevor, undressing from across the room. He locked the door with his free hand and smiled. “What made you choose me?” He suddenly asked.

Sebastian struggled to form words as heat rushed everywhere. The area between his legs throbbed as his cheeks reddened. “You seemed like the only interesting person in that hotel lobby,” Sebastian lied. Truthfully, he was seducing his boss to ruin his life. Trevor had fired him half a year ago, and Sebastian found himself struggling to find work. His career as a salesman was ruined when Trevor exposed him as a thief stealing money from the corporate bank account.

The fired employee decided to rent a body from a custom escort business. He went from being a tall and heavy white man to a curvy, short Asian woman. It was the weirdest feeling, but he knew that Trevor loved fucking people other than his wife. It was a known fact, yet nobody had caught him in the act. With hidden cameras everywhere in Sebastian’s hotel room, he was about to get all the evidence he needed to blackmail Trevor for money.

He wasn’t going to take the other man’s money without having a little fun of his own. Sebastian had been in his female body for well over ten hours, and it was desperate for a good fuck.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Treating My Best Friend - Part 2


Part 1

Brendan crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. Just watching his best friend admire herself in her new body made him smile. “Josh” was never a confident guy, and he was always seen a feminine. Now that he had Saige’s shapely body, “Josh” insisted that he be called Saige.

The longer this went on, the more in love Brendan became. He accepted the new Saige without question, mostly because he was originally only interested in her physical body. It didn’t matter that it was a body thief in his math tutor’s body. Josh was gone, and the new Saige had taken his place.

A full month had gone by, and his relationship with Saige had blossomed into something special. Today was the day Brendan realized that things had finally worked out for “Josh.” His personality was a perfect match for Saige’s body. Saige was always shy and dressed conservatively. With “Josh” in her body, he really maximized his assets. Saige was so much more bubbly and confident.

When Brendan caught Saige’s eyes, she smiled. “I changed my mind.”

“What do you mean?” He asked as his heart skipped a beat. “You want to stay home too?”

She turned around, her breasts jiggling while she excitedly sauntered closer to him. Her lips drifted towards his left ear. “I think I’d rather take this off. Want to help me?”

Brendan’s hands gripped Saige’s waist. “Gladly,” he whispered before kissing his best friend’s lips.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

My Manipulated Best Friend


Jim couldn’t stop smiling as he watched his best friend leave for work. The past two weeks felt wonderful as his girlfriend. The best thing about it was that Albert had no idea that Amy was being possessed.

It was a little bittersweet for the body thief. After him and Albert had an argument five years ago about how bad Amy was for his mental health, the two stopped talking. Jim never stopped keeping an eye on his friend. After years of stalking him over social media, Jim’s worst fears had been realized. Amy was a verbally and mentally abusive girlfriend who controlled every aspect of Albert’s life. It didn’t help that she got pregnant with their twins. Once her boyfriend impregnated him, he was trapped.

Two weeks ago, Jim made a drastic decision. His coworker was a witch who knew extremely advanced forms of magic. In exchange for sacrificing his physical body, Agatha could forcibly place his soul inside of Amy. The downside was that Jim would never be able to return to his body again - his physical flesh would be consumed in the evil ritual.

But when he finally spoke to his best friend after so long, he realized that he made the right choice. Obviously, it helped that he was finally slender and fit. His dick was gone, but having lady parts was an extremely exciting experience for him. After getting comfortable, he began making all sorts of changes. Albert could go out whenever he wanted. He could stay up as late as he wanted. He could leave the kids alone with his possessed girlfriend. The only thing Jim wanted in return was love and friendship, and he was able to get both by stealing Amy’s life.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Bully's Mom


Ken took a picture of Richard’s mom in her stunning blue dress. He spent at least twenty minutes trying on different tops and bottoms before settling on a perfectly fitted dress. He switched to the phone’s camera mode and started live streaming as he giggled naughtily. “Hey guys, I’m still alive,” Ken laughed. “It’s been two weeks. But I’m back. And I’m about to embarrass Richard.”

