Friday, April 22, 2022

Her Uncle Part 2


Wayne was an experienced body hopper using Tom’s body as a way to live a lavish party lifestyle indefinitely. But he didn’t realize how much debt his new body had. Tom didn’t own the mansion, and he didn’t have any assets. He just happened to have a lot of inheritance money left over that didn’t last. He realized that he needed to start fresh again, but there weren’t any worthwhile candidates until he met Zaye.

Zaye was a young woman with an incredibly rich family. He had Chelsea tell him all about her before they arrived. Once he did his own research, he knew that he was going to have way more opportunities with her body, so he took the chance. After the potion began to take hold over Zaye’s body, he knew he had to act quickly. He took her hand and drank the last of his mind transfer potion. After sneaking it into Zaye’s alcohol for the past week, parts of his personality slipped into her body. She slowly became him in a way, and that only prepared her body for the last step of his master plan. Once Zaye started to lose control of her body, he knew that it was time to ease his soul into her.

Wayne stared down at this old body and smirked to himself when Zaye woke up. He brought up a glowing vial of green liquid and forced it down her throat. Before long, she was saying nonsense, and he knew that she wouldn’t be able to reveal his secret. Her throat and mind were permanently damaged.

All Zaye could do was watch in horror as he left to go explore his female body. It was his first time as a girl, and he could already tell that it was going to be a lot of fun.

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