Thursday, April 21, 2022

Her Uncle Part 1


Part 2

When her best friend’s uncle, Tom, invited them to stay at his summer mansion, Zaye decided to pack her bags and fly to Jamaica with Chelsea. They were students struggling through their first year of college, so they decided to take the summer semester off when they had the opportunity.

They spent their first week bathing in the summer sun and drinking with the locals. Zaye rarely had chances like this to really loosen up. She was usually the responsible one, but being a thousand miles away from home felt liberating. She kept in touch with her overprotective and religious boyfriend, Steve, but she never told him about the wild stuff she and Chelsea were up to. All of it felt so naughty, especially when Zaye wasn’t normally like this. She was never a party girl. It was almost like she was a completely different person now that she didn’t have to worry about rent or school. But she didn’t realize that this was a side effect of something far more horrifying.

When Chelsea was out shopping, Tom convinced Zaye to loosen up and have a beer with him. They were on the balcony relaxing when she felt a painful throb in her head. Before she knew it, she began to slouch in her seat. She fell and hit her head on the ground. “Geez, you have to be careful. You almost hurt it.”

“What did I almost hurt?”

“My new body,” Tom smirked. “Time to get out of here.”

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