It all felt so good to be doing this, especially after losing his life in a car accident. Ken knew that he had one final opportunity to fuck his manager over. Richard was a massive bully. After graduating high school, his attitude never changed. So, when Ken, Victor, and Johan started working at their local convenience store, they were horrified to learn that Richard was their manager.

They all thought he’d changed for the better until he started being a complete asshole. It was a busy day at the store, and Richard exploded on everybody, including customers. Things got so bad that Ken decided to leave work early. Unfortunately, the entire experience left him feeling distracted, and he ended up driving off a bridge. His spirit lingered until it accidentally entered the mother’s body.

Now, he had his bully’s hot mom as his vessel. He didn’t know how long he would possess his new flesh, but he knew that he was going to explore it. He wanted to give his new body a go until his spirit would finally move on. “Let me completely undress in his room. In my hot son’s home.” He smirked at the growing viewers. “Let’s make this body purr.”

Friday, July 15, 2022

Traveler in heat

Sammy crawled along the sofa bed and watched the bartender strip down. The blonde man looked absolutely perfect with his fit body. It was an hour before his shift, but she promised to see him at least once before her flight back home to Germany. She’d been traveling through Canada looking to sight see. She also desperately wanted to try out her fully transitioned body. She was extremely selective on having sex with her new body for the first time. Thankfully, Kyle turned out to be the perfect man to try this out with. His sense of humor and the way he could hold a conversation turned her on.

She bit her lower lip as his cock sprung out. He had no idea that Sammy was a transgender woman since the body manipulating machine had completely altered her. She worked for a company in Germany that was looking at full sex change operations through technology. She was one of three test subjects. 

Her private parts were completely replaced with a vagina. Everything felt incredible. She actually felt hot and horny, a sensation she thought she was familiar with. But there was so much more going on. She could feel herself leaking with her lust, and the way her new, natural breasts felt made her proud to be a pioneer in this new technology.

Sammy did feel bad about being so secretive about everything. She felt like he deserved to know before leaving. But when Kyle started planting kisses against her neck and cleavage, she realized that it didn’t matter and stopped caring. She was too focused on enjoying herself.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

My Slut Granddaughter - Part 2


Part 1

Kara couldn’t believe how much easier life was now that she had her granddaughter’s young body. Months had past since her doctor transplanted her brain successfully into Emily’s body, and now the old woman was enjoying every day to the fullest. Emily’s parents were incredibly happy when they learned that the majority of Kara’s wealth had been given to their child. They weren’t so happy when Kara told them that they weren’t allowed to live with her now that she was moving into her grandmother’s home.

The next few months felt incredible. After seducing college boys and married men, she amassed a following of lovers. Men were so much easier to control with Emily’s body. 

She allowed dozens of hot men to reside in her massive mansion. Young people really knew how to enjoy themselves, and she had the money to fund everything. Liquor, drugs, and kinky outfits were all available at the touch of a button. Kara found herself feeling blessed since she could have money and her youth at the same time. Parties for days would leave her feeling sore, but her group of loyal, handsome men took good care of her. From massaging her feet to pleasuring her nubile body, Kara knew she made the right choice with Emily’s body.

The best thing about it all was that this was exactly what the real Emily would’ve done if Kara had passed away. But the old woman had experience and knowledge that the young girl didn’t have, and that’s what made her the better Emily.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Treating My Best Friend - Part 1


Part 2

Josh smiled at himself in the mirror and checked out the curves of his wide hips. His breasts looked like they were about to pop out of his black bikini. After picking out something special for Brendan, Josh was really looking forward to his first sexual experience as a woman. 

He had always been curious about what it would be like to be with a man and now that he was finally going to experience it, he couldn't wait. Brendan had been talking about it for weeks after Josh possessed their math tutor's sexy body. Now, after deciding to permanently become Saige, he was determined to make the experience as special as possible.

