Friday, April 1, 2022

The Old Woman's Emerald - Part 1


Part 2

“Such a poor baby,” Anna laughed at the young girl trapped in her withered body. “I know, it’s hard to talk, right? Three strokes and 90 years of living will do that to you. Don’t think too hard. The stress might kill you.”

Nedra could only stare up from her towel. Wearing a one-piece bikini too tight for her fat body, she tried to get up, but the pain in her legs and hips made her crash back down. She regularly came to the beach, and she knew it was weird seeing her old neighbor out and about. The last thing Nedra remembered was bending over to pick up a green emerald in the sand before abruptly dropping it. Tears rolled down her eyes as the old woman’s handsome male caregiver got up and handed Anna the dropped emerald.

“It’s done,” the caregiver said. “Can we go now?” Nedra was horrified at what was going on. She knew Anna was a kind old lady who lived in a condo beside the beach. They shared the same building. But she didn’t think she was plotting something like this.

“After you picked up my crystal, Justin here helped me activate the magic inside of it. It’s amazing what money can do for you. Anyway, enjoy the sun while you can, ‘granny,’ and I’ll be seeing you around. Hopefully not for long.”

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