Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Drop Out


Priscilla wasn’t very happy with how things were turning out. She had been studying hard for the past three years, and she had nothing to show for it. She was in multiple programs until she settled with a communications major - it was the only thing that could finally interest her.

But Mrs. Sun was an absolute bitch. After going through at least eight of her classes, the older woman pointed every single flaw in every single assignment, project, and presentation. Mrs. Sun humiliated Priscilla to the point where she stopped showing up to her public speaking class. It was the last class she needed for a communications diploma, but Priscilla was done with everything.

She took the next semester or two off to regain her thoughts. After years of studying in multiple degree programs, her life was being weighed down by student loan debt. Soon, she’d have to get a minimum wage job. Her family was dirt broke, and there was no way that she was going to move in with her dead beat parents again. And when she punched the numbers in, she wanted to cry. Even if she worked over fifty hours a week, her disposable income would’ve been less than $50/month. Priscilla felt like her life was crumbling around her until a witch came to her doorstep.

Gretel had sensed her despair and offered her an opportunity. With a magical tiara, Priscilla could possess the body of any person she wanted. The magic would permanently infuse her soul with her new body, and she could start over again. She could take over the body of a young millionaire, or become a child to relive her youth. The only catch was that Gretel had to take the tiara back when she was done.

Priscilla smiled and thought long and hard. When the witch left her to return the next day, she made her decision.


As college instructors, Lauren and her husband rarely had time for each other, so this type of downtime was always a treat for them after exams were over. Suddenly, as she prepared breakfast, a strange warmth washed over her. She began falling to her hands and knees. Shivering violently, she felt something in her mouth fizzing when the world went black. By the time her eyes opened again, she found herself walking down the hallway. Her husband was still in bed, but she didn’t have any control of her body. Lauren’s body stepped into the nearby bathroom. “The astral tiara actually worked,” her voice whispered while running a finger through her cleavage. “Wow, these are way bigger than mine.” Her body abruptly jerked when she tried fighting for control. “Whoa, I knew you were a stubborn bitch, but I didn’t think you had the strength to fight me. You’re probably wondering why you don’t have control.” Her body smiled beautifully. “I haven’t seen you in a long time, you know. Not since you failed me.”

She realized that this had to have been one of her students. It was a public speaking class, and the only person she’d failed was a troubled girl who dropped out two semesters ago. “Marissa?” Lauren thought in her trapped mind. Nodding, the body thief laughed. Lauren fought for control again, but this time, the body thief managed to suppress her.

“Nice try - I know you’re awake in there. I’m not letting my guard down this time.” Marissa slowly walked back into the bedroom when her eyes gazed upon her husband. “Mr. Sun ... that’s a teacher I should have had.” Marissa giggled as she walked towards the edge of the bed and undid the string keeping her gown together. “I want to see how fun my new husband is. Don’t worry. I don’t care that you know it’s me. It’s not like I’m going back to my old body any time soon.” Her husband squinted at her as her face forced a smile. “Hi, honey. I wanted to try something with you first. Can you get up real quick?”

Sex with Mr. Sun felt wonderful. Priscilla could feel his tongue slithering between her legs, and when he made her cum for the first time in her new body, she screamed with ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was when she felt her new husband’s cock plunging into her stolen body. The thickness and primal lust surging through her body made her realize that her new life was going to be wonderful.

By the time they were done, they were both in bed together for the rest of the morning. But something went horribly wrong. Just as Priscilla sat up, a cold sensation rushed through her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she immediately found herself on the edge of an unfamiliar bed. She fell forward when she tried to stand up, and she realized that she was in a different body.

She was in Gretel’s body. She screamed in horror as she looked down at her shriveled hands. She couldn’t believe what had happened. She winced painfully while she reached for the witch’s cane. She got up and made her way to a nearby desk. There was a sheet of paper that read:

Thank you. A permanent body possession isn’t possible without a third and willing victim. Thankfully, you were so willing. Thank you, Priscilla. Don’t worry. Your old body isn’t around after the spell took hold. You have nowhere else to escape to. Enjoy the retirement home. - Gretel Thornberry

The young woman had possessed her teacher’s body with dark magic, but Gretel had used even darker magic to take it from her. Horrified at what was happening, Priscilla tried to think as her racing heart forced her onto her hands and knees. Just as the world went dark, she could see caregivers rushing to her side.

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