When Brendan finally arrived, Josh greeted him with a long hug. "I'm so excited for this," he said when he felt his friend's boner.

"I can't wait either," Brendan replied. "Let's go get ready." They went to the bedroom and Brendan helped Josh get undressed. When they were both nude, Brendan took a step back and whistled. "I can’t believe you’re actually going to let me fuck you. She’d never do that.” Josh blushed and reached for Brendan's hand. Together, they walked to the bed and climbed in. "Are you ready?" Brendan asked.

Josh nodded and reached for Brendan's cock. When he wrapped his hand around it, he was surprised at the size. He expected it to be smaller, but it was bigger than his old penis. "It's so big," he said as he stared at it in awe.

"It'll fit inside you perfectly," Brendan assured him. Josh swallowed hard and reached for Brendan's balls. He squeezed them gently and felt a rush of pleasure while his friend groaned. This was definitely going to be an experience he would never forget.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Taking his money - Part 1

Part 2

“I have to fix this fast,” Greg whispered to himself. While he looked across the room at Eric getting his coat to leave, he felt a weird heat rushing through his female body. He originally wanted to possess Eric to steal his excess cash without a trace, but he instead found himself inside an escort named Crystal instead. 

Eric was a drug dealer who made millions and slept with escorts constantly, and Greg was his personal accountant who wanted an early retirement. He worked hard his entire life, but his upcoming retirement and shitty retirement fund didn’t make him feel excited at all.

So, Greg decided to visit a witch downtown. In exchange for a cut of whatever the accountant to steal, Jezebel would magically transfer his mind into Eric’s body. Sadly, the spell messed up, and Greg found himself having dinner with the drug dealer himself. It took him completely by surprise, but Eric thankfully didn’t notice. Greg pretended to be Crystal while he calculated his next move.

But the longer he spoke to Eric over dinner, the hornier Greg became. The escort’s body was attracted to the drug dealer, and so Greg was becoming tempted by the sheer sight of the broad shouldered man. The other man detailed how wonderful of a night they would have, and when Eric spun around to smile at him, Greg instantly smiled back. He was ready to test this body. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Greg whispered quietly to himself as he followed after Eric.

Monday, July 11, 2022

My nervous niece - Part 2


Part 1

“I miss you,” Auntie Barbara texted a photo caption to Rianna’s boyfriend while Terry slept in bed. After the aunt swapped bodies with her niece, she took every step to prolong the swap. Now that a month had finally passed, she knew that it would take a lot of power to forcibly switch their bodies back. Since her husband, Terry, was the only person she knew who could perform magic, Barbara knew that she’d have her niece’s young body forever.

Rianna was naturally afraid at first until Terry completely brainwashed her into believing that she was actually her own aunt. The magic spell didn’t work permanently, so Terry had to keep using magic to trap Rianna in her confused loop. They kept her confined to their guest room where she would be able to hear the couple lost in their lust.

But the past month had been so naughty to the older woman. The amount of attention she received was intoxicating, and her niece’s boyfriend was much more built than her husband. Like most young men who worked out, Andrew was bigger and could satisfy her much better than her husband. Things got so bad that Barbara repeatedly visited Andrew whenever she had a chance to leave the house.

The aunt couldn’t believe how lucky Rianna was. To have young flesh and beauty again gave her a massive boost in confidence. It didn’t take long for her to accidentally get pregnant. Thankfully, her husband had no idea what she was doing behind her back, so Barbara continued to live as her young niece without any consequences. She had gotten away with the perfect crime.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Acting for her


Lee looked over his shoulder and smirked when he saw part of his bum showing. His girlfriend’s body looked incredible in the cute little dress he’d picked out. He wanted to dress her up to impress the talk show host, but he found himself being a little too impressed. Kass (left) and Samantha (right) stood at his sides and looked at the mirror behind them. “Are you sure you want that one, Sona? You could’ve picked another one,” Kass said.

