Monday, April 18, 2022

Fixing Tara's Marriage (F2F Body Possession)


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When she realized that her husband was seeing another woman, Tara didn't know what to do. She's afraid of confronting him about it. Thankfully, her coworker has an idea. According to her, a storeowner down the road helped fix her marriage. Donna gave the witch full permission to use dark magic to confront her own spoiled husband on her behalf. By temporarily possessing Donna, she gained the confidence to confront her own husband, ultimately fixing her marriage by allowing Alexa to do as she pleased. Her friend suggests seeing the woman, and Tara agrees when she realizes that she has no other options. Unfortunately, Donna and Alexa are tight on money, and Tara soon discovers that they're willing to do anything to get what they want.

Fixing Tara's Marriage is an erotic short story with a length of 13,000+ words. It has themes of body possession (female to female), age regression, race change, infidelity, and dark magic. This is a dark and twisted tale with sexual solo and couple scenes that are not suitable for younger audiences.

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