Wednesday, April 20, 2022

His Coworker Part 3


Hannah couldn’t help but giggle at the destruction she had caused. After getting fired from the company, she still had her log in access. She severed the connection between all of the app users and permanently severed the two girls responsible for getting her fired.

Emily and Shannon stabbed her in the back earlier that week, and now, Hannah was getting her own sweet revenge by trapping them in a completely different girl. By deleting key portions of the source code, she rendered the project mostly obsolete.

She successfully transferred the original source code onto her tablet before she finally lost her access, but it was too late. The app was no longer usable. The only person in the world who could reverse all of this was Hannah. Emily’s body also remained empty, but Hannah could remotely control it thanks to its connection with the app. There were so many wonderful things she could do, and she planned on using her body as a fun toy she could share with her husband.

The power was intoxicating, and she knew that this type of power was better in her own hands. The power to swap bodies between others could cause so much destruction, and Hannah was more than willing to unleash her wrath on the rest of the company with time.

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