Samantha shook her head. “I think she looks great.” She smiled and moved across the room with Kass to close the closet. They were all about to go out on stage for Sona’s big interview, so Kass and Samantha were naturally a little nervous. “I really don’t want to do this.”

“We have to,” Kass said softly while she looked over at Lee. She examined him from head to toe as he smiled back at her. Nobody knew who he was, but he could tell that they seemed a little suspicious of him. “You don’t seem that nervous. I’m surprised.”

“Nothing to be scared of, ladies,” he responded while running his hands along his curvy waist. “Our interview’s going to be fine. Besides, nobody’s going to say anything if we fuck up. You do realize how amazing we look, right?” The two friends laughed nervously and tried to distract themselves as Lee admired his girlfriend’s body. The entire point for Lee being in his girlfriend’s body. The two had temporarily swapped bodies at the Body Swap Clinic. Since Sona was afraid of public speaking, she was desperate to avoid it. But being one of the three major managers at their new start up company, Sona and her two friends desperately needed to communicate their newest app to their audience.

Thankfully, Lee was a prolific public speaker who knew how to entertain an audience. He didn’t realize how fun being a girl was until his second day as Sona. It all came so naturally to him, and he found that the high heels and skimpy dresses were things that he wished Sona used more often. He couldn’t wait to show off his body. Maybe she’ll realize just how perfect she is on TV, he thought happily as he walked out on stage.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Selling His Stepmom's Body - Part 2

“You look perfect,” Andrea heard her husband say before he planted a kiss against the side of her neck. She moaned softly and felt a wonderful wave of desire rippling through her curvy body. “Are you sure you want to go out this afternoon? We could stay behind.” He wrapped his arms around her slightly bulging tummy. “You shouldn’t be going out too often.”

“Don’t be silly, dear. We need groceries.” Her husband let out a groan, but she simply giggled. She loved how much more power she had over him now that he was tied around her fingertips. He loved her again, and she wasn’t about to let him take that power away from her.

After Richard sold his stepmother’s body to Andrea three months ago, she didn’t waste any time to make all the necessary adjustments. Caitlyn had an incredible body for her age. Andrea was the same age, yet she looked twenty years older. It didn’t even take long for her to get pregnant either - she was just as fertile as other young women. But when her friend hooked her up with a Body Merchant, she knew things were going to change. Caitlyn repeatedly screamed in her mind, though her voice finally faded at the end of the first week.

Andrea cut Caitlyn’s hair short and swapped out a lot of her clothes with her own. She had to get a lot of her clothes altered, but once that was done, Andrea felt so much more confident in her new body. From skimpy dresses to more revealing tops, Andrea’s new body oozed with sexuality.

The best part about it all was that her husband was interested in her again. The passion reawakened, and they found themselves lost in their lust for days at a time. Her husband loved her healthy MILF body, and Andrea was loving the extra attention she was getting whenever she was out in public.

The longer she had Caitlyn’s body, the more accustomed she got with using her name. The stepmother’s memories never seeped into her mind, but it wasn’t like Andrea needed to adopt the woman’s life. Andrea and her husband were wealthy and had tons of understanding friends, so it wasn’t like she had to worry about pretending to be Caitlyn. She didn’t need to adjust her life to accommodate the stepmother’s life. She could do anything she wanted with her new life, and she was really excited to be a real mother for the first time.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Pretty and broke

“Why the hell are you in my bed?” The Hispanic man asked as Shawn struggled to get up from the fur sheets. His heart was racing as he looked around the room. Chester, the man he had sex with the previous night, was gone. “Tianna, I asked you a fucking question.”

“I was just ... just ... I was here with Chester.” The area between his damp thighs still felt so sore. Despite how afraid he was, he could still feel the horniness clouding his mind.

“This is exactly why I didn’t want you two working together. A maid and a chef? How long have you been doing this for in my bed for?” He let out a groan. “I’m going to fucking kill him.”

