Thursday, April 14, 2022

My Niece's Boyfriend


“What’s gotten into you, Shannon?” Darren asked.

“Did you not enjoy yourself?” Emilia asked. When the boyfriend shook his head, she laughed. “I picked up a few pointers from my aunt when I went north. It’s a shame I cut my visit to short.”

It was the morning after Emilia swallowed Darren’s cock. They spent the entire night together, lost in their bliss, and it was clear that Darren really enjoyed himself as he came inside of his girlfriend’s mouth. He was still lying in bed while Emilia walked around in her niece’s body.

After permanently possessing the young girl’s body with a possession potion, Shannon desperately tried to fight for control. She was a passenger in her own body, forced to watch her aunt’s every naughty move. Emilia didn’t waste any time returning to the boyfriend’s home nearly two days after Shannon had left to visit her.

The reason for her return? Emilia’s potion was only temporary. But after swallowing Darren’s seed, the magic permanently infused her soul with her niece. Shannon had screamed until the last drop entered her stolen mouth. Now, Emilia could only hear silence as she returned to her new boyfriend’s side. Life was going to be wonderful.

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