Shawn couldn’t get the disappointed look off his face. Last night felt amazing, but now things were starting to fall apart. After following a rich couple leaving a party, he knew he only had one final shot. The spell from his teacher’s library only worked once, and after using it, he would never be able to use magic again. He was fine with it, especially since he was getting sick of being seen as different by normal people. It was a second chance at life, and he was really keen on becoming a woman. Starting over as a pretty girl with a lot of money was the perfect start to him, so he jumped at the opportunity.

He followed the girl named Tianna and her boyfriend Chester back to their mansion home before Shawn used the spell to permanently seal himself inside of Tianna.

“Isn’t there anything I could do to make things right?” Shawn asked suggestively. He tried to give the Hispanic man a sultry look, but he denied every one of his advances and fired the new Tianna.

He started crying as he dressed himself in Tianna’s pretty pink dress. He thought he was able to get everything he ever wanted. He thought he had wealth, beauty, and security. But Tianna and Chester weren’t a rich couple. The girl was a maid, and Chester was a chef. Neither of them were wealthy, and now Shawn was trapped in a poor girl’s body with insane student debt. The worst thing about all of this wasn’t the fact there was no way back. 

The worst feeling was when he realized that he was poorer than his previous life.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Swapped with my girlfriend


The mall was unbelievably busy today as Patrick and his girlfriend walked closer and closer to her favorite clothing store. “Everybody’s looking at me,” Patrick said glumly. He adjusted the hood over his head. He felt so embarrassed walking around as a girl. After switching bodies with his girlfriend Chantelle, he wasn’t expecting to feel this way. He was normally the confident one. But it was like his personality was adjusting the longer he stayed in his girlfriend’s Asian body.

“Don’t worry, you look great. Trust me.” Patrick smiled warmly at that. In contrast, Chantelle seemed comfortable in his Caucasian body. They went everywhere over the course of three days. After temporarily switching bodies at the Body Swap Clinic, they were looking to get to know each other a lot more intimately after dating for five years.

It was an eye opening experience. The sex was amazing, and Patrick couldn’t believe how Chantelle had always been too shy to communicate how he wasn’t satisfying her. Now, he understood everything, but he couldn’t help but wonder if she’d be willing to extend the swap. 

Sure, he was feeling really shy. He didn’t have the confidence that he did in his male body. But there was a strange sense of safety he felt whenever he was around his girlfriend. He felt like things were going to be alright. He kind of liked this.

“Let’s get you some new clothes,” Chantelle said. “I want to see what you look like. I didn’t realize it until now, but my body actually looks really good through another pair of eyes.”

“I always told you so,” Patrick said happily. He squeezed his girlfriend’s big hand as they both walked into the store.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Desperate Old Man Part 2

Martin didn’t settle into his new body until a week after his old body succumbed to its heart attack. The poor girl trapped in his dying body was never going to be able to bother him, but the old man was always cautious. Letting his guard down always spelled his doom, but for the first time in two hundred years, he finally had a body that didn’t put up a fight.

Martin couldn’t believe his luck when he started using magic again. He didn’t expect to have as much power as his old body. Since he was so close to dying, he was desperate enough to steal the closest body with magical characteristics. A witch couldn’t cast magic without a witch’s body. Cathy’s abilities could be sensed, but she didn’t have any experience or skill to make her noticeably good at magic.

“This body might actually be better than my other bodies,” he realized days ago. “I just need to get a few more ingredients so I can permanently transform this body into a male.”

But he completely chucked that idea out the window. Martin realized that being a female was so much better. He was pleased to experience womanhood for the first time. Of course, it helped that Cathy’s boyfriend was incredible in bed. Martin thought being a woman was going to be awful, but the sensation he felt were amazing. He loved the way he’d leak constantly, and he especially loved it when Jon worshipped his feminine body.

The best part about it all? Nobody could tell that an old man was acting like a pretty 20-year-old girl.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Desperate Old Man Part 1

Cathy’s body thief leaned forward and pressed her breasts together. “I’m not going back in there,” the thief laughed. “It’s a good thing you decided to come to this party. I was almost out of time, but I finally found somebody compatible. I just wish I didn’t have to be a chick.” The thief winked and fondled his crotch. “God, this kind of feels good. I wonder what else I can do.” Cathy squirmed on the beach chair and grimaced. There was a weird pain in her chest as she tried to scream. But only a mere whisper made it out. “Good - the drink’s doing its job. In a few minutes, you’ll be out of my hair for good.”

After Cathy went to her coworker’s party, she decided to watch the nearby ocean waves. She didn’t fit in at all here, and it didn’t help that her coworker (Kelly) was flirting with the guys out on the beach. That was when Martin, the elderly homeowner whose grandson was hosting the party, decided to come talk to her.

It didn’t seem like anything bad was going to happen. She opened up to him and talked about how out of place she felt. He was really nice and offered some great life advice. Before she knew it, she was sharing drinks with him and feeling a little tipsy when her body started to shiver. A gas left her lips, and by the time she opened her eyes, she was in the old man’s body.

Now, Martin was showing off his stolen flesh. Cathy tried to say more, but it was like her throat was getting super dry. She reached out and tried to grab onto her young body’s arm, but Martin was faster. He giggled and pranced away into a nearby crowd of men.

The world started to spin around Cathy, and she ended up falling off her chair. There were too many people at the party to notice her flailing for help. Before she knew it, the world slowly darkened. The last thing she could see was her young body returning to her and leaning forward to examine her. “Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll treat this body well. Hey! Hey! Somebody help! Martin’s having a heart attack!” Cathy slowly closed her eyes.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Running out of time Part 2


Richard’s friend, Mark, wasn’t the gentleman that Eve was expecting to meet. She expected some muscle head who swore more than he talked. But she was pleased to learn that he was just as sweet as Albert, her dead husband. She and the two men talked until Richard finally offered to step out of the apartment.

When he did that, Eve wasn’t sure what to say after that. For the first time in decades, she felt shy and embarrassed. But Mark captivated her attention. Sentence by sentence, she steadily came out of her anxious shell, and she made the first move.

It all felt so bad doing this in her granddaughter’s body. But she couldn’t believe how wild she felt. She didn’t remember feeling this horny in her youth. As she sat on his hard lap and planted kisses against his chiseled body, the two ended up making sweet love right in the living room while Richard listened in from out in the apartment hallway.

Eve decided to stay the entire week. By the time she finally returned to her dying body’s house, Henrietta had already realized that the spell was lasting longer than it should have. When she confronted her grandmother about it in the front yard, the old woman laughed and smiled at her. “Yeah, I would want to come back into this body too. You shouldn’t have agreed to giving up your body. That was careless of you.”

“Wait, what are you talking about? Is that why we haven’t switched back, nana? You do realize that I’m going to tell everybody, right?”

“Nobody would ever believe you.” Eve laughed as her old body started to run out of breath. Her granddaughter winced and fell to her knees. “Don’t stress yourself. It’s dangerous. You already have heart problems. You don’t want to run out of time too quickly.” She caressed her thighs and kissed the air. “Don’t worry, I won’t let your life go to waste. After having all this fun in your young body, there’s no way I’m giving it up.”

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Running out of time Part 1


“Whoa, wait, I don’t like you like that,” he said.

Eve looked back at Richard in disbelief. After the two flirted for the past three hours, she was expecting so much more out of this. She only had five hours to enjoy her granddaughter’s young body before the spell would reverse everything.

Henrietta agreed to switch bodies with her with the help of Eve’s spell book. Eve was dying, and she wanted to have one final chance at living life before the temporary spell would force her back into her sickly body. But before the swap, Eve tried to find ways to make the swap permanent, but it was only possible through sexual intercourse. She thought that would be easy, especially since Henrietta was extremely pretty. The old woman was willing to do the unthinkable.

But out of all the guys she could’ve flirted with at the bar, Richard was the unlucky pick. He was a gay man who only wanted to be friends. Eve had plenty of those - what she lacked were romantic relationships. With zero intimacy, the dying grandmother had no experience in the modern dating scene. The last man she had been with was her husband of seventy years before he died.

She was a fish out of water, and now she was going to lose her chance at stealing her granddaughter’s body. She could already feel her control slowly fading away. “Well ... do you ... were you ever curious? Did you ever want to try things out?”

“Noppers,” he said bluntly. “Never did. Never will. But look - I get it. We all got needs. Honey, I know a guy or two that would love you. Want me to call them?”

“Are they in the city?”

“They live in the apartment building we’re standing on,” he answered nonchalantly as he scrolled through his phone. A mischievous smile stretched across Eve’s face. 

Hope wasn’t lost after all.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Be like this forever

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Daniel asked Brad while he smiled back at him. “You can’t go back if we actually do this.”

“It’s what I want,” Brad said confidently. “How do you feel about this?” He smiled and hovered inches from his best friend’s face. “You know I’ve thought about this a lot before the spell. To be a girl.”

“I know,” Daniel said hesitantly. He seemed conflicted about all of this. Brad didn’t blame him either - this was going by so quickly. After using an online morphing spell to transform his body, he immediately grew breasts. He had casted the spell multiple times until his entire body had changed.

His sickly pale skin became soft and tanned. His flabby tummy had become flat, and his waist had widened considerably after the spell transformed his cock into a vagina. Every transformation sent shivers throughout his body, and by the time his body could no longer morph any further, Brad had become a completely different person.

It was all supposed to be a joke, but now that Brad was like this, he was finding it harder and harder to want to switch back. He never looked this good before, and for the first time in years, he actually felt healthy. The only downside with the spell was that it was only temporary unless another person had sex with his body.

Thankfully, as they approached Brad’s bed, Daniel seemed more than eager to help trap him in his feminine form. He picked Brad up with his powerful arms and threw him down onto the bed. His fiery lips moved up his legs and thighs, and Brad let out a long moan when he felt moist lips exploring his deep canal.

He couldn’t wait to be like this forever.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Smashwords Sale Announcement

A lot of my Smashwords titles are on sale for the entire month of July. Titles are marked down from 25% to 50% for the July Summer/Winter Sale.

I've also placed a custom sale on the Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 1. Use code ZK95Z to change the price to $0.00 on Smashwords. This code is good until August 1, 2022. If you or any of your friends have an interest in my previously released stories, the sale's good until the end of July!

Our teacher's hot husband

When Sam used his grandmother’s spell book to possess Mrs. Adler to share her body with Alex and the others, he wasn’t expecting to find himself in front of Mr. Adler throbbing cock in his face.

He stumbled back at first over the bed and let out a surprised gasp. Mr. Adler stared at him with a dumbfounded look on his face as he crossed his arms. He towered over Sam in his smaller feminine body. “Everything okay?”

Weird waves of heat were rushing through Sam as he repositioned himself onto his knees. He couldn’t pry his eyes away from the husband’s naked body. Sam unconsciously bit his lower lip. “Y-Yeah, everything’s fine. Sorry, I don’t know why I got startled.”

“Did you want to do this another time?”

Sam didn’t know why, but for that split second, he fought the urge to say no. But the throbbing and wet sensation between his legs was driving him wild. He leaned back and spread apart his teacher’s legs. “No, I’m ... I’m in the mood.” When Mr. Adler started kissing Mrs. Adler’s legs and thighs, Sam decided that his friends could wait. “Oh ... god...”

He wanted to get a taste of what being a married woman was like. And when the husband’s lips nuzzled against his crotch, he decided that this wasn’t such a bad idea.